surname Fang

square; power or involution (mathematics); upright; honest; fair and square; direction; side; party (to a contract, dispute etc); place; method; prescription (medicine); just when; only or just; classifier for square things; abbr. for square or cubic mete

strokes 4
strokes after radical 0
八方 八方 ba1 fang1
the eight points of the compass; all directions

八字方针 八字方針 ba1 zi4 fang1 zhen1
policy expressed in eight characters, e.g. 巩固、深化、提高、发展 "Consolidate, deepen, enhance and grow"; eight-character policy

百计千方 百計千方 bai3 ji4 qian1 fang1
to exhaust every means to achieve sth (idiom)

半岛和东方航海 半島和東方航海 ban4 dao3 he2 dong1 fang1 hang2 hai3
P&O; Peninsula and Oriental shipping company

半官方 半官方 ban4 guan1 fang1

北方 北方 bei3 fang1
north; the northern part a country; China north of the Yellow River

北方邦 北方邦 bei3 fang1 bang1
Uttar Pradesh (state in India)

北方工业 北方工業 bei3 fang1 gong1 ye4
Norinco, PRC state-run conglomerate

北方佬 北方佬 bei3 fang1 lao3
northerner; guy from the north; Yankee

北方民族大学 北方民族大學 bei3 fang1 min2 zu2 da4 xue2
Northern Nationalities University NNU at Yingchuan, Ningxia (former Northwestern Second College for Nationalities)

北方中杜鹃 北方中杜鵑 bei3 fang1 zhong1 du4 juan1
(bird species of China) oriental cuckoo (Cuculus optatus)

比方 比方 bi3 fang5
analogy; instance; for instance

比方说 比方說 bi3 fang5 shuo1
for example; for instance

波方程 波方程 bo1 fang1 cheng2
wave equation (math. physics)

不定方程 不定方程 bu4 ding4 fang1 cheng2
(math.) indeterminate equation

不方便 不方便 bu4 fang1 bian4
inconvenience; inconvenient

布隆方丹 布隆方丹 bu4 long2 fang1 dan1

不以规矩,不能成方圆 不以規矩,不能成方圓 bu4 yi3 gui1 ju5 - bu4 neng2 cheng2 fang1 yuan2
without rules, nothing can be done (idiom, from Mencius); one must follow some rules

不足的地方 不足的地方 bu4 zu2 de5 di4 fang5
defect; disadvantage; drawback; unsatisfactory point

差分方程 差分方程 cha1 fen1 fang1 cheng2
difference equation (math.)

长方体 長方體 chang2 fang1 ti3

长方形 長方形 chang2 fang1 xing2

常微分方程 常微分方程 chang2 wei1 fen1 fang1 cheng2
ordinary differential equation (ODE)

陈方安生 陳方安生 chen2 fang1 an1 sheng1
Anson Chan (1940-), chief secretary for administration, Hong Kong (1997-2001)

乘方 乘方 cheng2 fang1
to square a number; to calculate the square

成方儿 成方兒 cheng2 fang1 er5
set prescription (i.e. medicine specifically prescribed for a definite condition)

承租方 承租方 cheng2 zu1 fang1
borrower; leaser; the hiring side of a contract

吃得苦中苦,方为人上人 吃得苦中苦,方為人上人 chi1 de2 ku3 zhong1 ku3 - fang1 wei2 ren2 shang4 ren2
one cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations (proverb); no pain, no gain

处方 處方 chu3 fang1
medical prescription; recipe; formula

传播四方 傳播四方 chuan2 bo1 si4 fang1
to disseminate in every direction (idiom)

船方 船方 chuan2 fang1
ship (commerce)

次方 次方 ci4 fang1
(raised to the) nth power

大大方方 大大方方 da4 da4 fang1 fang1
confident; calm; natural; poised

大方 大方 da4 fang1
expert; scholar; mother earth; a type of green tea

大方广佛华严经 大方廣佛華嚴經 da4 fang1 guang3 fo2 hua2 yan2 jing1
Avatamsaka sutra of the Huayan school; also called Buddhavatamsaka-mahavaipulya Sutra, the Flower adornment sutra or the Garland sutra

大方县 大方縣 da4 fang1 xian4
Dafang county in Bijie prefecture 畢節地區|毕节地区, Guizhou

大方之家 大方之家 da4 fang1 zhi1 jia1
learned person; expert in a certain field; abbr. to 方家

大方 大方 da4 fang5
generous; magnanimous; stylish; in good taste; easy-mannered; natural and relaxed

