board; plank; plate; shutter; table tennis bat; clappers (music); accented beat in Chinese music; hard; stiff; to stop smiling or look serious

see 老闆|老板, boss

to catch sight of in a doorway (old)

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
挨板子 挨板子 ai2 ban3 zi5
to suffer beating; fig. to be severely criticized; to take a hammering

案板 案板 an4 ban3
kneading or chopping board

凹板 凹板 ao1 ban3
intaglio; gravure

白板 白板 bai2 ban3
whiteboard; tabula rasa; blank slate

白板笔 白板筆 bai2 ban3 bi3
whiteboard marker; dry-erase marker

板板 板板 ban3 ban3

板板六十四 板板六十四 ban3 ban3 liu4 shi2 si4
unaccommodating; rigid

板壁 板壁 ban3 bi4
wooden partition

板擦 板擦 ban3 ca1
blackboard eraser

板擦儿 板擦兒 ban3 ca1 er5
blackboard eraser

板车 板車 ban3 che1
handcart; flatbed cart; flatbed tricycle

板凳 板凳 ban3 deng4
wooden bench or stool

板儿爷 板兒爺 ban3 er5 ye2
(coll.) pedicab driver

板房 板房 ban3 fang2
temporary housing built with wooden planks or other makeshift materials

板斧 板斧 ban3 fu3
broad axe

板鼓 板鼓 ban3 gu3
small drum for marking time

板规 板規 ban3 gui1
plate gauge

板胡 板胡 ban3 hu2
a bowed stringed instrument with a thin wooden soundboard

板结 板結 ban3 jie2

板块 板塊 ban3 kuai4
block; slab; tectonic plate; continental plate

板块构造 板塊構造 ban3 kuai4 gou4 zao4
plate tectonics

板块理论 板塊理論 ban3 kuai4 li3 lun4
plate tectonics

板蓝根 板藍根 ban3 lan2 gen1
indigo woad root; root of Isatis indigotica (used in TCM)

板栗 板栗 ban3 li4
Chinese chestnut

板脸 板臉 ban3 lian3
to put on a straight, stern or blank face; to put on a poker face

板梁桥 板梁橋 ban3 liang2 qiao2
plate girder bridge

板楼 板樓 ban3 lou2
slab type building

板门店 板門店 ban3 men2 dian4
Panmunjeom, the Joint Security Area in the Korean demilitarized zone

板门店停战村 板門店停戰村 ban3 men2 dian4 ting2 zhan4 cun1
Panmunjom village on the DMZ between North and South Korea

板皮 板皮 ban3 pi2

板桥 板橋 ban3 qiao2
Banqiao or Panchiao city in Taiwan

板桥市 板橋市 ban3 qiao2 shi4
Banqiao or Panchiao city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan

板球 板球 ban3 qiu2
cricket (ball game)

板上钉钉 板上釘釘 ban3 shang4 ding4 ding1
that clinches it; that's final; no two ways about it

板式塔 板式塔 ban3 shi4 ta3
distillation tower; bubble tower; plate column

板书 板書 ban3 shu1
to write on the blackboard; writing on the blackboard

板刷 板刷 ban3 shua1
scrubbing brush

板条 板條 ban3 tiao2

板条箱 板條箱 ban3 tiao2 xiang1

板鸭 板鴨 ban3 ya1
pressed (dried) salted duck

板牙 板牙 ban3 ya2
incisor; molar; screw die; threading die

板烟 板煙 ban3 yan1
plug (of tobacco)

板岩 板岩 ban3 yan2

板眼 板眼 ban3 yan3
measure in traditional Chinese music; orderliness

板油 板油 ban3 you2
leaf fat; leaf lard

板羽球 板羽球 ban3 yu3 qiu2
battledore and shuttlecock; shuttlecock

板扎 板扎 ban3 zha1
(dialect) awesome; excellent

板纸 板紙 ban3 zhi3
paperboard; board

板滞 板滯 ban3 zhi4
stiff; dull

板砖 板磚 ban3 zhuan1
(dialect) wall brick

板桩 板樁 ban3 zhuang1
sheet pile

板状 板狀 ban3 zhuang4

板子 板子 ban3 zi5
board; plank; bamboo or birch for corporal punishment

半月板 半月板 ban4 yue4 ban3
meniscus (anatomy)

薄板 薄板 bao2 ban3
metal sheet; lamina

刨花板 刨花板 bao4 hua1 ban3
particle board; chipboard

背板 背板 bei4 ban3
panel; back panel

菜板 菜板 cai4 ban3
chopping board; cutting board

插线板 插線板 cha1 xian4 ban3
power strip; powerboard (with multiple electrical sockets)

场记板 場記板 chang3 ji4 ban3
clapper board

冲浪板 衝浪板 chong1 lang4 ban3
surfboard; paddleboard

触控板 觸控板 chu4 kong4 ban3

触摸板 觸摸板 chu4 mo1 ban3
touchpad; trackpad

创业板上市 創業板上市 chuang4 ye4 ban3 shang4 shi4
Growth Enterprise Markets (GEM)

搓板 搓板 cuo1 ban3
washboard; (slang) flat-chested (woman)

呆板 呆板 dai1 ban3
stiff; inflexible; also pr.

