band; belt; girdle; ribbon; tire; area; zone; region; to wear; to carry; to take along; to bear (i.e. to have); to lead; to bring; to look after; to raise

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
安全带 安全帶 an1 quan2 dai4
seat belt; safety belt

八带鱼 八帶魚 ba1 dai4 yu2

白带 白帶 bai2 dai4

白带鱼 白帶魚 bai2 dai4 yu2
largehead hairtail; beltfish; Trichiurus lepturus

半履带 半履帶 ban4 lv3 dai4
half-track (vehicle with both wheels and caterpillar treads)

绑带 綁帶 bang3 dai4
bandage; puttee

背带 背帶 bei1 dai4
braces; suspenders; sling (for a rifle); straps (for a knapsack)

北寒带 北寒帶 bei3 han2 dai4
the north frigid zone

北温带 北溫帶 bei3 wen1 dai4
the north temperate zone

背带裤 背帶褲 bei4 dai4 ku4

绷带 繃帶 beng1 dai4
bandage (loanword)

毕尼奥夫带 畢尼奧夫帶 bi4 ni2 ao4 fu1 dai4
Benioff zone (geology); also called Wadati-Benioff zone

表带 表帶 biao3 dai4
watchband; watch strap

表带 錶帶 biao3 dai4
watchband; watch strap

波带片 波帶片 bo1 dai4 pian1
zone plate

不带 不帶 bu4 dai4
not to have; without; un-

不带电 不帶電 bu4 dai4 dian4
uncharged; electrically neutral

布衣韦带 布衣韋帶 bu4 yi1 wei2 dai4
in hemp cloth and with a leather belt; poorly dressed

彩带 彩帶 cai3 dai4
colored ribbon; streamer

潮间带 潮間帶 chao2 jian1 dai4
intertidal zone

车带 車帶 che1 dai4
(vehicle) tire

沉积带 沉積帶 chen2 ji1 dai4
sedimentary belt (geology)

穿带 穿帶 chuan1 dai4

传帮带 傳幫帶 chuan2 bang1 dai4
to pass on experience (to the next generation)

传动带 傳動帶 chuan2 dong4 dai4
transmission belt

传送带 傳送帶 chuan2 song4 dai4
conveyor belt; transmission belt

磁带 磁帶 ci2 dai4
magnetic tape

磁带机 磁帶機 ci2 dai4 ji1
tape drive

带标识 帶標識 dai4 biao1 shi2

带兵 帶兵 dai4 bing1
to lead troops

带病 帶病 dai4 bing4
to carry a disease; carrier; vector

带刺 帶刺 dai4 ci4
thorn; to be barbed; sarcastic

带电 帶電 dai4 dian4
to electrify; to charge; electrification; live (as in "live wire")

带电粒子 帶電粒子 dai4 dian4 li4 zi3
electrically charged particles

带调 帶調 dai4 diao4
to have a tone mark

带动 帶動 dai4 dong4
to spur; to provide impetus; to drive

带儿 帶兒 dai4 er5
erhua variant of 帶|带

带分数 帶分數 dai4 fen1 shu4
mixed fraction; mixed number (i.e. with an integer part and a fraction part, e.g. four and three quarters); see also: improper fraction 假分數|假分数 and proper fraction 真分數|真分数

带给 帶給 dai4 gei3
to give to; to provide to; to bring to; to take to

带红色 帶紅色 dai4 hong2 se4

带坏 帶壞 dai4 huai4
to lead astray

带回 帶回 dai4 hui2
to bring back

带劲 帶勁 dai4 jin4
energetic; exciting; of interest

带菌者 帶菌者 dai4 jun1 zhe3
asymptomatic carrier

带扣 帶釦 dai4 kou4

带宽 帶寬 dai4 kuan1

带来 帶來 dai4 lai2
to bring; to bring about; to produce

带累 帶累 dai4 lei3
to get sb involved in one's trouble; Taiwan pr.

