to put; to place; to release; to free; to let go; to let out; to set off (fireworks)

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
安放 安放 an1 fang4
to lay; to place; to put in a certain place

巴勒斯坦解放组织 巴勒斯坦解放組織 ba1 le4 si1 tan3 jie3 fang4 zu3 zhi1
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

摆放 擺放 bai3 fang4
to set up; to arrange; to lay out

百花齐放 百花齊放 bai3 hua1 qi2 fang4
a hundred flowers bloom (idiom); let the arts have free expression

百花齐放,百家争鸣 百花齊放,百家爭鳴 bai3 hua1 qi2 fang4 - bai3 jia1 zheng1 ming2
a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend (idiom); refers to the classical philosophic schools of the Warring States period 475-221 BC, but adopted for Mao's campaign of 1956

奔放 奔放 ben1 fang4
bold and unrestrained; untrammeled

播放 播放 bo1 fang4
to broadcast; to transmit

播放机 播放機 bo1 fang4 ji1
player (e.g. CD player)

播放列表 播放列表 bo1 fang4 lie4 biao3

拆放款 拆放款 chai1 fang4 kuan3
funds on call; invested sum that can be cashed

朝日放送 朝日放送 chao2 ri4 fang4 song4
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

陈放 陳放 chen2 fang4
to display

粗放 粗放 cu1 fang4
extensive; expansive; large-scale

存放 存放 cun2 fang4
to deposit; to leave in sb's care

大放悲声 大放悲聲 da4 fang4 bei1 sheng1
great release of sorrow; to burst into tears

大放光明 大放光明 da4 fang4 guang1 ming2
great release of light (idiom)

大放厥辞 大放厥辭 da4 fang4 jue2 ci2
great release of talk (idiom); to spout nonsense

大放异彩 大放異彩 da4 fang4 yi4 cai3
to shine (of talents, skills, accomplishment); to demonstrate extraordinary talent or skill

大鸣大放 大鳴大放 da4 ming2 da4 fang4
free airing of views (PRC)

大鸣大放运动 大鳴大放運動 da4 ming2 da4 fang4 yun4 dong4
see 百花運動|百花运动

单放机 單放機 dan1 fang4 ji1
tape player; video player; (media) player; play-only device

倒放 倒放 dao4 fang4
to turn upside down; to upend

低放射性废物 低放射性廢物 di1 fang4 she4 xing4 fei4 wu4
low level waste

低尾气排放 低尾氣排放 di1 wei3 qi4 pai2 fang4
low emissions (from car exhaust)

东突厥斯坦解放组织 東突厥斯坦解放組織 dong1 tu1 jue2 si1 tan3 jie3 fang4 zu3 zhi1
East Turkestan Liberation Organization (ETLO), Xinjiang dissident group

独放异彩 獨放異彩 du2 fang4 yi4 cai3
to project singular splendor or radiance; to perform brilliantly

堆放 堆放 dui1 fang4
to pile up; to stack

多放 多放 duo1 fang4
add extra (of a spice etc)

发放 發放 fa1 fang4
to provide; to give; to grant

放爆竹 放爆竹 fang4 bao4 zhu2
to set off firecrackers

放鞭炮 放鞭炮 fang4 bian1 pao4
to set off firecrackers

放不下 放不下 fang4 bu5 xia4
to be unable to let go; to be unable to stop (doing sth)

放不下心 放不下心 fang4 bu5 xia4 xin1
cannot stop worrying

放长线钓大鱼 放長線釣大魚 fang4 chang2 xian4 diao4 da4 yu2
use a long line to catch a big fish (idiom); a long-term plan for major returns

放出 放出 fang4 chu1
to let off; to give out

放大 放大 fang4 da4
to enlarge; to magnify

放大倍数 放大倍數 fang4 da4 bei4 shu4
magnifying power; magnification

放大镜 放大鏡 fang4 da4 jing4
magnifying glass

放大炮 放大炮 fang4 da4 pao4
to talk big; to shoot one's mouth off

放大片 放大片 fang4 da4 pian4
(Tw) cosmetic contact lens; big eye contact lens; circle contact lens

