to announce; to inform; report; newspaper; recompense; revenge

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
白报纸 白報紙 bai2 bao4 zhi3

办报 辦報 ban4 bao4
to run a newspaper; to publish a newspaper

报案 報案 bao4 an4
to report a case to the authorities

报本反始 報本反始 bao4 ben3 fan3 shi3
ensure that you pay debts of gratitude (idiom)

报表 報表 bao4 biao3
forms for reporting statistics; report forms

报偿 報償 bao4 chang2
repay; recompense

报仇 報仇 bao4 chou2
to take revenge; to avenge

报仇雪耻 報仇雪恥 bao4 chou2 xue3 chi3
to take revenge and erase humiliation (idiom)

报仇雪恨 報仇雪恨 bao4 chou2 xue3 hen4
to take revenge and wipe out a grudge (idiom)

报酬 報酬 bao4 chou5
reward; remuneration

报春花 報春花 bao4 chun1 hua1
primrose (Primula malacoides)

报答 報答 bao4 da2
to repay; to requite

报单 報單 bao4 dan1
a tax declaration form; a tax return

报导 報導 bao4 dao3
to cover (report) news; news reporting; story; article

报到 報到 bao4 dao4
to report for duty; to check in; to register

报道 報道 bao4 dao4
to report (news); report

报道摄影师 報道攝影師 bao4 dao4 she4 ying3 shi1

报德 報德 bao4 de2
to repay debts of gratitude; to repay kindness

报端 報端 bao4 duan1
in the newspaper(s)

报恩 報恩 bao4 en1
to pay a debt of gratitude; to repay a kindness

报废 報廢 bao4 fei4
to scrap; to be written off

报分 報分 bao4 fen1
call the score

报复 報復 bao4 fu4
to make reprisals; to retaliate; revenge; retaliation

报告 報告 bao4 gao4
to inform; to report; to make known; report; speech; talk; lecture

报告会 報告會 bao4 gao4 hui4
public lecture (with guest speakers etc)

报告书 報告書 bao4 gao4 shu1
written report

报告文学 報告文學 bao4 gao4 wen2 xue2

报告员 報告員 bao4 gao4 yuan2
spokesperson; announcer

报功 報功 bao4 gong1
to report a heroic deed; to mention sb in dispatches

报关 報關 bao4 guan1
to declare at customs

报官 報官 bao4 guan1
to report a case to the authorities (old)

报馆 報館 bao4 guan3
newspaper office

报国 報國 bao4 guo2
to dedicate oneself to the service of one's country

报户口 報戶口 bao4 hu4 kou3
apply for a resident permit

报话机 報話機 bao4 hua4 ji1
walkie-talkie; portable radio transmitter

报价 報價 bao4 jia4
to quote a price; quoted price; quote

报价单 報價單 bao4 jia4 dan1
quotation; price list; written estimate of price

报检 報檢 bao4 jian3
quarantine inspection

报捷 報捷 bao4 jie2
report a success; announce a victory

报界 報界 bao4 jie4
the press; journalistic circles; the journalists

报禁 報禁 bao4 jin4
restrictions on the publication of newspapers; press restrictions

报警 報警 bao4 jing3
to sound an alarm; to report sth to the police

报警器 報警器 bao4 jing3 qi4
alarm (e.g. burglar or fire alarm); warning device

报刊 報刊 bao4 kan1
newspapers and periodicals; the press

报刊摊 報刊攤 bao4 kan1 tan1

报考 報考 bao4 kao3
to enter oneself for an examination

报录 報錄 bao4 lu4
entry pass for imperial examination

报录人 報錄人 bao4 lu4 ren2
bearer of good news (esp. announcing success in imperial examinations)

报名 報名 bao4 ming2
to sign up; to enter one's name; to apply; to register; to enroll; to enlist

报名表 報名表 bao4 ming2 biao3
application form; registration form

报名费 報名費 bao4 ming2 fei4
registration fee

报幕 報幕 bao4 mu4
announce the items on a (theatrical) program

报盘 報盤 bao4 pan2
offer; to make an offer (commerce)

