mahjong tile; playing card; game pieces; signboard; plate; tablet; medal

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
标牌 標牌 biao1 pai2
marked price

标语牌 標語牌 biao1 yu3 pai2

餐牌 餐牌 can1 pai2

厂牌 廠牌 chang3 pai2
brand (of a product)

车牌 車牌 che1 pai2
license plate

创牌子 創牌子 chuang4 pai2 zi5
to establish a brand; to establish a reputation for quality

打牌 打牌 da3 pai2
to play mahjong or cards

大牌 大牌 da4 pai2
strong card; honor card (card games); very popular or successful person; self-important

大牌档 大牌檔 da4 pai2 dang4
food stall; open-air restaurant (originally Hong Kong usage, now usually written as 大排檔|大排档

挡箭牌 擋箭牌 dang3 jian4 pai2
shield; (fig.) excuse

登机牌 登機牌 deng1 ji1 pai2
boarding pass

底牌 底牌 di3 pai2
cards in one's hand; (fig.) undisclosed strength or information; hidden trump

盾牌 盾牌 dun4 pai2
shield; pretext; excuse

盾牌座 盾牌座 dun4 pai2 zuo4
Scutum (constellation)

多米诺骨牌 多米諾骨牌 duo1 mi3 nuo4 gu3 pai2

发牌 發牌 fa1 pai2
to deal (cards)

符牌 符牌 fu2 pai2
a talisman or lucky charm

告示牌 告示牌 gao4 shi4 pai2
notice; placard; signboard

狗牌 狗牌 gou3 pai2
dog tag

骨牌 骨牌 gu3 pai2

骨牌效应 骨牌效應 gu3 pai2 xiao4 ying4
domino effect; ripple effect

挂牌 掛牌 gua4 pai2
lit. to hang up a plate; to open up for business; listed (on stock market)

广告牌 廣告牌 guang3 gao4 pai2

号码牌 號碼牌 hao4 ma3 pai2
number plate; car license plate

号牌 號牌 hao4 pai2
license plate; number plate

红牌 紅牌 hong2 pai2
red card (sports)

和牌 和牌 hu2 pai2
to win in mahjong

虎牌 虎牌 hu3 pai2
Tiger Brand (beer)

虎头牌 虎頭牌 hu3 tou2 pai2
The Tiger tablet, Yuan dynasty play by Li Zhifu 李直夫

黄牌 黃牌 huang2 pai2
(sport) violation warning sign; yellow card

既要当婊子又要立牌坊 既要當婊子又要立牌坊 ji4 yao4 dang1 biao3 zi5 you4 yao4 li4 pai2 fang1
see 又想當婊子又想立牌坊|又想当婊子又想立牌坊

奖牌 獎牌 jiang3 pai2
medal (awarded as a prize)

奖牌榜 獎牌榜 jiang3 pai2 bang3
medal table; tally of trophies; list of prizewinners

将牌 將牌 jiang4 pai2
trump (suit of cards)

叫牌 叫牌 jiao4 pai2
to bid (bridge and similar card games)

金牌 金牌 jin1 pai2
gold medal

卡牌 卡牌 ka3 pai2
playing card

老牌 老牌 lao3 pai2
old, well-known brand; old style; old school; an old hand; experienced veteran

亮底牌 亮底牌 liang4 di3 pai2
to show one's hand; to lay one's cards on the table

灵牌 靈牌 ling2 pai2
spirit tablet; memorial tablet

令牌环 令牌環 ling4 pai2 huan2
token ring

令牌环网 令牌環網 ling4 pai2 huan2 wang3
token ring network

麻将牌 麻將牌 ma2 jiang4 pai2
mahjong tile

冒牌 冒牌 mao4 pai2
fake; impostor; quack (doctor); imitation brand

冒牌货 冒牌貨 mao4 pai2 huo4
fake goods; imitation; forgery

门牌 門牌 men2 pai2
door plate; house number

名牌 名牌 ming2 pai2
famous brand

摸牌 摸牌 mo1 pai2
to draw a tile (at mahjong); to play mahjong

牌匾 牌匾 pai2 bian3
board (attached to a wall)

