half; semi-; incomplete; (after a number) and a half

strokes 5
strokes after radical 3
阿拉伯半岛 阿拉伯半島 a1 la1 bo2 ban4 dao3
Arabian Peninsula

矮半截 矮半截 ai3 ban4 jie2
to be inferior to; to be of a lower grade than

巴尔干半岛 巴爾幹半島 ba1 er3 gan1 ban4 dao3
Balkan Peninsula

半白 半白 ban4 bai2
fifty (years of age)

半半拉拉 半半拉拉 ban4 ban4 la1 la1
incomplete; unfinished

半保留复制 半保留複製 ban4 bao3 liu2 fu4 zhi4
semiconservative replication

半辈子 半輩子 ban4 bei4 zi5
half of a lifetime

半壁河山 半壁河山 ban4 bi4 he2 shan1
see 半壁江山

半壁江山 半壁江山 ban4 bi4 jiang1 shan1
half of the country (esp. when half the country has fallen into enemy hands); vast swathe of territory

半边 半邊 ban4 bian1
half of sth; one side of sth

半边天 半邊天 ban4 bian1 tian1
half the sky; women of the new society; womenfolk

半表半里 半表半裡 ban4 biao3 ban4 li3
half outside, half inside; half interior, half exterior

半长轴 半長軸 ban4 chang2 zhou2
semi-axis; radius

半场 半場 ban4 chang3
half of a game or contest; half-court

半成品 半成品 ban4 cheng2 pin3
semi-manufactured goods; semi-finished articles; semi-finished products

半翅目 半翅目 ban4 chi4 mu4
Hemiptera (suborder of order Homoptera, insects including cicadas and aphids)

半打 半打 ban4 da2
half a dozen

半岛 半島 ban4 dao3

半导瓷 半導瓷 ban4 dao3 ci2
semi-conducting ceramic (electronics)

半岛电视台 半島電視台 ban4 dao3 dian4 shi4 tai2
Al Jazeera (Arabic news network)

半岛国际学校 半島國際學校 ban4 dao3 guo2 ji4 xue2 xiao4
International School of the Penninsula

半岛和东方航海 半島和東方航海 ban4 dao3 he2 dong1 fang1 hang2 hai3
P&O; Peninsula and Oriental shipping company

半导体 半導體 ban4 dao3 ti3

半导体超点阵 半導體超點陣 ban4 dao3 ti3 chao1 dian3 zhen4
semiconductor superlattice

半导体探测器 半導體探測器 ban4 dao3 ti3 tan4 ce4 qi4
semiconductor detector

半点 半點 ban4 dian3
the least bit

半吊子 半吊子 ban4 diao4 zi5
dabbler; smatterer; tactless and impulsive person

半蹲 半蹲 ban4 dun1
half squat

半分 半分 ban4 fen1
a little bit

半分儿 半分兒 ban4 fen1 er5
erhua variant of 半分

半封建 半封建 ban4 feng1 jian4

半封建半殖民地 半封建半殖民地 ban4 feng1 jian4 ban4 zhi2 min2 di4
semi-feudal and semi-colonial (the official Marxist description of China in the late Qing and under the Guomindang)

半复赛 半復賽 ban4 fu4 sai4
eighth finals

半间不界 半間不界 ban4 gan1 bu4 ga4
shallow; not thorough; superficial

半个 半個 ban4 ge5
half of sth

半个人 半個人 ban4 ge5 ren2
(not) a single person; (no) one

半工半读 半工半讀 ban4 gong1 ban4 du2
part work, part study; work-study program

半公开 半公開 ban4 gong1 kai1
semi-overt; more or less open

半拱 半拱 ban4 gong3
semiarch; half arch

半官方 半官方 ban4 guan1 fang1

半胱氨酸 半胱氨酸 ban4 guang1 an1 suan1
cysteine (Cys), an amino acid; mercaptoethyl amine

半规管 半規管 ban4 gui1 guan3
semicircular canal

半规则 半規則 ban4 gui1 ze2

半跏坐 半跏坐 ban4 jia1 zuo4
sitting with one leg crossed (usu. of Bodhisattva)

半价 半價 ban4 jia4
half price

半腱肌 半腱肌 ban4 jian4 ji1
semitendinosus, one of the hamstring muscles in the thigh

半截 半截 ban4 jie2
half (of sth); halfway through

半截衫 半截衫 ban4 jie2 shan1
upper jacket

半斤八两 半斤八兩 ban4 jin1 ba1 liang3
not much to choose between the two; tweedledum and tweedledee

