correct; right; so; thus; like this; -ly

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
蔼然 藹然 ai3 ran2
amicable; amiable

安然 安然 an1 ran2
safely; peacefully; at a rest

安然无恙 安然無恙 an1 ran2 wu2 yang4
safe and sound (idiom); to come out unscathed (e.g. from an accident or illness)

黯然 黯然 an4 ran2
dim; sad

岸然 岸然 an4 ran2
solemn; serious

黯然失色 黯然失色 an4 ran2 shi1 se4
to lose one's splendor; to lose luster; to be eclipsed; to be overshadowed

黯然销魂 黯然銷魂 an4 ran2 xiao1 hun2
overwhelming sadness (idiom); sorrow at parting

昂然 昂然 ang2 ran2
upright and unafraid

盎然 盎然 ang4 ran2
abundant; full; overflowing; exuberant

傲然 傲然 ao4 ran2
loftily; proudly; unyieldingly

白水江自然保护区 白水江自然保護區 bai2 shui3 jiang1 zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1
Baishuijiang Nature Reserve, Gansu

必然 必然 bi4 ran2
inevitable; certain; necessity

必然结果 必然結果 bi4 ran2 jie2 guo3
inevitable outcome; inescapable consequence

必然王国 必然王國 bi4 ran2 wang2 guo2
realm of necessity (philosophy)

炳然 炳然 bing3 ran2
to be manifest for everyone to see

勃然 勃然 bo2 ran2
agitatedly; excitedly; vigorously

勃然变色 勃然變色 bo2 ran2 bian4 se4
to suddenly change color showing displeasure, bewilderment etc

不期然而然 不期然而然 bu4 qi1 ran2 er2 ran2
happen unexpectedly; turn out contrary to one's expectations

不然 不然 bu4 ran2
not so; no; or else; otherwise; if not; How about ...?

不以为然 不以為然 bu4 yi3 wei2 ran2
not to accept as correct (idiom); to object; to disapprove; to take exception to

不知其所以然 不知其所以然 bu4 zhi1 qi2 suo3 yi3 ran2
not recognized for what it is

不自然 不自然 bu4 zi4 ran2
unnatural; artificial

才然 纔然 cai2 ran2
just recently; just a moment ago; just now

惨然 慘然 can3 ran2
grieved; distressed

粲然 粲然 can4 ran2
clear and bright; with a big smile

怅怅然 悵悵然 chang4 chang4 ran2

畅然 暢然 chang4 ran2
happily; in high spirits

怅然 悵然 chang4 ran2
disappointed and frustrated

超然世事 超然世事 chao1 ran2 shi4 shi4
to consider oneself above worldly matters (idiom)

超自然 超自然 chao1 zi4 ran2

车到山前必有路,船到桥头自然直 車到山前必有路,船到橋頭自然直 che1 dao4 shan1 qian2 bi4 you3 lu4 - chuan2 dao4 qiao2 tou2 zi4 ran2 zhi2
lit. When we get to the mountain, there'll be a way through and when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current. (idiom); fig. Everything will turn out for the best.; Let's worry about it when it happens.; It will be all right on

成绩卓然 成績卓然 cheng2 ji4 zhuo2 ran2
to achieve astounding results (idiom)

诚然 誠然 cheng2 ran2
indeed; true! (I agree with you)

处之泰然 處之泰然 chu3 zhi1 tai4 ran2
see 泰然處之|泰然处之

怵然 怵然 chu4 ran2

船到桥头自然直 船到橋頭自然直 chuan2 dao4 qiao2 tou2 zi4 ran2 zhi2
lit. when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current (proverb); fig. everything will be all right; cf 車到山前必有路,船到橋頭自然直|车到山前必有路,船到桥头自然直

猝然 猝然 cu4 ran2
suddenly; abruptly

大义凛然 大義凜然 da4 yi4 lin3 ran2
devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence (idiom)

大自然 大自然 da4 zi4 ran2
nature (the natural world)