大政方针 大政方針 da4 zheng4 fang1 zhen1
major policy of the national government

贷方 貸方 dai4 fang1
credit side (of a balance sheet); creditor; lender

代数方程 代數方程 dai4 shu4 fang1 cheng2
algebraic equation; polynomial equation

丹方 丹方 dan1 fang1
folk remedy

单方 單方 dan1 fang1
unilateral; one-sided; home remedy; folk prescription(same as 丹方); single-drug prescription (same as 奇方, one of the seven kinds of prescriptions of Chinese medicine 七方); metaphorically. a good solution

单方过失碰撞 單方過失碰撞 dan1 fang1 guo4 shi1 peng4 zhuang4
collision in which only one party is at fault

单方决定 單方決定 dan1 fang1 jue2 ding4
to decide without reference to other parties involved; unilateral decision

单方恐吓 單方恐嚇 dan1 fang1 kong3 he4
unilateral threat

单方面 單方面 dan1 fang1 mian4

单方向 單方向 dan1 fang1 xiang4
unidirectional; single-aspect

单方宣告 單方宣告 dan1 fang1 xuan1 gao4
unilateral declaration

单方制剂 單方製劑 dan1 fang1 zhi4 ji4
prescribed preparation

敌方 敵方 di2 fang1

第二次汉字简化方案 第二次漢字簡化方案 di4 er4 ci4 han4 zi4 jian3 hua4 fang1 an4
Second Chinese Character Simplification Scheme (second round of simplified Chinese characters, proposed in 1977 and retracted in 1986); abbr. to 二簡|二简

地方 地方 di4 fang1
region; regional (away from the central administration); local

地方法院 地方法院 di4 fang1 fa3 yuan4
county court; district court

地方官 地方官 di4 fang1 guan1
local official

地方官职位 地方官職位 di4 fang1 guan1 zhi2 wei4

地方性 地方性 di4 fang1 xing4

地方性斑疹伤寒 地方性斑疹傷寒 di4 fang1 xing4 ban1 zhen3 shang1 han2
murine typhus fever

地方主义 地方主義 di4 fang1 zhu3 yi4
regionalism; favoring one's local region

地方自治 地方自治 di4 fang1 zi4 zhi4
local autonomy; home rule

地方 地方 di4 fang5
area; place; space; room; territory

地方停车 地方停車 di4 fang5 ting2 che1
parking place

第三方 第三方 di4 san1 fang1
third party

缔约方 締約方 di4 yue1 fang1
party in a contract, treaty etc

刁藩都方程 刁藩都方程 diao1 fan1 dou1 fang1 cheng2
Diophantine equation

东北方 東北方 dong1 bei3 fang1
northeast; northeastern

东方 東方 dong1 fang1
the East; the Orient; two-character surname Dongfang

东方 東方 dong1 fang1

东方阿閦佛 東方阿閦佛 dong1 fang1 a1 chu4 fo2
Aksobhya, the imperturbable ruler of Eastern Paradise, Abhirati

东方白鹳 東方白鸛 dong1 fang1 bai2 guan4
(bird species of China) oriental stork (Ciconia boyciana)

东方斑鵖 東方斑鵖 dong1 fang1 ban1 bi1
(bird species of China) variable wheatear (Oenanthe picata)

东方大苇莺 東方大葦鶯 dong1 fang1 da4 wei3 ying1
(bird species of China) oriental reed warbler (Acrocephalus orientalis)

东方航空 東方航空 dong1 fang1 hang2 kong1
China Eastern Airlines

东方鸻 東方鴴 dong1 fang1 heng2
(bird species of China) oriental plover (Charadrius veredus)

东方红 東方紅 dong1 fang1 hong2
The East is Red, north Shaanxi folk song

东方叽咋柳莺 東方嘰咋柳鶯 dong1 fang1 ji1 za3 liu3 ying1
(bird species of China) mountain chiffchaff (Phylloscopus sindianus)

东方黎族自治县 東方黎族自治縣 dong1 fang1 li2 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Dongfang Lizu autonomous county, Hainan

东方马脑炎病毒 東方馬腦炎病毒 dong1 fang1 ma3 nao3 yan2 bing4 du2
eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus

东方明珠电视塔 東方明珠電視塔 dong1 fang1 ming2 zhu1 dian4 shi4 ta3
Oriental Pearl Television Tower

东方明珠塔 東方明珠塔 dong1 fang1 ming2 zhu1 ta3
Oriental Pearl Tower

东方狍 東方狍 dong1 fang1 pao2
siberian roe deer; capreolus pygargus

东方青龙 東方青龍 dong1 fang1 qing1 long2
see 青龍|青龙

东方日报 東方日報 dong1 fang1 ri4 bao4
Oriental Daily News

东方三博士 東方三博士 dong1 fang1 san1 bo2 shi4
the Magi; the Three Wise Kings from the East in the biblical nativity story

