使 使 shi3
to make; to cause; to enable; to use; to employ; to send; to instruct sb to do sth; envoy; messenger

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
俾使 俾使 bi3 shi3
in order that; so that; so as to; to cause sth

不首先使用 不首先使用 bu4 shou3 xian1 shi3 yong4
no first use (policy for nuclear weapons); NFU

差使 差使 chai1 shi3
to send; to assign; to appoint; servants of an official; official messenger

差使 差使 chai1 shi5
official post; billet; commission; see also 差事

重复使力伤害 重複使力傷害 chong2 fu4 shi3 li4 shang1 hai4
repetitive strain injury (RSI)

出使 出使 chu1 shi3
to go abroad as ambassador; to be sent on a diplomatic mission

促使 促使 cu4 shi3
to induce; to promote; to urge; to impel; to bring about; to provoke; to drive (sb to do sth); to catalyze; to actuate; to contribute to (some development)

大使 大使 da4 shi3
ambassador; envoy

大使馆 大使館 da4 shi3 guan3

大使级 大使級 da4 shi3 ji2

当枪使 當槍使 dang1 qiang1 shi3
to use (sb) as a tool

公使 公使 gong1 shi3
minister; diplomat performing ambassadorial role in Qing times, before regular diplomatic relations

公使馆 公使館 gong1 shi3 guan3
embassy (old term); foreign mission

鬼使神差 鬼使神差 gui3 shi3 shen2 chai1
demons and gods at work (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidence

好使 好使 hao3 shi3
easy to use; to function well; so that; in order to

和平特使 和平特使 he2 ping2 te4 shi3
peace envoy

即使 即使 ji2 shi3
even if; even though

假使 假使 jia3 shi3
if; in case; suppose; given ...

见风使舵 見風使舵 jian4 feng1 shi3 duo4
lit. see the wind and set the helm (idiom); fig. to act pragmatically; to be flexible and take advantage of the situation

见风使帆 見風使帆 jian4 feng1 shi3 fan1
lit. see the wind and set your sails (idiom); fig. to act pragmatically; to be flexible and take advantage of the situation

教廷大使 教廷大使 jiao4 ting2 da4 shi3
an ambassador of the church; an Apostolic Nuncio (from the Vatican)

节度使 節度使 jie2 du4 shi3
Tang and Song dynasty provincial governor, in Tang times having military and civil authority, but only civil authority in Song

两国相争,不斩来使 兩國相爭,不斬來使 liang3 guo2 xiang1 zheng1 - bu4 zhan3 lai2 shi3
when two kingdoms are at war, they don't execute envoys (idiom)

罗曼使 羅曼使 luo2 man4 shi3
romance; love affair; more commonly written 羅曼史|罗曼史

马噶尔尼使团 馬噶爾尼使團 ma3 ga2 er3 ni2 shi3 tuan2
the Macartney mission to Qing China in 1793

马戛尔尼使团 馬戛爾尼使團 ma3 jia2 er3 ni2 shi3 tuan2
the Macartney mission to Qing China in 1793

密使 密使 mi4 shi3
secret envoy

迫使 迫使 po4 shi3
to force; to compel

祈使句 祈使句 qi2 shi3 ju4
imperative sentence

遣使 遣使 qian3 shi3
to dispatch an envoy

强使 強使 qiang2 shi3
to force; to oblige

亲善大使 親善大使 qin1 shan4 da4 shi3
goodwill ambassador

驱使 驅使 qu1 shi3
to urge; to prompt; to spur on; to order sb about

全权大使 全權大使 quan2 quan2 da4 shi3
plenipotentiary ambassador

劝农使 勸農使 quan4 nong2 shi3
envoy charge with promoting agriculture (in Han dynasty)

任贤使能 任賢使能 ren4 xian2 shi3 neng2
to appoint the virtuous and use the able (idiom); appointment on the basis of ability and integrity

如臂使指 如臂使指 ru2 bi4 shi3 zhi3
as the arm moves the finger (idiom); freely and effortlessly; to have perfect command of

神差鬼使 神差鬼使 shen2 chai1 gui3 shi3
the work of gods and devils (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidence

