to change; to become different; to transform; to vary; rebellion

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
癌变 癌變 ai2 bian4
to become cancerous; transformation to malignancy (of body cells)

变暗 變暗 bian4 an4
to darken

变把戏 變把戲 bian4 ba3 xi4
to perform magic; to do magic tricks; prestidigitation

变本加厉 變本加厲 bian4 ben3 jia1 li4
lit. change to more severe (idiom); to become more intense (esp. of shortcoming); to aggravate; to intensify

变兵 變兵 bian4 bing1
rebel soldier

变产 變產 bian4 chan3
to sell one's estate

变成 變成 bian4 cheng2
to change into; to turn into; to become

变丑 變醜 bian4 chou3
to disfigure

变道 變道 bian4 dao4
to change lanes

变得 變得 bian4 de5
to become

变电 變電 bian4 dian4
power transformation

变电站 變電站 bian4 dian4 zhan4
(transformer) substation

变调 變調 bian4 diao4
tone sandhi; modified tone; (music) to change key; modulation

变调夹 變調夾 bian4 diao4 jia1

变动 變動 bian4 dong4
change; alteration

变法 變法 bian4 fa3
to change the laws; political reform; unconventional method

变法儿 變法兒 bian4 fa3 er5
to try by all available methods

变分 變分 bian4 fen1
variation (calculus); deformation

变分法 變分法 bian4 fen1 fa3
calculus of variations

变分学 變分學 bian4 fen1 xue2
calculus of variations (math.)

变分原理 變分原理 bian4 fen1 yuan2 li3
variational principle (physics)

变革 變革 bian4 ge2
to transform; to change

变格 變格 bian4 ge2
case change (in grammar)

变更 變更 bian4 geng1
to change; to alter; to modify

变工 變工 bian4 gong1
to exchange labor; labor exchange (system of sharing workforce resources)

变故 變故 bian4 gu4
an unforeseen event; accident; misfortune

变卦 變卦 bian4 gua4
to change one's mind; to go back on one's word

变黑 變黑 bian4 hei1
to darken

变红 變紅 bian4 hong2
to redden

变厚 變厚 bian4 hou4
to thicken

变化 變化 bian4 hua4
change; variation; to change; to vary

变化多端 變化多端 bian4 hua4 duo1 duan1
changeable; changing; varied; full of changes

变化莫测 變化莫測 bian4 hua4 mo4 ce4
unpredictable; changeable

变坏 變壞 bian4 huai4
to get worse; to degenerate

变换 變換 bian4 huan4
to transform; to convert; to vary; to alternate; a transformation

变幻 變幻 bian4 huan4
to change irregularly; to fluctuate

变幻莫测 變幻莫測 bian4 huan4 mo4 ce4
to change unpredictably; unpredictable; erratic; treacherous

变换群 變換群 bian4 huan4 qun2
(math.) transformation group

变换设备 變換設備 bian4 huan4 she4 bei4
converter; conversion device

变活 變活 bian4 huo2
to come to life (by magic)

变价 變價 bian4 jia4
to appraise at the current rate

变焦距镜头 變焦距鏡頭 bian4 jiao1 ju4 jing4 tou2
zoom lens

变节 變節 bian4 jie2
betrayal; defection; turncoat; to change sides politically

变局 變局 bian4 ju2
turbulent situation; changing (face, scene, situation, world of etc)

变苦 變苦 bian4 ku3
to sour; to turn sour; to curdle

变脸 變臉 bian4 lian3
to turn hostile suddenly; face changing, a device of Sichuan Opera, a dramatic change of attitude expressing fright, anger etc

变量 變量 bian4 liang4
variable (math.)

变流器 變流器 bian4 liu2 qi4

变乱 變亂 bian4 luan4
turmoil; social upheaval

变卖 變賣 bian4 mai4
to sell off (one's property)

变魔术 變魔術 bian4 mo2 shu4
to perform magical tricks

变暖 變暖 bian4 nuan3
warming; changing to become warmer

变频 變頻 bian4 pin2
frequency conversion

变迁 變遷 bian4 qian1
changes; vicissitudes

变软 變軟 bian4 ruan3
to soften

变色 變色 bian4 se4
to change color; to discolor; to change countenance; to become angry

变色龙 變色龍 bian4 se4 long2

变色易容 變色易容 bian4 se4 yi4 rong2
to change color and alter one's expression (idiom); to go white with fear; out of one's wits

变生肘腋 變生肘腋 bian4 sheng1 zhou3 ye4
lit. calamity in one's armpit (idiom); a major coup happening on one's doorstep; trouble or danger in one's own backyard

变数 變數 bian4 shu4
variable (math.)

