long or drawn out; remote in time or space; leisurely; to swing; pensive; worried

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
忽忽悠悠 忽忽悠悠 hu1 hu1 you1 you1
indifferent to the passing of time; careless

忽悠 忽悠 hu1 you5
to rock; to sway; to flicker (e.g. of lights reflected on water); to flutter (e.g. of a flag); to trick sb into doing sth; to dupe; to con

晃晃悠悠 晃晃悠悠 huang4 huang5 you1 you1
swaying; wobbling

晃悠 晃悠 huang4 you5
to swing; to sway; to wobble; to hang around; to hover around

历史悠久 歷史悠久 li4 shi3 you1 jiu3
long-established; time-honored

慢悠悠 慢悠悠 man4 you1 you1

悠长 悠長 you1 chang2
long; drawn-out; prolonged; lingering

悠久 悠久 you1 jiu3
long (tradition, history etc)

悠然 悠然 you1 ran2
unhurried; leisurely

悠然神往 悠然神往 you1 ran2 shen2 wang3
thoughts wandering far away

悠闲 悠閑 you1 xian2
variant of 悠閒|悠闲; leisurely

悠闲 悠閒 you1 xian2
leisurely; carefree; relaxed

悠扬 悠揚 you1 yang2
melodious; mellifluous

悠悠 悠悠 you1 you1
lasting for ages; long drawn out; remote in time or space; unhurried; a great number (of events); preposterous; pensive

悠悠球 悠悠球 you1 you1 qiu2
yo-yo (loanword)

悠远 悠遠 you1 yuan3
long time ago; distant; far away

悠哉 悠哉 you1 zai1
see 悠哉悠哉

悠哉悠哉 悠哉悠哉 you1 zai1 you1 zai1
free and unconstrained (idiom); leisurely and carefree

悠哉游哉 悠哉遊哉 you1 zai1 you2 zai1
see 悠哉悠哉

悠着 悠著 you1 zhe5
to take it easy

转悠 轉悠 zhuan4 you5
to roll; to wander around; to appear repeatedly