feeling; emotion; passion; situation

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
爱情 愛情 ai4 qing2
romance; love (romantic)

爱情片 愛情片 ai4 qing2 pian4
romance film

爱情喜剧 愛情喜劇 ai4 qing2 xi3 ju4
romantic comedy

爱情征服一切 愛情征服一切 ai4 qing2 zheng1 fu2 yi1 qie4
love conquers all; omnia vincit amor

案情 案情 an4 qing2
details of a case; case

白色情人节 白色情人節 bai2 se4 qing2 ren2 jie2
White Day

表情 表情 biao3 qing2
(facial) expression; to express one's feelings; expression

病情 病情 bing4 qing2
state of an illness; patient's condition

薄情 薄情 bo2 qing2
inconstant in love; fickle

不分情由 不分情由 bu4 fen1 qing2 you2

不解风情 不解風情 bu4 jie3 feng1 qing2
unromantic; insensitive

不近人情 不近人情 bu4 jin4 ren2 qing2
not amenable to reason; unreasonable

不情愿 不情願 bu4 qing2 yuan4

不情之请 不情之請 bu4 qing2 zhi1 qing3
my presumptuous request (humble expr.); if I may be so bold to ask a favor

残酷无情 殘酷無情 can2 ku4 wu2 qing2
cruel and unfeeling (idiom)

常情 常情 chang2 qing2
common sense; the way people usually feel about things

陈情 陳情 chen2 qing2
to give a full account

痴情 癡情 chi1 qing2

触景伤情 觸景傷情 chu4 jing3 shang1 qing2
circumstances that evoke mixed feelings (idiom)

触景生情 觸景生情 chu4 jing3 sheng1 qing2
scene which recalls past memories (idiom); evocative of the past; reminiscent; to arouse deep feelings

传情 傳情 chuan2 qing2
to pass on amorous feelings; to send one's love to sb

春情 春情 chun1 qing2
amorous feelings

纯情 純情 chun2 qing2
pure and innocent; a pure heart

催情 催情 cui1 qing2
to promote estrus; to bring an animal to heat by artificial means

打情骂俏 打情罵俏 da3 qing2 ma4 qiao4
to tease a woman by pretending to be displeased with her; to flirt with a member of the opposite sex; to banter flirtatiously

敌情 敵情 di2 qing2
the situation of the enemy positions; intelligence about the enemy

定情 定情 ding4 qing2
to exchange love tokens or vows; to pledge one's love; to get engaged

动情 動情 dong4 qing2
to get excited; passionate; aroused to passion; to fall in love; on heat (of animals)

动情激素 動情激素 dong4 qing2 ji1 su4

动情期 動情期 dong4 qing2 qi1
estrus; the rutting season; on heat

动情素 動情素 dong4 qing2 su4

逗情 逗情 dou4 qing2
to flirt; to titillate; to provoke

多情 多情 duo1 qing2
affectionate; passionate; emotional; sentimental

俄底浦斯情结 俄底浦斯情結 e2 di3 pu3 si1 qing2 jie2
Oedipus complex

恩情 恩情 en1 qing2
kindness; affection; grace; favor

发情 發情 fa1 qing2
oestrus (sexual receptivity in female mammals)

发情期 發情期 fa1 qing2 qi1
the breeding season (zool.); oestrus (period of sexual receptivity of female mammals)

反脸无情 反臉無情 fan3 lian3 wu2 qing2
to turn one's face against sb and show no mercy (idiom); to turn against a friend

放情 放情 fang4 qing2
to do sth to one's heart's content

放情丘壑 放情丘壑 fang4 qing2 qiu1 he4
to enjoy oneself in nature's embrace (idiom)

分裂情感性障碍 分裂情感性障礙 fen1 lie4 qing2 gan3 xing4 zhang4 ai4
schizoaffective disorder

风情 風情 feng1 qing2
mien; bearing; grace; amorous feelings; flirtatious expressions; local conditions and customs; wind force, direction etc

风土人情 風土人情 feng1 tu3 ren2 qing2
local conditions and customs (idiom)

甘心情愿 甘心情願 gan1 xin1 qing2 yuan4
willingly and gladly (idiom)

感情 感情 gan3 qing2
feeling; emotion; sensation; likes and dislikes; deep affection for sb or sth; relationship (i.e. love affair)

