to pass on; to spread; to transmit; to infect; to transfer; to circulate; to conduct (electricity)

biography; historical narrative; commentaries; relay station

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
阿Q正传 阿Q正傳 a1 - zheng4 zhuan4
The True Story of Ah Q, influential 1921 novella by Lu Xun 魯迅|鲁迅

阿甘正传 阿甘正傳 a1 gan1 zheng4 zhuan4
Forrest Gump

白蛇传 白蛇傳 bai2 she2 zhuan4
Tale of the White Snake; Madame White Snake

变速传动 變速傳動 bian4 su4 chuan2 dong4
to change gear

表观遗传学 表觀遺傳學 biao3 guan1 yi2 chuan2 xue2

别传 別傳 bie2 zhuan4
supplementary biography

不传 不傳 bu4 chuan2
not passed on

不见经传 不見經傳 bu4 jian4 jing1 zhuan4
not found in the classics (idiom); unknown; unfounded; not authoritative

层层传达 層層傳達 ceng2 ceng2 chuan2 da2
to send down the line

超文本传输协定 超文本傳輸協定 chao1 wen2 ben3 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4
hypertext transfer protocol; HTTP

超文本传送协议 超文本傳送協議 chao1 wen2 ben3 chuan2 song4 xie2 yi4
hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)

超文件传输协定 超文件傳輸協定 chao1 wen2 jian4 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4
hypertext transfer protocol; HTTP

齿轮传动 齒輪傳動 chi3 lun2 chuan2 dong4
gear drive

传帮带 傳幫帶 chuan2 bang1 dai4
to pass on experience (to the next generation)

传报 傳報 chuan2 bao4
notification; memorial

传本 傳本 chuan2 ben3
edition (of a book) currently in circulation

传遍 傳遍 chuan2 bian4
to spread widely

传播 傳播 chuan2 bo1
to disseminate; to propagate; to spread

传播四方 傳播四方 chuan2 bo1 si4 fang1
to disseminate in every direction (idiom)

传布 傳布 chuan2 bu4
to spread; to hand down; to disseminate

传唱 傳唱 chuan2 chang4
(of a song) to pass from person to person

传抄 傳抄 chuan2 chao1
to circulate copies; to copy and pass on

传承 傳承 chuan2 cheng2
to pass on (to future generations); passed on (from former times); a continued tradition; an inheritance

传出 傳出 chuan2 chu1
to transmit outwards; to disseminate; efferent (nerve)

传出神经 傳出神經 chuan2 chu1 shen2 jing1
efferent nerve (transmitting out from the brain); efferent neuron; motor nerve

传达 傳達 chuan2 da2
to pass on; to convey; to relay; to transmit; transmission

传达室 傳達室 chuan2 da2 shi4
reception office; janitor's office

传达员 傳達員 chuan2 da2 yuan2
usher; receptionist

传代 傳代 chuan2 dai4
to pass to the next generation

传单 傳單 chuan2 dan1
leaflet; flier; pamphlet

传单广 傳單廣 chuan2 dan1 guang3
advertising leaflet; circular

传导 傳導 chuan2 dao3
to conduct (heat, electricity etc)

传道 傳道 chuan2 dao4
to lecture on doctrine; to expound the wisdom of ancient sages; to preach; a sermon

传道部 傳道部 chuan2 dao4 bu4

传道受业 傳道受業 chuan2 dao4 shou4 ye4
to teach (idiom); lit. to give moral and practical instruction

传道书 傳道書 chuan2 dao4 shu1
Ecclesiastes (biblical book of sermons)

传道者 傳道者 chuan2 dao4 zhe3
missionary; preacher

传灯 傳燈 chuan2 deng1
to pass on the light of Buddha

传递 傳遞 chuan2 di4
to transmit; to pass on to sb else; (math.) transitive

传递者 傳遞者 chuan2 di4 zhe3
messenger; transmitter (of information)

传动 傳動 chuan2 dong4
drive (transmission in an engine)

