strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
不怎么 不怎麼 bu4 zen3 me5
not very; not particularly

不怎么样 不怎麼樣 bu4 zen3 me5 yang4
not up to much; very indifferent; nothing great about it; nothing good to be said about it

再怎么 再怎麼 zai4 zen3 me5
no matter how ...

怎的 怎的 zen3 de5
what for; why; how

怎么 怎麼 zen3 me5
how?; what?; why?

怎么 怎麽 zen3 me5
variant of 怎麼|怎么

怎么办 怎麼辦 zen3 me5 ban4
what's to be done

怎么得了 怎麼得了 zen3 me5 de2 liao3
how can this be?; what's to be done?; what an awful mess!

怎么搞的 怎麼搞的 zen3 me5 gao3 de5
How did it happen?; What's wrong?; What went wrong?; What's up?

怎么回事 怎麼回事 zen3 me5 hui2 shi4
what's the matter?; what's going on?; how could that be?; how did that come about?; what's it all about?

怎么了 怎麼了 zen3 me5 le5
What's up?; What's going on?; What happened?

怎么了 怎麽了 zen3 me5 le5
variant of 怎麼了|怎么了

怎么样 怎麼樣 zen3 me5 yang4
how?; how about?; how was it?; how are things?

怎么着 怎麼著 zen3 me5 zhao1
what?; how?; how about?; whatever; also pr.

怎能 怎能 zen3 neng2
how can?

怎生 怎生 zen3 sheng1
how; why

怎样 怎樣 zen3 yang4
how; why