带领 帶領 dai4 ling3
to guide; to lead

带岭 帶嶺 dai4 ling3
Dailing district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang

带岭区 帶嶺區 dai4 ling3 qu1
Dailing district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang

带露 帶露 dai4 lu4

带路 帶路 dai4 lu4
to lead the way; to guide; to show the way; fig. to instruct

带路人 帶路人 dai4 lu4 ren2
a guide; fig. instructor

带霉 帶霉 dai4 mei2
musty; moldy

带牛佩犊 帶牛佩犢 dai4 niu2 pei4 du2
to abandon armed struggle and return to raising cattle (idiom)

带气 帶氣 dai4 qi4
carbonated (drink); sparkling (mineral water); to display annoyance; to be dissatisfied

带去 帶去 dai4 qu5
to take along with one

带赛 帶賽 dai4 sai4
(slang) (Tw) to bring bad luck

带上 帶上 dai4 shang4
to take along with one

带上门 帶上門 dai4 shang4 men2
to close the door

带头 帶頭 dai4 tou2
to take the lead; to be the first; to set an example

带孝 帶孝 dai4 xiao4
variant of 戴孝

带薪 帶薪 dai4 xin1
to receive one's regular salary (while on vacation, study leave etc); paid (leave); on full pay

带薪休假 帶薪休假 dai4 xin1 xiu1 jia4
paid leave

带有 帶有 dai4 you3
to have; to involve

带鱼 帶魚 dai4 yu2
ribbonfish; hairtail; beltfish; cutlassfish (family Trichiuridae)

带原者 帶原者 dai4 yuan2 zhe3
(disease) carrier

带着希望去旅行,比到达终点更美好 帶著希望去旅行,比到達終點更美好 dai4 zhe5 xi1 wang4 qu4 lv3 xing2 - bi3 dao4 da2 zhong1 dian3 geng4 mei3 hao3
It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.

带种 帶種 dai4 zhong3
(coll.) to have character; to have guts; plucky

带状疱疹 帶狀皰疹 dai4 zhuang4 pao4 zhen3
shingles; herpes zoster (medicine)

带子 帶子 dai4 zi5
belt; band; ribbon; strap; girdle; (coll.) audio or video tape

带走 帶走 dai4 zou3
to carry; to take away; to carry out (esp. food); take-out (esp. food)

倒带 倒帶 dao4 dai4
rewind (media player)

低压带 低壓帶 di1 ya1 dai4
low-pressure zone; depression (meteorology)

地带 地帶 di4 dai4

地震带 地震帶 di4 zhen4 dai4
seismic zone; earthquake belt

地震活动带 地震活動帶 di4 zhen4 huo2 dong4 dai4
seismic zone; earthquake belt

吊带 吊帶 diao4 dai4
suspenders; garters; shoulder strap; brace; sling

吊带背心 吊帶背心 diao4 dai4 bei4 xin1
camisole (women's garment)

吊带衫 吊帶衫 diao4 dai4 shan1
halter top; spaghetti strap top; sun top

吊袜带 吊襪帶 diao4 wa4 dai4
suspenders (for stockings)

缎带 緞帶 duan4 dai4

断裂带 斷裂帶 duan4 lie4 dai4
fault zone (geology)

峨冠博带 峨冠博帶 e2 guan1 bo2 dai4
official class; intellectual class (idiom)

发带 髮帶 fa4 dai4

非核地带 非核地帶 fei1 he2 di4 dai4
nuclear-free zone

缝合带 縫合帶 feng4 he2 dai4
suture zone (geology)

腹带 腹帶 fu4 dai4
belly band

附带 附帶 fu4 dai4
supplementary; incidentally; in parentheses; by chance; in passing; additionally; secondary; subsidiary; to attach

附带损害 附帶損害 fu4 dai4 sun3 hai4
collateral damage (both as a legal term, and as a military euphemism)

副热带 副熱帶 fu4 re4 dai4
subtropical (zone or climate)

