to plan a project; to stand on tiptoe; Taiwan pr. ; abbr. for 企業|企业

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
大型企业 大型企業 da4 xing2 qi3 ye4
large scale industry; major industry

帝王企鹅 帝王企鵝 di4 wang2 qi3 e2
emperor penguin

电脑企业 電腦企業 dian4 nao3 qi3 ye4
computer company; computer firm

定点企业 定點企業 ding4 dian3 qi3 ye4
a specialized enterprise

公营企业 公營企業 gong1 ying2 qi3 ye4
public enterprise, as opposed to private enterprise 私營企業|私营企业

国企 國企 guo2 qi3
state enterprise; (Tw) abbr. for 國際企業管理|国际企业管理, international business management (as a subject of study)

国营企业 國營企業 guo2 ying2 qi3 ye4
nationalized industry

国有企业 國有企業 guo2 you3 qi3 ye4
nationalized business; state-owned business

恒生中资企业指数 恆生中資企業指數 heng2 sheng1 zhong1 zi1 qi3 ye4 zhi3 shu4
Hang Seng China affiliated index

科企 科企 ke1 qi3
science & technology and industry; tech company

另有企图 另有企圖 ling4 you3 qi3 tu2
to have an axe to grind (idiom)

龙头企业 龍頭企業 long2 tou2 qi3 ye4
key enterprises; leading enterprises

企鹅 企鵝 qi3 e2

企管硕士 企管碩士 qi3 guan3 shuo4 shi4
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

企划 企劃 qi3 hua4
to plan; to lay out; to design

企及 企及 qi3 ji2
to hope to reach; to strive for

企慕 企慕 qi3 mu4
to admire

企盼 企盼 qi3 pan4
to expect; to look forward to; anxious for sth; to hope (to get sth)

企求 企求 qi3 qiu2
to seek for; to hope to gain; desirous

企图 企圖 qi3 tu2
to attempt; to try; attempt

企图心 企圖心 qi3 tu2 xin1
ambition; ambitious

企望 企望 qi3 wang4
hope; to hope; to look forward to

企业 企業 qi3 ye4
company; firm; enterprise; corporation

企业管理 企業管理 qi3 ye4 guan3 li3
business management (as a study)

企业管理硕士 企業管理碩士 qi3 ye4 guan3 li3 shuo4 shi4
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

企业集团 企業集團 qi3 ye4 ji2 tuan2
industry association

企业家 企業家 qi3 ye4 jia1

企业间网路 企業間網路 qi3 ye4 jian1 wang3 lu4
extranet; company-external network

企业联合组织 企業聯合組織 qi3 ye4 lian2 he2 zu3 zhi1
syndicate (group of businesses)

企业内网路 企業內網路 qi3 ye4 nei4 wang3 lu4
intranet; company-internal network

企业社会责任 企業社會責任 qi3 ye4 she4 hui4 ze2 ren4
corporate social responsibility (CSR)

企业主 企業主 qi3 ye4 zhu3
owner of enterprise

翘企 翹企 qiao2 qi3
to look forward eagerly; to long for

勤俭办企业 勤儉辦企業 qin2 jian3 ban4 qi3 ye4
to run an enterprise diligently and thriftily

软件企业 軟件企業 ruan3 jian4 qi3 ye4
software company

三资企业 三資企業 san1 zi1 qi3 ye4
foreign, private and joint ventures

生产企业 生產企業 sheng1 chan3 qi3 ye4

私企 私企 si1 qi3
private enterprise; abbr. of 私營企業|私营企业

私营企业 私營企業 si1 ying2 qi3 ye4
private business; opposite: state-owned enterprise 國有企業|国有企业

外企 外企 wai4 qi3
foreign enterprise; company established in mainland China with direct investment from foreign entities or from investors in Taiwan, Macao or Hong Kong; abbr. for 外資企業|外资企业

外商独资企业 外商獨資企業 wai4 shang1 du2 zi1 qi3 ye4
wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) (form of legal entity in China); abbr. to 外資企業|外资企业

外资企业 外資企業 wai4 zi1 qi3 ye4
abbr. for 外商獨資企業|外商独资企业

屋企 屋企 wu1 qi3
home; family (Cantonese); Mandarin equivalent: 家

小企业 小企業 xiao3 qi3 ye4
small enterprise

小型企业 小型企業 xiao3 xing2 qi3 ye4
small business

延颈企踵 延頸企踵 yan2 jing3 qi3 zhong3
to stand on tiptoe and crane one's neck (idiom); fig. to yearn for sth

制药企业 製藥企業 zhi4 yao4 qi3 ye4
pharmaceutical company

中企业 中企業 zhong1 qi3 ye4
medium sized enterprise

中小企业 中小企業 zhong1 xiao3 qi3 ye4
small and medium enterprise

中小型企业 中小型企業 zhong1 xiao3 xing2 qi3 ye4
small or medium size enterprise (SME)

自由企业 自由企業 zi4 you2 qi3 ye4
free enterprise (in capitalist theory)