半径 半徑 ban4 jing4

半决赛 半決賽 ban4 jue2 sai4

半开半关 半開半關 ban4 kai1 ban4 guan1
half-open, half closed

半开化 半開化 ban4 kai1 hua4

半开门 半開門 ban4 kai1 men2
half-open door; fig. prostitute

半开门儿 半開門兒 ban4 kai1 men2 er5
erhua variant of 半開門|半开门

半空 半空 ban4 kong1

半空中 半空中 ban4 kong1 zhong1
in midair; in the air

半拉 半拉 ban4 la3

半劳动力 半勞動力 ban4 lao2 dong4 li4
one able to do light manual labor only; semi-able-bodied or part time (farm) worker

半老徐娘 半老徐娘 ban4 lao3 xu2 niang2
middle-aged but still attractive woman; lady of a certain age

半流体 半流體 ban4 liu2 ti3

半路 半路 ban4 lu4
halfway; midway; on the way

半路出家 半路出家 ban4 lu4 chu1 jia1
switch to a job one was not trained for

半裸体 半裸體 ban4 luo3 ti3

半履带 半履帶 ban4 lv3 dai4
half-track (vehicle with both wheels and caterpillar treads)

半麻醉 半麻醉 ban4 ma2 zui4
local anesthetic; anesthesia to half the body (as for a C-section birth)

半梦半醒 半夢半醒 ban4 meng4 ban4 xing3
half-awake; half-asleep

半明不灭 半明不滅 ban4 ming2 bu4 mie4
dull (lamplight)

半膜肌 半膜肌 ban4 mo2 ji1
semimembranosus (anatomy)

半年 半年 ban4 nian2
half a year

半排出期 半排出期 ban4 pai2 chu1 qi1

半票 半票 ban4 piao4
half-price ticket; half fare

半瓶醋 半瓶醋 ban4 ping2 cu4
dabbler; dilettante who speaks as though he were an expert

半瓶水响叮当 半瓶水響叮噹 ban4 ping2 shui3 xiang3 ding1 dang1
lit. if you tap a half-empty bottle it makes a sound (idiom); fig. empty vessels make the most noise; one who has a little knowledge likes to show off, but one who is truly knowledgeable is modest

半瓶子醋 半瓶子醋 ban4 ping2 zi5 cu4
see 半瓶醋

半坡 半坡 ban4 po1
Banpo neolithic Yangshao culture archaeological site east of Xi'an 西安

半坡村 半坡村 ban4 po1 cun1
archaeological site near Xi'an

半坡遗址 半坡遺址 ban4 po1 yi2 zhi3
Banpo neolithic Yangshao culture archaeological site east of Xi'an 西安

半蹼鹬 半蹼鷸 ban4 pu3 yu4
(bird species of China) Asian dowitcher (Limnodromus semipalmatus)

半旗 半旗 ban4 qi2
half-mast; half-staff

半球 半球 ban4 qiu2

半人马 半人馬 ban4 ren2 ma3
centaur (mythology)

半人马座 半人馬座 ban4 ren2 ma3 zuo4
Centaurus (constellation)

半日工作 半日工作 ban4 ri4 gong1 zuo4
part-time work in which one works each day for a half-day, typically a morning or an afternoon

半日制学校 半日制學校 ban4 ri4 zhi4 xue2 xiao4
half-day (or double-shift) school

半乳糖 半乳糖 ban4 ru3 tang2
galactose (CH2O)6; brain sugar

半乳糖血症 半乳糖血症 ban4 ru3 tang2 xue4 zheng4

半山区 半山區 ban4 shan1 qu1
mid-levels (in Hong Kong)

半晌 半晌 ban4 shang3
half of the day; a long time; quite a while

半身不遂 半身不遂 ban4 shen1 bu4 sui4
paralysis of one side of the body; hemiplegia

半身像 半身像 ban4 shen1 xiang4
half-length photo or portrait; bust

半生 半生 ban4 sheng1
half a lifetime

半生不熟 半生不熟 ban4 sheng1 bu4 shou2
underripe; half-cooked; (fig.) not mastered (of a technique); clumsy; halting

