surname Jiang

surname Jiang


strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
干姜 乾薑 gan1 jiang1
dried ginger

高良姜 高良薑 gao1 liang2 jiang1
Thai ginger; lesser galangale (Kaempferia galanga)

黄姜 黃薑 huang2 jiang1

姜饼 薑餅 jiang1 bing3

姜还是老的辣 薑還是老的辣 jiang1 hai2 shi4 lao3 de5 la4
lit. old ginger is hotter than young ginger; experience counts (idiom)

姜黄 薑黃 jiang1 huang2

姜黄色 薑黃色 jiang1 huang2 se4
ginger (color)

姜石年 薑石年 jiang1 shi2 nian2
Jiang Shinian (c. 2000 BC), birth name of Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God, first of the legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝 and creator of agriculture in China

姜太公 薑太公 jiang1 tai4 gong1
see Jiang Ziya 薑子牙|姜子牙

姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩 薑太公釣魚,願者上鉤 jiang1 tai4 gong1 diao4 yu2 - yuan4 zhe3 shang4 gou1
Jiang Ziya is fishing, if you want it, take the hook (idiom, refers to early sage 薑子牙|姜子牙 fishing with no bait and the hook above the water); to put one's head in the noose

姜文 姜文 jiang1 wen2
Jiang Wen (1963-), sixth generation Chinese movie director

姜堰 薑堰 jiang1 yan4
Jiangyan county level city in Taizhou 泰州, Jiangsu

姜堰市 薑堰市 jiang1 yan4 shi4
Jiangyan county level city in Taizhou 泰州, Jiangsu

姜汁 薑汁 jiang1 zhi1
ginger ale

姜子牙 薑子牙 jiang1 zi3 ya2
Jiang Ziya (c. 1100 BC, dates of birth and death unknown), partly mythical sage advisor to King Wen of Zhou 周文王 and purported author of “Six Secret Strategic Teachings” 六韜|六韬, one of the Seven Military Classics of ancient China 武經七書|武经七书

孟姜女 孟姜女 meng4 jiang1 nv3
heroine of Qin dynasty 秦朝 folk tale, who searched for her husband, and whose tears broke down a stretch of the Great Wall to reveal his body

生姜 生薑 sheng1 jiang1
fresh ginger

生姜丝 生薑絲 sheng1 jiang1 si1
shredded ginger

洋姜 洋薑 yang2 jiang1
Jerusalem artichoke

仔姜 仔薑 zi3 jiang1
stem ginger