报批 報批 bao4 pi1
to report for criticism; to submit for approval to higher authority

报谦 報謙 bao4 qian1

报请 報請 bao4 qing3
to report, requesting approval; written request for instructions

报人 報人 bao4 ren2
newsman; journalist (archaic)

报丧 報喪 bao4 sang1
to announce sb's demise; to predict death

报上 報上 bao4 shang4
in the newspaper

报社 報社 bao4 she4
general office of a newspaper; newspaper office

报审 報審 bao4 shen3
to report for judgment; to submit for approval

报失 報失 bao4 shi1
report the loss to the authorities concerned

报时 報時 bao4 shi2
to give the correct time

报收 報收 bao4 shou1
(of a stock on the stock market) to close at (a certain price)

报数 報數 bao4 shu4
number off! (command in military drill); count off!

报税 報稅 bao4 shui4
to declare dutiable goods (at customs); to make a tax declaration

报税表 報稅表 bao4 shui4 biao3
a tax return; a tax declaration form

报税单 報稅單 bao4 shui4 dan1
to declare to customs or to the taxman

报摊 報攤 bao4 tan1

报条 報條 bao4 tiao2
report of success from a candidate to the imperial examination (old); list of deaths

报帖 報帖 bao4 tie3
to announce good news in red letters

报亭 報亭 bao4 ting2
kiosk; newsstand

报童 報童 bao4 tong2

报头 報頭 bao4 tou2
masthead (of a newspaper etc); nameplate

报窝 報窩 bao4 wo1
to brood; to hatch

报务员 報務員 bao4 wu4 yuan2
telegraph operator; radio operator

报喜 報喜 bao4 xi3
to announce good news; to report success

报喜不报忧 報喜不報憂 bao4 xi3 bu4 bao4 you1
to report only the good news, not the bad news; to hold back unpleasant news; to sweep bad news under the carpet

报系 報系 bao4 xi4
newspaper chain; syndicate

报销 報銷 bao4 xiao1
to submit an expense account; to apply for reimbursement; to write off; to wipe out

报晓 報曉 bao4 xiao3
herald the break of day

报效 報效 bao4 xiao4
render service to repay kindness

报信 報信 bao4 xin4
to notify; to inform

报以 報以 bao4 yi3
to give in return

报应 報應 bao4 ying4
retribution; judgment

报应不爽 報應不爽 bao4 ying4 bu4 shuang3
appropriate retribution (idiom)

报忧 報憂 bao4 you1
to report bad news; to announce failure, shortcoming or disaster

报怨 報怨 bao4 yuan4
to pay back a score; to get revenge; to requite; (old) variant of 抱怨

报载 報載 bao4 zai3
newspaper report

报摘 報摘 bao4 zhai1
news digest

报章 報章 bao4 zhang1

报账 報賬 bao4 zhang4
to report expenses; to submit accounts

报帐 報帳 bao4 zhang4
render an account; submit an expense account; apply for reimbursement

报纸 報紙 bao4 zhi3
newspaper; newsprint

报纸报导 報紙報導 bao4 zhi3 bao4 dao3
newspaper report

报子 報子 bao4 zi5
bearer of good news (esp. announcing success in imperial examinations)

北京晨报 北京晨報 bei3 jing1 chen2 bao4
Beijing Morning Post,

北京青年报 北京青年報 bei3 jing1 qing1 nian2 bao4
Beijing Youth Daily,

北京日报 北京日報 bei3 jing1 ri4 bao4
Beijing Daily (newspaper),

北京晚报 北京晚報 bei3 jing1 wan3 bao4
Beijing Evening News

北京周报 北京周報 bei3 jing1 zhou1 bao4
Beijing Review; also written 北京週報|北京周报

北京周报 北京週報 bei3 jing1 zhou1 bao4
Beijing Review

本报 本報 ben3 bao4
this newspaper

壁报 壁報 bi4 bao4
wall newspaper

边际报酬 邊際報酬 bian1 ji4 bao4 chou2
marginal returns

表报 表報 biao3 bao4
statistical tables and reports

禀报 稟報 bing3 bao4
to report (to one's superior)