传动比 傳動比 chuan2 dong4 bi3
transmission ratio; gear ratio

传动带 傳動帶 chuan2 dong4 dai4
transmission belt

传动机构 傳動機構 chuan2 dong4 ji1 gou4
transmission mechanism

传动器 傳動器 chuan2 dong4 qi4
drive (engine)

传动系统 傳動系統 chuan2 dong4 xi4 tong3
transmission system; power drive

传动轴 傳動軸 chuan2 dong4 zhou2
drive shaft

传动装置 傳動裝置 chuan2 dong4 zhuang1 zhi4
transmission (i.e. gears)

传发 傳發 chuan2 fa1
to order sb to start on a journey

传法 傳法 chuan2 fa3
to pass on doctrines from master to disciple (Buddhism)

传粉 傳粉 chuan2 fen3
pollination; to pollinate

传感 傳感 chuan2 gan3
to pass on feelings; telepathy; sensing (engineering)

传感器 傳感器 chuan2 gan3 qi4
sensor; transducer

传告 傳告 chuan2 gao4
to convey (a message); to inform

传给 傳給 chuan2 gei5
to pass on (to sb); to send; to pass (e.g. in football); to give directly (by hand); to deliver; to hand over; to transfer; to relay; to transmit; to hand on (to the next generation)

传观 傳觀 chuan2 guan1
to pass sth around (for others to look at)

传呼 傳呼 chuan2 hu1
to notify sb of a call; to call sb to the phone

传呼电话 傳呼電話 chuan2 hu1 dian4 hua4
to notify sb of a call; to call sb to the phone

传呼机 傳呼機 chuan2 hu1 ji1
pager; beeper

传话 傳話 chuan2 hua4
to pass on a story; to communicate a message

传话人 傳話人 chuan2 hua4 ren2
messenger; communicator; relay

传唤 傳喚 chuan2 huan4
a summons (to the police); subpoena

传回 傳回 chuan2 hui2
to send back

传寄 傳寄 chuan2 ji4
to send (message to sb); to communicate; to forward (message)

传家 傳家 chuan2 jia1
to pass on through the generations

传家宝 傳家寶 chuan2 jia1 bao3
family heirloom

传见 傳見 chuan2 jian4
to summon for an interview

传讲 傳講 chuan2 jiang3
to preach

传教 傳教 chuan2 jiao4
to preach; missionary; to evangelize

传教士 傳教士 chuan2 jiao4 shi4

传教团 傳教團 chuan2 jiao4 tuan2
a mission (group of missionaries)

传戒 傳戒 chuan2 jie4
to initiate novice (Buddhist monk)

传经 傳經 chuan2 jing1
to pass on scripture; to teach Confucian doctrine; to pass on one's experience

传开 傳開 chuan2 kai1
(of news) to spread; to get around

传来 傳來 chuan2 lai2
(of a sound) to come through; to be heard; (of news) to arrive

传令 傳令 chuan2 ling4
to transmit an order

传令兵 傳令兵 chuan2 ling4 bing1

传流 傳流 chuan2 liu2
to spread; to hand down; to circulate

传媒 傳媒 chuan2 mei2

传名 傳名 chuan2 ming2
spreading fame

传票 傳票 chuan2 piao4
summons; subpoena; voucher

传奇 傳奇 chuan2 qi2
legendary; fantasy saga; romance; short stories of the Tang and Song Dynasty

传奇人物 傳奇人物 chuan2 qi2 ren2 wu4
legendary person; legend (i.e. person)

传情 傳情 chuan2 qing2
to pass on amorous feelings; to send one's love to sb

传球 傳球 chuan2 qiu2
pass (in soccer); to feed (ball)