放大器 放大器 fang4 da4 qi4

放大纸 放大紙 fang4 da4 zhi3
enlarging paper (photography); bromide paper

放贷 放貸 fang4 dai4
to provide loans

放胆 放膽 fang4 dan3
to act boldly

放诞 放誕 fang4 dan4
untrammeled; reckless; wanton

放诞不羁 放誕不羈 fang4 dan4 bu4 ji1
wanton and unrestrained (idiom); dissolute

放诞不拘 放誕不拘 fang4 dan4 bu4 ju1
wanton and unrestrained (idiom); dissolute

放荡 放蕩 fang4 dang4
unconventional; licentious; wanton; easy in one's morals

放荡不羁 放蕩不羈 fang4 dang4 bu4 ji1
wanton and unrestrained (idiom); dissolute

放得下 放得下 fang4 de5 xia4
to be able to accomodate; to have room for; to be able to put (sth) down

放低 放低 fang4 di1
to lower; to be humble

放电 放電 fang4 dian4
electrical discharge; (coll.) to lure; to entice

放刁 放刁 fang4 diao1
to act wickedly; to bully; to make life difficult for sb by unreasonable actions

放毒 放毒 fang4 du2
to poison; fig. to spread vicious rumors

放飞 放飛 fang4 fei1
to allow to fly

放飞机 放飛機 fang4 fei1 ji1
to ditch sb (slang)

放风 放風 fang4 feng1
to allow in fresh air; to allow a prisoner out for exercise; to give out information

放告 放告 fang4 gao4
to release a statement

放鸽子 放鴿子 fang4 ge1 zi5
to stand someone up

放工 放工 fang4 gong1
to knock off work for the day

放过 放過 fang4 guo4
to let off; to let slip by; to let sb get away with sth

放话 放話 fang4 hua4
to give orders; to spread news or rumors; to leak certain information intentionally

放还 放還 fang4 huan2
to release (a hostage); to put back in place

放缓 放緩 fang4 huan3
to slow; to slow down (the pace of)

放火 放火 fang4 huo3
to set on fire; to commit arson; to create a disturbance

放假 放假 fang4 jia4
to have a holiday or vacation

放进 放進 fang4 jin4
to put into

放开 放開 fang4 kai1
to let go; to release

放开手脚 放開手腳 fang4 kai1 shou3 jiao3
to have free rein (idiom)

放空 放空 fang4 kong1
to relax completely; to empty one's mind; (finance) to sell short; (of a commercial vehicle) to travel empty (no cargo or passengers); to deadhead

放空炮 放空炮 fang4 kong1 pao4
(lit.) to fire blank shots; (fig.) to be all talk and no action; to shoot one's mouth off; to make empty promises

放宽 放寬 fang4 kuan1
to relax restrictions

放款 放款 fang4 kuan3
to lend money (as a commercial loan)

放浪 放浪 fang4 lang4
unrestrained; dissolute; dissipated; unconventional; immoral; to debauch; to dissipate

放浪不羁 放浪不羈 fang4 lang4 bu4 ji1
wanton and unrestrained (idiom); dissolute

放浪形骸 放浪形骸 fang4 lang4 xing2 hai2
to abandon all restraint (idiom)

放马过来 放馬過來 fang4 ma3 guo4 lai2
bring it on!; give me all you got!

放马后炮 放馬後炮 fang4 ma3 hou4 pao4
to fire after the horse has bolted (idiom); to act too late to be effective

放牧 放牧 fang4 mu4
to graze (livestock); to herd (livestock)

放鸟 放鳥 fang4 niao3
to stand someone up

放牛班 放牛班 fang4 niu2 ban1
class of underachievers; dunces' class (Tw)

放屁 放屁 fang4 pi4
to fart; to break wind; to talk nonsense; Utter rubbish!