播报 播報 bo1 bao4
to announce; to read (the news)

播报员 播報員 bo1 bao4 yuan2

补报 補報 bu3 bao4
to make a report after the event; to make a supplementary report; to repay a kindness

财报 財報 cai2 bao4
financial report

层报 層報 ceng2 bao4
to report to higher authorities through layers of hierarchy

朝鲜日报 朝鮮日報 chao2 xian3 ri4 bao4
Chosun Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper

晨报 晨報 chen2 bao4
morning newspaper; (in a newspaper's name) Morning Post

成报 成報 cheng2 bao4
Sing Pao Daily News

呈报 呈報 cheng2 bao4
to (submit a) report

酬报 酬報 chou2 bao4
to repay; to reward

传报 傳報 chuan2 bao4
notification; memorial

传真电报 傳真電報 chuan2 zhen1 dian4 bao4

打小报告 打小報告 da3 xiao3 bao4 gao4
tattletale; to rat on sb

大公报 大公報 da4 gong1 bao4
Dagong Bao, popular newspaper name; Ta Kung Pao, newspaper founded 1902 in Beijing, now published in Hong Kong

大会报告起草人 大會報告起草人 da4 hui4 bao4 gao4 qi3 cao3 ren2

大纪元时报 大紀元時報 da4 ji4 yuan2 shi2 bao4
Epoch Times, US newspaper

大字报 大字報 da4 zi4 bao4
big-character poster

导报 導報 dao3 bao4
guide (used in newspaper names)

登报 登報 deng1 bao4
to publish in the newspapers

邸报 邸報 di3 bao4
imperial bulletin, palace report dating back to Han dynasty

电报 電報 dian4 bao4
telegram; cable; telegraph

电报机 電報機 dian4 bao4 ji1

电报局 電報局 dian4 bao4 ju2
telegraph office

电报通知 電報通知 dian4 bao4 tong1 zhi1
electronic communication (fax, email etc)

谍报 諜報 die2 bao4
spy report; intelligence

东方日报 東方日報 dong1 fang1 ri4 bao4
Oriental Daily News

读报 讀報 du2 bao4
to read newspapers

独立报 獨立報 du2 li4 bao4
The Independent

多报 多報 duo1 bao4
to overstate

恶报 惡報 e4 bao4

恶有恶报 惡有惡報 e4 you3 e4 bao4
evil has its retribution (idiom); to suffer the consequences of one's bad deeds; sow the wind and reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7)

恩将仇报 恩將仇報 en1 jiang1 chou2 bao4
to bite the hand that feeds one (idiom)

发报 發報 fa1 bao4
to send a message

发报人 發報人 fa1 bao4 ren2
sender (of a message)

法兰克福汇报 法蘭克福匯報 fa3 lan2 ke4 fu2 hui4 bao4
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

法制日报 法制日報 fa3 zhi4 ri4 bao4
Legal Daily, newspaper published by PRC Ministry of Justice

法制晚报 法製晚報 fa3 zhi4 wan3 bao4
Lawcourt evening news, offshoot of 北京年青报 specialising in legal news,

费加罗报 費加羅報 fei4 jia1 luo2 bao4
Le Figaro

费用报销单 費用報銷單 fei4 yong4 bao4 xiao1 dan1
expense claim form

福报 福報 fu2 bao4
karmic reward (Buddhism)

感恩图报 感恩圖報 gan3 en1 tu2 bao4
grateful and seeking to repay the kindness (idiom)

公报 公報 gong1 bao4
announcement; bulletin; communique

公报私仇 公報私仇 gong1 bao4 si1 chou2
to use public office to avenge private wrongs

工人日报 工人日報 gong1 ren2 ri4 bao4
Workers' Daily,

工作报告 工作報告 gong1 zuo4 bao4 gao4
working report; operating report

官报私仇 官報私仇 guan1 bao4 si1 chou2
to take advantage of official post for personal revenge (idiom)