东方市 東方市 dong1 fang1 shi4
Dongfang City, Hainan

东方文明 東方文明 dong1 fang1 wen2 ming2
Eastern civilization

东西方 東西方 dong1 xi1 fang1
east and west; east to west

东西方文化 東西方文化 dong1 xi1 fang1 wen2 hua4
Eastern and Western culture

独霸一方 獨霸一方 du2 ba4 yi1 fang1
to exercise sole hegemony (idiom); to dominate a whole area (market, resources etc); to hold as one's personal fiefdom

端方 端方 duan1 fang1
upright; honest; proper; correct

对方 對方 dui4 fang1
counterpart; other person involved; opposite side; other side; receiving party

对方付费电话 對方付費電話 dui4 fang1 fu4 fei4 dian4 hua4
collect call

对方付款电话 對方付款電話 dui4 fang1 fu4 kuan3 dian4 hua4
collect call

多方 多方 duo1 fang1
in many ways; from all sides

多方面 多方面 duo1 fang1 mian4
many-sided; in many aspects

多方位 多方位 duo1 fang1 wei4
many-sided; versatile; various aspects; all-round; multi-directional

多项式方程 多項式方程 duo1 xiang4 shi4 fang1 cheng2
(math.) polynomial equation

多项式方程组 多項式方程組 duo1 xiang4 shi4 fang1 cheng2 zu3
(math.) system of polynomial equations

踱方步 踱方步 duo2 fang1 bu4
to pace; to stroll

俄罗斯方块 俄羅斯方塊 e2 luo2 si1 fang1 kuai4
Tetris (video game)

二百方针 二百方針 er4 bai3 fang1 zhen1
see 雙百方針|双百方针

二次方 二次方 er4 ci4 fang1
square (i.e. x times x)

二次方程 二次方程 er4 ci4 fang1 cheng2
quadratic equation

方案 方案 fang1 an4
plan; program (for action etc); proposal; proposed bill

方便 方便 fang1 bian4
convenient; to help out; to make things easy for people; convenience; suitable; having money to spare; (euphemism) to go to the toilet

方便面 方便麵 fang1 bian4 mian4
instant noodles

方才 方才 fang1 cai2
just now; then

方策 方策 fang1 ce4
strategy; policy; general plan; variant of 方冊|方册

方册 方冊 fang1 ce4
ancient books and volumes; classical writings

方差 方差 fang1 cha1
variance (statistics)

方城 方城 fang1 cheng2
Fangcheng county in Nanyang 南陽|南阳, Henan

方城 方城 fang1 cheng2
square castle; mahjong layout (with the tiles laid out as a square)

方程 方程 fang1 cheng2
mathematical equation

方程式 方程式 fang1 cheng2 shi4

方城县 方城縣 fang1 cheng2 xian4
Fangcheng county in Nanyang 南陽|南阳, Henan

方程组 方程組 fang1 cheng2 zu3
(math.) simultaneous equations; system of equations

方寸 方寸 fang1 cun4
square cun (Chinese unit of area: 1 cun × 1 cun, or 3⅓ cm × 3⅓ cm); heart; mind

方顶 方頂 fang1 ding3
square roof

方法 方法 fang1 fa3
method; way; means

方法论 方法論 fang1 fa3 lun4
methodology; Discours de la méthode by René Descartes 笛卡兒|笛卡儿, 1637

方法学 方法學 fang1 fa3 xue2

方方面面 方方面面 fang1 fang1 mian4 mian4
all sides; all aspects; multi-faceted

方方正正 方方正正 fang1 fang1 zheng4 zheng4

方格 方格 fang1 ge2
checked pattern; square box character (in Chinese text) indicating illegible character

方格纸 方格紙 fang1 ge2 zhi3
squared paper; graph paper; grid paper (manuscript paper with squares for Chinese characters)

方根 方根 fang1 gen1
square root

方剂 方劑 fang1 ji4
prescription; recipe (Chinese medicine)

方家 方家 fang1 jia1
learned person; expert in a certain field; abbr. for 大方之家

方解石 方解石 fang1 jie3 shi2
calcite (CaCO3 as rock-forming mineral)

方块 方塊 fang1 kuai4
cube; block; square; rectangle; diamond ♦ (in card games)

方块草皮 方塊草皮 fang1 kuai4 cao3 pi2
divot (golf)

方块字 方塊字 fang1 kuai4 zi4
Chinese characters

方框图 方框圖 fang1 kuang4 tu2
flowchart; block diagram

方括号 方括號 fang1 kuo4 hao4
square brackets

方腊 方臘 fang1 la4
Fang La

方帽 方帽 fang1 mao4
mortarboard; square academic cap

方面 方面 fang1 mian4
respect; aspect; field; side

方命 方命 fang1 ming4
against orders; to disobey; to refuse to accept orders

方能 方能 fang1 neng2
can then (and only then)

方妮 方妮 fang1 ni1
Fanny (name)