感情用事 感情用事 gan3 qing2 yong4 shi4
to act impetuously (idiom); on an impulse

敢情 敢情 gan3 qing5
actually; as it turns out; indeed; of course

寡情 寡情 gua3 qing2
heartless; unfeeling

管情 管情 guan3 qing2
to guarantee

闺情 閨情 gui1 qing2
women's love; passion (felt by lady)

国情 國情 guo2 qing2
current state of a country; national conditions; (US) State of the Union

含情脉脉 含情脈脈 han2 qing2 mo4 mo4
full of tender feelings (idiom); tender-hearted

旱情 旱情 han4 qing2
drought conditions

行情 行情 hang2 qing2
market price; quotation of market price; the current market situation

毫不留情 毫不留情 hao2 bu4 liu2 qing2
to show no quarter; ruthless; relentless

豪情壮志 豪情壯志 hao2 qing2 zhuang4 zhi4
lofty ideals; noble aspirations

合情合理 合情合理 he2 qing2 he2 li3
reasonable and fair (idiom)

衡情酌理 衡情酌理 heng2 qing2 zhuo2 li3
to weight the matter and deliberate the reason (idiom); to weigh and consider; to deliberate

患难见真情 患難見真情 huan4 nan4 jian4 zhen1 qing2
a friend in need is a friend indeed (idiom)

婚外情 婚外情 hun1 wai4 qing2
extramarital affair

激情 激情 ji1 qing2
passion; fervor; enthusiasm; strong emotion

基情 基情 ji1 qing2
(slang) bromance; gay love

奸情 姦情 jian1 qing2

见景生情 見景生情 jian4 jing3 sheng1 qing2
to be touched by a scene; to adapt to the situation

交情匪浅 交情匪淺 jiao1 qing2 fei3 qian3
to be very close; to understand each other

交情 交情 jiao1 qing5
friendship; friendly relations

矫情 矯情 jiao2 qing5
(Beijing dialect) argumentative; unreasonable

矫情 矯情 jiao3 qing2
affected; unnatural; pretentious

尽情 盡情 jin4 qing2
as much as one likes

经济情况 經濟情況 jing1 ji4 qing2 kuang4
economic situation; one's socio-economic status

径情直遂 徑情直遂 jing4 qing2 zhi2 sui4
to achieve one's ambitions (idiom)

旧情 舊情 jiu4 qing2
old affection

剧情 劇情 ju4 qing2
story line; plot

据情办理 據情辦理 ju4 qing2 ban4 li3
to handle a situation according to the circumstances (idiom)

绝情 絕情 jue2 qing2
heartless; without regard for others' feelings

军情 軍情 jun1 qing2
military situation; military intelligence

军情六处 軍情六處 jun1 qing2 liu4 chu4
MI6 (British military counter-intelligence office)

军情五处 軍情五處 jun1 qing2 wu3 chu4
MI5 (British military intelligence agency)

军事情报 軍事情報 jun1 shi4 qing2 bao4
military intelligence

看情况 看情況 kan4 qing2 kuang4
depending on the situation

伉俪情深 伉儷情深 kang4 li4 qing2 shen1
married couple very much in love; deep conjugal love

苦情 苦情 ku3 qing2
wretched situation; plight; wretched; miserable

拉交情 拉交情 la1 jiao1 qing5
to try to form friendly ties with sb for one's own benefit; to suck up to sb

滥情 濫情 lan4 qing2
fickle in love; sentimentality

冷酷无情 冷酷無情 leng3 ku4 wu2 qing2
cold-hearted; unfeeling; callous

离情别绪 離情別緒 li2 qing2 bie2 xu4
sad feeling at separation (idiom)

礼轻情意重 禮輕情意重 li3 qing1 qing2 yi4 zhong4
goose feather sent from afar, a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it (idiom); It's not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it.

