kiss; to kiss; mouth

variant of 吻

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
飞吻 飛吻 fei1 wen3
to blow a kiss

接吻 接吻 jie1 wen3
to kiss

口吻 口吻 kou3 wen3
tone of voice; connotation in intonation; accent (regional etc); snout; muzzle; lips; protruding portion of an animal's face

宽吻海豚 寬吻海豚 kuan1 wen3 hai3 tun2
bottle-nosed dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

亲吻 親吻 qin1 wen3
to kiss; kiss

舌吻 舌吻 she2 wen3
to French kiss; French kiss

湿吻 濕吻 shi1 wen3
French kiss

吻别 吻別 wen3 bie2
to kiss goodbye

吻部 吻部 wen3 bu4

吻合 吻合 wen3 he2
to be a good fit; to be identical with; to adjust oneself to; to fit in

吻痕 吻痕 wen3 hen2
hickey; love bite

吻技 吻技 wen3 ji4
kissing technique

香吻 香吻 xiang1 wen3