方铅矿 方鉛礦 fang1 qian1 kuang4

方枘圆凿 方枘圓鑿 fang1 rui4 yuan2 zao2
to put a square peg in a round hole; incompatible (idiom)

方山 方山 fang1 shan1
Fangshan county in Lüliang 呂梁|吕梁, Shanxi 山西

方山县 方山縣 fang1 shan1 xian4
Fangshan county in Lüliang 呂梁|吕梁, Shanxi 山西

方士 方士 fang1 shi4
alchemist; necromancer

方式 方式 fang1 shi4
way; manner; style; mode; pattern

方术 方術 fang1 shu4
arts of healing, divination, horoscope etc; supernatural arts (old)

方糖 方糖 fang1 tang2
sugar cube

方头 方頭 fang1 tou2
square headed

方头巾 方頭巾 fang1 tou2 jin1

方头括号 方頭括號 fang1 tou2 kuo4 hao4
square brackets 【】 or 〖〗

方头螺帽 方頭螺帽 fang1 tou2 luo2 mao4
square headed nut

方腿 方腿 fang1 tui3
processed ham product

方尾鹟 方尾鶲 fang1 wei3 weng1
(bird species of China) grey-headed canary-flycatcher (Culicicapa ceylonensis)

方位 方位 fang1 wei4
direction; points of the compass; bearing; position; azimuth

方位词 方位詞 fang1 wei4 ci2
noun of locality (linguistics)

方位角 方位角 fang1 wei4 jiao3

方文山 方文山 fang1 wen2 shan1
Vincent Fang (1969-), Taiwanese multi-Golden Melody Award lyricist

方物 方物 fang1 wu4
produced locally; local product (with distinctive native features)

方釳 方釳 fang1 xi4
(arch.) metal horn attached as shield to horse or to the axle of a chariot

方向 方向 fang1 xiang4
direction; orientation; path to follow

方向感 方向感 fang1 xiang4 gan3
sense of direction

方向盘 方向盤 fang1 xiang4 pan2
steering wheel

方向性 方向性 fang1 xiang4 xing4
directionality (molecular biology)

方兴未艾 方興未艾 fang1 xing1 wei4 ai4
flourishing and still in the ascendant (idiom); rapidly expanding; still growing strong; on the up

方兴未已 方興未已 fang1 xing1 wei4 yi3
flourishing and still in the ascendant (idiom); rapidly expanding; still growing strong; on the up

方形 方形 fang1 xing2
square; square-shaped

方言 方言 fang1 yan2
topolect; dialect

方言 方言 fang1 yan2
the first Chinese dialect dictionary, edited by Yang Xiong 揚雄|扬雄 in 1st century, containing over 9000 characters

方毅 方毅 fang1 yi4
Fang Yi (1916-1997), senior party apparatchik

方音 方音 fang1 yin1
dialectal accent

方圆 方圓 fang1 yuan2

方丈 方丈 fang1 zhang5
one of three fabled islands in Eastern sea, abode of immortals

方丈 方丈 fang1 zhang5
square zhang (i.e. unit of area 10 feet square); monastic room 10 feet square; Buddhist or Daoist abbot; abbot's chamber

方针 方針 fang1 zhen1
policy; guidelines

方阵 方陣 fang1 zhen4
square-shaped formation (military); phalanx; (math.) matrix

方正 方正 fang1 zheng4
Fangzheng county in Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨, Heilongjiang

方正 方正 fang1 zheng4
clear and square; neat; square (person)

方正县 方正縣 fang1 zheng4 xian4
Fangzheng county in Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨, Heilongjiang

方知 方知 fang1 zhi1
to realize only then

方志 方志 fang1 zhi4
local chronicles; district records

方舟 方舟 fang1 zhou1

方庄 方莊 fang1 zhuang1
Fangzhuang neighborhood of Beijing

方滋未艾 方滋未艾 fang1 zi1 wei4 ai4
flourishing and still in the ascendant (idiom); rapidly expanding; still growing strong; on the up

方子 方子 fang1 zi5
prescription (of medicine)

访问方式 訪問方式 fang3 wen4 fang1 shi4
access method

非处方药 非處方藥 fei1 chu3 fang1 yao4
over-the-counter drug

非官方 非官方 fei1 guan1 fang1

付方 付方 fu4 fang1
credit side (of a balance sheet), as opposed to 收方

复方 複方 fu4 fang1
compound prescription (involving several medicines)

负方 負方 fu4 fang1
the losing side

付款方式 付款方式 fu4 kuan3 fang1 shi4
terms of payment; payment method

膏方 膏方 gao1 fang1
medicinal concoction in paste form (TCM)