恋旧情结 戀舊情結 lian4 jiu4 qing2 jie2
dwelling on the past; difficulty in adapting to changes

恋母情结 戀母情結 lian4 mu3 qing2 jie2
Oedipus complex

恋情 戀情 lian4 qing2
romantic love

两情两愿 兩情兩願 liang3 qing2 liang3 yuan4
by mutual consent (north China dialect)

两情相悦 兩情相悅 liang3 qing2 xiang1 yue4
(of a couple) to be harmonious; to be each other's sunshine

两厢情愿 兩廂情願 liang3 xiang1 qing2 yuan4
both sides are willing; by mutual consent

两相情愿 兩相情願 liang3 xiang1 qing2 yuan4
both sides are willing; by mutual consent

领情 領情 ling3 qing2
to feel grateful to sb; to appreciate the kindness

留情 留情 liu2 qing2
to relent (to spare sb's feelings); to show mercy or forgiveness; to forbear; lenient

隆情 隆情 long2 qing2
profound love

隆情厚谊 隆情厚誼 long2 qing2 hou4 yi4
profound love, generous friendship (idiom)

落花有意,流水无情 落花有意,流水無情 luo4 hua1 you3 yi4 - liu2 shui3 wu2 qing2
lit. the falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on (idiom); fig. one side is willing, yet the other one remains indifferent (usually of unrequited love)

略迹原情 略跡原情 lve4 ji4 yuan2 qing2
to overlook past faults (idiom); to forgive and forget

眉目传情 眉目傳情 mei2 mu4 chuan2 qing2
to make sheep eyes at; to cast amorous glances at

眉眼传情 眉眼傳情 mei2 yan3 chuan2 qing2
to give the eye to; to make eyes at

面部表情 面部表情 mian4 bu4 biao3 qing2
facial expression

民情 民情 min2 qing2
circumstances of the people; popular sentiment; the mood of the people; popular customs

民族主义情绪 民族主義情緒 min2 zu2 zhu3 yi4 qing2 xu4
nationalist feelings; nationalist sentiment

难为情 難為情 nan2 wei2 qing2

闹情绪 鬧情緒 nao4 qing2 xu4
to be in a bad mood

内情 內情 nei4 qing2
inside story; inside information

你情我愿 你情我願 ni3 qing2 wo3 yuan4
to both be willing; mutual consent

劈情操 劈情操 pi1 qing2 cao1
to have a friendly chat (Shanghai)

七情 七情 qi1 qing2
seven emotional states; seven affects of traditional Chinese medical theory and therapy, namely: joy 喜, anger 怒, anxiety 憂|忧, thought 思, grief 悲, fear 恐, fright 驚|惊; seven relations

千里送鹅毛,礼轻情意重 千里送鵝毛,禮輕情意重 qian1 li3 song4 e2 mao2 - li3 qing1 qing2 yi4 zhong4
goose feather sent from afar, a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it (idiom); It's not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it.

前情 前情 qian2 qing2
former love; former circumstances

亲情 親情 qin1 qing2
affection; family love; love, esp. within a married couple or between parents and children

情爱 情愛 qing2 ai4
affection; friendly feelings towards sb; love

情报 情報 qing2 bao4
information; intelligence

情报处 情報處 qing2 bao4 chu4
intelligence office; intelligence section

情比金坚 情比金堅 qing2 bi3 jin1 jian1
love is more solid than gold (idiom)

情变 情變 qing2 bian4
loss of love; breakup of a relationship

情不可却 情不可卻 qing2 bu4 ke3 que4
unable to refuse because of affection

情不自禁 情不自禁 qing2 bu4 zi4 jin1
unable to restrain emotions; cannot help

情操 情操 qing2 cao1
sentiments; feelings; disposition of mind; moral character

情场 情場 qing2 chang3
affairs of the heart; mutual relationship

情痴 情癡 qing2 chi1
infatuated; lovesick person

情敌 情敵 qing2 di2
rival in love

情调 情調 qing2 diao4
sentiment; tone and mood; taste

情窦初开 情竇初開 qing2 dou4 chu1 kai1
first awakening of love (usually of a girl) (idiom)

情儿 情兒 qing2 er5
mistress; secret lover; extra-marital lover

情分 情分 qing2 fen4
mutual affection; friendship

情夫 情夫 qing2 fu1
married woman's lover

情妇 情婦 qing2 fu4
mistress; paramour (of married man)

情感 情感 qing2 gan3
feeling; emotion; to move (emotionally)

情感分析 情感分析 qing2 gan3 fen1 xi1
sentiment analysis

情歌 情歌 qing2 ge1
love song

情何以堪 情何以堪 qing2 he2 yi3 kan1
how can this be endured! (idiom)