变速 變速 bian4 su4
to change speed; to shift gear; variable-speed

变速传动 變速傳動 bian4 su4 chuan2 dong4
to change gear

变速杆 變速桿 bian4 su4 gan3
gear lever; stick shift

变速器 變速器 bian4 su4 qi4
gearbox; speed changer; gear

变速箱 變速箱 bian4 su4 xiang1
gearbox; transmission

变态 變態 bian4 tai4
to metamorphose (biology); abnormal; perverted; hentai; (slang) pervert

变态反应 變態反應 bian4 tai4 fan3 ying4
allergic response; allergy

变体 變體 bian4 ti3

变天 變天 bian4 tian1
to undergo change in weather; restoration of reactionary rule or the previous regime

变通 變通 bian4 tong1
pragmatic; flexible; to act differently in different situations; to accommodate to circumstances

变为 變為 bian4 wei2
to change into

变温层 變溫層 bian4 wen1 ceng2
troposphere; lower atmosphere

变温动物 變溫動物 bian4 wen1 dong4 wu4
poikilothermal (cold-blooded) animal

变文 變文 bian4 wen2
a popular form of narrative literature flourishing in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) with alternate prose and rhymed parts for recitation and singing (often on Buddhist themes)

变戏法 變戲法 bian4 xi4 fa3
to perform conjuring tricks; to conjure; to juggle

变相 變相 bian4 xiang4
in disguised form; covert

变心 變心 bian4 xin1
to cease to be faithful

变星 變星 bian4 xing1
variable star

变形 變形 bian4 xing2
deformation; to become deformed; to change shape; to morph

变形虫 變形蟲 bian4 xing2 chong2

变形金刚 變形金剛 bian4 xing2 jin1 gang1
Transformers (franchise)

变性 變性 bian4 xing4
to denature; denaturation; to have a sex change; transgender

变性土 變性土 bian4 xing4 tu3
Vertosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)

变修 變修 bian4 xiu1
to become revisionist

变压器 變壓器 bian4 ya1 qi4

变样 變樣 bian4 yang4
to change (appearance); to change shape

变样儿 變樣兒 bian4 yang4 er5
erhua variant of 變樣|变样

变异 變異 bian4 yi4

变异型克雅氏症 變異型克雅氏症 bian4 yi4 xing2 ke4 ya3 shi4 zheng4
variant Creutzfeldt-Jacobs disease, vCJD

变异株 變異株 bian4 yi4 zhu1
variant; variant strain (of virus)

变硬 變硬 bian4 ying4
to stiffen

变元 變元 bian4 yuan2
(math.) argument; variable

变造 變造 bian4 zao4
to alter; to modify; to mutilate (of documents)

变造币 變造幣 bian4 zao4 bi4
illegally modified or altered currency

变徵之声 變徵之聲 bian4 zhi3 zhi1 sheng1
modified fifth note of the pentatonic scale

变质 變質 bian4 zhi4
to degenerate; to go bad; to deteriorate; metamorphosis

变质岩 變質岩 bian4 zhi4 yan2
metamorphic rock (geology)

变质作用 變質作用 bian4 zhi4 zuo4 yong4
metamorphism (geology)

变种 變種 bian4 zhong3
mutation; variety; variant

变装皇后 變裝皇后 bian4 zhuang1 huang2 hou4
drag queen

变奏 變奏 bian4 zou4

变奏曲 變奏曲 bian4 zou4 qu3
variation (music)

变阻器 變阻器 bian4 zu3 qi4
rheostat (variable resistor)

变作 變作 bian4 zuo4
to change into; to turn into; to become

变做 變做 bian4 zuo4
to turn into

兵变 兵變 bing1 bian4
mutiny; (Tw) to be dumped by one's girlfriend while serving in the army

病变 病變 bing4 bian4
pathological changes

勃然变色 勃然變色 bo2 ran2 bian4 se4
to suddenly change color showing displeasure, bewilderment etc

不变 不變 bu4 bian4
constant; unvarying; (math.) invariant

不变化 不變化 bu4 bian4 hua4

不变价格 不變價格 bu4 bian4 jia4 ge2
fixed price; constant price

不变量 不變量 bu4 bian4 liang4
invariant quantity; invariant (math.)