光明日报 光明日報 guang1 ming2 ri4 bao4
Guangming Daily, a Beijing newspaper

广州日报 廣州日報 guang3 zhou1 ri4 bao4
Guangzhou Daily

贵州日报 貴州日報 gui4 zhou1 ri4 bao4
Guizhou Daily,

国际电报电话咨询委员会 國際電報電話咨詢委員會 guo2 ji4 dian4 bao4 dian4 hua4 zi1 xun2 wei3 yuan2 hui4
International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT)

国际先驱论坛报 國際先驅論壇報 guo2 ji4 xian1 qu1 lun4 tan2 bao4
International Herald Tribune

果报 果報 guo3 bao4
karma; preordained fate (Buddhism)

海报 海報 hai3 bao4
poster; playbill; notice

海峡时报 海峽時報 hai3 xia2 shi2 bao4
The Straits Times

河北日报 河北日報 he2 bei3 ri4 bao4
Hebei Daily,

赫芬顿邮报 赫芬頓郵報 he4 fen1 dun4 you2 bao4
Huffington Post (US online news aggregator)

厚报 厚報 hou4 bao4
generous reward

华尔街日报 華爾街日報 hua2 er3 jie1 ri4 bao4
Wall Street Journal

华侨报 華僑報 hua2 qiao2 bao4
Va Kio Daily

华商报 華商報 hua2 shang1 bao4
China Business News (newspaper)

华商晨报 華商晨報 hua2 shang1 chen2 bao4
China Business Morning Post (morning edition of China Business News 華商報|华商报)

华盛顿时报 華盛頓時報 hua2 sheng4 dun4 shi2 bao4
Washington Times (newspaper)

华盛顿邮报 華盛頓郵報 hua2 sheng4 dun4 you2 bao4
Washington Post (newspaper)

画报 畫報 hua4 bao4
pictorial (magazine)

环球时报 環球時報 huan2 qiu2 shi2 bao4
Global Times (weekly digest of international news from People's Daily 人民日報|人民日报)

谎报 謊報 huang3 bao4
to lie

回报 回報 hui2 bao4
(in) return; reciprocation; payback; retaliation; to report back; to reciprocate

汇报 匯報 hui4 bao4
to report; to give an account of; to collect information and report back

汇报 彙報 hui4 bao4
to report; to give an account of; report

活报剧 活報劇 huo2 bao4 ju4
lit. living newspaper; comic skit; street performance (e.g. satirical demo)

获报 獲報 huo4 bao4
to receive a report; to receive intelligence, information etc

机关报 機關報 ji1 guan1 bao4
official (government-operated) newspaper

季报 季報 ji4 bao4
quarterly report

记者报道 記者報道 ji4 zhe3 bao4 dao4
press report

假报告 假報告 jia3 bao4 gao4
false report; forgery; fabricated declaration (e.g. income tax return)

简报 簡報 jian3 bao4

剪报 剪報 jian3 bao4
newspaper cutting; clippings

见报 見報 jian4 bao4
to appear in the news; in the papers

捷报 捷報 jie2 bao4
report of success; report of a victory

捷报频传 捷報頻傳 jie2 bao4 pin2 chuan2
victory reports pour in (idiom); news of success in an endless stream

解放日报 解放日報 jie3 fang4 ri4 bao4
Liberation Daily,

金融时报 金融時報 jin1 rong2 shi2 bao4
Financial Times

金融时报指数 金融時報指數 jin1 rong2 shi2 bao4 zhi3 shu4
Financial Times stock exchange index (FTSE 100 or footsie)

京报 京報 jing1 bao4
Peking Gazette (official government bulletin)

京华时报 京華時報 jing1 hua2 shi2 bao4
Beijing Times (newspaper)

京郊日报 京郊日報 jing1 jiao1 ri4 bao4
Beijing Suburbs Daily (newspaper),

警报 警報 jing3 bao4
(fire) alarm; alert signal; alarm; alert; warning

警报器 警報器 jing3 bao4 qi4

举报 舉報 ju3 bao4
to report (malefactors to the police); to denounce

举报者 舉報者 ju3 bao4 zhe3
informer; snitch

据报 據報 ju4 bao4
it is reported; according to reports

据报导 據報導 ju4 bao4 dao3
according to (news) reports

据报道 據報道 ju4 bao4 dao4
according to a report; It is reported that...

