to gather together; to collect; to approach; to draw near to; to add; to sum up; to comb (hair)

strokes 19
strokes after radical 16
归拢 歸攏 gui1 long3
to gather; to rake together; to pile up

合不拢嘴 合不攏嘴 he2 bu4 long3 zui3
unable to conceal one's happiness, amazement, shock etc; grinning from ear to ear; mouth agape; gobsmacked

合拢 合攏 he2 long3
to fold; to close

汇拢 匯攏 hui4 long3
to collect; to gather

集拢 集攏 ji2 long3
to gather; to assemble

聚拢 聚攏 ju4 long3
to gather together

靠拢 靠攏 kao4 long3
to draw close to

拉拢 拉攏 la1 long3
to rope in; fig. to involve sb; to entice

拢攥 攏攥 long3 zuan4
to grasp; to clutch

拼拢 拼攏 pin1 long3
to put together

收拢 收攏 shou1 long3
to put together; to gather; (derog.) to win over; to bribe over

谈不拢 談不攏 tan2 bu4 long3
can't come to an agreement

围拢 圍攏 wei2 long3
to crowd around