放屁虫 放屁蟲 fang4 pi4 chong2
stink bug

放平 放平 fang4 ping2
to set level; to lay flat

放气 放氣 fang4 qi4
to release breath; to deflate; to fart

放弃 放棄 fang4 qi4
to renounce; to abandon; to give up

放枪 放槍 fang4 qiang1
to open fire; to shoot a gun

放情 放情 fang4 qing2
to do sth to one's heart's content

放情丘壑 放情丘壑 fang4 qing2 qiu1 he4
to enjoy oneself in nature's embrace (idiom)

放热反应 放熱反應 fang4 re4 fan3 ying4
exothermic reaction

放任 放任 fang4 ren4
to ignore; to let alone; to indulge

放任政策 放任政策 fang4 ren4 zheng4 ce4
laissez-faire policy; non-interference

放任自流 放任自流 fang4 ren4 zi4 liu2
to let sb do whatever they want; to indulge; to give free reins to; to let things slide; to drift aimlessly; laissez-faire

放山鸡 放山雞 fang4 shan1 ji1
free-range chicken

放哨 放哨 fang4 shao4
to keep watch; to do sentry duty; to be on patrol

放射 放射 fang4 she4
to radiate; radioactive

放射病 放射病 fang4 she4 bing4
radiation sickness

放射虫 放射蟲 fang4 she4 chong2
radiolarian (single-celled animal)

放射防护 放射防護 fang4 she4 fang2 hu4
radiological defense

放射疗法 放射療法 fang4 she4 liao2 fa3

放射免疫测定 放射免疫測定 fang4 she4 mian3 yi4 ce4 ding4

放射生成物 放射生成物 fang4 she4 sheng1 cheng2 wu4
radiogenic material

放射物 放射物 fang4 she4 wu4
radioactive material

放射线 放射線 fang4 she4 xian4
radiation; rays of radiation

放射性 放射性 fang4 she4 xing4

放射性材料 放射性材料 fang4 she4 xing4 cai2 liao4
radioactive material

放射性碘 放射性碘 fang4 she4 xing4 dian3
radioactive iodine

放射性发光材料 放射性發光材料 fang4 she4 xing4 fa1 guang1 cai2 liao4

放射性废物 放射性廢物 fang4 she4 xing4 fei4 wu4
radioactive waste

放射性核素 放射性核素 fang4 she4 xing4 he2 su4
radioactive nuclide; radionuclide

放射性活度 放射性活度 fang4 she4 xing4 huo2 du4

放射性计时 放射性計時 fang4 she4 xing4 ji4 shi2
radiometric dating

放射性落下灰 放射性落下灰 fang4 she4 xing4 luo4 xia4 hui1
radioactive fallout

放射性衰变 放射性衰變 fang4 she4 xing4 shuai1 bian4
radioactive decay

放射性碎片 放射性碎片 fang4 she4 xing4 sui4 pian4
radioactive debris

放射性同位素 放射性同位素 fang4 she4 xing4 tong2 wei4 su4
radioactive isotope; radioisotope

放射性污染 放射性污染 fang4 she4 xing4 wu1 ran3
radioactive contamination

放射性武器 放射性武器 fang4 she4 xing4 wu3 qi4
radiological weapon

放射性烟羽 放射性煙羽 fang4 she4 xing4 yan1 yu3
radiation plume

放射性沾染 放射性沾染 fang4 she4 xing4 zhan1 ran3
radioactive contamination

放射性沾染物 放射性沾染物 fang4 she4 xing4 zhan1 ran3 wu4
radioactive contaminant

放射性最强点 放射性最強點 fang4 she4 xing4 zui4 qiang2 dian3
radioactive hot spot

放射学 放射學 fang4 she4 xue2

放射源 放射源 fang4 she4 yuan2
radiation source

放射治疗 放射治療 fang4 she4 zhi4 liao2

放射作战 放射作戰 fang4 she4 zuo4 zhan4
radiological operations

放声 放聲 fang4 sheng1
very loudly; at the top of one's voice

放声大哭 放聲大哭 fang4 sheng1 da4 ku1
to burst into tears; to sob loudly; to bawl

放手 放手 fang4 shou3
to let go one's hold; to give up; to have a free hand

放手一搏 放手一搏 fang4 shou3 yi1 bo2
to put one's all into the fight

放水 放水 fang4 shui3
to turn on the water; to let water out; to throw a game (sports)