军事情报 軍事情報 jun1 shi4 qing2 bao4
military intelligence

君子报仇,十年不晚 君子報仇,十年不晚 jun1 zi5 bao4 chou2 - shi2 nian2 bu4 wan3
lit. for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long (idiom); fig. revenge is a dish best served cold

考克斯报告 考克斯報告 kao3 ke4 si1 bao4 gao4
Cox Report; Report of the Select Committee on US National Security and Military-Commercial Concerns with the PRC (1999); Committee Chairman Republican Rep. Chris Cox

快报 快報 kuai4 bao4
bulletin board

劳动报 勞動報 lao2 dong4 bao4
Trud (Russian newspaper)

联合报 聯合報 lian2 he2 bao4
United Daily News, Taiwan newspaper

联合公报 聯合公報 lian2 he2 gong1 bao4
joint announcement

论坛报 論壇報 lun4 tan2 bao4
Tribune (in newspaper names)

洛杉矶时报 洛杉磯時報 luo4 shan1 ji1 shi2 bao4
Los Angeles Times

瞒报 瞞報 man2 bao4
to conceal or deceive in a report; to falsify by over- or under-reporting

媒体报导 媒體報導 mei2 ti3 bao4 dao3
media report; news report

美国电话电报公司 美國電話電報公司 mei3 guo2 dian4 hua4 dian4 bao4 gong1 si1

每日电讯报 每日電訊報 mei3 ri4 dian4 xun4 bao4
Daily Telegraph (newspaper)

每日镜报 每日鏡報 mei3 ri4 jing4 bao4
Daily Mirror (newspaper)

每日快报 每日快報 mei3 ri4 kuai4 bao4
Daily Express (newspaper)

每日邮报 每日郵報 mei3 ri4 you2 bao4
Daily Mail (newspaper)

密报 密報 mi4 bao4
secret report

密码电报 密碼電報 mi4 ma3 dian4 bao4
coded telegram; ciphered cable

明报 明報 ming2 bao4
Ming Pao newspaper (Hong Kong)

南华早报 南華早報 nan2 hua2 zao3 bao4
South China Morning Post (newspaper in Hong Kong)

南洋商报 南洋商報 nan2 yang2 shang1 bao4
Nanyang Siang Pau (Malay's oldest newspaper)

匿报 匿報 ni4 bao4
to withhold information

年报 年報 nian2 bao4
annual report

年度报告 年度報告 nian2 du4 bao4 gao4
annual report

孽报 孽報 nie4 bao4
bad karma

纽约时报 紐約時報 niu3 yue1 shi2 bao4
New York Times (newspaper)

纽约邮报 紐約郵報 niu3 yue1 you2 bao4
New York Post (newspaper)

跑警报 跑警報 pao3 jing3 bao4
to run for shelter

墙报 牆報 qiang2 bao4
wall newspaper

情报 情報 qing2 bao4
information; intelligence

情报处 情報處 qing2 bao4 chu4
intelligence office; intelligence section

人民日报 人民日報 ren2 min2 ri4 bao4
People's Daily (PRC newspaper)

日报 日報 ri4 bao4
daily newspaper

日本电报电话公司 日本電報電話公司 ri4 ben3 dian4 bao4 dian4 hua4 gong1 si1
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone; NTT

善有善报 善有善報 shan4 you3 shan4 bao4
virtue has its rewards (idiom); one good turn deserves another

善有善报,恶有恶报 善有善報,惡有惡報 shan4 you3 shan4 bao4 - e4 you3 e4 bao4
virtue has its reward, evil its retribution