使不得 使不得 shi3 bu5 de5
cannot be used; must not (do sth); unacceptable

使成 使成 shi3 cheng2
to cause; to render

使成一体 使成一體 shi3 cheng2 yi1 ti3
to unify

使出 使出 shi3 chu1
to use; to exert

使得 使得 shi3 de5
usable; workable; feasible; doable; to make; to cause

使耳聋 使耳聾 shi3 er3 long2
to deafen

使高贵 使高貴 shi3 gao1 gui4
to dignify

使馆 使館 shi3 guan3
consulate; diplomatic mission

使坏 使壞 shi3 huai4
to play dirty tricks; to be up to mischief

使唤 使喚 shi3 huan4
to order sb about; to use sb

使节 使節 shi3 jie2
(diplomatic) envoy

使节团 使節團 shi3 jie2 tuan2
a diplomatic group; a delegation

使劲 使勁 shi3 jin4
to exert all one's strength

使尽 使盡 shi3 jin4
to exert all one's strength

使劲儿 使勁兒 shi3 jin4 er5
erhua variant of 使勁|使劲

使困扰 使困擾 shi3 kun4 rao3
to harass

使领官员 使領官員 shi3 ling3 guan1 yuan2
ambassador and consul; diplomat

使领馆 使領館 shi3 ling3 guan3
embassy and consulate

使麻痹 使麻痺 shi3 ma2 bi4
to paralyze

使满意 使滿意 shi3 man3 yi4
to make content

使命 使命 shi3 ming4
mission (diplomatic or other); set task

使魔法 使魔法 shi3 mo2 fa3
to conjure

使怒 使怒 shi3 nu4
to exasperate

使膨胀 使膨脹 shi3 peng2 zhang4
to dilate; to expand

使然 使然 shi3 ran2
(literary) to make it so; to dictate

使人信服 使人信服 shi3 ren2 xin4 fu2

使容易 使容易 shi3 rong2 yi4
to facilitate

使生气 使生氣 shi3 sheng1 qi4
to displease

使受伤 使受傷 shi3 shou4 shang1

使徒 使徒 shi3 tu2

使徒行传 使徒行傳 shi3 tu2 xing2 zhuan4
Acts of the Apostles (New Testament)

使团 使團 shi3 tuan2
diplomatic mission

使习惯 使習慣 shi3 xi2 guan4
to accustom

使兴奋 使興奮 shi3 xing1 fen4
exciting; to excite

使性 使性 shi3 xing4
to throw a fit; to act temperamental

使眼色 使眼色 shi3 yan3 se4
to give sb a meaningful look

使役 使役 shi3 yi4
to use (an animal or servant); working (animal); (beast) of burden; causative form of verbs (esp. in grammar of Japanese, Korean etc)

使硬化 使硬化 shi3 ying4 hua4

使用 使用 shi3 yong4
to use; to employ; to apply; to make use of

使用价值 使用價值 shi3 yong4 jia4 zhi2
usable value

使用量 使用量 shi3 yong4 liang4
volume of use; usage amount

使用权 使用權 shi3 yong4 quan2
usage rights

使用数量 使用數量 shi3 yong4 shu4 liang4
usage (i.e. extent of use)

使用条款 使用條款 shi3 yong4 tiao2 kuan3
terms of use

使用者 使用者 shi3 yong4 zhe3

使用者中介 使用者中介 shi3 yong4 zhe3 zhong1 jie4
user agent

使者 使者 shi3 zhe3
emissary; envoy

使转向 使轉向 shi3 zhuan3 xiang4
to divert

使醉 使醉 shi3 zui4
to intoxicate

特使 特使 te4 shi3
special envoy; special ambassador

天使 天使 tian1 shi3

天使报喜节 天使報喜節 tian1 shi3 bao4 xi3 jie2
Annunciation (Christian festival on 25th March); Lady day

信使 信使 xin4 shi3
messenger; courier

信使核糖核酸 信使核糖核酸 xin4 shi3 he2 tang2 he2 suan1
messenger RNA, mRNA

行使 行使 xing2 shi3
to exercise (a right etc)

行使职权 行使職權 xing2 shi3 zhi2 quan2
to exercise power

形象大使 形象大使 xing2 xiang4 da4 shi3
person who represents an organization and enhances its image; ambassador

虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后 虛心使人進步,驕傲使人落後 xu1 xin1 shi3 ren2 jin4 bu4 - jiao1 ao4 shi3 ren2 luo4 hou4
Modesty leads to progress, arrogance makes you drop behind (favorite slogan of Mao Zedong)

循环使用 循環使用 xun2 huan2 shi3 yong4
recycle; to use in cyclic order

岩仓使节团 岩倉使節團 yan2 cang1 shi3 jie2 tuan2
the Iwakura mission (Japanese diplomatic and exploratory mission to US and Europe of 1871)

颐指风使 頤指風使 yi2 zhi3 feng1 shi3
lit. to order people by pointing the chin (idiom); to signal orders by facial gesture; arrogant and bossy

颐指气使 頤指氣使 yi2 zhi3 qi4 shi3
lit. to order people by pointing the chin (idiom); to signal orders by facial gesture; arrogant and bossy

役使 役使 yi4 shi3
to put to work (servant or animal); to make use of for labor

役使动物 役使動物 yi4 shi3 dong4 wu4
draft animals; beasts of burden

有钱能使鬼推磨 有錢能使鬼推磨 you3 qian2 neng2 shi3 gui3 tui1 mo4
lit. money will make the Devil turn millstones (idiom); fig. with money, you can do anything you like

诱使 誘使 you4 shi3
to lure into; to entrap; to trick into; to entice; to induce; to invite; to tempt

运使 運使 yun4 shi3
commissioner (old)

再使用 再使用 zai4 shi3 yong4
to reuse

指使 指使 zhi3 shi3
to incite; to prompt (sb to do sth)

致使 致使 zhi4 shi3
to cause; to result in

纵使 縱使 zong4 shi3
even if; even though

尊贤使能 尊賢使能 zun1 xian2 shi3 neng2
to respect talent and make use of ability (Mencius)