to take; to get; to choose; to fetch

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
拔取 拔取 ba2 qu3
to pick out; to select and recruit; to pluck; to pull

备取 備取 bei4 qu3
to be on the waiting list (for admission to a school)

标新取异 標新取異 biao1 xin1 qu3 yi4
to start on sth new and different (idiom); to display originality

博取 博取 bo2 qu3
to win (favors, confidence etc)

采取 採取 cai3 qu3
to adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action); to take

采取措施 採取措施 cai3 qu3 cuo4 shi1
to adopt measures; to take steps

采取行动 採取行動 cai3 qu3 xing2 dong4
to take action; to adopt policies; to move on some issue

抽取 抽取 chou1 qu3
to extract; to remove; to draw (a sales commission, venom from a snake etc)

萃取 萃取 cui4 qu3
liquid-liquid extraction

存取 存取 cun2 qu3

档案转送存取及管理 檔案轉送存取及管理 dang4 an4 zhuan3 song4 cun2 qu3 ji2 guan3 li3
File Transfer, Access and Management; FTAM

盗取 盜取 dao4 qu3
to steal (including identity theft, credit card fraud or theft of computer account); to misappropriate

调取 調取 diao4 qu3
to obtain (information from an archive etc)

读取 讀取 du2 qu3
(of a computer etc) to read (data)

短中取长 短中取長 duan3 zhong1 qu3 chang2
see 短中抽長|短中抽长

断章取义 斷章取義 duan4 zhang1 qu3 yi4
lit. to take meaning from cut segment (idiom); to interpret out of context; to focus attention on one phrase without regard to the meaning of the whole piece

夺取 奪取 duo2 qu3
to seize; to capture; to wrest control of

分文不取 分文不取 fen1 wen2 bu4 qu3
to give for free

割取 割取 ge1 qu3
to cut off

各取所需 各取所需 ge4 qu3 suo3 xu1
each takes what he needs (idiom)

攻取 攻取 gong1 qu3
to attack and seize

苟取 苟取 gou3 qu3
(literary) to extort; to take as bribe

管取 管取 guan3 qu3

合取 合取 he2 qu3
connective; conjunction

哗众取宠 嘩眾取寵 hua2 zhong4 qu3 chong3
sensationalism; vulgar claptrap to please the crowds; playing to the gallery; demagogy

换取 換取 huan4 qu3
to give sth and get sth in return

火中取栗 火中取栗 huo3 zhong1 qu3 li4
lit. to pull chestnuts out of the fire (idiom); fig. to be sb's cat's-paw

获取 獲取 huo4 qu3
to gain; to get; to acquire

汲取 汲取 ji2 qu3
to draw; to derive; to absorb

截取 截取 jie2 qu3
to cut off a section of sth

借取 借取 jie4 qu3
to borrow

进取 進取 jin4 qu3
to forge ahead; to go forward

进取心 進取心 jin4 qu3 xin1
ambition; enterprise; initiative

就地取材 就地取材 jiu4 di4 qu3 cai2
to draw on local resources; using materials at hand

攫取 攫取 jue2 qu3
to plunder; to loot; robbery; pillage

考取 考取 kao3 qu3
to pass an entrance exam; to be admitted to

可取 可取 ke3 qu3
desirable; worth having

可取之处 可取之處 ke3 qu3 zhi1 chu4
positive point; merit; redeeming quality

可望取胜者 可望取勝者 ke3 wang4 qu3 sheng4 zhe3
favorite (to win a race or championship); well placed contestant

空气取样 空氣取樣 kong1 qi4 qu3 yang4
air sampling

空气取样器 空氣取樣器 kong1 qi4 qu3 yang4 qi4
air sampler

快取 快取 kuai4 qu3
cache (computing)

捞取 撈取 lao1 qu3
to fish for; to seek profit (by improper means)

猎取 獵取 lie4 qu3
to hunt; (fig.) to seek (fame etc)

领取 領取 ling3 qu3
to receive; to draw; to get

录取 錄取 lu4 qu3
to recruit; to enroll

录取通知书 錄取通知書 lu4 qu3 tong1 zhi1 shu1
admission notice (delivered by a university)

录取线 錄取線 lu4 qu3 xian4
minimum passing score for admission

掠取 掠取 lve4 qu3
to plunder; to pillage; to loot

觅取 覓取 mi4 qu3
to seek; to seek out

谋取 謀取 mou2 qu3
to seek; to strive for; to obtain; see also 牟取

牟取 牟取 mou2 qu3
to gain profit (by underhand means); to exploit; see also 謀取|谋取

牟取暴利 牟取暴利 mou2 qu3 bao4 li4
to profiteer; profiteering

谋取面试 謀取面試 mou2 qu3 mian4 shi4
to be interviewed for a job

囊中取物 囊中取物 nang2 zhong1 qu3 wu4
as easy as reaching for it from a bag (idiom); in the bag; (as good as) in one's possession