情话 情話 qing2 hua4
terms of endearment; words of love

情怀 情懷 qing2 huai2
feelings; mood

情急 情急 qing2 ji2

情急了 情急了 qing2 ji2 liao3
mythical talking bird; mynah bird

情急之下 情急之下 qing2 ji2 zhi1 xia4
in a moment of desperation

情急智生 情急智生 qing2 ji2 zhi4 sheng1
inspiration in a moment of desperation (idiom); also written 情急之下

情节 情節 qing2 jie2
plot; circumstances

情结 情結 qing2 jie2
complex (psychology)

情景 情景 qing2 jing3
scene; sight; circumstances

情境 情境 qing2 jing4
situation; atmosphere

情境模型 情境模型 qing2 jing4 mo2 xing2
situational model

情况 情況 qing2 kuang4
circumstances; state of affairs; situation

情郎 情郎 qing2 lang2
boyfriend; paramour (of a woman)

情理 情理 qing2 li3
reason; sense

情侣 情侶 qing2 lv3
sweethearts; lovers

情侣鹦鹉 情侶鸚鵡 qing2 lv3 ying1 wu3

情面 情面 qing2 mian4
feelings and sensibilities; sentiment and face; sensitivity to other's feelings

情趣 情趣 qing2 qu4
inclinations and interests; delight; fun; interest; appeal

情趣商店 情趣商店 qing2 qu4 shang1 dian4
adult shop

情趣用品 情趣用品 qing2 qu4 yong4 pin3
adult product; sex toy

情人 情人 qing2 ren2
lover; sweetheart

情人节 情人節 qing2 ren2 jie2
Valentine's Day

情人眼里出西施 情人眼裡出西施 qing2 ren2 yan3 li3 chu1 xi1 shi1
lit. in the eyes of a lover appears 西施 (idiom); fig. beauty is in the eye of the beholder

情人眼里有西施 情人眼裡有西施 qing2 ren2 yan3 li3 you3 xi1 shi1
In the eyes of the lover, a famous beauty (idiom). Beauty in the eye of the beholder

情色 情色 qing2 se4
erotic (of art etc); facial expression (archaic)

情杀 情殺 qing2 sha1
murder as a crime of passion

情商 情商 qing2 shang1
emotional quotient (EQ); emotional IQ; abbr. for 情緒商數|情绪商数

情诗 情詩 qing2 shi1
love poem

情事 情事 qing2 shi4
circumstances; facts (of a case); case; feelings; love affair

情势 情勢 qing2 shi4
situation; circumstance

情书 情書 qing2 shu1
love letter

情蒐 情蒐 qing2 sou1
intelligence gathering

情素 情素 qing2 su4
variant of 情愫

情愫 情愫 qing2 su4
sentiment; feeling

情随事迁 情隨事遷 qing2 sui2 shi4 qian1
feelings change with circumstances (idiom)

情态 情態 qing2 tai4
spirit; mood; (linguistics) modal

情同骨肉 情同骨肉 qing2 tong2 gu3 rou4
as close as flesh and bones (idiom); deep friendship

情同手足 情同手足 qing2 tong2 shou3 zu2
as close as one's hands and feet (idiom); loving one another as brothers; deep friendship; closely attached to one another

情投意合 情投意合 qing2 tou2 yi4 he2
to have an affinity with each other (idiom); to find each other congenial

情网 情網 qing2 wang3
snare of love

情味 情味 qing2 wei4
feeling; flavor; sense

情形 情形 qing2 xing5
circumstances; situation

情绪 情緒 qing2 xu4
mood; state of mind; moodiness

情绪化 情緒化 qing2 xu4 hua4
emotional; sentimental

情绪商数 情緒商數 qing2 xu4 shang1 shu4
emotional quotient (EQ); emotional IQ

情绪智商 情緒智商 qing2 xu4 zhi4 shang1
emotional intelligence (EQ)

情绪状态 情緒狀態 qing2 xu4 zhuang4 tai4
emotional state

情义 情義 qing2 yi4
affection; comradeship

情谊 情誼 qing2 yi4
friendship; camaraderie

情意 情意 qing2 yi4
friendly regard; affection

情有独钟 情有獨鍾 qing2 you3 du2 zhong1
to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc)