淡然 淡然 dan4 ran2
tranquil and calm; indifferent

澹然 澹然 dan4 ran2
variant of 淡然

当然 當然 dang1 ran2
only natural; as it should be; certainly; of course; without doubt

荡然 盪然 dang4 ran2
variant of 蕩然|荡然

荡然 蕩然 dang4 ran2
vanished from the face of the earth; all gone; nothing left

荡然无存 蕩然無存 dang4 ran2 wu2 cun2
to obliterate completely; to vanish from the face of the earth

道貌岸然 道貌岸然 dao4 mao4 an4 ran2
sanctimonious; dignified

定然 定然 ding4 ran2
certainly; of course

陡然 陡然 dou3 ran2
suddenly; unexpectedly; abruptly; precipitously; stumbling

端然 端然 duan1 ran2
upright; finally; unexpectedly

断然 斷然 duan4 ran2
resolute; definitive; categorically; absolutely

顿然 頓然 dun4 ran2
suddenly; abruptly

愕然 愕然 e4 ran2
stunned; amazed

幡然 幡然 fan1 ran2
to change quickly and completely; also written 翻然

翻然 翻然 fan1 ran2
to change quickly and completely; also written 幡然

幡然改图 幡然改圖 fan1 ran2 gai3 tu2
to change one's plan all of a sudden (idiom)

翻然悔悟 翻然悔悟 fan1 ran2 hui3 wu4
to see the error of one's ways; to make a clean break with one's past

反之亦然 反之亦然 fan3 zhi1 yi4 ran2
vice versa

泛自然神论 泛自然神論 fan4 zi4 ran2 shen2 lun4
pandeism, theological theory that God created the Universe and became one with it

防患未然 防患未然 fang2 huan4 wei4 ran2
to prevent troubles before the event (idiom); to forestall; to nip sth in the bud

防患于未然 防患於未然 fang2 huan4 yu2 wei4 ran2
see 防患未然

非自然 非自然 fei1 zi4 ran2
unnatural; occult

斐然 斐然 fei3 ran2
(literary) remarkable; brilliant

废然 廢然 fei4 ran2
depressed; dejected

愤然 憤然 fen4 ran2
(literary) angry; irate

怫然 怫然 fu2 ran2
angry; enraged; Taiwan pr.

嘎然 嘎然 ga1 ran2
(onom.) screech of a sudden stop; suddenly stop (of sounds); crisply and clearly (of sounds)

盖然性 蓋然性 gai4 ran2 xing4

功到自然成 功到自然成 gong1 dao4 zi4 ran2 cheng2
effort will undoubtedly lead to success (idiom)

公然 公然 gong1 ran2
openly; publicly; undisguised

公然表示 公然表示 gong1 ran2 biao3 shi4
to state openly

固然 固然 gu4 ran2
admittedly (it's true that...)

果不其然 果不其然 guo3 bu4 qi2 ran2
just as expected; told you so

果然 果然 guo3 ran2
really; sure enough; as expected; if indeed

骇然 駭然 hai4 ran2
overwhelmed with shock, horror or amazement; dumbstruck; aghast

悍然 悍然 han4 ran2
outrageous; brazen; flagrant

悍然不顾 悍然不顧 han4 ran2 bu4 gu4
outrageous and unconventional (idiom); flying in the face of (authority, convention, public opinion etc)

浩然 浩然 hao4 ran2
Hào Rán (1932-2008), journalist and proletarian novelist

浩然 浩然 hao4 ran2
vast; expansive; overwhelming

赫然 赫然 he4 ran2
with astonishment; with a shock; awe-inspiringly; impressively; furiously (angry)

轰然 轟然 hong1 ran2
loudly; with a loud bang; a loud rumble

哄然 哄然 hong1 ran2
boisterous; uproarious

忽然 忽然 hu1 ran2
suddenly; all of a sudden

哗然 譁然 hua2 ran2
variant of 嘩然|哗然

哗然 嘩然 hua2 ran2
in uproar; commotion; causing a storm of protest; tumultuous

涣然 渙然 huan4 ran2
to dissipate; to vanish

涣然冰释 渙然冰釋 huan4 ran2 bing1 shi4
to melt away (idiom); to clear up; to dissipate

焕然一新 煥然一新 huan4 ran2 yi1 xin1
to look completely new (idiom); brand new; changed beyond recognition