半失业 半失業 ban4 shi1 ye4
semi-employed; partly employed; underemployed

半视野 半視野 ban4 shi4 ye3
half visual field

半熟练 半熟練 ban4 shu2 lian4

半数 半數 ban4 shu4
half the number; half

半数以上 半數以上 ban4 shu4 yi3 shang4
more than half

半衰期 半衰期 ban4 shuai1 qi1

半死 半死 ban4 si3
half dead (of torment, hunger, tiredness etc); (tired) to death; (terrified) out of one's wits; (beaten) to within an inch of one's life; (knock) the daylights out of sb

半糖夫妻 半糖夫妻 ban4 tang2 fu1 qi1
weekend spouse; relationship involving a sugar-daddy

半天 半天 ban4 tian1
half of the day; a long time; quite a while; midair

半条命 半條命 ban4 tiao2 ming4
half a life; only half alive; barely alive; (scared, beaten etc) half to death

半通不通 半通不通 ban4 tong1 bu4 tong1
to not fully understand (idiom)

半桶水 半桶水 ban4 tong3 shui3
(coll.) (of one's skills, knowledge etc) limited; superficial; half-baked; sb with a smattering of knowledge (of sth); dabbler

半透明 半透明 ban4 tou4 ming2
translucent; semitransparent

半途 半途 ban4 tu2
halfway; midway

半途而废 半途而廢 ban4 tu2 er2 fei4
to give up halfway (idiom); leave sth unfinished

半推半就 半推半就 ban4 tui1 ban4 jiu4
half willing and half unwilling (idiom); to yield after making a show of resistance

半托 半托 ban4 tuo1
day care

半脱产 半脫產 ban4 tuo1 chan3
partly released from productive labor; partly released from one's regular work

半文盲 半文盲 ban4 wen2 mang2

半无限 半無限 ban4 wu2 xian4

半夏 半夏 ban4 xia4
Pinellia ternata

半响 半響 ban4 xiang3
half the day; a long time; quite a while

半小时 半小時 ban4 xiao3 shi2
half hour

半信半疑 半信半疑 ban4 xin4 ban4 yi2
half-believe, half-doubt

半腰 半腰 ban4 yao1
middle; halfway

半夜 半夜 ban4 ye4
midnight; in the middle of the night

半夜三更 半夜三更 ban4 ye4 san1 geng1
in the depth of night; late at night

半以上 半以上 ban4 yi3 shang4
more than half

半音 半音 ban4 yin1

半音程 半音程 ban4 yin1 cheng2

半圆 半圓 ban4 yuan2

半圆形 半圓形 ban4 yuan2 xing2

半圆仪 半圓儀 ban4 yuan2 yi2

半月 半月 ban4 yue4
half-moon; fortnight

半月板 半月板 ban4 yue4 ban3
meniscus (anatomy)

半月瓣 半月瓣 ban4 yue4 ban4
semilunar valve (anatomy)

半月刊 半月刊 ban4 yue4 kan1
fortnightly; twice a month

半载 半載 ban4 zai3
half a year

半载 半載 ban4 zai4
half load

半真半假 半真半假 ban4 zhen1 ban4 jia3
(idiom) half true and half false

半职 半職 ban4 zhi2
part-time work

半殖民地 半殖民地 ban4 zhi2 min2 di4

半中腰 半中腰 ban4 zhong1 yao1
middle; halfway

半轴 半軸 ban4 zhou2
semi-axis; half axle

半自动 半自動 ban4 zi4 dong4

半自耕农 半自耕農 ban4 zi4 geng1 nong2
semi-tenant peasant; semi-owner peasant

北半球 北半球 bei3 ban4 qiu2
Northern Hemisphere

参半 參半 can1 ban4
half; half and half; both ... and ...; just as much ... as ...; equally

朝鲜半岛 朝鮮半島 chao2 xian3 ban4 dao3
Korean Peninsula

大半 大半 da4 ban4
more than half; greater part; most; probably; most likely

大半夜 大半夜 da4 ban4 ye4
the middle of the night

东半球 東半球 dong1 ban4 qiu2
the Eastern Hemisphere; the Old World

东西半球 東西半球 dong1 xi1 ban4 qiu2
East and West hemispheres

对半 對半 dui4 ban4
half-and-half; 50-50; to double

多半 多半 duo1 ban4
most; mostly; most likely

罚半蹲 罰半蹲 fa2 ban4 dun1
to punish a student by having him stand in a half-squatting position with arms extended forward