情有独钟 情有獨鐘 qing2 you3 du2 zhong1
to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc)

情有可原 情有可原 qing2 you3 ke3 yuan2
pardonable (of interruption, misunderstanding etc)

情逾骨肉 情逾骨肉 qing2 yu2 gu3 rou4
feelings deeper than for one's own flesh and blood (idiom); deep friendship

情欲 情慾 qing2 yu4
lust; desire; sensual

情缘 情緣 qing2 yuan2
predestined love; love affinity

情愿 情願 qing2 yuan4
willingness; would rather (agree to X than Y)

情志 情志 qing2 zhi4
emotion; mood

情种 情種 qing2 zhong3
affectionate; an affectionate person

情状 情狀 qing2 zhuang4
situation; circumstances

情资 情資 qing2 zi1
intelligence; information

求情 求情 qiu2 qing2
to plea for leniency; to ask for a favor

求情告饶 求情告饒 qiu2 qing2 gao4 rao2
to beg for forgiveness (idiom)

热情 熱情 re4 qing2
cordial; enthusiastic; passion; passionate; passionately

热情款待 熱情款待 re4 qing2 kuan3 dai4
to provide warm hospitality

热情洋溢 熱情洋溢 re4 qing2 yang2 yi4
brimming with enthusiasm (idiom); full of warmth

人情 人情 ren2 qing2
reason; human emotions; human interaction; social relationship; friendship; favor; a good turn

人情世故 人情世故 ren2 qing2 shi4 gu4
worldly wisdom; the ways of the world; to know how to get on in the world

人情味 人情味 ren2 qing2 wei4
human warmth; friendliness; human touch

人情味儿 人情味兒 ren2 qing2 wei4 er5
erhua variant of 人情味

人之常情 人之常情 ren2 zhi1 chang2 qing2
human nature (idiom); a behavior that is only natural

任情 任情 ren4 qing2
to let oneself go; to do as much as one pleases

日久生情 日久生情 ri4 jiu3 sheng1 qing2
familiarity breeds fondness (idiom)

柔情 柔情 rou2 qing2
gentle feelings; tender sentiments

柔情脉脉 柔情脈脈 rou2 qing2 mo4 mo4
full of tender feelings (idiom); tender-hearted

柔情似水 柔情似水 rou2 qing2 si4 shui3
tender and soft as water; deeply attached to sb

柔情侠骨 柔情俠骨 rou2 qing2 xia2 gu3
gentle feelings and chivalrous disposition (idiom)

入情入理 入情入理 ru4 qing2 ru4 li3
sensible and reasonable (idiom)

骚情 騷情 sao1 qing2
frivolous; flirtatious

色情 色情 se4 qing2
erotic; pornographic

色情狂 色情狂 se4 qing2 kuang2
mad about sex; nymphomania

色情片 色情片 se4 qing2 pian4
pornographic film

色情小说 色情小說 se4 qing2 xiao3 shuo1
pornographic novel; dirty book

色情业 色情業 se4 qing2 ye4
porn business

色情作品 色情作品 se4 qing2 zuo4 pin3
porn; book about sex

煽情 煽情 shan1 qing2
to stir up emotion; to arouse sympathy; moving

墒情 墒情 shang1 qing2
the state of moisture in the soil (and whether it can support a crop)

深情 深情 shen1 qing2
deep emotion; deep feeling; deep love

深情厚意 深情厚意 shen1 qing2 hou4 yi4
profound love, generous friendship (idiom)

深情厚谊 深情厚誼 shen1 qing2 hou4 yi4
deep friendship

深情款款 深情款款 shen1 qing2 kuan3 kuan3
loving; caring; adoring

神情 神情 shen2 qing2
look; expression

声情并茂 聲情並茂 sheng1 qing2 bing4 mao4
(of a singer etc) excellent in voice and expression (idiom)

盛情 盛情 sheng4 qing2
great kindness; magnificent hospitality

诗情画意 詩情畫意 shi1 qing2 hua4 yi4
picturesque charm; idyllic appeal; poetic grace

实际情况 實際情況 shi2 ji4 qing2 kuang4
actual circumstances; the real situation; reality

实情 實情 shi2 qing2
actual situation; truth

舐犊情深 舐犢情深 shi4 du2 qing2 shen1
lit. the cow licking its calf fondly (idiom); fig. to show deep affection towards one's children

世情 世情 shi4 qing2
worldly affairs; the ways of the world

事情要做 事情要做 shi4 qing2 yao4 zuo4
work that needs to be done; business that needs to be attended to

事情 事情 shi4 qing5
affair; matter; thing; business

手下留情 手下留情 shou3 xia4 liu2 qing2
lit. start off leniently (idiom); please do not be too strict with me; Do not judge me too harshly.; Look favorably on my humble efforts.