传染 傳染 chuan2 ran3
to infect; contagious

传染病 傳染病 chuan2 ran3 bing4
infectious disease; contagious disease; pestilence

传染病学 傳染病學 chuan2 ran3 bing4 xue2

传染性 傳染性 chuan2 ran3 xing4
infectious; epidemic

传染源 傳染源 chuan2 ran3 yuan2
source of an infection

传热 傳熱 chuan2 re4
heat transfer; heat transmission

传人 傳人 chuan2 ren2
to teach; to impart; a disciple; descendant

传入 傳入 chuan2 ru4
to import; transmitted inwards; afferent

传入神经 傳入神經 chuan2 ru4 shen2 jing1
afferent nerve (transmitting in to the brain); afferent neuron

传三过四 傳三過四 chuan2 san1 guo4 si4
to spread rumors; to gossip

传神 傳神 chuan2 shen2
vivid; lifelike

传声 傳聲 chuan2 sheng1
microphone; to use a microphone

传声器 傳聲器 chuan2 sheng1 qi4

传声筒 傳聲筒 chuan2 sheng1 tong3
loudhailer; megaphone; one who parrots sb; mouthpiece

传世 傳世 chuan2 shi4
handed down from ancient times; family heirloom

传授 傳授 chuan2 shou4
to impart; to pass on; to teach

传输 傳輸 chuan2 shu1
to transmit; transmission

传输层 傳輸層 chuan2 shu1 ceng2
transport layer

传输服务 傳輸服務 chuan2 shu1 fu2 wu4
transport service

传书鸽 傳書鴿 chuan2 shu1 ge1
carrier pigeon (used for mail)

传输技术 傳輸技術 chuan2 shu1 ji4 shu4
transmission technology

传输距离 傳輸距離 chuan2 shu1 ju4 li2
transmission distance

传输控制 傳輸控制 chuan2 shu1 kong4 zhi4
transmission control

传输控制协定 傳輸控制協定 chuan2 shu1 kong4 zhi4 xie2 ding4
transmission control protocol; TCP

传输率 傳輸率 chuan2 shu1 lv4
transmission rate

传输媒界 傳輸媒界 chuan2 shu1 mei2 jie4
transport method

传输媒体 傳輸媒體 chuan2 shu1 mei2 ti3
transmission medium

传输媒质 傳輸媒質 chuan2 shu1 mei2 zhi4
transmission medium

传输模式 傳輸模式 chuan2 shu1 mo2 shi4
transfer mode; transmission method

传输设备 傳輸設備 chuan2 shu1 she4 bei4
transmission facility; transmission equipment

传输速率 傳輸速率 chuan2 shu1 su4 lv4
transmission rate; transmission speed

传输通道 傳輸通道 chuan2 shu1 tong1 dao4
transport channel

传输线 傳輸線 chuan2 shu1 xian4
transmission line

传输协定 傳輸協定 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4
transfer protocol; transportation protocol

传述 傳述 chuan2 shu4
to relay; to retell

传说 傳說 chuan2 shuo1
legend; folklore; tradition; it is said; they say that...

传送 傳送 chuan2 song4
to convey; to deliver

传颂 傳頌 chuan2 song4
to eulogize; to pass on praise

传诵 傳誦 chuan2 song4
widely known; on everyone's lips

传送带 傳送帶 chuan2 song4 dai4
conveyor belt; transmission belt

传送服务 傳送服務 chuan2 song4 fu2 wu4
delivery service

传统 傳統 chuan2 tong3
tradition; traditional; convention; conventional

传统词类 傳統詞類 chuan2 tong3 ci2 lei4
traditional parts of speech (grammar)

传统医药 傳統醫藥 chuan2 tong3 yi1 yao4
Chinese traditional medicine

传统中国医药 傳統中國醫藥 chuan2 tong3 zhong1 guo2 yi1 yao4
Chinese traditional medicine

传闻 傳聞 chuan2 wen2

传闻证据 傳聞證據 chuan2 wen2 zheng4 ju4
hearsay (law)