不变资本 不變資本 bu4 bian4 zi1 ben3
constant capital

不识时变 不識時變 bu4 shi2 shi2 bian4
to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumstances; not amenable to reason

惨变 慘變 can3 bian4
disastrous turn; tragic event

陈桥兵变 陳橋兵變 chen2 qiao2 bing1 bian4
the military revolt of 960 that led Zhao Kuangyin 趙匡胤|赵匡胤 to found the Song dynasty

处变不惊 處變不驚 chu3 bian4 bu4 jing1
to remain calm in the face of events (idiom)

错义突变 錯義突變 cuo4 yi4 tu1 bian4
missense mutation

大变 大變 da4 bian4
huge changes

等变压线 等變壓線 deng3 bian4 ya1 xian4
isallobar (line of equal pressure gradient)

陡变 陡變 dou3 bian4
to change precipitously

多变 多變 duo1 bian4
fickle; multi-variate (math.)

翻手为云覆手变雨 翻手為雲覆手變雨 fan1 shou3 wei2 yun2 fu4 shou3 bian4 yu3
lit. turning his hand palm up he gathers the clouds, turning his hand palm down he turns them to rain; very powerful and capable (idiom)

反革命政变 反革命政變 fan3 ge2 ming4 zheng4 bian4
an anti-revolutionary coup

放射性衰变 放射性衰變 fang4 she4 xing4 shuai1 bian4
radioactive decay

风切变 風切變 feng1 qie1 bian4
wind shear (meteorology)

风云变幻 風雲變幻 feng1 yun2 bian4 huan4
changeable situation (idiom)

复变 複變 fu4 bian4
(math.) complex variable

复变函数 複變函數 fu4 bian4 han2 shu4
function of a complex variable (math.)

复变函数论 複變函數論 fu4 bian4 han2 shu4 lun4
(math.) theory of functions of a complex variable

傅立叶变换 傅立葉變換 fu4 li4 ye4 bian4 huan4
(math.) Fourier transform

改变 改變 gai3 bian4
to change; to alter; to transform

改变信仰者 改變信仰者 gai3 bian4 xin4 yang3 zhe3
a convert

改变形像 改變形像 gai3 bian4 xing2 xiang4

亘古不变 亙古不變 gen4 gu3 bu4 bian4
unchanging since times immemorial (idiom); unalterable; unvarying; monotonous

庚子国变 庚子國變 geng1 zi3 guo2 bian4
the crisis year of 1900 involving the Boxer uprising and the eight nation military invasion

国际日期变更线 國際日期變更線 guo2 ji4 ri4 qi1 bian4 geng1 xian4
international date line

核变形 核變形 he2 bian4 xing2
nuclear deformation

核聚变 核聚變 he2 ju4 bian4
nuclear fusion

核裂变 核裂變 he2 lie4 bian4
atomic fission; nuclear fission; fission

核转变 核轉變 he2 zhuan3 bian4
nuclear transformation; nuclear transmutation

华北事变 華北事變 hua2 bei3 shi4 bian4
North China Incident of October-December 1935, a Japanese attempt to set up a puppet government in north China

哗变 嘩變 hua2 bian4
mutiny; rebellion

化学变化 化學變化 hua4 xue2 bian4 hua4
chemical change; chemical transformation

黄巾民变 黃巾民變 huang2 jin1 min2 bian4
the Yellow Turbans Peasant Uprising at the end of later Han (from 184)

婚变 婚變 hun1 bian4
marriage upheaval (infidelity, divorce etc); marriage breakup

机变 機變 ji1 bian4
improvisation; flexible; adaptable; pragmatic

畸变 畸變 ji1 bian4
distortion; aberration

积分变换 積分變換 ji1 fen1 bian4 huan4
integral transform (math.)