恍然 恍然 huang3 ran2
suddenly (understand sth); in a flash

恍然大悟 恍然大悟 huang3 ran2 da4 wu4
to suddenly realize; to suddenly see the light

恍然醒悟 恍然醒悟 huang3 ran2 xing3 wu4
a sudden realisation; to realise sth in a flash

浑然 渾然 hun2 ran2
completely; absolutely; undivided; totally mixed up; muddled

浑然不觉 渾然不覺 hun2 ran2 bu4 jue2
totally unaware

浑然不知 渾然不知 hun2 ran2 bu4 zhi1
to be totally oblivious (to sth); to have no idea about sth

浑然天成 渾然天成 hun2 ran2 tian1 cheng2
to resemble nature itself; of the highest quality (idiom)

浑然一体 渾然一體 hun2 ran2 yi1 ti3
to blend into one another; to blend together well

或然 或然 huo4 ran2

豁然 豁然 huo4 ran2
wide and open; a flash of understanding

霍然 霍然 huo4 ran2
suddenly; quickly

霍然而愈 霍然而癒 huo4 ran2 er2 yu4
to recover speedily (idiom); to get better quickly

豁然开朗 豁然開朗 huo4 ran2 kai1 lang3
suddenly opens up to a wide panorama (idiom); to come to a wide clearing; fig. everything becomes clear at once; to achieve speedy enlightenment

或然率 或然率 huo4 ran2 lv4
probability (math.)

既然 既然 ji4 ran2
since; as; this being the case

寂然 寂然 ji4 ran2
silent; quiet

戛然 戛然 jia2 ran2
(literary) to stop abruptly (of a sound); to be loud and clear

戛然而止 戛然而止 jia2 ran2 er2 zhi3
with a grunting sound it stops (idiom); to come to an end spontaneously (esp. of sound)

较然 較然 jiao4 ran2
clearly; evidently; markedly

皆然 皆然 jie1 ran2
to be all the same way (literary)

截然 截然 jie2 ran2
completely; sharply (differing)

孑然 孑然 jie2 ran2
solitary; lonely; alone

截然不同 截然不同 jie2 ran2 bu4 tong2
entirely different; different as black and white

孑然一身 孑然一身 jie2 ran2 yi1 shen1
to be all alone in the world

憬然 憬然 jing3 ran2
to be aware; to be knowing

井然 井然 jing3 ran2
tidy, methodical

井然有序 井然有序 jing3 ran2 you3 xu4
everything clear and in good order (idiom); neat and tidy

竟然 竟然 jing4 ran2
unexpectedly; to one's surprise; in spite of everything; in that crazy way; actually; to go as far as to

迥然 迥然 jiong3 ran2
vastly (different)

迥然不同 迥然不同 jiong3 ran2 bu4 tong2
widely different; utterly different

居然 居然 ju1 ran2
unexpectedly; to one's surprise; go so far as to

遽然 遽然 ju4 ran2
(literary) all of a sudden

绝然 絕然 jue2 ran2
completely; absolutely

欿然 欿然 kan3 ran2
dissatisfied; discontented; lacking happiness

溘然 溘然 ke4 ran2

铿然 鏗然 keng1 ran2
clanging; resounding

拉鲁湿地国家自然保护区 拉魯濕地國家自然保護區 la1 lu3 shi1 di4 guo2 jia1 zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1
Lhalu Wetland National Nature Reserve in Lhasa

理所当然 理所當然 li3 suo3 dang1 ran2
as it should be by rights (idiom); proper and to be expected as a matter of course; inevitable and right

