not yet; did not; have not; not; 8th earthly branch: 1-3 p.m., 6th solar month (7th July-6th August), year of the Sheep; ancient Chinese compass point: 210°

strokes 5
strokes after radical 1
艾未未 艾未未 ai4 wei4 wei4
Ai Weiwei (1957-), Chinese artist active in architecture, photography, film, as well as cultural criticism and political activism

宝刀未老 寶刀未老 bao3 dao1 wei4 lao3
treasure knife does not age (idiom); old but still vigorous

兵马未动,粮草先行 兵馬未動,糧草先行 bing1 ma3 wei4 dong4 - liang2 cao3 xian1 xing2
before the troops move, fodder and provisions go first (idiom); logistics comes before military maneuvers; an army marches on its stomach

长乐未央 長樂未央 chang2 le4 wei4 yang1
endless happiness (idiom)

从未 從未 cong2 wei4

丁未 丁未 ding1 wei4
forty fourth year D8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1967 or 2027

方兴未艾 方興未艾 fang1 xing1 wei4 ai4
flourishing and still in the ascendant (idiom); rapidly expanding; still growing strong; on the up

方兴未已 方興未已 fang1 xing1 wei4 yi3
flourishing and still in the ascendant (idiom); rapidly expanding; still growing strong; on the up

方滋未艾 方滋未艾 fang1 zi1 wei4 ai4
flourishing and still in the ascendant (idiom); rapidly expanding; still growing strong; on the up

防患未萌 防患未萌 fang2 huan4 wei4 meng2
to prevent a disaster before the event (idiom); to nip sth in the bud

防患未然 防患未然 fang2 huan4 wei4 ran2
to prevent troubles before the event (idiom); to forestall; to nip sth in the bud

防患于未然 防患於未然 fang2 huan4 yu2 wei4 ran2
see 防患未然

飞出个未来 飛出個未來 fei1 chu1 ge5 wei4 lai2
Futurama (US TV animated series, 1999-)

亘古未有 亙古未有 gen4 gu3 wei4 you3
unprecedented; never seen since ancient times

广播和未知服务器 廣播和未知服務器 guang3 bo1 he2 wei4 zhi1 fu2 wu4 qi4
Broadcast and Unknown Server; BUS

癸未 癸未 gui3 wei4
twentieth year J8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 2003 or 2063

己未 己未 ji3 wei4
fifty sixth year F8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1979 or 2039

空穴来风未必无因 空穴來風未必無因 kong4 xue2 lai2 feng1 wei4 bi4 wu2 yin1
wind does not come from an empty cave without reason; there's no smoke without fire (idiom)

旷古未闻 曠古未聞 kuang4 gu3 wei4 wen2
never before in the whole of history (idiom); unprecedented; also written 曠古未有|旷古未有

旷古未有 曠古未有 kuang4 gu3 wei4 you3
never before in the whole of history (idiom); unprecedented

雷克雅未克 雷克雅未克 lei2 ke4 ya3 wei4 ke4
Reykjavik, capital of Iceland

利未记 利未記 li4 wei4 ji4
Book of Leviticus; Third Book of Moses

力有未逮 力有未逮 li4 you3 wei4 dai4
beyond one's reach or power (to do sth)

炼之未定 煉之未定 lian4 zhi1 wei4 ding4
to spend a long time thinking about sth while unable to reach a decision

良心未泯 良心未泯 liang2 xin1 wei4 min3
not totally heartless; still having a shred of conscience

前所未见 前所未見 qian2 suo3 wei4 jian4
unprecedented; never seen before

前所未闻 前所未聞 qian2 suo3 wei4 wen2
unheard-of; unprecedented

前所未有 前所未有 qian2 suo3 wei4 you3

前途未卜 前途未卜 qian2 tu2 wei4 bu3
hanging in the balance; the future is hard to forecast; ¿Qué serà?; who knows what the future holds?

前缘未了 前緣未了 qian2 yuan2 wei4 liao3
one's predestined fate is yet to be fulfilled (idiom)

乳臭未干 乳臭未乾 ru3 xiu4 wei4 gan1
smell of mother's milk not yet dried (idiom); immature and inexperienced; still wet behind the ears

杀人未遂 殺人未遂 sha1 ren2 wei4 sui4
attempted murder

善有善报,恶有恶报,若然不报时晨未到 善有善報,惡有惡報,若然不報時晨未到 shan4 you3 shan4 bao4 - e4 you3 e4 bao4 - ruo4 ran2 bu4 bao4 shi2 chen2 wei4 dao4
Good has its reward and evil has its recompense. The payback is just a matter of time