妇女能顶半边天 婦女能頂半邊天 fu4 nv3 neng2 ding3 ban4 bian1 tian1
Woman can hold up half the sky; fig. nowadays, women have an equal part to play in society

过半 過半 guo4 ban4
over fifty percent; more than half

韩半岛 韓半島 han2 ban4 dao3
Korean peninsula (esp. South Korean usage)

好半天 好半天 hao3 ban4 tian1
most of the day

黑天半夜 黑天半夜 hei1 tian1 ban4 ye4
lit. the black sky of midnight; very late at night (idiom)

恒春半岛 恆春半島 heng2 chun1 ban4 dao3
Hengchun Peninsula in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, the southernmost point of Taiwan

后半 後半 hou4 ban4
latter half

后半场 後半場 hou4 ban4 chang3
second half (of sporting competition)

后半叶 後半葉 hou4 ban4 ye4
latter half (of a decade, century etc)

话不投机半句多 話不投機半句多 hua4 bu4 tou2 ji1 ban4 ju4 duo1
when words get sour, adding words is useless (idiom)

及时处理,事半功倍 及時處理,事半功倍 ji2 shi2 chu3 li3 - shi4 ban4 gong1 bei4
timely handling doubles the effect and halves the effort; the right approach saves effort and leads to better results; a stitch in time saves nine

减半 減半 jian3 ban4
to reduce by half

酒至半酣 酒至半酣 jiu3 zhi4 ban4 han1
to drink until one is half drunk

勘察加半岛 勘察加半島 kan1 cha2 jia1 ban4 dao3
Kamchatka Peninsula, far-eastern Russia

堪察加半岛 堪察加半島 kan1 cha2 jia1 ban4 dao3
Kamchatka Peninsula, far-eastern Russia

克里木半岛 克里木半島 ke4 li3 mu4 ban4 dao3
Crimea; the Crimean peninsula

老半天 老半天 lao3 ban4 tian1
(coll.) a long time

雷州半岛 雷州半島 lei2 zhou1 ban4 dao3
Leizhou Peninsula

凉了半截 涼了半截 liang2 le5 ban4 jie2
felt a chill (in one's heart); (one's heart) sank

辽东半岛 遼東半島 liao2 dong1 ban4 dao3
Liaodong Peninsula

另一半 另一半 ling4 yi1 ban4
other half; fig. spouse; one's better half

马来半岛 馬來半島 ma3 lai2 ban4 dao3
Malay Peninsula (possibly including Indonesia until 1945)

南半球 南半球 nan2 ban4 qiu2
Southern Hemisphere

南极洲半岛 南極洲半島 nan2 ji2 zhou1 ban4 dao3
the Antarctic Peninsula (jutting out towards South America)

诺曼底半岛 諾曼底半島 nuo4 man4 di3 ban4 dao3
Normandy peninsula

平生不做亏心事,半夜敲门心不惊 平生不做虧心事,半夜敲門心不驚 ping2 sheng1 bu4 zuo4 kui1 xin1 shi4 - ban4 ye4 qiao1 men2 xin1 bu4 jing1
He who never wrongs others does not fear the knock in the night.; Rest with a clear conscience.

前半晌 前半晌 qian2 ban4 shang3
morning; a.m.; first half of the day

前半晌儿 前半晌兒 qian2 ban4 shang3 er5
erhua variant of 前半晌

前半天 前半天 qian2 ban4 tian1
morning; a.m.; first half of the day

前半天儿 前半天兒 qian2 ban4 tian1 er5
erhua variant of 前半天

前半夜 前半夜 qian2 ban4 ye4
first half of the night (from nightfall to midnight)

三更半夜 三更半夜 san1 geng1 ban4 ye4
in the depth of the night; very late at night

山东半岛 山東半島 shan1 dong1 ban4 dao3
Shandong Peninsula

上半 上半 shang4 ban4
first half

上半部分 上半部分 shang4 ban4 bu4 fen4
upper part; top half

上半年 上半年 shang4 ban4 nian2
first half (of a year)

上半晌 上半晌 shang4 ban4 shang3
forenoon; morning; a.m.