各方 各方 ge4 fang1
all parties (in a dispute etc); all sides; all directions

古方 古方 gu3 fang1
ancient prescription

官方 官方 guan1 fang1
government; official (approved or issued by an authority)

官方语言 官方語言 guan1 fang1 yu3 yan2
official language

管教无方 管教無方 guan3 jiao4 wu2 fang1
unable to discipline a child; incapable of dealing with (unruly child)

贵方 貴方 gui4 fang1
(in business etc) your side; you

韩方 韓方 han2 fang1
the Korean side

何方 何方 he2 fang1

合同各方 合同各方 he2 tong5 ge4 fang1
parties to a contract (law)

合作方 合作方 he2 zuo4 fang1
(business) partner

后方 後方 hou4 fang1
the rear; far behind the front line

化学方程式 化學方程式 hua4 xue2 fang1 cheng2 shi4
chemical equation

挥斥方遒 揮斥方遒 hui1 chi4 fang1 qiu2
full of vim

积分方程 積分方程 ji1 fen1 fang1 cheng2
integral equation (math.)

己方 己方 ji3 fang1
our side; one's own (side etc)

技术方案 技術方案 ji4 shu4 fang1 an4
technology program; technical solution

甲方 甲方 jia3 fang1
first party (law); see also 乙方

检方 檢方 jian3 fang1
the prosecution; prosecutors

检控方 檢控方 jian3 kong4 fang1
the prosecuting side (in a trial); the prosecution

见方 見方 jian4 fang1
a (10 meter) square; a square of given side

结算方式 結算方式 jie2 suan4 fang1 shi4
settlement terms (accountancy, law)

解理方向 解理方向 jie3 li3 fang1 xiang4
direction of cleavage (e.g. of slate)

借方 借方 jie4 fang1
borrower; debit side (of a balance sheet)

借方差额 借方差額 jie4 fang1 cha1 e2
debit balance (accountancy)

借入方 借入方 jie4 ru4 fang1
borrower; debit side (of a balance sheet)

近畿地方 近畿地方 jin4 ji1 di4 fang1
Kinki chihō, region of Japan around the old capital Kyōto, including Kyōto prefecture 京都府, Ōsaka prefecture 大阪府, Shiga prefecture 滋賀縣|滋贺县, Nara prefecture 奈良縣|奈良县, Mi'e prefecture 三重縣|三重县, Wakayama prefecture 和歌山縣|和歌山县, Hyōgo prefecture 兵庫縣|兵库县

警方 警方 jing3 fang1

军方 軍方 jun1 fang1

均方 均方 jun1 fang1
mean square

卡方 卡方 ka3 fang1
chi-square (math.)

开方 開方 kai1 fang1
to extract a square root

开三次方 開三次方 kai1 san1 ci4 fang1
cube root; to extract a cube root

快捷方式 快捷方式 kuai4 jie2 fang1 shi4
(computer) shortcut

拉丁方块 拉丁方塊 la1 ding1 fang1 kuai4
Latin square (math. puzzle)

来日方长 來日方長 lai2 ri4 fang1 chang2
the future is long (idiom); there will be ample time for that later; We'll cross that bridge when we get there

劳方 勞方 lao2 fang1
labor (as opposed to capital or management); the workers

磊落大方 磊落大方 lei3 luo4 da4 fang1
to be generous in the extreme (idiom)

立方 立方 li4 fang1
cube (math.); abbr. for 立方體|立方体; abbr. for 立方米

立方根 立方根 li4 fang1 gen1
cubic root (math)

立方公尺 立方公尺 li4 fang1 gong1 chi3
cubic meter m^3

立方厘米 立方釐米 li4 fang1 li2 mi3
cubic centimeter

立方米 立方米 li4 fang1 mi3
cubic meter (unit of volume)

立方体 立方體 li4 fang1 ti3
cube; cubic

利害关系方 利害關係方 li4 hai4 guan1 xi5 fang1
interested party

联立方程式 聯立方程式 lian2 li4 fang1 cheng2 shi4
simultaneous equations (math.)

联系方式 聯繫方式 lian2 xi4 fang1 shi4
contact details

良方 良方 liang2 fang1
good medicine; effective prescription; fig. good plan; effective strategy

两方 兩方 liang3 fang1
both sides (in contract); the two opposing sides (in a dispute)

另一方面 另一方面 ling4 yi1 fang1 mian4
on the other hand; another aspect

刘涓子鬼遗方 劉涓子鬼遺方 liu2 juan1 zi3 gui3 yi2 fang1
Liu Juanzi's medical recipes bequeathed by the ghost Huang Fugui 黃父鬼|黄父鬼

六方 六方 liu4 fang1

六方会谈 六方會談 liu4 fang1 hui4 tan2
six-sided talks (on North Korea)

六方最密堆积 六方最密堆積 liu4 fang1 zui4 mi4 dui1 ji1
hexagonal close-packed (HCP) (math)