共享带宽 共享帶寬 gong4 xiang3 dai4 kuan1
shared bandwidth

箍带 箍帶 gu1 dai4

海带 海帶 hai3 dai4

寒带 寒帶 han2 dai4
polar climate

盒带 盒帶 he2 dai4
cassette tape; abbr. for 盒式錄音磁帶|盒式录音磁带

盒式录音磁带 盒式錄音磁帶 he2 shi4 lu4 yin1 ci2 dai4
cassette tape

环带 環帶 huan2 dai4
clitellum (worm anatomy)

环太平洋地震带 環太平洋地震帶 huan2 tai4 ping2 yang2 di4 zhen4 dai4
Pacific rim seismic belt; Ring of fire

环太平洋火山带 環太平洋火山帶 huan2 tai4 ping2 yang2 huo3 shan1 dai4
Pacific rim volcanic belt; Ring of fire

皇带鱼 皇帶魚 huang2 dai4 yu2
giant oarfish (Regalecus glesne)

灰色地带 灰色地帶 hui1 se4 di4 dai4
gray area

火山带 火山帶 huo3 shan1 dai4
volcanic belt

机会带来成功 機會帶來成功 ji1 hui4 dai4 lai2 cheng2 gong1
Opportunity brings success. (idiom)

夹带 夾帶 jia1 dai4
to carry within it; to be mixed in; to slip sth in; to intersperse; (hydrology etc) to entrain; to smuggle; notes smuggled into an exam

枷带锁抓 枷帶鎖抓 jia1 dai4 suo3 zhua1
in stocks; in fetter for punishment

加沙地带 加沙地帶 jia1 sha1 di4 dai4
Gaza strip

肩带 肩帶 jian1 dai4
shoulder strap; shoulder harness; shoulder belt; baldric

胶带 膠帶 jiao1 dai4
tape (adhesive tape or recording medium)

卷带 捲帶 juan3 dai4

卡带 卡帶 ka3 dai4
cassette tape

扣带回 扣帶回 kou4 dai4 hui2
cingulum (anatomy)

裤带 褲帶 ku4 dai4
belt (in trousers)

库珀带 庫珀帶 ku4 po4 dai4
the Kuiper belt (in the outer reaches of the Solar system)

裤腰带 褲腰帶 ku4 yao1 dai4

宽带 寬帶 kuan1 dai4

宽胶带 寬膠帶 kuan1 jiao1 dai4
duct tape

宽衣解带 寬衣解帶 kuan1 yi1 jie3 dai4
to undress

拉家带口 拉家帶口 la1 jia1 dai4 kou3
to bear the burden of a household (idiom); encumbered by a family; tied down by family obligations

蓝饰带花 藍飾帶花 lan2 shi4 dai4 hua1
blue lace flower (Trachymene caerulea)

勒紧裤带 勒緊褲帶 lei1 jin3 ku4 dai4
to tighten one's belt; to live more frugally

梨花带雨 梨花帶雨 li2 hua1 dai4 yu3
lit. like raindrops on a pear blossom (idiom); fig. tear-stained face of a beauty

里带 裡帶 li3 dai4
inner tube (of tire)

连奔带跑 連奔帶跑 lian2 ben1 dai4 pao3
to run quickly; to rush; to gallop

连本带利 連本帶利 lian2 ben3 dai4 li4
both principal and interest; capital plus profit

连带 連帶 lian2 dai4
to be related; to entail; to involve; joint (liability etc)

连带责任 連帶責任 lian2 dai4 ze2 ren4
to bear joint responsibility for sth; joint liability (law)

连滚带爬 連滾帶爬 lian2 gun3 dai4 pa2
rolling and crawling; trying frantically to escape (idiom)

连哄带骗 連哄帶騙 lian2 hong1 dai4 pian4
to cajole; to sweet talk sb into doing sth

连踢带打 連踢帶打 lian2 ti1 dai4 da3
to kick and beat (idiom)

连拖带拉 連拖帶拉 lian2 tuo1 dai4 la1
pushing and pulling (idiom)

领带 領帶 ling3 dai4

录像带 錄像帶 lu4 xiang4 dai4
video cassette

录音带 錄音帶 lu4 yin1 dai4
audio tape

录影带 錄影帶 lu4 ying3 dai4
videotape (Tw)