骗取 騙取 pian4 qu3
to gain by cheating

窃取 竊取 qie4 qu3
to steal; to seize

轻取 輕取 qing1 qu3
to beat easily; to gain an easy victory

求取 求取 qiu2 qu3
to seek after; to strive for

取保候审 取保候審 qu3 bao3 hou4 shen3
release from custody, subject to provision of a surety, pending investigation (PRC)

取保释放 取保釋放 qu3 bao3 shi4 fang4
to be released on bail (law)

取材 取材 qu3 cai2
to collect material

取长补短 取長補短 qu3 chang2 bu3 duan3
lit. use others' strengths to make up for one's weak points (idiom from Mencius); to use this in place of that; what you lose on the swings, you win on the roundabouts

取出 取出 qu3 chu1
to take out; to extract; to draw out

取代 取代 qu3 dai4
to replace; to supersede; to supplant; (chemistry) substitution

取道 取道 qu3 dao4
via; by way of; en route to

取得 取得 qu3 de2
to acquire; to get; to obtain

取得胜利 取得勝利 qu3 de2 sheng4 li4
to prevail; to achieve victory; to be victorious

取得一致 取得一致 qu3 de2 yi1 zhi4
to reach a consensus

取灯儿 取燈兒 qu3 deng1 er5
(dialect) match (for lighting fire)

取缔 取締 qu3 di4
to suppress; to crack down on; to prohibit

取而代之 取而代之 qu3 er2 dai4 zhi1
to substitute for sb; to remove and replace

取关 取關 qu3 guan1
to unfollow (on microblog etc)

取回 取回 qu3 hui2
to retrieve

取经 取經 qu3 jing1
to journey to India on a quest for the Buddhist scriptures; to learn by studying another's experience

取景框 取景框 qu3 jing3 kuang4
rectangular frame used to view a scene (made out of cardboard etc, or formed by the thumbs and forefingers); viewfinder; viewing frame

取景器 取景器 qu3 jing3 qi4
viewfinder (of a camera etc)

取决 取決 qu3 jue2
to depend upon; to hinge upon

取款 取款 qu3 kuan3
to withdraw money from a bank

取款机 取款機 qu3 kuan3 ji1

取乐 取樂 qu3 le4
to find amusement; to amuse oneself

取名 取名 qu3 ming2
to name; to be named; to christen; to seek fame

取模 取模 qu3 mo2
modulo (math.)

取模 取模 qu3 mu2
to take an impression (dentistry etc)

取闹 取鬧 qu3 nao4
to make trouble; to make fun of

取暖 取暖 qu3 nuan3
to warm oneself (by a fire etc)

取其精华 取其精華 qu3 qi2 jing1 hua2
to take the best; to absorb the essence

取其精华,去其糟粕 取其精華,去其糟粕 qu3 qi2 jing1 hua2 - qu4 qi2 zao1 po4
take the cream, discard the dross (political and educational slogan); keep what is good, discard the rest; You need to be selective when studying.; In modernizing the country, don't accept uncritically all foreign ideas.

取钱 取錢 qu3 qian2
to withdraw money

取巧 取巧 qu3 qiao3
quick fix; opportune short cut (around a difficulty); cheap trick (to get what one wants); to pull a fast one

取舍 取捨 qu3 she3
to choose; to accept or reject

取胜 取勝 qu3 sheng4
to score a victory; to prevail over one's opponents

取水 取水 qu3 shui3
water intake; to obtain water (from a well etc)

取现 取現 qu3 xian4
to withdraw money

取向 取向 qu3 xiang4
orientation; direction

取消 取消 qu3 xiao1
to cancel; cancellation

取消禁令 取消禁令 qu3 xiao1 jin4 ling4
to lift a prohibition; to lift a ban

取笑 取笑 qu3 xiao4
to tease; to make fun of

取样 取樣 qu3 yang4
to take a sample

取样数量 取樣數量 qu3 yang4 shu4 liang4
sample size (statistics)

取银 取銀 qu3 yin2
to take silver; to come second in a competition

取用 取用 qu3 yong4
to access; to make use of

取悦 取悅 qu3 yue4
to try to please

取证 取證 qu3 zheng4
to collect evidence

取之不尽,用之不竭 取之不盡,用之不竭 qu3 zhi1 bu4 jin4 - yong4 zhi1 bu4 jie2
limitless supply (of); inexhaustible

取走 取走 qu3 zou3
to remove; to take away

去取 去取 qu4 qu3
to accept or reject

去取之间 去取之間 qu4 qu3 zhi1 jian1
undecided between taking and leaving

杀鸡取卵 殺雞取卵 sha1 ji1 qu3 luan3
lit. to kill the chicken to get the eggs (idiom); fig. to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs

舍生取义 捨生取義 she3 sheng1 qu3 yi4
to give up life for righteousness (idiom, from Mencius); to choose honor over life; would rather sacrifice one's life than one's principles

摄取 攝取 she4 qu3
to absorb (nutrients etc); to assimilate; intake; to take a photograph of (a scene)

拾取 拾取 shi2 qu3
to pick up; to collect

收取 收取 shou1 qu3
to receive; to collect

受取 受取 shou4 qu3
to accept; to receive

随机存取 隨機存取 sui2 ji1 cun2 qu3
random access (memory)

随机存取存储器 隨機存取存儲器 sui2 ji1 cun2 qu3 cun2 chu3 qi4
random access memory (RAM)

随机存取记忆体 隨機存取記憶體 sui2 ji1 cun2 qu3 ji4 yi4 ti3
random access memory (RAM)

索取 索取 suo3 qu3
to ask; to demand

探囊取物 探囊取物 tan4 nang2 qu3 wu4
to feel in one's pocket and take sth (idiom); as easy as pie; in the bag

讨取 討取 tao3 qu3
to ask for; to demand

套取 套取 tao4 qu3
to acquire fraudulently; an illegal exchange

提取 提取 ti2 qu3
to extract; to refine; to withdraw (from a bank or warehouse); to pick up

听取 聽取 ting1 qu3
to hear (news); to listen to

偷取 偷取 tou1 qu3
to steal; to abstract; to appropriate

投机取巧 投機取巧 tou2 ji1 qu3 qiao3
to seize every opportunity; to be full of tricks

臀位取胎术 臀位取胎術 tun2 wei4 qu3 tai1 shu4
breech extraction (medicine)

妄取 妄取 wang4 qu3
to take sth without permission

无理取闹 無理取鬧 wu2 li3 qu3 nao4
to make trouble without reason (idiom); to be deliberately provocative

无取胜希望者 無取勝希望者 wu2 qu3 sheng4 xi1 wang4 zhe3
outsider (i.e. not expected to win a race or championship)

吸取 吸取 xi1 qu3
to absorb; to draw (a lesson, insight etc); to assimilate

吸取教训 吸取教訓 xi1 qu3 jiao4 xun5
to draw a lesson (from a setback)

撷取 擷取 xie2 qu3
to pick; to select; to take; to capture (data); to acquire; to pick up (a signal)

性取向 性取向 xing4 qu3 xiang4
sexual orientation (e.g. gay)

选取 選取 xuan3 qu3
to choose

一介不取 一介不取 yi1 jie4 bu4 qu3
to not even take a penny (as a bribe)

以貌取人 以貌取人 yi3 mao4 qu3 ren2
to judge sb by appearances (idiom)

挹取 挹取 yi4 qu3
to ladle out; to scoop up

易取得 易取得 yi4 qu3 de2

有进取心 有進取心 you3 jin4 qu3 xin1
aggressive; go-getter

欲取姑予 欲取姑予 yu4 qu3 gu1 yu3
variant of 欲取姑與|欲取姑与; to make concessions for the sake of future gains (idiom)

欲取姑与 欲取姑與 yu4 qu3 gu1 yu3
to make concessions for the sake of future gains (idiom)

诈取 詐取 zha4 qu3
to swindle; to defraud

榨取 榨取 zha4 qu3
to extract; to squeeze out (juice etc); (fig.) to exploit

摘取 摘取 zhai1 qu3
to pluck; to take

战无不胜,攻无不取 戰無不勝,攻無不取 zhan4 wu2 bu4 sheng4 - gong1 wu2 bu4 qu3
to triumph in every battle and win every fight (idiom); all-conquering; ever victorious; nothing they can't do

争取 爭取 zheng1 qu3
to fight for; to strive for; to win over

支取 支取 zhi1 qu3
to withdraw (money)

智取 智取 zhi4 qu3
to take by ruse; to outwit; to outsmart

抓取 抓取 zhua1 qu3
to seize

抓取程序 抓取程序 zhua1 qu3 cheng2 xu4
spider or crawler bot (Internet)

赚取 賺取 zhuan4 qu3
to make a profit; to earn a packet

捉取 捉取 zhuo1 qu3
to capture

自动取款机 自動取款機 zi4 dong4 qu3 kuan3 ji1
automated teller machine (ATM)

自取 自取 zi4 qu3
to help oneself to (food); to invite (trouble); to court (disaster)

自取灭亡 自取滅亡 zi4 qu3 mie4 wang2
to court disaster (idiom); to dig one's own grave

自取其咎 自取其咎 zi4 qu3 qi2 jiu4
to have only oneself to blame (idiom); to bring trouble through one's own actions

钻木取火 鑽木取火 zuan1 mu4 qu3 huo3
to drill wood to make fire