基因变异 基因變異 ji1 yin1 bian4 yi4
genetic variation

基因突变 基因突變 ji1 yin1 tu1 bian4
genetic mutation

甲申政变 甲申政變 jia3 shen1 zheng4 bian4
unsuccessful and bloody Korean palace coup in 1884 by Westernisers against conservatives, crushed by Qing troops

剪切形变 剪切形變 jian3 qie1 xing2 bian4
shearing; shear deformation

渐变 漸變 jian4 bian4
gradual change

交变 交變 jiao1 bian4
half-period of a wave motion; alternation

交变电流 交變電流 jiao1 bian4 dian4 liu2
alternating current (electricity)

交变流电 交變流電 jiao1 bian4 liu2 dian4
alternating current; same as 交流電|交流电

节哀顺变 節哀順變 jie2 ai1 shun4 bian4
restrain your grief, accept fate (condolence phrase)

紧急应变 緊急應變 jin3 ji2 ying4 bian4
emergency management

九一八事变 九一八事變 jiu3 yi1 ba1 shi4 bian4
the Mukden or Manchurian Railway Incident of 18th September 1931 used by the Japanese as a pretext to annex Manchuria; also known as Liutiaogou incident 柳條溝事變|柳条沟事变

巨变 巨變 ju4 bian4
great changes

聚变 聚變 ju4 bian4
fusion (physics)

剧变 劇變 ju4 bian4
fast change of scene

聚变反应 聚變反應 ju4 bian4 fan3 ying4
nuclear fusion

聚变武器 聚變武器 ju4 bian4 wu3 qi4
fusion-type weapon

拒腐防变 拒腐防變 ju4 fu3 fang2 bian4
to fight corruption and forestall moral degeneration

均变论 均變論 jun1 bian4 lun4

军事政变 軍事政變 jun1 shi4 zheng4 bian4
military coup

可变 可變 ke3 bian4

可变化合价 可變化合價 ke3 bian4 hua4 he2 jia4
variable valency

可变渗透性模型 可變滲透性模型 ke3 bian4 shen4 tou4 xing4 mo2 xing2
Varying Permeability Model (VPM), (used to calculate decompression schedules in diving)

可裂变 可裂變 ke3 lie4 bian4

可裂变材料 可裂變材料 ke3 lie4 bian4 cai2 liao4
fissile material

联合国气候变化框架公约 聯合國氣候變化框架公約 lian2 he2 guo2 qi4 hou4 bian4 hua4 kuang4 jia4 gong1 yue1
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

连续变调 連續變調 lian2 xu4 bian4 diao4
tone sandhi

链式裂变反应 鏈式裂變反應 lian4 shi4 lie4 bian4 fan3 ying4
chain reaction of nuclear fission

量变 量變 liang4 bian4
quantitative change

裂变 裂變 lie4 bian4

裂变材料 裂變材料 lie4 bian4 cai2 liao4
fissionable material

裂变产物 裂變產物 lie4 bian4 chan3 wu4
fission products

裂变碎片 裂變碎片 lie4 bian4 sui4 pian4
fission fragment

裂变同位素 裂變同位素 lie4 bian4 tong2 wei4 su4
fissile isotope

裂变武器 裂變武器 lie4 bian4 wu3 qi4
fission weapon

裂变炸弹 裂變炸彈 lie4 bian4 zha4 dan4
fission bomb

流变 流變 liu2 bian4
to flow and change; development and change (of society)

流变能力 流變能力 liu2 bian4 neng2 li4

流变学 流變學 liu2 bian4 xue2

六二五事变 六二五事變 liu4 er4 wu3 shi4 bian4
Korean war (dating from North Korean invasion on 25th Jun 1950)

芦沟桥事变 蘆溝橋事變 lu2 gou1 qiao2 shi4 bian4
the Marco Polo Bridge Incident of 7th July 1937 that sparked WW2 between Japan and China

卢沟桥事变 盧溝橋事變 lu2 gou1 qiao2 shi4 bian4
Marco Polo Bridge Incident of 7th July 1937, regarded as the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War 抗日戰爭|抗日战争