传檄 傳檄 chuan2 xi2
to circulate (a protest or call to arms); to promulgate

传习 傳習 chuan2 xi2
teaching and learning; to study and impart

传销 傳銷 chuan2 xiao1
multi-level marketing

传写 傳寫 chuan2 xie3
to copy; to pass on a copy

传心术 傳心術 chuan2 xin1 shu4

传讯 傳訊 chuan2 xun4
to summon (a witness); to subpoena

传言 傳言 chuan2 yan2
rumor; hearsay

传扬 傳揚 chuan2 yang2
to spread (by word of mouth)

传艺 傳藝 chuan2 yi4
to impart skills; to pass on one's art

传译 傳譯 chuan2 yi4
to translate; to interpret

传语 傳語 chuan2 yu3
to pass on (information)

传阅 傳閱 chuan2 yue4
to read and pass on; to pass on for perusal

传真 傳真 chuan2 zhen1
fax; facsimile

传真电报 傳真電報 chuan2 zhen1 dian4 bao4

传真发送 傳真發送 chuan2 zhen1 fa1 song4
fax transmission

传真号码 傳真號碼 chuan2 zhen1 hao4 ma3
fax number

传真机 傳真機 chuan2 zhen1 ji1
fax machine

传旨 傳旨 chuan2 zhi3
issue a decree

传质 傳質 chuan2 zhi4
mass transfer

传种 傳種 chuan2 zhong3
to reproduce; to propagate

传宗接代 傳宗接代 chuan2 zong1 jie1 dai4
to carry on one's ancestral line

春秋三传 春秋三傳 chun1 qiu1 san1 zhuan4
Three Commentaries on the Spring and Autumn Annals 春秋, including Mr Gongyang's annals 公羊傳|公羊传, Mr Guliang's annals 穀梁傳|谷梁传 and Mr Zuo's annals or Zuo Zhuan 左傳|左传

春秋左氏传 春秋左氏傳 chun1 qiu1 zuo3 shi4 zhuan4
Mr Zuo's Spring and Autumn Annals, attributed to famous blind historian Zuo Qiuming 左丘明; usually called Zuo Zhuan 左傳|左传

大众传播 大眾傳播 da4 zhong4 chuan2 bo1
mass communication

代代相传 代代相傳 dai4 dai4 xiang1 chuan2
passed on from generation to generation (idiom); to hand down

档案传输协定 檔案傳輸協定 dang4 an4 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

嫡传 嫡傳 di2 chuan2
handed down in a direct line from the founder

电传 電傳 dian4 chuan2
to send information using electronic means (such as fax, telegram, telex etc); a message transmitted using electronic means; telex; teleprinter

都会传奇 都會傳奇 du1 hui4 chuan2 qi2
urban legend (translation of recent Western term); story or theory circulated as true; same as 都市傳奇|都市传奇

都市传奇 都市傳奇 du1 shi4 chuan2 qi2
urban legend (translation of recent Western term); story or theory circulated as true; same as 都會傳奇|都会传奇

短传 短傳 duan3 chuan2
short pass (in ball game)

讹传 訛傳 e2 chuan2
unfounded rumor

恶事传千里 惡事傳千里 e4 shi4 chuan2 qian1 li3
evil deeds spread a thousand miles (idiom); scandal spreads like wildfire

儿女英雄传 兒女英雄傳 er2 nv3 ying1 xiong2 zhuan4
The Gallant Maid, novel by Manchu-born Qing dynasty writer 文康

反传算法 反傳算法 fan3 chuan2 suan4 fa3
back propagation algorithm

反革命宣传 反革命宣傳 fan3 ge2 ming4 xuan1 chuan2
counter-revolutionary propaganda

反革命宣传煽动罪 反革命宣傳煽動罪 fan3 ge2 ming4 xuan1 chuan2 shan1 dong4 zui4
the crime of instigating counter-revolutionary propaganda

坊间传言 坊間傳言 fang1 jian1 chuan2 yan2
rumors; the word on the street

飞沫传染 飛沫傳染 fei1 mo4 chuan2 ran3
droplet infection (disease transmission from sneezing, coughing etc)