罗曼带克 囉曼帶克 luo1 man4 dai4 ke4
romantic (loanword)

履带 履帶 lv3 dai4
caterpillar track; shoes and belt

履带车 履帶車 lv3 dai4 che1
a caterpillar track vehicle

略带 略帶 lve4 dai4
having slightly; somewhat carrying

满城尽带黄金甲 滿城盡帶黃金甲 man3 cheng2 jin4 dai4 huang2 jin1 jia3
Curse of the Golden Flower (2007), period drama movie by Zhang Yimou

面带 面帶 mian4 dai4
to wear (on one's face)

面带病容 面帶病容 mian4 dai4 bing4 rong2
to look unwell

面带愁容 面帶愁容 mian4 dai4 chou2 rong2
with a sad air; looking melancholy; with a worried look

粘皮带骨 粘皮帶骨 nian2 pi2 dai4 gu3
to glue skin and bind the bones (idiom); insistent unrelenting conduct

纽带 紐帶 niu3 dai4
tie; link; bond

钮带 鈕帶 niu3 dai4
bond; ties (of friendship etc)

佩带 佩帶 pei4 dai4
to wear (as accessories); carry at the waist

披麻带孝 披麻帶孝 pi1 ma2 dai4 xiao4
to wear mourning clothes; to be in mourning; also written 披麻戴孝

披星带月 披星帶月 pi1 xing1 dai4 yue4
variant of 披星戴月

皮带 皮帶 pi2 dai4
strap; leather belt

皮带传动 皮帶傳動 pi2 dai4 chuan2 dong4
a leather drive belt

皮带扣 皮帶釦 pi2 dai4 kou4
belt buckle

皮带运输机 皮帶運輸機 pi2 dai4 yun4 shu1 ji1
belt conveyor

飘带 飄帶 piao1 dai4
streamer; pennant

频带 頻帶 pin2 dai4
frequency range; bandwidth

谱带 譜帶 pu3 dai4
band of a spectrum

七带石斑鱼 七帶石斑魚 qi1 dai4 shi2 ban1 yu2
Epinephelus septemfasciatus

脐带 臍帶 qi2 dai4
umbilical cord

铅带 鉛帶 qian1 dai4
weight belt

挈带 挈帶 qie4 dai4
to take along

裙带风 裙帶風 qun2 dai4 feng1
nepotism (lit. petticoat influence)

热带 熱帶 re4 dai4
the tropics; tropical

热带地区 熱帶地區 re4 dai4 di4 qu1
the Tropics

热带风暴 熱帶風暴 re4 dai4 feng1 bao4
tropical storm

热带鱼 熱帶魚 re4 dai4 yu2
tropical fish

热带雨林 熱帶雨林 re4 dai4 yu3 lin2
tropical rain forest

韧带 韌帶 ren4 dai4

三角腹带 三角腹帶 san1 jiao3 fu4 dai4
athletic supporter

蛇绿混杂岩带 蛇綠混雜岩帶 she2 lv4 hun4 za2 yan2 dai4
ophiolite belt (geology)

声带 聲帶 sheng1 dai4
vocal cords; vocal folds; (motion picture) soundtrack

石膏绷带 石膏繃帶 shi2 gao1 beng1 dai4
plaster cast

饰带 飾帶 shi4 dai4
sash; streamer

试听带 試聽帶 shi4 ting1 dai4
demo recording (music)

寿带 壽帶 shou4 dai4
(bird species of China) Asian paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi)

绶带 綬帶 shou4 dai4
ribbon (as a decoration); cordon (diagonal belt worn as a sign of office or honor)

束带 束帶 shu4 dai4
band; belt; loincloth; cummerbund

束线带 束線帶 shu4 xian4 dai4
cable tie

水龙带 水龍帶 shui3 long2 dai4
layflat industrial hose; fire hose

顺带 順帶 shun4 dai4
(do sth) in passing; incidentally (while doing sth else)