放肆 放肆 fang4 si4
wanton; unbridled; presumptuous; impudent

放松 放鬆 fang4 song1
to loosen; to relax

放松管制 放松管制 fang4 song1 guan3 zhi4

放送 放送 fang4 song4
to broadcast; to announce over loudspeakers

放下 放下 fang4 xia4
to lay down; to put down; to let go of; to relinquish; to lower (the blinds etc)

放下屠刀,立地成佛 放下屠刀,立地成佛 fang4 xia4 tu2 dao1 - li4 di4 cheng2 fo2
lay down butcher's knife, become a Buddha on the spot (idiom); instant rehabilitation; to repent and be absolved of one's crimes

放下包袱 放下包袱 fang4 xia5 bao1 fu5
to lay down a heavy burden

放心 放心 fang4 xin1
to feel relieved; to feel reassured; to be at ease

放行 放行 fang4 xing2
to let pass

放学 放學 fang4 xue2
to dismiss students at the end of the school day

放学后 放學後 fang4 xue2 hou4
after school

放血 放血 fang4 xue4
to let blood (Chinese medicine); to bleed; to stab sb (slang)

放烟幕弹 放煙幕彈 fang4 yan1 mu4 dan4
to spread a smokescreen

放眼 放眼 fang4 yan3
to survey; to view broadly

放眼望去 放眼望去 fang4 yan3 wang4 qu4
as far as the eye can see

放焰口 放焰口 fang4 yan4 kou3
to feed the starving ghosts (i.e. offer sacrifice to protect the departed spirit)

放羊 放羊 fang4 yang2
to tend a flock of sheep; to let sheep out to pasture; fig. to throw off the reins; to leave sb alone; acting freely and irresponsibly

放羊娃 放羊娃 fang4 yang2 wa2
shepherd; shepherd boy

放养 放養 fang4 yang3
to breed (livestock, fish, crops etc); to grow; to raise

放一马 放一馬 fang4 yi1 ma3
to let (sb) off; to let (sb) get away with sth

放音 放音 fang4 yin1
playback (of recorded sound)

放映 放映 fang4 ying4
to show (a movie); to screen

放映室 放映室 fang4 ying4 shi4
cinema room; viewing room

放在心上 放在心上 fang4 zai4 xin1 shang4
to care about; to take seriously; to take to heart

放在眼里 放在眼裡 fang4 zai4 yan3 li3
to pay attention to; to care about; to attach importance to

放债 放債 fang4 zhai4
to lend money (for interest); to give credit

放着明白装糊涂 放著明白裝糊塗 fang4 zhe5 ming2 bai5 zhuang1 hu2 tu5
to pretend not to know (idiom)

放之四海而皆准 放之四海而皆准 fang4 zhi1 si4 hai3 er2 jie1 zhun3
appropriate to any place and any time (idiom); universally applicable; a panacea

放之四海而皆准 放之四海而皆準 fang4 zhi1 si4 hai3 er2 jie1 zhun3
applicable anywhere (idiom)

放置 放置 fang4 zhi4
to put

放逐 放逐 fang4 zhu2
to banish; to deport; to send into exile; to be marooned

放纵 放縱 fang4 zong4
to indulge; to pamper; to connive at; permissive; indulgent; self-indulgent; unrestrained; undisciplined; uncultured; boorish

放走 放走 fang4 zou3
to release; to set free; to allow (a person or an animal) to go; to liberate

改革开放 改革開放 gai3 ge2 kai1 fang4
to reform and open to the outside world; refers to Deng Xiaoping's policies from around 1980

含苞待放 含苞待放 han2 bao1 dai4 fang4
in bud; budding

豪放 豪放 hao2 fang4
bold and unconstrained; powerful and free

回放 回放 hui2 fang4
to replay; to play back

寄放 寄放 ji4 fang4
left in care; to leave sth with sb

交保释放 交保釋放 jiao1 bao3 shi4 fang4
to release sb on bail

解放 解放 jie3 fang4
to liberate; to emancipate; liberation; refers to the Communists' victory over the Nationalists in 1949