非同步传输模式 非同步傳輸模式 fei1 tong2 bu4 chuan2 shu1 mo2 shi4
asynchronous transfer mode; ATM

非遗传多型性 非遺傳多型性 fei1 yi2 chuan2 duo1 xing2 xing4

分子遗传学 分子遺傳學 fen1 zi3 yi2 chuan2 xue2
molecular genetics

风传 風傳 feng1 chuan2
it is rumored that

公羊传 公羊傳 gong1 yang2 zhuan4
Mr Gongyang's Annals or commentary on 春秋, early history, probably written by multiple authors during Han dynasty, same as 公羊春秋

谷梁传 穀梁傳 gu3 liang2 zhuan4
Guliang Annals, commentary on the Spring and Autumn Annals 春秋, first published during the Han Dynasty

广传 廣傳 guang3 chuan2
to propagate

国际文传电讯社 國際文傳電訊社 guo2 ji4 wen2 chuan2 dian4 xun4 she4
Interfax, Russian non-governmental news agency

国际文传通讯社 國際文傳通訊社 guo2 ji4 wen2 chuan2 tong1 xun4 she4
Interfax News Agency

海上花列传 海上花列傳 hai3 shang4 hua1 lie4 zhuan4
The Sing-Song Girls of Shanghai by Han Bangqing 韓邦慶|韩邦庆, long novel of lower life in classical Chinese and Jiangsu vernacular; translated into Putonghua as 海上花 by Iris Chang

好事不出门,恶事传千里 好事不出門,惡事傳千里 hao3 shi4 bu4 chu1 men2 - e4 shi4 chuan2 qian1 li3
lit. good deeds do not go beyond the door, evil deeds spread a thousand miles; a good deed goes unnoticed, but scandal spreads fast (idiom)

记传 記傳 ji4 zhuan4
history and biography

纪传体 紀傳體 ji4 zhuan4 ti3
history genre based on biography, such as Sima Qian's Record of the Historian

家丑不可外传 家醜不可外傳 jia1 chou3 bu4 ke3 wai4 chuan2
lit. family shames must not be spread abroad (idiom); fig. don't wash your dirty linen in public

家丑不可外传,流言切莫轻信 家醜不可外傳,流言切莫輕信 jia1 chou3 bu4 ke3 wai4 chuan2 - liu2 yan2 qie4 mo4 qing1 xin4
Don't spread abroad the shame of the family, don't believe rumors lightly. (idiom); Don't wash your dirty linen in public, don't listen to others' gossip.

家传 家傳 jia1 chuan2
handed down in a family; family traditions

捷报频传 捷報頻傳 jie2 bao4 pin2 chuan2
victory reports pour in (idiom); news of success in an endless stream

经传 經傳 jing1 zhuan4
classic work (esp. Confucian classics)

拘传 拘傳 ju1 chuan2
subpoena; to summon (for questioning)

据传 據傳 ju4 chuan2
it is rumored that ...; it is reported that ...

可以意会,不可言传 可以意會,不可言傳 ke3 yi3 yi4 hui4 - bu4 ke3 yan2 chuan2
can be understood, but not described (idiom, from Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子); mysterious and subtle

口碑流传 口碑流傳 kou3 bei1 liu2 chuan2
widely praised (idiom); with an extensive public reputation

口传 口傳 kou3 chuan2
orally transmitted

李娃传 李娃傳 li3 wa2 zhuan4
Tale of Courtesan Li Wa, novel by Tang writer Bai Xingjian 白行簡|白行简 along the lines of La Traviata, favorite opera plot

力传递 力傳遞 li4 chuan2 di4
mechanical transmission

力学传递 力學傳遞 li4 xue2 chuan2 di4
mechanical transmission

立传 立傳 li4 zhuan4
to record sb's achievements in writing; to write a biography enhancing the subject's image