单板滑雪 單板滑雪 dan1 ban3 hua2 xue3
to snowboard

单板机 單板機 dan1 ban3 ji1
single-board computer

挡泥板 擋泥板 dang3 ni2 ban3

导流板 導流板 dao3 liu2 ban3
spoiler (automotive)

地板 地板 di4 ban3

地板砖 地板磚 di4 ban3 zhuan1
floor tile

跌停板 跌停板 die1 ting2 ban3
daily lower limit on the price of a stock

顶板 頂板 ding3 ban3
roof; roof plate; rock layer forming roof of a cave or mine; abacus

短板 短板 duan3 ban3
short stave of the barrel (which allows the contents to escape); (fig.) shortcoming; weak point

发热伴血小板减少综合征 發熱伴血小板減少綜合徵 fa1 re4 ban4 xue4 xiao3 ban3 jian3 shao3 zong1 he2 zheng1
severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS)

帆板 帆板 fan1 ban3
sailboard; windsurfing

飞行甲板 飛行甲板 fei1 xing2 jia3 ban3
flight deck

粉板 粉板 fen3 ban3
blackboard; painted board on which to make temporary notes with brush pen

封檐板 封檐板 feng1 yan2 ban3
barge board; weather board; eaves board (construction)

符板 符板 fu2 ban3
a charm to protect against evil spirits

钢板 鋼板 gang1 ban3
steel plate

搁板 擱板 ge1 ban3

搁脚板 擱腳板 ge1 jiao3 ban3

隔断板 隔斷板 ge2 duan4 ban3
partition board

古板 古板 gu3 ban3
out-moded; old-fashioned; inflexible

鼓板 鼓板 gu3 ban3

龟板 龜板 gui1 ban3
tortoise plastron; turtle shell

黑板 黑板 hei1 ban3

骺软骨板 骺軟骨板 hou2 ruan3 gu3 ban3
epiphyseal plate; growth plate (bone)

后挡板 後擋板 hou4 dang3 ban3

后甲板 後甲板 hou4 jia3 ban3

滑板 滑板 hua2 ban3

滑雪板 滑雪板 hua2 xue3 ban3
ski; snowboard

划线板 劃線板 hua4 xian4 ban3
ruler (used for drawing lines)

活板 活板 huo2 ban3

活动看板 活動看板 huo2 dong4 kan4 ban3
calendar of events

基板 基板 ji1 ban3

急板 急板 ji2 ban3
(music) presto

枷板 枷板 jia1 ban3
cangue; fig. difficult situation

夹板 夾板 jia1 ban3
splint; clamp; vise (as torture instrument)

加速踏板 加速踏板 jia1 su4 ta4 ban3
accelerator pedal

甲板 甲板 jia3 ban3
deck (of a boat etc)

剪贴板 剪貼板 jian3 tie1 ban3
clipboard (computing)

胶合板 膠合板 jiao1 he2 ban3

脚板 腳板 jiao3 ban3
the sole of the foot

脚踏板 腳踏板 jiao3 ta4 ban3
pedal; treadle; (motor scooter) floorboard

叫板 叫板 jiao4 ban3
to signal the musicians (in Chinese opera, by prolonging a spoken word before attacking a song); (coll.) to challenge

节流踏板 節流踏板 jie2 liu2 ta4 ban3
throttle pedal; accelerator

金属板 金屬板 jin1 shu3 ban3
metal plate

救生艇甲板 救生艇甲板 jiu4 sheng1 ting3 jia3 ban3
boat deck (upper deck on which lifeboats are stored)

看板 看板 kan4 ban3

刻板 刻板 ke4 ban3
stiff; inflexible; mechanical; stubborn; to cut blocks for printing

刻板印象 刻板印象 ke4 ban3 yin4 xiang4

快板 快板 kuai4 ban3

快板儿 快板兒 kuai4 ban3 er5
clapper talk; patter song (in opera) with clapperboard accompaniment

篮板 籃板 lan2 ban3

篮板球 籃板球 lan2 ban3 qiu2
rebound (basketball)

老板 老板 lao3 ban3
variant of 老闆|老板

老板 老闆 lao3 ban3
Robam (brand)