栗然 慄然 li4 ran2
(literary) shivering; shuddering

了然 瞭然 liao3 ran2
to understand clearly; evident

了然 了然 liao3 ran2
to understand clearly; evident

了然于胸 了然於胸 liao3 ran2 yu2 xiong1
to be well aware of sth; to understand clearly

满坐寂然 滿坐寂然 man3 zuo4 ji4 ran2
the whole audience silent with expectation

茫然 茫然 mang2 ran2
blankly; vacantly; at a loss

茫然失措 茫然失措 mang2 ran2 shi1 cuo4
at a loss (idiom)

毛骨悚然 毛骨悚然 mao2 gu3 song3 ran2
to have one's hair stand on end (idiom); to feel one's blood run cold

贸然 貿然 mao4 ran2
rashly; hastily; without careful consideration

懑然 懣然 men4 ran2

猛然 猛然 meng3 ran2
suddenly; abruptly

孟浩然 孟浩然 meng4 hao4 ran2
Meng Haoran (689-740), Tang Dynasty Poet

邈然 邈然 miao3 ran2
distant; remote

莫不然 莫不然 mo4 bu4 ran2
equally true for (all the rest); the same thing applies (for everyone)

蓦然 驀然 mo4 ran2
suddenly; sudden

默然 默然 mo4 ran2
silent; speechless

漠然 漠然 mo4 ran2
indifferent; apathetic; cold

漠然置之 漠然置之 mo4 ran2 zhi4 zhi1
to set to one side and ignore (idiom); quite indifferent; cold and uncaring

木然 木然 mu4 ran2

偶然 偶然 ou3 ran2
incidentally; occasional; occasionally; by chance; randomly

偶然事件 偶然事件 ou3 ran2 shi4 jian4
random accident; chance event

偶然性 偶然性 ou3 ran2 xing4
chance; fortuity; serendipity

判然 判然 pan4 ran2
markedly; clearly

庞然大物 龐然大物 pang2 ran2 da4 wu4
huge monster; colossus

怦然 怦然 peng1 ran2
with a sudden shock, bang etc

怦然心动 怦然心動 peng1 ran2 xin1 dong4
palpitating with eagerness to do sth (idiom)

翩然而至 翩然而至 pian1 ran2 er2 zhi4
come trippingly

飘飘然 飄飄然 piao1 piao1 ran2
elated; light and airy feeling (after a few drinks); smug and conceited; complacent

飘然 飄然 piao1 ran2
to float in the air; swiftly; nimbly; easy and relaxed

凄然 凄然 qi1 ran2

悄然 悄然 qiao3 ran2
quietly; sorrowfully

悄然无声 悄然無聲 qiao3 ran2 wu2 sheng1
absolutely quiet

清新自然 清新自然 qing1 xin1 zi4 ran2
as fresh and clean as nature (idiom)

罄然 罄然 qing4 ran2
well disciplined

蘧然 蘧然 qu2 ran2
(literary) to be pleasantly surprised

阒然 闃然 qu4 ran2
quiet; still and silent

全然 全然 quan2 ran2

然而 然而 ran2 er2
however; yet; but

然后 然後 ran2 hou4
after; then (afterwards); after that; afterwards

然顷 然頃 ran2 qing3
in a short time; soon; before long

然则 然則 ran2 ze2
that being the case; then; in that case

任其自然 任其自然 ren4 qi2 zi4 ran2
to let things take their course (idiom); to leave it to nature; laissez-faire

仍然 仍然 reng2 ran2
still; yet

融然 融然 rong2 ran2
in harmony; happy together

若然 若然 ruo4 ran2
if; if so

撒然 撒然 sa1 ran2

飒然 颯然 sa4 ran2
soughing (of the wind)

骚然 騷然 sao1 ran2

森然 森然 sen1 ran2
(of tall trees) dense, thick; awe-inspiring

潸然泪下 潸然淚下 shan1 ran2 lei4 xia4
to shed silent tears (idiom)

善有善报,恶有恶报,若然不报时晨未到 善有善報,惡有惡報,若然不報時晨未到 shan4 you3 shan4 bao4 - e4 you3 e4 bao4 - ruo4 ran2 bu4 bao4 shi2 chen2 wei4 dao4
Good has its reward and evil has its recompense. The payback is just a matter of time