列传 列傳 lie4 zhuan4
historical biography

流传 流傳 liu2 chuan2
to spread; to circulate; to hand down

留传 留傳 liu2 chuan2
to bequeath (to later generations); a legacy

柳毅传 柳毅傳 liu3 yi4 zhuan4
story of Liu Yi, Tang fantasy fiction by Li Chaowei 李朝威, popular with dramatist of subsequent dynasties

龙的传人 龍的傳人 long2 de5 chuan2 ren2
Descendants of the Dragon (i.e. Han Chinese)

眉目传情 眉目傳情 mei2 mu4 chuan2 qing2
to make sheep eyes at; to cast amorous glances at

眉眼传情 眉眼傳情 mei2 yan3 chuan2 qing2
to give the eye to; to make eyes at

秘传 祕傳 mi4 chuan2
secretly transmitted; esoteric lore

民间传说 民間傳說 min2 jian1 chuan2 shuo1
popular tradition; folk legend

名不见经传 名不見經傳 ming2 bu4 jian4 jing1 zhuan4
(lit.) name not encountered in the classics; unknown (person); nobody

名不虚传 名不虛傳 ming2 bu4 xu1 chuan2
lit. name is not in vain (idiom); a fully justified reputation; enjoys a well-deserved reputation

谬种流传 謬種流傳 miu4 zhong3 liu2 chuan2
to pass on errors or lies (idiom); the propagation of misconceptions

魔宫传奇 魔宮傳奇 mo2 gong1 chuan2 qi2
The Name of the Rose, 1986 movie based on the novel by Umberto Eco

纳尼亚传奇 納尼亞傳奇 na4 ni2 ya4 chuan2 qi2
The Chronicles of Narnia, children's stories by C.S. Lewis

皮带传动 皮帶傳動 pi2 dai4 chuan2 dong4
a leather drive belt

前传 前傳 qian2 chuan2
forward pass (sport)

前传 前傳 qian2 zhuan4

清史列传 清史列傳 qing1 shi3 lie4 zhuan4
Biographic History of Qing Dynasty by a succession of authors, published 1928 and revised 1987, with biographies of 2,900 notable Qing commoner citizens, 80 scrolls

热传导 熱傳導 re4 chuan2 dao3
heat transfer; thermal conduction

人传人 人傳人 ren2 chuan2 ren2
transmitted person-to-person

上传 上傳 shang4 chuan2
to upload

上海文广新闻传媒集团 上海文廣新聞傳媒集團 shang4 hai3 wen2 guang3 xin1 wen2 chuan2 mei2 ji2 tuan2
Shanghai Media Group

射雕英雄传 射鵰英雄傳 she4 diao1 ying1 xiong2 zhuan4
Legend of the Condor Heroes, wuxia (武侠, martial arts chivalry) novel by Jin Yong 金庸 and its screen adaptations

生物传感器 生物傳感器 sheng1 wu4 chuan2 gan3 qi4

盛传 盛傳 sheng4 chuan2
widely spread; widely rumored; stories abound; (sb's exploits are) widely circulated

圣经外传 聖經外傳 sheng4 jing1 wai4 zhuan4
Apocrypha; biography external to the classics

圣经贤传 聖經賢傳 sheng4 jing1 xian2 zhuan4
lit. holy scripture and biography of sage (idiom); refers to Confucian canonical texts

失传 失傳 shi1 chuan2
(of skills etc) to die out; lost; extinct

使徒行传 使徒行傳 shi3 tu2 xing2 zhuan4
Acts of the Apostles (New Testament)

史传 史傳 shi3 zhuan4
historical biography

史传小说 史傳小說 shi3 zhuan4 xiao3 shuo1
historical novel

世代相传 世代相傳 shi4 dai4 xiang1 chuan2
passed on from generation to generation (idiom); to hand down

树碑立传 樹碑立傳 shu4 bei1 li4 zhuan4
lit. to erect a stele and write a biography (idiom); to monumentalize; to glorify; to sing the praises of