老板 老闆 lao3 ban3
boss; business proprietor

老板娘 老闆娘 lao3 ban3 niang2
female proprietor; lady boss; boss's wife

老古板 老古板 lao3 gu3 ban3
overly conservative; old-fashioned; old fogey; a square

离合板 離合板 li2 he2 ban3
clutch pedal

楼板 樓板 lou2 ban3
floor; floor (ie. metal plate, concrete slab, wooden planking etc)

慢板 慢板 man4 ban3
slow tempo; adagio

面板 面板 mian4 ban3
panel; faceplate

面板 麵板 mian4 ban3
kneading board; breadboard

模块板 模塊板 mo2 kuai4 ban3
module board

模板 模板 mu2 ban3
template; (architecture) formwork

母板 母板 mu3 ban3

木板 木板 mu4 ban3
slab; board; plank

拍板 拍板 pai1 ban3
clapper-board; auctioneer's hammer; to beat time with clappers

拼板 拼板 pin1 ban3

拼板胶 拼板膠 pin1 ban3 jiao1
laminating glue

拼板玩具 拼板玩具 pin1 ban3 wan2 ju4
jigsaw puzzle; wood block puzzle

拼板游戏 拼板遊戲 pin1 ban3 you2 xi4
jigsaw puzzle; wood block puzzle

拼花地板 拼花地板 pin1 hua1 di4 ban3
floor with tiled design

平板 平板 ping2 ban3
slab; plate; dull; monotonous; tablet (computer)

平板车 平板車 ping2 ban3 che1
handcart; trolley; flatbed truck

平板电脑 平板電腦 ping2 ban3 dian4 nao3
tablet computer (iPad, Android devices etc)

平板手机 平板手機 ping2 ban3 shou3 ji1
phablet (hybrid between a smart phone and a tablet)

铺板 鋪板 pu4 ban3

七巧板 七巧板 qi1 qiao3 ban3
tangram (traditional Chinese block puzzle)

前甲板 前甲板 qian2 jia3 ban3
forward deck (of a boat)

强音踏板 強音踏板 qiang2 yin1 ta4 ban3
loud pedal (on piano); sustaining pedal

跷跷板 蹺蹺板 qiao1 qiao1 ban3

翘板 翹板 qiao4 ban3
a see-saw

翘翘板 翹翹板 qiao4 qiao4 ban3
see-saw; also written 蹺蹺板|跷跷板

扰流板 擾流板 rao3 liu2 ban3
spoiler (automotive or aeronautical)

弱音踏板 弱音踏板 ruo4 yin1 ta4 ban3
soft pedal (on piano); una corda pedal

三角板 三角板 san1 jiao3 ban3
set square; triangle (for drawing right angles)

散板 散板 san3 ban3
to fall apart; opera section in free rhythm

舢板 舢板 shan1 ban3
sampan; also written 舢舨

稍快板 稍快板 shao1 kuai4 ban3

身板 身板 shen1 ban3
body; physique; physical condition

身板儿 身板兒 shen1 ban3 er5
erhua variant of 身板

石板 石板 shi2 ban3
slab; flagstone; slate

石板路 石板路 shi2 ban3 lu4
road or pavement laid with flagstones

石板瓦 石板瓦 shi2 ban3 wa3
slate tile

石膏墙板 石膏牆板 shi2 gao1 qiang2 ban3
drywall; gypsum wallboard; plasterboard

手板葫芦 手板葫蘆 shou3 ban3 hu2 lu5
lever pulley block

受夹板气 受夾板氣 shou4 jia1 ban3 qi4
to be attacked by both sides in a quarrel; to be caught in the crossfire

书板 書板 shu1 ban3
(writing) tablet

水底写字板 水底寫字板 shui3 di3 xie3 zi4 ban3
underwater writing tablet

死板 死板 si3 ban3
rigid; inflexible

踏板 踏板 ta4 ban3
pedal (in a car, on a piano etc); treadle; footstool; footrest; footboard

踏板车 踏板車 ta4 ban3 che1

踏板摩托车 踏板摩托車 ta4 ban3 mo2 tuo1 che1

太阳电池板 太陽電池板 tai4 yang2 dian4 chi2 ban3
solar panel

太阳能板 太陽能板 tai4 yang2 neng2 ban3
solar panel

弹跳板 彈跳板 tan2 tiao4 ban3

烫衣板 燙衣板 tang4 yi1 ban3
ironing board

梯板 梯板 ti1 ban3
gangplank; gangway

踢脚板 踢腳板 ti1 jiao3 ban3
baseboard; skirting board

天花板 天花板 tian1 hua1 ban3

挑口板 挑口板 tiao1 kou3 ban3
fascia; eaves board

条板箱 條板箱 tiao2 ban3 xiang1

调色板 調色板 tiao2 se4 ban3

跳板 跳板 tiao4 ban3
springboard; jumping-off point; gangplank

铁板 鐵板 tie3 ban3
iron panel; hot iron plate for fast grilling (Japanese: teppan)