生机盎然 生機盎然 sheng1 ji1 ang4 ran2
full of life; exuberant

生气盎然 生氣盎然 sheng1 qi4 ang4 ran2
see 生機盎然|生机盎然

生意盎然 生意盎然 sheng1 yi4 ang4 ran2
see 生機盎然|生机盎然

十动然拒 十動然拒 shi2 dong4 ran2 ju4
to reject sb after being deeply touched by them (Internet slang)

使然 使然 shi3 ran2
(literary) to make it so; to dictate

世界自然基金会 世界自然基金會 shi4 jie4 zi4 ran2 ji1 jin1 hui4
World Wildlife Fund WWF

释然 釋然 shi4 ran2
relieved; at ease; feel relieved

倏然 倏然 shu1 ran2
(literary) suddenly

率然 率然 shuai4 ran2
hastily; rashly; suddenly

爽然 爽然 shuang3 ran2
open and happy; carefree; at a loss; confused

爽然若失 爽然若失 shuang3 ran2 ruo4 shi1
at a loss; confused; not know what to do next

顺其自然 順其自然 shun4 qi2 zi4 ran2
to let nature take its course (idiom)

四壁萧然 四壁蕭然 si4 bi4 xiao1 ran2
four bare walls

悚然 悚然 song3 ran2
frightened; terrified

肃然 肅然 su4 ran2
respectful; solemn; awed

肃然起敬 肅然起敬 su4 ran2 qi3 jing4
to feel deep veneration for sb (idiom)

虽然 雖然 sui1 ran2
although; even though; even if

索然 索然 suo3 ran2
dull; dry

索然寡味 索然寡味 suo3 ran2 gua3 wei4
dull and insipid

索然无味 索然無味 suo3 ran2 wu2 wei4
dull; insipid

所以然 所以然 suo3 yi3 ran2
the reason why

泰然 泰然 tai4 ran2
calm; self-composed

泰然处之 泰然處之 tai4 ran2 chu3 zhi1
to handle the situation calmly (idiom); unruffled; to treat the situation lightly

泰然自若 泰然自若 tai4 ran2 zi4 ruo4
cool and collected (idiom); showing no sign of nerves; perfectly composed

坦然 坦然 tan3 ran2
calm; undisturbed

坦然无惧 坦然無懼 tan3 ran2 wu2 ju4
remain calm and undaunted

倘然 倘然 tang3 ran2
if; supposing that; leisurely

惕然 惕然 ti4 ran2
to be afraid, fearful of

天然 天然 tian1 ran2

天然本地 天然本地 tian1 ran2 ben3 di4
natural background

天然毒素 天然毒素 tian1 ran2 du2 su4
natural toxin

天然气 天然氣 tian1 ran2 qi4
natural gas

天然纤维 天然纖維 tian1 ran2 xian1 wei2
natural fiber

天然橡胶 天然橡膠 tian1 ran2 xiang4 jiao1
natural rubber

天然铀 天然鈾 tian1 ran2 you2
natural uranium

天然照亮 天然照亮 tian1 ran2 zhao4 liang4
natural lighting

恬然 恬然 tian2 ran2
unperturbed; nonchalant

听其自然 聽其自然 ting1 qi2 zi4 ran2
to let things take their course; to take things as they come

突然 突然 tu1 ran2
sudden; abrupt; unexpected

突然间 突然間 tu1 ran2 jian1

徒然 徒然 tu2 ran2
in vain

颓然 頹然 tui2 ran2
decrepit; ruined; disappointed

脱然 脫然 tuo1 ran2
unconcerned; without worries

宛然 宛然 wan3 ran2
as if; just like

枉然 枉然 wang3 ran2
in vain; to no avail

惘然 惘然 wang3 ran2
frustrated; perplexed; irresolute; dazed

惘然若失 惘然若失 wang3 ran2 ruo4 shi1
lit. to be frustrated as though having lost sth (idiom); fig. to be at a loss; perplexed; frustrated

巍然 巍然 wei1 ran2
majestic; towering; imposing

巍然屹立 巍然屹立 wei1 ran2 yi4 li4
to stand tall and rock-solid (idiom); towering majestically; (of a person) to stand up against sb

