rigid; deadlock; stiff (corpse)

variant of 僵

strokes 15
strokes after radical 13
白僵蚕 白殭蠶 bai2 jiang1 can2
the larva of silkworm with batrytis

百足之虫死而不僵 百足之蟲死而不僵 bai3 zu2 zhi1 chong2 si3 er2 bu4 jiang1
a centipede dies but never falls down; old institutions die hard

核僵持 核僵持 he2 jiang1 chi2
nuclear equipoise; nuclear stalemate

僵持 僵持 jiang1 chi2
to be deadlocked

僵固性 僵固性 jiang1 gu4 xing4

僵化 僵化 jiang1 hua4
to become rigid

僵局 僵局 jiang1 ju2
impasse; deadlock

僵尸 殭屍 jiang1 shi1
gyonshi; jiang shi; Chinese vampire; zombie

僵尸车 僵屍車 jiang1 shi1 che1
(coll.) abandoned car

僵尸网络 僵屍網絡 jiang1 shi1 wang3 luo4
botnet; zombie network; slave network (used by spammers)

僵卧 僵臥 jiang1 wo4
to lie rigid and motionless

僵硬 僵硬 jiang1 ying4
stiff; rigid

僵直 僵直 jiang1 zhi2
stiff; rigid; inflexible

僵住 僵住 jiang1 zhu4
motionless; unable to move

僵住症 僵住症 jiang1 zhu4 zheng4

李代桃僵 李代桃僵 li3 dai4 tao2 jiang1
lit. the plum tree withers in place of the peach tree; to substitute one thing for another; to carry the can for sb

弄僵 弄僵 nong4 jiang1
to bring to deadlock; to result in a stalemate

尸僵 屍僵 shi1 jiang1
rigor mortis

死而不僵 死而不僵 si3 er2 bu4 jiang1
dead but showing no signs of rigor mortis; to die hard (idiom); to die yet not be vanquished (idiom)

直僵 直殭 zhi2 jiang1
rigid; stiff