to comfort; to console; to reassure

strokes 15
strokes after radical 11
安慰 安慰 an1 wei4
to comfort; to console

安慰剂 安慰劑 an1 wei4 ji4

安慰奖 安慰獎 an1 wei4 jiang3
consolation prize; booby prize

吊慰 弔慰 diao4 wei4
to offer condolences; to console the bereaved

抚慰 撫慰 fu3 wei4
to console; to comfort; to soothe

抚慰金 撫慰金 fu3 wei4 jin1
consolation money; compensation

快慰 快慰 kuai4 wei4
to feel pleased

宽慰 寬慰 kuan1 wei4
to console; to soothe; relieved

聊以自慰 聊以自慰 liao2 yi3 zi4 wei4
to find some consolation (idiom); to find relief in

劝慰 勸慰 quan4 wei4
to console

神慰 神慰 shen2 wei4
spiritual consolation

慰安妇 慰安婦 wei4 an1 fu4
comfort woman

慰籍 慰籍 wei4 ji2
solace; comfort

慰藉 慰藉 wei4 jie4
to console; to comfort; consolation

慰劳 慰勞 wei4 lao2
to show appreciation (by kind words, small gifts etc); to comfort

慰问 慰問 wei4 wen4
to express sympathy, greetings, consolation etc

慰唁 慰唁 wei4 yan4
to console

欣慰 欣慰 xin1 wei4
to be gratified

自慰 自慰 zi4 wei4
to console oneself; to masturbate; onanism; masturbation

自我安慰 自我安慰 zi4 wo3 an1 wei4
to comfort oneself; to console oneself; to reassure oneself