未然 未然 wei4 ran2
in advance; before it happens (cf preventative measures); forestalling

蔚然成风 蔚然成風 wei4 ran2 cheng2 feng1
to have become common practice (idiom); to become a general trend

卧龙自然保护区 臥龍自然保護區 wo4 long2 zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1
Wolong nature reserve in Wenchuan county, northwest Sichuan, home of the giant panda 大熊貓|大熊猫

习惯成自然 習慣成自然 xi2 guan4 cheng2 zi4 ran2
habit becomes nature (idiom); get used to something and it seems inevitable; second nature

习惯若自然 習慣若自然 xi2 guan4 ruo4 zi4 ran2
habit becomes nature (idiom); get used to something and it seems inevitable; second nature; same as 習慣成自然|习惯成自然

习惯自然 習慣自然 xi2 guan4 zi4 ran2
habit becomes nature (idiom); get used to something and it seems inevitable; second nature; same as 習慣成自然|习惯成自然

显然 顯然 xian3 ran2
clear; evident; obvious(ly)

想当然 想當然 xiang3 dang1 ran2
to take sth for granted

萧然 蕭然 xiao1 ran2
desolate; empty

心静自然凉 心靜自然涼 xin1 jing4 zi4 ran2 liang2
a calm heart keeps you cool (idiom)

欣然 欣然 xin1 ran2
gladly; cheerfully

信然 信然 xin4 ran2
indeed; really

轩然大波 軒然大波 xuan1 ran2 da4 bo1
huge waves; (fig.) ruckus; controversy; sensation

学然后知不足 學然後知不足 xue2 ran2 hou4 zhi1 bu4 zu2
to learn is to know one's ignorance (the Book of Rites 禮記|礼记)

哑然失笑 啞然失笑 ya3 ran2 shi1 xiao4
to laugh involuntarily; Taiwan pr.

哑然无生 啞然無生 ya3 ran2 wu2 sheng1
silence reigns (idiom)

亚塞拜然 亞塞拜然 ya4 se4 bai4 ran2
Azerbaijan (Tw)

嫣然 嫣然 yan1 ran2
beautiful; sweet; engaging

阉然 閹然 yan1 ran2
covertly; secretly

嫣然一笑 嫣然一笑 yan1 ran2 yi1 xiao4
to smile sweetly

俨然 儼然 yan3 ran2
just like; solemn; dignified; neatly laid out

窅然 窅然 yao3 ran2
far and deep; remote and obscure; see also 杳然

杳然 杳然 yao3 ran2
quiet, silent, and lonely; far and indistinct; gone without a trace

要不然 要不然 yao4 bu4 ran2
otherwise; or else; or

一脸茫然 一臉茫然 yi1 lian3 mang2 ran2
puzzled; bewildered

一目了然 一目了然 yi1 mu4 liao3 ran2
obvious at a glance (idiom)

一目了然 一目瞭然 yi1 mu4 liao3 ran2
obvious at a glance (idiom)

依然 依然 yi1 ran2
still; as before

依然故我 依然故我 yi1 ran2 gu4 wo3
to be one's old self (idiom); to be unchanged; (derog.) to be stuck in one's ways

依然如故 依然如故 yi1 ran2 ru2 gu4
back to where we were (idiom); absolutely no improvement; Things haven't changed at all.

伊通自然保护区 伊通自然保護區 yi1 tong1 zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1
Yitong nature reserve in Yitong Manchurian autonomous county 伊通滿族自治縣|伊通满族自治县, Siping, Jilin

夷然 夷然 yi2 ran2

怡然 怡然 yi2 ran2
happy; joyful

怡然自得 怡然自得 yi2 ran2 zi4 de2
happy and content (idiom)