没大改变 沒大改變 mei2 da4 gai3 bian4
not significantly changed

民变 民變 min2 bian4
mass uprising; popular revolt; civil commotion

民变峰起 民變峰起 min2 bian4 feng1 qi3
seething discontent (idiom); widespread popular grievances

逆变 逆變 ni4 bian4
reversing (e.g. electric current)

女大十八变 女大十八變 nv3 da4 shi2 ba1 bian4
lit. a girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood (idiom); fig. a young woman is very different from the little girl she once was

叛变 叛變 pan4 bian4
to defect; to betray; to mutiny

丕变 丕變 pi1 bian4
radical change

七七事变 七七事變 qi1 qi1 shi4 bian4
Marco Polo Bridge Incident of 7th July 1937, regarded as the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War 抗日戰爭|抗日战争

气候变化 氣候變化 qi4 hou4 bian4 hua4
climate change

千变万化 千變萬化 qian1 bian4 wan4 hua4
countless changes; constant permutation

千变万轸 千變萬軫 qian1 bian4 wan4 zhen3
constantly changing, ever-varying (idiom)

切变 切變 qie1 bian4
shear (physics)

情变 情變 qing2 bian4
loss of love; breakup of a relationship

权变 權變 quan2 bian4
to do whatever is expedient

权变理论 權變理論 quan2 bian4 li3 lun4
contingency theory (theory of leadership)

全球变暖 全球變暖 quan2 qiu2 bian4 nuan3
global warming (PRC usage); written 全球暖化 in Taiwan

全球气候变暖 全球氣候變暖 quan2 qiu2 qi4 hou4 bian4 nuan3
global warming

热核聚变反应 熱核聚變反應 re4 he2 ju4 bian4 fan3 ying4
thermonuclear fusion reaction

蠕变 蠕變 ru2 bian4
creep (materials science)

善变 善變 shan4 bian4
fickle; mercurial; changeable; capricious; to be apt to change

嬗变 嬗變 shan4 bian4

商鞅变法 商鞅變法 shang1 yang1 bian4 fa3
Shang Yang's political reform of Qin state 秦國|秦国 of 356 BC and 350 BC, that put it on the road to world domination

射影变换 射影變換 she4 ying3 bian4 huan4
a projective transformation

实变 實變 shi2 bian4
(math.) real variable

实变函数 實變函數 shi2 bian4 han2 shu4
function of a real variable (math.)

实变函数论 實變函數論 shi2 bian4 han2 shu4 lun4
(math.) theory of functions of a real variable

识时通变 識時通變 shi2 shi2 tong1 bian4
understanding and adaptable

事变 事變 shi4 bian4
incident; unforeseen event; events (in general)

世界变暖 世界變暖 shi4 jie4 bian4 nuan3
global warming

手动变速器 手動變速器 shou3 dong4 bian4 su4 qi4
manual gearbox; manual transmission

衰变 衰變 shuai1 bian4
radioactive decay

衰变链 衰變鏈 shuai1 bian4 lian4
decay chain

衰变曲线 衰變曲線 shuai1 bian4 qu1 xian4
decay curves

衰变热 衰變熱 shuai1 bian4 re4
decay heat

瞬息万变 瞬息萬變 shun4 xi1 wan4 bian4
in an instant a myriad changes (idiom); rapid substantial change

四一二反革命政变 四一二反革命政變 si4 yi1 er4 fan3 ge2 ming4 zheng4 bian4
counterrevolutionary coup of 12th April 1927, Chiang Kai-shek's coup against the communists in Shanghai

四一二事变 四一二事變 si4 yi1 er4 shi4 bian4
the coup of 12th Mar 1927, an attempt by Chiang Kai-shek to suppress the communists; called 反革命政变|反革命政變 or 慘案|惨案 in PRC literature

俗随时变 俗隨時變 su2 sui2 shi2 bian4
customs change with time (idiom); other times, other manners; O Tempora, O Mores!