鲁毕克方块 魯畢克方塊 lu3 bi4 ke4 fang1 kuai4
Rubik's cube; magic cube

落落大方 落落大方 luo4 luo4 da4 fang1
(of one's conduct, speech etc) natural and unrestrained

买方 買方 mai3 fang1
buyer (in contracts)

买方市场 買方市場 mai3 fang1 shi4 chang3
buyer's market

卖方 賣方 mai4 fang1
seller (in contracts)

没有规矩,何以成方圆 沒有規矩,何以成方圓 mei2 you3 gui1 ju3 - he2 yi3 cheng2 fang1 yuan2
without rules, how can anything be done (idiom); one must follow some rules

没有规矩,不成方圆 沒有規矩,不成方圓 mei2 you3 gui1 ju5 - bu4 cheng2 fang1 yuan2
without rules, nothing can be done (idiom); one must follow some rules

蒙特卡罗方法 蒙特卡羅方法 meng2 te4 ka3 luo2 fang1 fa3
Monte Carlo method (math.)

秘方 祕方 mi4 fang1
secret recipe

面心立方最密堆积 面心立方最密堆積 mian4 xin1 li4 fang1 zui4 mi4 dui1 ji1
face-centered cubic (FCC) (math)

魔方 魔方 mo2 fang1
Rubik's cube; magic cube

魔术方块 魔術方塊 mo2 shu4 fang1 kuai4
Rubik's cube; magic cube

南方 南方 nan2 fang1
south; the southern part of the country; the South

男方 男方 nan2 fang1
the bridegroom's side; of the bridegroom's family

南方澳渔港 南方澳漁港 nan2 fang1 ao4 yu2 gang3
Nanfang-ao Port in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan

南方古猿 南方古猿 nan2 fang1 gu3 yuan2

南方周末 南方周末 nan2 fang1 zhou1 mo4
Southern Weekend (newspaper)

女方 女方 nv3 fang1
the bride's side (of a wedding); of the bride's party

配方 配方 pei4 fang1
prescription; cooking recipe; formulation; completing the square (to solve quadratic equation, math)

配方法 配方法 pei4 fang1 fa3
completing the square (method of solving quadratic equation, math)

偏方 偏方 pian1 fang1
folk remedy; home remedy

偏微分方程 偏微分方程 pian1 wei1 fen1 fang1 cheng2
partial differential equation (PDE)

平方 平方 ping2 fang1
square (as in square foot, square mile, square root)

平方成反比 平方成反比 ping2 fang1 cheng2 fan3 bi3
proportional to inverse square (physics)

平方反比律 平方反比律 ping2 fang1 fan3 bi3 lv4
inverse square law (physics)

平方反比定律 平方反比定律 ping2 fang1 fan3 bi4 ding4 lv4
the inverse square law (in gravitation or electrostatics)

平方根 平方根 ping2 fang1 gen1
square root

平方公里 平方公里 ping2 fang1 gong1 li3
square kilometer

平方米 平方米 ping2 fang1 mi3
square meter

平方千米 平方千米 ping2 fang1 qian1 mi3
square kilometer

平方英尺 平方英尺 ping2 fang1 ying1 chi3
square foot (unit of area equal to 0.093 m²)

七方 七方 qi1 fang1
(Chinese medicine) the seven kinds of prescriptions 大方, 小方, 缓方, 急方, 奇方, 偶方 and 重方 or 复方

欺以其方 欺以其方 qi1 yi3 qi2 fang1
deceived by a pretense of reason (idiom)

千方百计 千方百計 qian1 fang1 bai3 ji4
lit. thousand ways, a hundred plans (idiom); by every possible means

千金方 千金方 qian1 jin1 fang1
Prescriptions Worth a Thousand in Gold, early Tang compendium of herbal medicine by Sun Simiao 孫思邈|孙思邈

千金要方 千金要方 qian1 jin1 yao4 fang1
Prescriptions Worth a Thousand in Gold, early Tang compendium of herbal medicine by Sun Simiao 孫思邈|孙思邈

前方 前方 qian2 fang1
ahead; the front

全方位 全方位 quan2 fang1 wei4
all around; omni-directional; complete; holistic; comprehensive

日方 日方 ri4 fang1
the Japanese side or party (in negotiations etc)

三次方 三次方 san1 ci4 fang1
cube (third power, math.)

三次方程 三次方程 san1 ci4 fang1 cheng2
cubic equation (math.)