手足亲情 手足親情 shou3 zu2 qin1 qing2
brotherly kindness

手足之情 手足之情 shou3 zu2 zhi1 qing2
brotherly affection

抒情 抒情 shu1 qing2
to express emotion; lyric

抒情诗 抒情詩 shu1 qing2 shi1
lyric poetry

耍私情 耍私情 shua3 si1 qing2
the play of passions; carried away by passion (e.g. to commit a crime)

水火无情 水火無情 shui3 huo3 wu2 qing2
fire and flood have no mercy (idiom)

顺水人情 順水人情 shun4 shui3 ren2 qing2
to do sb a favor at little cost

说情 說情 shuo1 qing2
to intercede; to plead for sb else

私情 私情 si1 qing2
personal considerations; love affair

思情 思情 si1 qing2
to miss; to long for

谈情说爱 談情說愛 tan2 qing2 shuo1 ai4
to discuss passion and talk of love (idiom); to express love with terms of endearment; billing and cooing

陶冶情操 陶冶情操 tao2 ye3 qing2 cao1
to cultivate one's mind; to build character

套交情 套交情 tao4 jiao1 qing5
to try to gain sb's friendship

调情 調情 tiao2 qing2
to flirt

通情达理 通情達理 tong1 qing2 da2 li3
fair and reasonable (idiom); sensible; standing to reason

同情 同情 tong2 qing2
to sympathize with; sympathy

同情者 同情者 tong2 qing2 zhe3
supporter; sympathizer (esp. of political cause); fellow traveler

偷情 偷情 tou1 qing2
to carry on a clandestine love affair

网际色情 網際色情 wang3 ji4 se4 qing2

忘情 忘情 wang4 qing2
unmoved; indifferent; unruffled by sentiment

温情 溫情 wen1 qing2
tenderness; warmth; warmhearted; softhearted

温情脉脉 溫情脈脈 wen1 qing2 mo4 mo4
full of tender feelings (idiom); tender-hearted

乌鸟私情 烏鳥私情 wu1 niao3 si1 qing2
lit. the solicitude of the crow (who provides for his old parent)(idiom); fig. filial piety

无表情 無表情 wu2 biao3 qing2
expressionless; wooden (expression); blank (face)

无情 無情 wu2 qing2
pitiless; ruthless; merciless; heartless

无情无义 無情無義 wu2 qing2 wu2 yi4
completely lacking any feeling or sense of justice (idiom); cold and ruthless

下情 下情 xia4 qing2
feelings of the masses; my situation (humble speech)

险情 險情 xian3 qing2
peril; dangerous circumstance

现实情况 現實情況 xian4 shi2 qing2 kuang4
current state; current situation

乡情 鄉情 xiang1 qing2

详情 詳情 xiang2 qing2
details; particulars

销售时点情报系统 銷售時點情報系統 xiao1 shou4 shi2 dian3 qing2 bao4 xi4 tong3
point of sale system

心甘情愿 心甘情願 xin1 gan1 qing2 yuan4
delighted to (do sth, idiom); perfectly happy to do; most willing to do

心情 心情 xin1 qing2
mood; frame of mind

性情 性情 xing4 qing2
nature; temperament

虚情假意 虛情假意 xu1 qing2 jia3 yi4
false friendship; hypocritical show of affection

选情 選情 xuan3 qing2
situation of election

徇情 徇情 xun4 qing2
to act out of personal considerations; to show partiality

殉情 殉情 xun4 qing2
to die together in the name of love; to sacrifice oneself for love

汛情 汛情 xun4 qing2

徇情枉法 徇情枉法 xun4 qing2 wang3 fa3
see 徇私枉法

言情小说 言情小說 yan2 qing2 xiao3 shuo1
romantic fiction

艳情 艷情 yan4 qing2
romantic love; romance; erotic (novel etc)