铁板牛柳 鐵板牛柳 tie3 ban3 niu2 liu3
fillet beef teppanyaki (fast grilled on hot iron plate)

铁板牛肉 鐵板牛肉 tie3 ban3 niu2 rou4
beef grilled on a hot iron plate

铁板茄子 鐵板茄子 tie3 ban3 qie2 zi5
iron pan eggplant (typical Northern-Chinese dish)

铁板烧 鐵板燒 tie3 ban3 shao1

停板制度 停板制度 ting2 ban3 zhi4 du4
system of circuit breakers; limit up, limit down system (finance)

艇甲板 艇甲板 ting3 jia3 ban3
boat deck (upper deck on which lifeboats are stored)

通灵板 通靈板 tong1 ling2 ban3
Ouija board

铜板 銅板 tong2 ban3
copper coin

拖地板 拖地板 tuo1 di4 ban3
to mop the floor

洗衣板 洗衣板 xi3 yi1 ban3
washboard; (jocularly) flat chest

显示板 顯示板 xian3 shi4 ban3
information screen

响板 響板 xiang3 ban3
castanets (music)

行板 行板 xing2 ban3
andante; at a walking pace

型板 型板 xing2 ban3

雪板 雪板 xue3 ban3
snowboard; to snowboard

血小板 血小板 xue4 xiao3 ban3
blood platelet

压舌板 壓舌板 ya1 she2 ban3
tongue depressor; spatula

压板 壓板 ya4 ban3
vise jaw; press board (machine); see-saw

样板 樣板 yang4 ban3
template; prototype; model; example

样板戏 樣板戲 yang4 ban3 xi4
model theater (operas and ballets produced during the Cultural Revolution)

腰板 腰板 yao1 ban3
waist and back; fig. upright and still healthy

叶子板 葉子板 ye4 zi5 ban3
(Taiwan) fender (automotive)

一板三眼 一板三眼 yi1 ban3 san1 yan3
lit. one strong beat and three weak beats in a measure of music (four beats in the bar) (idiom); fig. scrupulous attention to detail

一板一眼 一板一眼 yi1 ban3 yi1 yan3
lit. one strong beat and one weak beats in a measure of music (two beats in the bar) (idiom); fig. follow a prescribed pattern to the letter; scrupulous attention to detail

翼子板 翼子板 yi4 zi5 ban3
(PRC) fender (automotive)

印刷电路板 印刷電路板 yin4 shua1 dian4 lu4 ban3
printed circuit board

印制电路板 印製電路板 yin4 zhi4 dian4 lu4 ban3
printed circuit board

有板有眼 有板有眼 you3 ban3 you3 yan3
orderly; methodical; rythmical

鱼尾板 魚尾板 yu2 wei3 ban3
fishplate (in railway engineering)

栈板 棧板 zhan4 ban3

涨停板 漲停板 zhang3 ting2 ban3
daily upper limit on the price of a stock

遮护板 遮護板 zhe1 hu4 ban3
shield; protective board

遮阳板 遮陽板 zhe1 yang2 ban3
sun visor; sunshade; sunshading board

砧板 砧板 zhen1 ban3
chopping board or block

正儿八板 正兒八板 zheng4 er2 ba1 ban3
earnest; authentic

正经八板 正經八板 zheng4 jing1 ba1 ban3
see 正經八百|正经八百

直发板 直髮板 zhi2 fa4 ban3
see 直髮器|直发器

纸板 紙板 zhi3 ban3

制动踏板 制動踏板 zhi4 dong4 ta4 ban3
brake pedal

中板 中板 zhong1 ban3

中控面板 中控面板 zhong1 kong4 mian4 ban3
center dash console; central dashboard

中密度纤维板 中密度纖維板 zhong1 mi4 du4 xian1 wei2 ban3
medium-density fiberboard (MDF); abbr. to 中纖板|中纤板

竹板 竹板 zhu2 ban3
bamboo clapper boards used in folk theater

主板 主板 zhu3 ban3
motherboard (computing)

主机板 主機板 zhu3 ji1 ban3

桌椅板凳 桌椅板凳 zhuo1 yi3 ban3 deng4
chairs and tables; household furniture

走板 走板 zou3 ban3
to be off the beat; to sound awful (of singing); (fig.) to wander off the topic; (diving) to step toward the end of the board; approach

坐冷板凳 坐冷板凳 zuo4 leng3 ban3 deng4
to hold an inconsequential job; to receive a cold reception; to be kept waiting for an assignment or audience; to be out in the cold; to be sidelined; to warm the bench; to cool one's heels