善有善报,恶有恶报,若然不报时晨未到 善有善報,惡有惡報,若然不報時晨未到 shan4 you3 shan4 bao4 - e4 you3 e4 bao4 - ruo4 ran2 bu4 bao4 shi2 chen2 wei4 dao4
Good has its reward and evil has its recompense. The payback is just a matter of time

商报 商報 shang1 bao4
business newspaper

上报 上報 shang4 bao4
to report to one's superiors; to appear in the news; to reply to a letter

申报 申報 shen1 bao4
to report (to the authorities); to declare (to customs)

申报单 申報單 shen1 bao4 dan1
declaration form

施政报告 施政報告 shi1 zheng4 bao4 gao4
administrative report

时报 時報 shi2 bao4
"Times" (newspaper, e.g. New York Times)

实报实销 實報實銷 shi2 bao4 shi2 xiao1
to be reimbursed for actual expenses

世界报 世界報 shi4 jie4 bao4
the name of various newspapers, notably Le Monde (France), El Mundo (Spain) and Die Welt (Germany)

世界日报 世界日報 shi4 jie4 ri4 bao4
World Journal, US newspaper

收报 收報 shou1 bao4
to receive mail; to receive a telegraph

收报机 收報機 shou1 bao4 ji1
telegraph receiver

收报人 收報人 shou1 bao4 ren2
recipient (of mail or a message)

收报室 收報室 shou1 bao4 shi4
mail room; radio reception room

收报员 收報員 shou1 bao4 yuan2
telegraph operator

书报 書報 shu1 bao4
papers and books

四川日报 四川日報 si4 chuan1 ri4 bao4
Sichuan Daily

苏报案 蘇報案 su1 bao4 an4
Qing's 1903 suppression of revolutionary calls in newspaper 蘇報|苏报, leading to imprisonment of Zhang Taiyan 章太炎 and Zou Rong 鄒容|邹容

泰晤士报 泰晤士報 tai4 wu4 shi4 bao4
Times (newspaper)

太阳报 太陽報 tai4 yang2 bao4
The Sun (the name of various newspapers, notably in the UK and in Hong Kong)

天气预报 天氣預報 tian1 qi4 yu4 bao4
weather forecast

天使报喜节 天使報喜節 tian1 shi3 bao4 xi3 jie2
Annunciation (Christian festival on 25th March); Lady day

通报 通報 tong1 bao4
to inform; to notify; to announce; circular; bulletin; (scientific) journal

投桃报李 投桃報李 tou2 tao2 bao4 li3
toss a peach, get back a plum (idiom); to return a favor; to exchange gifts; Scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.

投资报酬率 投資報酬率 tou2 zi1 bao4 chou2 lv4
return on investment; rate of return

投资回报率 投資回報率 tou2 zi1 hui2 bao4 lv4
return on investment (ROI)

图片报 圖片報 tu2 pian4 bao4

晚报 晚報 wan3 bao4
evening newspaper; (in a newspaper's name) Evening News

未报 未報 wei4 bao4
unavenged; still demanding retribution

卫报 衛報 wei4 bao4
The Guardian (U.K. newspaper)

文汇报 文彙報 wen2 hui4 bao4
Wen Wei Po (Hong Kong newspaper); Wenhui News (Shanghai newspaper)

无以为报 無以為報 wu2 yi3 wei2 bao4
unable to return the favor

喜报 喜報 xi3 bao4
announcement of joyful news

线报 線報 xian4 bao4

现场报道 現場報道 xian4 chang3 bao4 dao4
on-the-spot report

现世报 現世報 xian4 shi4 bao4
karmic retribution within one's lifetime

销售时点情报系统 銷售時點情報系統 xiao1 shou4 shi2 dian3 qing2 bao4 xi4 tong3
point of sale system

小报 小報 xiao3 bao4
tabloid newspaper

新海峡时报 新海峽時報 xin1 hai3 xia2 shi2 bao4
New Strait Times (newspaper)

新华日报 新華日報 xin1 hua2 ri4 bao4
Xinhua Daily newspaper

新京报 新京報 xin1 jing1 bao4
Beijing news (newspaper)