上方宝剑 上方寶劍 shang4 fang1 bao3 jian4
imperial sword (giving bearer plenipotentiary powers); imperial Chinese version of 007 licensed to kill

尚方宝剑 尚方寶劍 shang4 fang1 bao3 jian4
variant of 尚方劍|尚方剑; imperial sword (giving bearer arbitrary powers); in fiction, Chinese version of 007's license to kill

尚方剑 尚方劍 shang4 fang1 jian4
imperial sword (giving bearer arbitrary powers); in fiction, Chinese version of 007's license to kill

什么地方 什麼地方 shen2 me5 di4 fang5
somewhere; someplace; where

生活方式 生活方式 sheng1 huo2 fang1 shi4
way of life; lifestyle

收方 收方 shou1 fang1
receiving party; recipient; debit side (of balance sheet), as opposed to credit side 付方

双百方针 雙百方針 shuang1 bai3 fang1 zhen1
refers to 百花運動|百花运动 with its slogan 百花齊放,百家爭鳴|百花齐放,百家争鸣

双方 雙方 shuang1 fang1
bilateral; both sides; both parties involved

双方同意 雙方同意 shuang1 fang1 tong2 yi4
bilateral agreement

水立方 水立方 shui3 li4 fang1
Water Cube, nickname of Beijing national aquatics center 北京國家游泳中心|北京国家游泳中心, swimming venue of Beijing 2008 Olympic games

四方 四方 si4 fang1
four-way; four-sided; in all directions; everywhere

四方步 四方步 si4 fang1 bu4
a slow march

四方脸 四方臉 si4 fang1 lian3
square-jawed face

四方帽 四方帽 si4 fang1 mao4
see 方帽

四方区 四方區 si4 fang1 qu1
Sifang district of Qingdao city 青島市|青岛市, Shandong

四方台 四方臺 si4 fang1 tai2
Sifangtai district of Shuangyashan city 雙鴨山|双鸭山, Heilongjiang

四方台区 四方臺區 si4 fang1 tai2 qu1
Sifangtai district of Shuangyashan city 雙鴨山|双鸭山, Heilongjiang

四面八方 四面八方 si4 mian4 ba1 fang1
in all directions; all around; far and near

塌方 塌方 ta1 fang1
to cave in; to collapse; landslide

坍方 坍方 tan1 fang1
to collapse; landslide

天方 天方 tian1 fang1
(old) Arabia; Arabian

天方夜谭 天方夜譚 tian1 fang1 ye4 tan2
The Arabian Nights (classic story)

天方夜谭 天方夜譚 tian1 fang1 ye4 tan2
fantasy story

天各一方 天各一方 tian1 ge4 yi1 fang1
(of relatives or friends) to live far apart from each other

投保方 投保方 tou2 bao3 fang1
policyholder (insurance)

外圆内方 外圓內方 wai4 yuan2 nei4 fang1
lit. outside-flexible, inside-firm (idiom); fig. velvet glove

微分方程 微分方程 wei1 fen1 fang1 cheng2
differential equation (math.)

我方 我方 wo3 fang1
our side; we

五方 五方 wu3 fang1
five directions, namely: east 東|东, south 南, west 西, north 北 and middle 中

西北方 西北方 xi1 bei3 fang1
northwest; northwestern

西方 西方 xi1 fang1
the West; the Occident; Western countries

西方滨鹬 西方濱鷸 xi1 fang1 bin1 yu4
(bird species of China) western sandpiper (Calidris mauri)

西方极乐世界 西方極樂世界 xi1 fang1 ji2 le4 shi4 jie4
Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss or Sukhavati (Sanskrit)

西方马脑炎病毒 西方馬腦炎病毒 xi1 fang1 ma3 nao3 yan2 bing4 du2
western equine encephalitis (WEE) virus

西方狍 西方狍 xi1 fang1 pao2
roe deer; capreolus capreolus

西方人 西方人 xi1 fang1 ren2
Westerner; Occidental

西方松鸡 西方松雞 xi1 fang1 song1 ji1
(bird species of China) western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus)

西方秧鸡 西方秧雞 xi1 fang1 yang1 ji1
(bird species of China) water rail (Rallus aquaticus)

遐方 遐方 xia2 fang1
distant places; distant lands

下方 下方 xia4 fang1
underneath; below; the underside; world of mortals; to descend to the world of mortals (of Gods)

下风方向 下風方向 xia4 feng1 fang1 xiang4

仙方 仙方 xian1 fang1
prescription of elixir; potion of immortality; potion prescribed by an immortal

仙方儿 仙方兒 xian1 fang1 er5
erhua variant of 仙方

线性方程 線性方程 xian4 xing4 fang1 cheng2
linear equation (math.)