数据传输 數據傳輸 shu4 ju4 chuan2 shu1
data transmission

水浒后传 水滸後傳 shui3 hu3 hou4 zhuan4
Water Margin Sequel, by Chen Chen 陳忱|陈忱

水浒全传 水滸全傳 shui3 hu3 quan2 zhuan4
Water Margin or Outlaws of the Marsh by Shi Nai'an 施耐庵, one of the Four Classic Novels of Chinese literature; also written 水滸傳|水浒传

水浒传 水滸傳 shui3 hu3 zhuan4
Water Margin or Outlaws of the Marsh by Shi Nai'an 施耐庵, one of the Four Classic Novels of Chinese literature

说岳全传 說岳全傳 shuo1 yue4 quan2 zhuan4
"The Story of Yue Fei", biography of Song dynasty patriot and general Yue Fei 岳飛|岳飞

孙传芳 孫傳芳 sun1 chuan2 fang1
Sun Chuanfang (1885-1935) one of the northern warlord, murdered in Tianjin in 1935

同传耳麦 同傳耳麥 tong2 chuan2 er3 mai4
simultaneous interpretation headset

同声传译 同聲傳譯 tong2 sheng1 chuan2 yi4
simultaneous interpretation

外传 外傳 wai4 chuan2
to tell others (a secret); to divulge to an outsider; to be rumored

外传 外傳 wai4 zhuan4
unofficial biography (as opposed to official dynastic biography)

文化传统 文化傳統 wen2 hua4 chuan2 tong3
cultural tradition

相传 相傳 xiang1 chuan2
to pass on; to hand down; tradition has it that ...; according to legend

小传 小傳 xiao3 zhuan4
sketch biography; profile

薪传 薪傳 xin1 chuan2
(of knowledge, skill etc) to be passed on from teachers to students, one generation to another, abbr. for 薪盡火傳|薪尽火传

薪火相传 薪火相傳 xin1 huo3 xiang1 chuan2
lit. the flame of a burning piece of firewood passes on to the rest (idiom); fig. (of knowledge, skill etc) to be passed on from teachers to students, one generation to another

薪尽火传 薪盡火傳 xin1 jin4 huo3 chuan2
see 薪火相傳|薪火相传

行李传送带 行李傳送帶 xing2 li5 chuan2 song4 dai4
luggage conveyor belt; carousel

性传播 性傳播 xing4 chuan2 bo1
sexually transmitted

宣传 宣傳 xuan1 chuan2
to disseminate; to give publicity to; propaganda

宣传部 宣傳部 xuan1 chuan2 bu4
Propaganda Department

宣传册 宣傳冊 xuan1 chuan2 ce4
commercial brochure; advertising pamphlet; flyer

宣传攻势 宣傳攻勢 xuan1 chuan2 gong1 shi4
marketing campaign

宣传画 宣傳畫 xuan1 chuan2 hua4
propaganda poster; advertising hoarding

旋转行李传送带 旋轉行李傳送帶 xuan2 zhuan3 xing2 li5 chuan2 song4 dai4
luggage conveyor belt; carousel

言不可传 言不可傳 yan2 bu4 ke3 chuan2
impossible to put into words; inexpressible

言传 言傳 yan2 chuan2
to convey in words

言传身教 言傳身教 yan2 chuan2 shen1 jiao4
to teach by words and example (idiom)

言归正传 言歸正傳 yan2 gui1 zheng4 zhuan4
to return to the topic (idiom); to get back to the main point

谣传 謠傳 yao2 chuan2

液压传动 液壓傳動 ye4 ya1 chuan2 dong4
hydraulic drive; hydraulic transmission

一传十,十传百 一傳十,十傳百 yi1 chuan2 shi2 - shi2 chuan2 bai3
news pass quickly from mouth to mouth (idiom); an infectious disease spreads quickly (old meaning)