上半身 上半身 shang4 ban4 shen1
the upper body

上半天 上半天 shang4 ban4 tian1

上半夜 上半夜 shang4 ban4 ye4
first half of the night; time before midnight

上半叶 上半葉 shang4 ban4 ye4
the first half (of a period)

少女露笑脸,婚事半成全 少女露笑臉,婚事半成全 shao4 nv3 lu4 xiao4 lian3 - hun1 shi4 ban4 cheng2 quan2
When the girl smiles, the matchmaker's job is half done. (idiom)

深更半夜 深更半夜 shen1 geng1 ban4 ye4
in the dead of night (idiom)

事半功倍 事半功倍 shi4 ban4 gong1 bei4
half the work, twice the effect (idiom); the right approach saves effort and leads to better results; a stitch in time saves nine

事倍功半 事倍功半 shi4 bei4 gong1 ban4
twice the effort for half the result

太半 太半 tai4 ban4
more than half; a majority; most; mostly

泰半 泰半 tai4 ban4
more than half; a majority; most; mostly

特许半导体 特許半導體 te4 xu3 ban4 dao3 ti3
Chartered Semiconductor

头半天 頭半天 tou2 ban4 tian1
morning; first half of the day

头半天儿 頭半天兒 tou2 ban4 tian1 er5
erhua variant of 頭半天|头半天

晚半天儿 晚半天兒 wan3 ban5 tian1 er5
late afternoon

西半球 西半球 xi1 ban4 qiu2
Western Hemisphere

西奈半岛 西奈半島 xi1 nai4 ban4 dao3
Sinai Peninsula

下半 下半 xia4 ban4
second half

下半年 下半年 xia4 ban4 nian2
second half of the year

下半身 下半身 xia4 ban4 shen1
lower half of one's body

下半天 下半天 xia4 ban4 tian1

行百里者半九十 行百里者半九十 xing2 bai3 li3 zhe3 ban4 jiu3 shi2
lit. ninety li is merely a half of a hundred li journey (idiom); fig. the closer one is to completing a task, the tougher it gets; a task is not done until it's done

徐娘半老 徐娘半老 xu2 niang2 ban4 lao3
middle-aged but still attractive woman; lady of a certain age

夜半 夜半 ye4 ban4

一半 一半 yi1 ban4

一半天 一半天 yi1 ban4 tian1
in a day or two; soon

伊比利亚半岛 伊比利亞半島 yi1 bi3 li4 ya4 ban4 dao3
Iberian Peninsula

一鳞半爪 一鱗半爪 yi1 lin2 ban4 zhua3
lit. one scale and half a claw (idiom); only odd bits and pieces

一年半 一年半 yi1 nian2 ban4
a year and a half

一年半载 一年半載 yi1 nian2 ban4 zai3
about a year

一时半会 一時半會 yi1 shi2 ban4 hui4
a short time; a little while

一时半会儿 一時半會兒 yi1 shi2 ban4 hui4 er5
a short time; a little while

一时半刻 一時半刻 yi1 shi2 ban4 ke4
a short time; a little while

一时半霎 一時半霎 yi1 shi2 ban4 sha4
a short time; a little while

一时半晌 一時半晌 yi1 shi2 ban4 shang3
a short time; a little while

一星半点 一星半點 yi1 xing1 ban4 dian3
just the tiniest bit; a hint of

一知半解 一知半解 yi1 zhi1 ban4 jie3
lit. to know one and understand half (idiom); a smattering of knowledge; dilettante; amateur

印度支那半岛 印度支那半島 yin4 du4 zhi1 na4 ban4 dao3
Indochina peninsula (old term, esp. colonial period); now written 中南半島|中南半岛

印支半岛 印支半島 yin4 zhi1 ban4 dao3
Indochina peninsula (abbr. for colonial term 印度支那半島|印度支那半岛); now written 中南半島|中南半岛

尤卡坦半岛 尤卡坦半島 you2 ka3 tan3 ban4 dao3
Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico)

原子半径 原子半徑 yuan2 zi3 ban4 jing4
atomic radius

月半 月半 yue4 ban4
15th of the month

折半 折半 zhe2 ban4
to reduce by fifty percent; half-price

正半轴 正半軸 zheng4 ban4 zhou2
positive semi-axis (in coordinate geometry)

中南半岛 中南半島 zhong1 nan2 ban4 dao3
Indochina peninsula; lit. China South peninsula

中印半岛 中印半島 zhong1 yin4 ban4 dao3
Indochina peninsula; also written 中南半島|中南半岛