想方设法 想方設法 xiang3 fang1 she4 fa3
to think up every possible method (idiom); to devise ways and means; to try this, that and the other

协方差 協方差 xie2 fang1 cha1
(statistics) covariance

斜方肌 斜方肌 xie2 fang1 ji1
trapezius muscle (of the upper back and neck)

斜方型 斜方型 xie2 fang1 xing2
trapezium (geometry)

行动方案 行動方案 xing2 dong4 fang1 an4
program of action

薛定谔方程 薛定諤方程 xue1 ding4 e4 fang1 cheng2
Schrödinger's wave equation

血气方刚 血氣方剛 xue4 qi4 fang1 gang1
full of sap (idiom); young and vigorous

眼观六路耳听八方 眼觀六路耳聽八方 yan3 guan1 liu4 lu4 er3 ting1 ba1 fang1
lit. the eyes watch six roads and the ears listen in all directions; to be observant and alert (idiom)

眼观四处,耳听八方 眼觀四處,耳聽八方 yan3 guan1 si4 chu4 - er3 ting1 ba1 fang1
see 眼觀四面,耳聽八方|眼观四面,耳听八方

眼观四面,耳听八方 眼觀四面,耳聽八方 yan3 guan1 si4 mian4 - er3 ting1 ba1 fang1
lit. the eyes observe all sides and the ears listen in all directions (idiom); fig. to be observant and alert

验方 驗方 yan4 fang1
a tried and tested medical prescription

药方 藥方 yao4 fang1

药方儿 藥方兒 yao4 fang1 er5
erhua variant of 藥方|药方

一次方程 一次方程 yi1 ci4 fang1 cheng2
linear equation

一次方程式 一次方程式 yi1 ci4 fang1 cheng2 shi4
linear equation (math.)

一方 一方 yi1 fang1
a party (in a contract or legal case); one side; area; region

一方面 一方面 yi1 fang1 mian4
on the one hand

一级方程式 一級方程式 yi1 ji2 fang1 cheng2 shi4
Formula One

一醉方休 一醉方休 yi1 zui4 fang1 xiu1
to get thoroughly drunk (idiom); to get plastered

贻笑大方 貽笑大方 yi2 xiao4 da4 fang1
to make a fool of oneself; to make oneself a laughing stock

贻笑方家 貽笑方家 yi2 xiao4 fang1 jia1
a novice making a fool of himself; to make oneself ridiculous before experts

乙方 乙方 yi3 fang1
second party (law); see also 甲方

有方 有方 you3 fang1
to do things right; to use the correct method

有关各方 有關各方 you3 guan1 ge4 fang1
all parties involved

右方 右方 you4 fang1
right-hand side

盂方水方 盂方水方 yu2 fang1 shui3 fang1
If the basin is square, the water in it will also be square. (idiom)

与人方便,自己方便 與人方便,自己方便 yu3 ren2 fang1 bian4 - zi4 ji3 fang1 bian4
Help others, and others may help you (idiom).

圆凿方枘 圓鑿方枘 yuan2 zao2 fang1 rui4
see 方枘圓鑿|方枘圆凿

远方 遠方 yuan3 fang1
far away; a distant location

远方来鸿 遠方來鴻 yuan3 fang1 lai2 hong2
letter from afar (literary)

运动方程 運動方程 yun4 dong4 fang1 cheng2
equations of motion

运算方法 運算方法 yun4 suan4 fang1 fa3
rules of arithmetic

运行方式 運行方式 yun4 xing2 fang1 shi4
operating method; running mode

在下方 在下方 zai4 xia4 fang1

占地方 占地方 zhan4 di4 fang5
to take up space

轸方 軫方 zhen3 fang1
square; four-square

正方体 正方體 zheng4 fang1 ti3
a rectangular parallelepiped

正方向 正方向 zheng4 fang1 xiang4

正方形 正方形 zheng4 fang1 xing2

直方图 直方圖 zhi2 fang1 tu2
histogram; bar chart

执政方式 執政方式 zhi2 zheng4 fang1 shi4
governing method

指挥有方,人人乐从 指揮有方,人人樂從 zhi3 hui1 you3 fang1 - ren2 ren2 le4 cong2
Command right and you will be obeyed cheerfully. (idiom)

志在四方 志在四方 zhi4 zai4 si4 fang1
to aspire to travel far and make one's mark (idiom)

中方 中方 zhong1 fang1
the Chinese side (in an international venture)

中方县 中方縣 zhong1 fang1 xian4
Zhongfang county in Huaihua 懷化|怀化, Hunan

中国北方工业公司 中國北方工業公司 zhong1 guo2 bei3 fang1 gong1 ye4 gong1 si1
China North Industries Corporation (Norinco)

中国东方航空 中國東方航空 zhong1 guo2 dong1 fang1 hang2 kong1
China Eastern Airlines

助记方法 助記方法 zhu4 ji4 fang1 fa3
mnemonic method

资方 資方 zi1 fang1
the owners of a private enterprise; management; capital (as opposed to labor)

总方针 總方針 zong3 fang1 zhen1
general policy; overall guidelines