尚未 尚未 shang4 wei4
not yet; still not

尚未解决 尚未解決 shang4 wei4 jie3 jue2
unsolved; as yet unsettled

涉世未深 涉世未深 she4 shi4 wei4 shen1
unpracticed; inexperienced; naive; unsophisticated

时辰未到 時辰未到 shi2 chen5 wei4 dao4
the time has not yet come

始料未及 始料未及 shi3 liao4 wei4 ji2
not expected at the outset (idiom); unforeseen; to be surprised by the turn of events

为时未晚 為時未晚 wei2 shi2 wei4 wan3
it is not too late (idiom)

未艾 未艾 wei4 ai4
(literary) not having come to its term

未报 未報 wei4 bao4
unavenged; still demanding retribution

未必 未必 wei4 bi4
not necessarily; maybe not

未必见得 未必見得 wei4 bi4 jian4 de2
not necessarily; that's not sure

未便 未便 wei4 bian4
not in a position to

未卜 未卜 wei4 bu3
not foreseen; unpredictable; not on the cards

未卜先知 未卜先知 wei4 bu3 xian1 zhi1
predictable; sth one can predict without being a clairvoyant

未曾 未曾 wei4 ceng2
never before

未尝 未嘗 wei4 chang2
not ever; not necessarily

未成 未成 wei4 cheng2
minor (i.e. person under 18); incomplete; unachieved; failed; abortive

未成冠 未成冠 wei4 cheng2 guan1
minor (old usage, person under 20)

未成年人 未成年人 wei4 cheng2 nian2 ren2
minor (i.e. person under 18)

未成年者 未成年者 wei4 cheng2 nian2 zhe3
minor (not an adult)

未出货 未出貨 wei4 chu1 huo4
not yet dispatched

未处理 未處理 wei4 chu3 li3
as yet unprocessed

未达一间 未達一間 wei4 da2 yi1 jian4
differing only slightly; not much between them

未定 未定 wei4 ding4
undecided; indeterminate; still in doubt

未发货 未發貨 wei4 fa1 huo4
goods not yet dispatched

未孵 未孵 wei4 fu1

未敢苟同 未敢苟同 wei4 gan3 gou3 tong2
can't agree with

未冠 未冠 wei4 guan1
minor (old usage, person under 20)

未果 未果 wei4 guo3
to fail to eventuate; (verb suffix) to be unsuccessful in ...ing

未遑多让 未遑多讓 wei4 huang2 duo1 rang4
see 不遑多讓|不遑多让

未婚 未婚 wei4 hun1

未婚夫 未婚夫 wei4 hun1 fu1

未婚妻 未婚妻 wei4 hun1 qi1

未及 未及 wei4 ji2
to not have had time; to have not yet; not to touch upon

未几 未幾 wei4 ji3
soon; before long

未结束 未結束 wei4 jie2 shu4
unfinished; unresolved

未解 未解 wei4 jie3
unsolved (problem)

未解决 未解決 wei4 jie3 jue2
unsolved; as yet unsettled

未解之谜 未解之謎 wei4 jie3 zhi1 mi2
unsolved mystery

未经 未經 wei4 jing1
not having undergone; without (having gone though a certain process)

未经证实 未經證實 wei4 jing1 zheng4 shi2

未竟 未竟 wei4 jing4
unfinished; incomplete

未竟之志 未竟之志 wei4 jing4 zhi1 zhi4
unfulfilled ambition

未决 未決 wei4 jue2
as yet undecided; unsolved; still outstanding

未决定 未決定 wei4 jue2 ding4

未可 未可 wei4 ke3

未可厚非 未可厚非 wei4 ke3 hou4 fei1
not to be censured too strictly (idiom); not altogether inexcusable; understandable

未可同日而语 未可同日而語 wei4 ke3 tong2 ri4 er2 yu3
lit. mustn't speak of two things on the same day (idiom); not to be mentioned in the same breath; incomparable

未来 未來 wei4 lai2
future; tomorrow; approaching; coming; pending

未来派 未來派 wei4 lai2 pai4
Futurism (artistic and social movement of the 20th century)

未来式 未來式 wei4 lai2 shi4
future tense

未来学 未來學 wei4 lai2 xue2
future studies

未来业绩 未來業績 wei4 lai2 ye4 ji4
future yield (of investment)

未来主义 未來主義 wei4 lai2 zhu3 yi4
Futurism (artistic and social movement of the 20th century)