已然 已然 yi3 ran2
to be already so

毅然 毅然 yi4 ran2
firmly; resolutely; without hesitation

毅然决然 毅然決然 yi4 ran2 jue2 ran2
without hesitation; resolutely; firmly

隐然 隱然 yin3 ran2
a feint; a hidden way of doing sth

悠然 悠然 you1 ran2
unhurried; leisurely

悠然神往 悠然神往 you1 ran2 shen2 wang3
thoughts wandering far away

油然而生 油然而生 you2 ran2 er2 sheng1
arising involuntarily (idiom); spontaneous; to spring up unbidden (of emotion)

跃然 躍然 yue4 ran2
to show forth; to appear as a vivid image; to stand out markedly

跃然纸上 躍然紙上 yue4 ran2 zhi3 shang4
to appear vividly on paper (idiom); to show forth vividly (in writing, painting etc); to stand out markedly

崭然 嶄然 zhan3 ran2
outstanding; towering

昭然若揭 昭然若揭 zhao1 ran2 ruo4 jie1
abundantly clear

正然 正然 zheng4 ran2
in the process of (doing something or happening); while (doing)

秩然不紊 秩然不紊 zhi4 ran2 bu4 wen3
to be in complete order (idiom)

秩序井然 秩序井然 zhi4 xu4 jing3 ran2
in perfect order

中国石油天然气集团公司 中國石油天然氣集團公司 zhong1 guo2 shi2 you2 tian1 ran2 qi4 ji2 tuan2 gong1 si1
China National Petroleum Corporation

骤然 驟然 zhou4 ran2
suddenly; abruptly

着然 著然 zhuo2 ran2
really; indeed

卓然 卓然 zhuo2 ran2
outstanding; eminent

孜然 孜然 zi1 ran2
cumin (Cuminum cyminum)

孜然芹 孜然芹 zi1 ran2 qin2

自然 自然 zi4 ran2
nature; natural; naturally

自然保护区 自然保護區 zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1
nature reserve

自然而然 自然而然 zi4 ran2 er2 ran2
involuntary; automatically

自然法 自然法 zi4 ran2 fa3
natural law

自然风光 自然風光 zi4 ran2 feng1 guang1
nature and scenery

自然界 自然界 zi4 ran2 jie4
nature; the natural world

自然经济 自然經濟 zi4 ran2 jing1 ji4
natural economy (exchange of goods by bartering not involving money)

自然科学 自然科學 zi4 ran2 ke1 xue2
natural sciences

自然科学基金会 自然科學基金會 zi4 ran2 ke1 xue2 ji1 jin1 hui4
natural science fund

自然疗法 自然療法 zi4 ran2 liao2 fa3
natural therapy

自然人 自然人 zi4 ran2 ren2
natural person (law); see also 法人

自然神论 自然神論 zi4 ran2 shen2 lun4
deism, theological theory of God who does not interfere in the Universe

自然史 自然史 zi4 ran2 shi3
natural history (i.e. botany and zoology)

自然数 自然數 zi4 ran2 shu4
natural number

自然数集 自然數集 zi4 ran2 shu4 ji2
the set of natural numbers (math.)

自然条件 自然條件 zi4 ran2 tiao2 jian4
natural conditions

自然铜 自然銅 zi4 ran2 tong2
natural copper; chalcopyrite; copper iron sulfide CuFeS2

自然现象 自然現象 zi4 ran2 xian4 xiang4
natural phenomenon

自然选择 自然選擇 zi4 ran2 xuan3 ze2
natural selection

自然语言 自然語言 zi4 ran2 yu3 yan2
natural language

自然语言处理 自然語言處理 zi4 ran2 yu3 yan2 chu3 li3
natural language processing, NLP

自然灾害 自然災害 zi4 ran2 zai1 hai4
natural disaster

自然之友 自然之友 zi4 ran2 zhi1 you3
Friends of Nature (Chinese environmental NGO)

自然主义 自然主義 zi4 ran2 zhu3 yi4
naturalism (philosophy)

自然资源 自然資源 zi4 ran2 zi1 yuan2
natural resource

纵然 縱然 zong4 ran2
even if; even though

最大似然估计 最大似然估計 zui4 da4 si4 ran2 gu1 ji4
maximum-likelihood estimation (statistics)