一见钟情 一見鐘情 yi1 jian4 zhong1 qing2
love at first sight (idiom)

一掬同情之泪 一掬同情之淚 yi1 ju1 tong2 qing2 zhi1 lei4
to shed tears of sympathy (idiom)

一往情深 一往情深 yi1 wang3 qing2 shen1
deeply attached; devoted

一厢情愿 一廂情願 yi1 xiang1 qing2 yuan4
one's own wishful thinking

一相情愿 一相情願 yi1 xiang1 qing2 yuan4
one's own wishful thinking

一夜情 一夜情 yi1 ye4 qing2
one night stand

移情 移情 yi2 qing2
to shift one's affection; to change sentiment

移情别恋 移情別戀 yi2 qing2 bie2 lian4
change of affection, shift of love (idiom); to change one's feelings to another love; to fall in love with sb else

异国情调 異國情調 yi4 guo2 qing2 diao4
exoticism; local color; exotic

疫情 疫情 yi4 qing2
epidemic situation

隐情 隱情 yin3 qing2
sth one wishes to keep secret; ulterior motive; a subject best avoided

隐情不报 隱情不報 yin3 qing2 bu4 bao4
not to report sth; to keep sth secret

有情 有情 you3 qing2
to be in love; sentient beings (Buddhism)

友情 友情 you3 qing2
friendly feelings; friendship

有情人 有情人 you3 qing2 ren2

有情人终成眷属 有情人終成眷屬 you3 qing2 ren2 zhong1 cheng2 juan4 shu3
love will find a way (idiom)

有情有义 有情有義 you3 qing2 you3 yi4
affectionate and true; loyal (idiom)

有人情 有人情 you3 ren2 qing2

有同情心 有同情心 you3 tong2 qing2 xin1

舆情 輿情 yu2 qing2
public sentiment

鱼水情 魚水情 yu2 shui3 qing2
close relationship as between fish and water

冤情 冤情 yuan1 qing2
facts of an injustice; circumstances surrounding a miscarriage of justice

灾情 災情 zai1 qing2
disastrous situation; calamity

真情 真情 zhen1 qing2
real situation; the truth

真情实意 真情實意 zhen1 qing2 shi2 yi4
out of genuine friendship (idiom); sincere feelings

震情 震情 zhen4 qing2
circumstances of an earthquake

政情 政情 zheng4 qing2
political situation

知情 知情 zhi1 qing2
to know the facts; to understand; to be familiar with the situation

知情达理 知情達理 zhi1 qing2 da2 li3
see 通情達理|通情达理

知情人 知情人 zhi1 qing2 ren2
person in the know; insider; informed source

知情同意 知情同意 zhi1 qing2 tong2 yi4
informed consent

直情径行 直情徑行 zhi2 qing2 jing4 xing2
straightforward and honest in one's actions (idiom)

挚情 摯情 zhi4 qing2
true feelings

钟情 鍾情 zhong1 qing2
to fall in love; to love sb or sth dearly (lover, or art)

中情局 中情局 zhong1 qing2 ju2
US Central Intelligence Agency, CIA; abbr. for 中央情報局|中央情报局

中央情报局 中央情報局 zhong1 yang1 qing2 bao4 ju2
US Central Intelligence Agency, CIA

转面无情 轉面無情 zhuan3 mian4 wu2 qing2
to turn one's face against sb and show no mercy (idiom); to turn against a friend

坠入情网 墜入情網 zhui4 ru4 qing2 wang3
to fall in love

酌情 酌情 zhuo2 qing2
to use discretion; to take circumstances into account; to make allowances pertinent to a situation

酌情办理 酌情辦理 zhuo2 qing2 ban4 li3
to act after full consideration of the actual situation

酌情处理 酌情處理 zhuo2 qing2 chu3 li3
see 酌情辦理|酌情办理

自卑情绪 自卑情緒 zi4 bei1 qing2 xu4
inferiority complex

恣情 恣情 zi4 qing2
to indulge in something to one's heart's content; wanton or willful

自作多情 自作多情 zi4 zuo4 duo1 qing2
to imagine that one's love is reciprocated; to shower affection on an uninterested party

纵情 縱情 zong4 qing2
to your heart's content

做人情 做人情 zuo4 ren2 qing2
to do a favor to sb