新民晚报 新民晚報 xin1 min2 wan3 bao4
Xinmin Evening News

信报 信報 xin4 bao4
abbr. for 信報財經新聞|信报财经新闻, Hong Kong Economic Journal

信报财经新闻 信報財經新聞 xin4 bao4 cai2 jing1 xin1 wen2
Hong Kong Economic Journal

星岛日报 星島日報 xing1 dao3 ri4 bao4
Sing Tao Daily, Hong Kong newspaper

星洲日报 星洲日報 xing1 zhou1 ri4 bao4
Sin Chew Daily, Malaysian newspaper

虚报 虛報 xu1 bao4
to misreport; fraudulent report

学报 學報 xue2 bao4
a scholarly journal; Journal, Bulletin etc

燕赵都市报 燕趙都市報 yan1 zhao4 du1 shi4 bao4
Yanzhao Metropolis Daily

研究报告 研究報告 yan2 jiu1 bao4 gao4
research report

以德报怨 以德報怨 yi3 de2 bao4 yuan4
to return good for evil (idiom); to requite evil with good

以身报国 以身報國 yi3 shen1 bao4 guo2
to give one's body for the nation (idiom); to spend one's whole life in the service of the country

以直报怨,以德报德 以直報怨,以德報德 yi3 zhi2 bao4 yuan4 - yi3 de2 bao4 de2
to repay kindness with kindness, and repay enmity with justice (idiom, from Analects)

阴德必有阳报 陰德必有陽報 yin1 de2 bi4 you3 yang2 bao4
hidden merits will have visible rewards (idiom)

隐病不报 隱病不報 yin3 bing4 bu4 bao4
not to tell others of one's illness

隐情不报 隱情不報 yin3 qing2 bu4 bao4
not to report sth; to keep sth secret

印度时报 印度時報 yin4 du4 shi2 bao4
India Times

应报 應報 ying4 bao4
see 報應|报应

邮报 郵報 you2 bao4
Post (in the name of a newspaper)

预报 預報 yu4 bao4

冤冤相报何时了 冤冤相報何時了 yuan1 yuan1 xiang1 bao4 he2 shi2 liao3
if revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it? (Buddhist saying)

原子科学家通报 原子科學家通報 yuan2 zi3 ke1 xue2 jia1 tong1 bao4
Journal of Atomic Scientists

月报 月報 yue4 bao4
monthly (used in names of publications); monthly bulletin

早报 早報 zao3 bao4
morning newspaper

真理报 真理報 zhen1 li3 bao4
Pravda (newspaper)

知恩不报 知恩不報 zhi1 en1 bu4 bao4

中国经营报 中國經營報 zhong1 guo2 jing1 ying2 bao4
China Business (a Beijing newspaper)

中国青年报 中國青年報 zhong1 guo2 qing1 nian2 bao4
China Youth Daily,

中国日报 中國日報 zhong1 guo2 ri4 bao4
China Daily (an English language newspaper)

中国时报 中國時報 zhong1 guo2 shi2 bao4
China Times (newspaper)

中国证券报 中國證券報 zhong1 guo2 zheng4 quan4 bao4
China Securities Journal

中央情报局 中央情報局 zhong1 yang1 qing2 bao4 ju2
US Central Intelligence Agency, CIA

中央日报 中央日報 zhong1 yang1 ri4 bao4
Central Daily News

周报 週報 zhou1 bao4
weekly paper; magazine

周报 周報 zhou1 bao4
weekly paper; magazine

追踪报导 追蹤報導 zhui1 zong1 bao4 dao3
follow-up report

自报公议 自報公議 zi4 bao4 gong1 yi4
self-assessment; declare one's state for open discussion

自报家门 自報家門 zi4 bao4 jia1 men2
to introduce oneself; originally a theatrical device in which a character explains his own role

综合报导 綜合報導 zong1 he2 bao4 dao3
summary report; press release; brief

综合报道 綜合報道 zong1 he2 bao4 dao4
comprehensive report; consolidated report

总回报 總回報 zong3 hui2 bao4
total return; aggregate profit