遗传 遺傳 yi2 chuan2
heredity; inheritance; to transmit

遗传工程 遺傳工程 yi2 chuan2 gong1 cheng2
genetic engineering

遗传率 遺傳率 yi2 chuan2 lv4

遗传物质 遺傳物質 yi2 chuan2 wu4 zhi4
genetic material

遗传信息 遺傳信息 yi2 chuan2 xin4 xi1
genetic information; heredity

遗传性 遺傳性 yi2 chuan2 xing4
hereditary; inherited; genetic

遗传性疾病 遺傳性疾病 yi2 chuan2 xing4 ji2 bing4
genetic disorder

遗传学 遺傳學 yi2 chuan2 xue2

以讹传讹 以訛傳訛 yi3 e2 chuan2 e2
to spread falsehoods; to increasingly distort the truth; to pile errors on top of errors (idiom)

异步传输模式 異步傳輸模式 yi4 bu4 chuan2 shu1 mo2 shi4
asynchronous transfer mode; ATM

驿传 驛傳 yi4 chuan2
relay post-horse mail service (in former times)

易传 易傳 yi4 zhuan4
Yi Zhuan, commentary on the "Book of Changes" or "I Ching" 易經|易经

藏传佛教 藏傳佛教 zang4 chuan2 fo2 jiao4
Tibetan Buddhism

真传 真傳 zhen1 chuan2
authentic tradition; handed-down teachings or techniques

征传 徵傳 zheng1 zhuan4
narrative of long journey; campaign record

正传 正傳 zheng4 zhuan4
main subject of long novel; true biography

只可意会,不可言传 只可意會,不可言傳 zhi3 ke3 yi4 hui4 - bu4 ke3 yan2 chuan2
can be understood, but not described (idiom, from Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子); mysterious and subtle

中共中央宣传部 中共中央宣傳部 zhong1 gong4 zhong1 yang1 xuan1 chuan2 bu4
Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

中国传媒大学 中國傳媒大學 zhong1 guo2 chuan2 mei2 da4 xue2
Communication University of China (CUC), the highest institute of radio, film and television education in China

中国共产党中央委员会宣传部 中國共產黨中央委員會宣傳部 zhong1 guo2 gong4 chan3 dang3 zhong1 yang1 wei3 yuan2 hui4 xuan1 chuan2 bu4
Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China

中山狼传 中山狼傳 zhong1 shan1 lang2 zhuan4
the fable of Mr Dongguo and the ungrateful Wolf by Ma Zhongxi 馬中錫|马中锡

中央宣传部 中央宣傳部 zhong1 yang1 xuan1 chuan2 bu4
Central Propaganda Section; abbr. for 中國共產黨中央委員會宣傳部|中国共产党中央委员会宣传部; Central Propaganda Department (of the Chinese communist party)

周传瑛 周傳瑛 zhou1 chuan2 ying1
Zhou Chuanying (1912-1988), Kunqu 昆曲 opera actor

传记 傳記 zhuan4 ji4

传记性 傳記性 zhuan4 ji4 xing4

传略 傳略 zhuan4 lve4
bibliographic sketch

传热学 傳熱學 zhuan4 re4 xue2
theory of heat; heat transmission (physics)

传赞 傳贊 zhuan4 zan4
postscript to bibliography

资料传输 資料傳輸 zi1 liao4 chuan2 shu1
data transmission

资料传送服务 資料傳送服務 zi1 liao4 chuan2 song4 fu2 wu4
data delivery service

自传 自傳 zi4 zhuan4

祖传 祖傳 zu3 chuan2
passed on from ancestors; handed down from generation to generation

左传 左傳 zuo3 zhuan4
Zuo Zhuan or Tsochuan, Mr Zuo's Annals or Mr Zuo's commentary on 春秋, early history c. 400 BC attributed to famous blind historian Zuo Qiuming 左丘明

做广告宣传 做廣告宣傳 zuo4 guang3 gao4 xuan1 chuan2
to advertise; to make propaganda for sth