未老先衰 未老先衰 wei4 lao3 xian1 shuai1
to age prematurely

未了 未了 wei4 liao3
unfinished; outstanding (business); unfulfilled

未料 未料 wei4 liao4
to not anticipate; to not expect; unanticipated; unexpected

未免 未免 wei4 mian3
unavoidably; can't help; really; rather

未名 未名 wei4 ming2
unnamed; unidentified

未命名 未命名 wei4 ming4 ming2
untitled; unnamed; no name; nameless; unknown name

未能 未能 wei4 neng2
cannot; to fail to; unable to

未能免俗 未能免俗 wei4 neng2 mian3 su2
unable to break the custom (idiom); bound by conventions

未签字者 未簽字者 wei4 qian1 zi4 zhe3

未娶 未娶 wei4 qu3
a bachelor; an unmarried man

未娶妻 未娶妻 wei4 qu3 qi1
not yet married; bachelor

未确定 未確定 wei4 que4 ding4

未然 未然 wei4 ran2
in advance; before it happens (cf preventative measures); forestalling

未删节版 未刪節版 wei4 shan1 jie2 ban3
unabridged edition; uncut edition

未时 未時 wei4 shi2
1-3 pm (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times)

未始 未始 wei4 shi3
not necessarily; may not turn out to be; maybe not

未受精 未受精 wei4 shou4 jing1
unfertilized (of ova, not soil)

未受影响 未受影響 wei4 shou4 ying3 xiang3
unaffected; not inconvenienced

未熟 未熟 wei4 shu2

未遂 未遂 wei4 sui4
unsuccessful (attempt); attempted (murder, suicide)

未提及 未提及 wei4 ti2 ji2
not mentioned

未完成 未完成 wei4 wan2 cheng2
imperfect; incomplete

未亡人 未亡人 wei4 wang2 ren2
a widow (a widow's way of referring to herself in former times)

未武装 未武裝 wei4 wu3 zhuang1

未详 未詳 wei4 xiang2
unknown; unclear

未央 未央 wei4 yang1
Weiyang District of Xi’an 西安市, Shaanxi

未央 未央 wei4 yang1
(literary) not ended; not yet over; close to the end

未央区 未央區 wei4 yang1 qu1
Weiyang District of Xi’an 西安市, Shaanxi

未羊 未羊 wei4 yang2
Year 8, year of the Ram (e.g. 2003)

未有 未有 wei4 you3
is not; has never been; never occurring; unprecedented

未雨绸缪 未雨綢繆 wei4 yu3 chou2 mou2
lit. before it rains, bind around with silk (idiom, from Book of Songs 詩經|诗经); fig. to plan ahead; to prepare for a rainy day

未折现 未折現 wei4 zhe2 xian4
undiscounted; full price

未知 未知 wei4 zhi1

未知数 未知數 wei4 zhi1 shu4
unknown quantity

未知数儿 未知數兒 wei4 zhi1 shu4 er5
erhua variant of 未知數|未知数

未置可否 未置可否 wei4 zhi4 ke3 fou3
to refuse to comment; same as 不置可否

闻所未闻 聞所未聞 wen2 suo3 wei4 wen2
unheard of; an extremely rare and unprecedented event

小时了了,大未必佳 小時了了,大未必佳 xiao3 shi2 liao3 liao3 - da4 wei4 bi4 jia1
being bright at an early age does not necessarily bring success upon growing up (proverb)

辛未 辛未 xin1 wei4
eight year H8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1991 or 2051

悬而未决 懸而未決 xuan2 er2 wei4 jue2
pending a decision; hanging in the balance

一波未平,一波又起 一波未平,一波又起 yi1 bo1 wei4 ping2 - yi1 bo1 you4 qi3
before the first wave subsides, a new wave rises (idiom); a new problem arises before the old is solved; many twists and turns to a story; one thing after another

乙未 乙未 yi3 wei4
thirty second year B8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1955 or 2015

意犹未尽 意猶未盡 yi4 you2 wei4 jin4
to wish to continue sth; to have not fully expressed oneself

犹未为晚 猶未為晚 you2 wei4 wei2 wan3
it is not too late (idiom)

余怒未息 餘怒未息 yu2 nu4 wei4 xi1
to be still angry

远未解决 遠未解決 yuan3 wei4 jie3 jue2
far from solved

榛狉未改 榛狉未改 zhen1 pi1 wei4 gai3
primitive state

稚气未脱 稚氣未脫 zhi4 qi4 wei4 tuo1
still possessing the innocence of childhood (idiom)

治未病 治未病 zhi4 wei4 bing4
preventative treatment (medicine)

作者未详 作者未詳 zuo4 zhe3 wei4 xiang2
anonymous author