丝带 絲帶 si1 dai4

松紧带 鬆緊帶 song1 jin3 dai4

随带 隨帶 sui2 dai4
to carry along; portable

索带 索帶 suo3 dai4
cable tie; plastic strap

绦带 絛帶 tao1 dai4
silk ribbon; silk braid

拖带 拖帶 tuo1 dai4
traction; towing; pulling

拖儿带女 拖兒帶女 tuo1 er2 dai4 nv3
supporting a wife and children; dragged down by having a family to feed

拖家带口 拖家帶口 tuo1 jia1 dai4 kou3
dragged down by having a family to feed

拖泥带水 拖泥帶水 tuo1 ni2 dai4 shui3
lit. wading in mud and water; a slovenly job; sloppy

袜带 襪帶 wa4 dai4

外带 外帶 wai4 dai4
take-out (fast food); (outer part of) tire; as well; besides; into the bargain; outer zone

温带 溫帶 wen1 dai4
temperate zone

陷落带 陷落帶 xian4 luo4 dai4
area of subsidence

小行星带 小行星帶 xiao3 xing2 xing1 dai4
asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

鞋带 鞋帶 xie2 dai4

挟带 挾帶 xie2 dai4
to carry along; to carry on one's person; to carry secretly

携带 攜帶 xie2 dai4
to carry (on one's person); to support (old); Taiwan pr.

携带者 攜帶者 xie2 dai4 zhe3

携家带眷 攜家帶眷 xie2 jia1 dai4 juan4
to take all one's family along (idiom); encumbered by a family; tied down by family obligations

携家带口 攜家帶口 xie2 jia1 dai4 kou3
to take all one's family along (idiom); encumbered by a family; tied down by family obligations

新热带界 新熱帶界 xin1 re4 dai4 jie4
Neotropic (ecozone)

行李传送带 行李傳送帶 xing2 li5 chuan2 song4 dai4
luggage conveyor belt; carousel

悬带 懸帶 xuan2 dai4
sling (for immobilizing an injured limb etc)

旋转行李传送带 旋轉行李傳送帶 xuan2 zhuan3 xing2 li5 chuan2 song4 dai4
luggage conveyor belt; carousel

亚热带 亞熱帶 ya4 re4 dai4
subtropical (zone or climate)

亚洲绶带 亞洲綬帶 ya4 zhou1 shou4 dai4
(bird species of China) Asian paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi); also called 壽帶|寿带

腰带 腰帶 yao1 dai4

一带 一帶 yi1 dai4
region; district

衣带 衣帶 yi1 dai4
belt; sash; attire (clothes and belt)

一带而过 一帶而過 yi1 dai4 er2 guo4
to skate around; to skip over; to skimp

一衣带水 一衣帶水 yi1 yi1 dai4 shui3
(separated only by) a narrow strip of water

以虚带实 以虛帶實 yi3 xu1 dai4 shi2
to let correct ideology guide practical work (idiom)

音带 音帶 yin1 dai4
audio tape

玉带海雕 玉帶海鵰 yu4 dai4 hai3 diao1
(bird species of China) Pallas's fish eagle (Haliaeetus leucoryphus)

原始热带雨林 原始熱帶雨林 yuan2 shi3 re4 dai4 yu3 lin2
virgin tropical rainforest

扎带 扎帶 za1 dai4
cable tie

扎线带 紮線帶 za1 xian4 dai4
cable ties; zip ties

造山带 造山帶 zao4 shan1 dai4
orogenic belt (geology)

沼泽地带 沼澤地帶 zhao3 ze2 di4 dai4
marsh; swamp; everglade

贞操带 貞操帶 zhen1 cao1 dai4
chastity belt

正牙带环 正牙帶環 zheng4 ya2 dai4 huan2
orthodontic brace

纸带 紙帶 zhi3 dai4
paper tape; ticker tape; paper streamer

中央分车带 中央分車帶 zhong1 yang1 fen1 che1 dai4
median strip; central reservation (on a divided road)

紫寿带 紫壽帶 zi3 shou4 dai4
(bird species of China) Japanese paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone atrocaudata)

自带 自帶 zi4 dai4
to bring one's own; BYO; (of software) pre-installed