随机应变 隨機應變 sui2 ji1 ying4 bian4
to change according to the situation (idiom); pragmatic

谈虎色变 談虎色變 tan2 hu3 se4 bian4
to turn pale at the mention of a tiger (idiom); to be scared at the mere mention of

弹性形变 彈性形變 tan2 xing4 xing2 bian4
elastic deformation

调变 調變 tiao2 bian4
modulation; to modulate (electronics)

通权达变 通權達變 tong1 quan2 da2 bian4
to adapt to circumstances

突变 突變 tu1 bian4
sudden change; mutation

突变理论 突變理論 tu1 bian4 li3 lun4
(math.) catastrophe theory

突变株 突變株 tu1 bian4 zhu1
mutant; mutant strain (of virus)

蜕变 蛻變 tui4 bian4
to transform; to morph; to degenerate; metamorphosis; transmutation; transformation; decay; degeneration

蜕化变质 蛻化變質 tui4 hua4 bian4 zhi4
to degenerate (morally) (idiom); to become depraved

皖南事变 皖南事變 wan3 nan2 shi4 bian4
New Fourth Army Incident of 1940, involving fighting between the Nationalists and Communists

万变不离其宗 萬變不離其宗 wan4 bian4 bu4 li2 qi2 zong1
many superficial changes but no departure from the original stand (idiom); plus ça change, plus ça reste la mème chose

维新变法 維新變法 wei2 xin1 bian4 fa3
Hundred Days Reform (1898), failed attempt to reform the Qing dynasty

戊戌变法 戊戌變法 wu4 xu1 bian4 fa3
Hundred Days Reform (1898), failed attempt to reform the Qing dynasty

戊戌政变 戊戌政變 wu4 xu1 zheng4 bian4
coup by Dowager Empress Cixi 慈禧太后 ending the 1898 attempt to reform the Qing dynasty

西安事变 西安事變 xi1 an1 shi4 bian4
Xi'an Incident of 12th December 1936 (kidnap of Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石|蒋介石)

形变 形變 xing2 bian4
deformation; bending

性变态 性變態 xing4 bian4 tai4
sexual perversion; sexual pervert

玄武门之变 玄武門之變 xuan2 wu3 men2 zhi1 bian4
Xuanwu gate coup of June 626 in early Tang, in which Li Shimin 李世民 killed his brothers, seized the throne from his father as Emperor Taizong 唐太宗

衍变 衍變 yan3 bian4
to develop; to evolve

演变 演變 yan3 bian4
to develop; to evolve; development; evolution

摇身一变 搖身一變 yao2 shen1 yi1 bian4
to change shape in a single shake; fig. to take on a new lease of life

一成不变 一成不變 yi1 cheng2 bu4 bian4
nothing much changes (idiom); always the same; stuck in a rut

一二八事变 一二八事變 yi1 er4 ba1 shi4 bian4
Shanghai Incident of 28th January 1932, Chinese uprising against Japanese quarters of Shanghai

易变 易變 yi4 bian4
mutable; volatile; variable

意义变化 意義變化 yi4 yi4 bian4 hua4
change of meaning

音变 音變 yin1 bian4
phonetic change

因变量 因變量 yin1 bian4 liang4
implicit variable

应变 應變 ying4 bian4
to meet a contingency; to adapt oneself to changes

应变力 應變力 ying4 bian4 li4
adaptability; resourcefulness

诱变剂 誘變劑 you4 bian4 ji4

灾变 災變 zai1 bian4
catastrophe; cataclysmic change

灾变论 災變論 zai1 bian4 lun4
catastrophism; the theory that geological change is caused by catastrophic events such as the Biblical flood

灾变说 災變說 zai1 bian4 shuo1
catastrophism (theory that geological changes are brought about by catastrophes such as the biblical flood)

折变 折變 zhe2 bian4
to sell off sth

政变 政變 zheng4 bian4
coup d'état

质变 質變 zhi4 bian4
qualitative change; fundamental change

置换突变 置換突變 zhi4 huan4 tu1 bian4
missense mutation

骤变 驟變 zhou4 bian4
abrupt change; sudden discontinuity

转变 轉變 zhuan3 bian4
to change; to transform; shift; transformation

转变过程 轉變過程 zhuan3 bian4 guo4 cheng2
process of change

转变立场 轉變立場 zhuan3 bian4 li4 chang3
to change positions; to shift one's ground

自变量 自變量 zi4 bian4 liang4
independent variable

阻抗变换器 阻抗變換器 zu3 kang4 bian4 huan4 qi4
impedance converter