解放巴勒斯坦人民阵线 解放巴勒斯坦人民陣線 jie3 fang4 ba1 le4 si1 tan3 ren2 min2 zhen4 xian4
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

解放后 解放後 jie3 fang4 hou4
after liberation (i.e. after the Communist's victory); after the establishment of PRC in 1949

解放军 解放軍 jie3 fang4 jun1
People's Liberation Army (PRC armed forces)

解放区 解放區 jie3 fang4 qu1
Liberation city district; Jiefang district of Jiaozuo city 焦作市, Henan

解放日 解放日 jie3 fang4 ri4
Liberation Day; cf Japan's surrender on 15th August 1945, celebrated as Liberation Day in Korea

解放日报 解放日報 jie3 fang4 ri4 bao4
Liberation Daily,

解放运动 解放運動 jie3 fang4 yun4 dong4
liberation movement

解放战争 解放戰爭 jie3 fang4 zhan4 zheng1
War of Liberation (1945-49), after which the Communists 共產黨武裝|共产党武装 under Mao Zedong 毛澤東|毛泽东 took over from the Nationalists 國民政府|国民政府 under Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石|蒋介石

解放组织 解放組織 jie3 fang4 zu3 zhi1
liberation organization

开放 開放 kai1 fang4
to bloom; to open; to be open (to the public); to open up (to the outside); to be open-minded; unrestrained by convention; unconstrained in one's sexuality

开放式网络 開放式網絡 kai1 fang4 shi4 wang3 luo4
open network

开放式系统 開放式系統 kai1 fang4 shi4 xi4 tong3
open system(s)

开放系统 開放系統 kai1 fang4 xi4 tong3
open system

开放系统互连 開放系統互連 kai1 fang4 xi4 tong3 hu4 lian2
open systems interconnection; OSI

开放性 開放性 kai1 fang4 xing4

开放源代码 開放源代碼 kai1 fang4 yuan2 dai4 ma3
see 開放源碼|开放源码

开放源码 開放源碼 kai1 fang4 yuan2 ma3
open source (computing)

开放源码软件 開放源碼軟件 kai1 fang4 yuan2 ma3 ruan3 jian4
open source software (OSS)

开弓不放箭 開弓不放箭 kai1 gong1 bu4 fang4 jian4
lit. to draw the bow without shooting the arrow (idiom); fig. to bluff; to be all talk and no action; false bravado

狂放 狂放 kuang2 fang4
wild; unrestrained

流放 流放 liu2 fang4
banishment; exile

录放 錄放 lu4 fang4
to record and play (audio, video)

码放 碼放 ma3 fang4
to pile up; to stack up

门户开放 門戶開放 men2 hu4 kai1 fang4
open door policy; Egyptian President Sadat's infitah policy towards investment and relations with Israel

摩顶放踵 摩頂放踵 mo2 ding3 fang4 zhong3
to rub one's head and heels (idiom); to slave for the benefit of others; to wear oneself out for the general good

模拟放大器 模擬放大器 mo2 ni3 fang4 da4 qi4
analog amplifier

拿得起放得下 拿得起放得下 na2 de5 qi3 fang4 de5 xia4
lit. can pick it up or put it down (idiom); fig. to take what comes; to meet gains or losses with equanimity

农奴解放日 農奴解放日 nong2 nu2 jie3 fang4 ri4
Serf Liberation Day (PRC)

怒放 怒放 nu4 fang4
in full bloom

排放 排放 pai2 fang4
emission; discharge; exhaust (gas etc)

铺放 鋪放 pu1 fang4
to display

齐放 齊放 qi2 fang4
broadside; simultaneous fired cannonade

轻饶素放 輕饒素放 qing1 rao2 su4 fang4
easily forgive, simply release (idiom); to let sb off scot free

取保释放 取保釋放 qu3 bao3 shi4 fang4
to be released on bail (law)

燃放 燃放 ran2 fang4
to light; to set off (firecrackers etc)

燃放鞭炮 燃放鞭炮 ran2 fang4 bian1 pao4
to set off fire crackers

人民解放军 人民解放軍 ren2 min2 jie3 fang4 jun1
People's Liberation Army

日本放送协会 日本放送協會 ri4 ben3 fang4 song4 xie2 hui4
NHK (Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai), Japanese national broadcasting company

桑地诺民族解放阵线 桑地諾民族解放陣線 sang1 di4 nuo4 min2 zu2 jie3 fang4 zhen4 xian4
Sandinista National Liberation Front

杀人放火 殺人放火 sha1 ren2 fang4 huo3
to kill and burn (idiom); murder and arson

少放 少放 shao3 fang4
to add less (of a spice etc)

沈国放 沈國放 shen3 guo2 fang4
Shen Guofang (1952-), PRC assistant minister of foreign affairs (2003-2005)

剩余放射性 剩餘放射性 sheng4 yu2 fang4 she4 xing4
residual radioactivity

施放 施放 shi1 fang4
to fire; to discharge; to release (fireworks, smokescreen, poison gas, virus etc)

释放 釋放 shi4 fang4
to release; to set free; to liberate (a prisoner); to discharge

释放出狱 釋放出獄 shi4 fang4 chu1 yu4
to release from jail

疏放 疏放 shu1 fang4
eccentric; self-indulgent; free and unconventional (written style); unbuttoned

缩放 縮放 suo1 fang4
scaling; resizing; zoom (graphics)

泰米尔伊拉姆猛虎解放组织 泰米爾伊拉姆猛虎解放組織 tai4 mi3 er3 yi1 la1 mu3 meng3 hu3 jie3 fang4 zu3 zhi1
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

停放 停放 ting2 fang4
to park (a car etc); to moor (a boat etc); to leave sth (in a place)

投放 投放 tou2 fang4
to input; to throw in; to unload; to put into circulation

投放市场 投放市場 tou2 fang4 shi4 chang3
to put sth on the market

颓放 頹放 tui2 fang4
decadent; dissolute; degenerate

拖放 拖放 tuo1 fang4
drag-and-drop (computing)

脱裤子放屁 脫褲子放屁 tuo1 ku4 zi5 fang4 pi4
lit. to take off trousers to fart; fig. to do something absolutely unnecessary; fig. to make things too complicated

外放 外放 wai4 fang4
extroverted; outgoing; to play audio through speakers (rather than through earphones); (old) to appoint to a post outside the capital

无的放矢 無的放矢 wu2 di4 fang4 shi3
to shoot without aim (idiom); fig. to speak without thinking; firing blindly; to shoot in the air; a shot in the dark

西藏百万农奴解放纪念日 西藏百萬農奴解放紀念日 xi1 zang4 bai3 wan4 nong2 nu2 jie3 fang4 ji4 nian4 ri4
Serf Liberation Day (PRC)

系列放大器 系列放大器 xi4 lie4 fang4 da4 qi4
series amplifier

下放 下放 xia4 fang4
to delegate; to decentralize; to demote a party cadre to work on the shop floor or in the countryside

心花怒放 心花怒放 xin1 hua1 nu4 fang4
to burst with joy (idiom); to be over the moon; to be elated

野外放养 野外放養 ye3 wai4 fang4 yang3
free-range (breeding livestock or poultry)

有屁快放 有屁快放 you3 pi4 kuai4 fang4
spit it out!; out with it!

绽放 綻放 zhan4 fang4
to blossom

只许州官放火,不许百姓点灯 只許州官放火,不許百姓點燈 zhi3 xu3 zhou1 guan1 fang4 huo3 - bu4 xu3 bai3 xing4 dian3 deng1
only the official is allowed to light the fire; Gods may do what cattle may not; quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi

置放 置放 zhi4 fang4
to put; to place

中国人民解放军 中國人民解放軍 zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2 jie3 fang4 jun1
Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA)

中国人民解放军海军 中國人民解放軍海軍 zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2 jie3 fang4 jun1 hai3 jun1
Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)

中国人民解放军空军 中國人民解放軍空軍 zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2 jie3 fang4 jun1 kong1 jun1
People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF)

自由放任 自由放任 zi4 you2 fang4 ren4

纵放 縱放 zong4 fang4
undisciplined; untrammeled; to indulge