牌坊 牌坊 pai2 fang1
memorial arch

牌号 牌號 pai2 hao4

牌价 牌價 pai2 jia4
list price

牌九 牌九 pai2 jiu3
pai gow (gambling game played with dominoes)

牌局 牌局 pai2 ju2
gambling get-together; game of cards, mahjong etc

牌楼 牌樓 pai2 lou5
decorated archway

牌位 牌位 pai2 wei4
memorial tablet

牌戏 牌戲 pai2 xi4
a card game

牌型 牌型 pai2 xing2
hand (in mahjong or card games)

牌照 牌照 pai2 zhao4
(business) licence; vehicle licence; car registration; licence plate

牌子 牌子 pai2 zi5
sign; trademark; brand

品牌 品牌 pin3 pai2
brand name; trademark

扑克牌 撲克牌 pu1 ke4 pai2
poker (card game); playing card

旗牌 旗牌 qi2 pai2
flag or banner

汽车号牌 汽車號牌 qi4 che1 hao4 pai2
vehicle registration plate; license plate

契约桥牌 契約橋牌 qi4 yue1 qiao2 pai2
contract bridge (card game)

桥牌 橋牌 qiao2 pai2
contract bridge (card game)

壳牌 殼牌 qiao4 pai2
see 殼牌公司|壳牌公司

壳牌公司 殼牌公司 qiao4 pai2 gong1 si1
Shell (oil company)

上牌 上牌 shang4 pai2
to obtain a license plate

双牌 雙牌 shuang1 pai2
Shuangpai county in Yongzhou 永州, Hunan

双牌县 雙牌縣 shuang1 pai2 xian4
Shuangpai county in Yongzhou 永州, Hunan

摊牌 攤牌 tan1 pai2
to lay one's cards on the table

套牌车 套牌車 tao4 pai2 che1
car with fake plates

铜牌 銅牌 tong2 pai2
bronze medal; bronze plaque bearing a business name or logo etc

头牌 頭牌 tou2 pai2
tablet announcing the name of leading actor in a theatrical production; by extension, the lead role

玩牌 玩牌 wan2 pai2
to play cards; to play mahjong

万智牌 萬智牌 wan4 zhi4 pai2
Magic the gathering (online fantasy game of card collecting and battling)

王牌 王牌 wang2 pai2
trump card

伟士牌 偉士牌 wei3 shi4 pai2
Vespa (scooter)

无将牌 無將牌 wu2 jiang4 pai2
no trumps (in card games)

无牌 無牌 wu2 pai2
unlicensed; unlabeled (goods)

洗牌 洗牌 xi3 pai2
to shuffle cards

银牌 銀牌 yin2 pai2
silver medal

优诺牌 優諾牌 you1 nuo4 pai2
Uno (card game)

酉牌时分 酉牌時分 you3 pai2 shi2 fen1
5-7 pm

又想当婊子又想立牌坊 又想當婊子又想立牌坊 you4 xiang3 dang1 biao3 zi5 you4 xiang3 li4 pai2 fang1
lit. to lead the life of a whore but still want a monument put up to one's chastity (idiom); fig. to have bad intentions but still want a good reputation; to want to have one's cake and eat it too

月份牌 月份牌 yue4 fen4 pai2
calendar (esp. illustrated)

杂牌 雜牌 za2 pai2
inferior brand; not the genuine article

杂牌儿 雜牌兒 za2 pai2 er5
erhua variant of 雜牌|杂牌

摘牌 摘牌 zhai1 pai2
to delist (a traded security); (sports) to accept a transfer-listed player from another club

站牌 站牌 zhan4 pai2
bus information board; street sign for a bus stop; bus stop

招牌菜 招牌菜 zhao1 pai2 cai4
signature dish; a restaurant’s most famous dish

招牌动作 招牌動作 zhao1 pai2 dong4 zuo4
signature move

招牌纸 招牌紙 zhao1 pai2 zhi3
label; sticker

招牌 招牌 zhao1 pai5
signboard; shop sign; reputation of a business

贞节牌坊 貞節牌坊 zhen1 jie2 pai2 fang1
memorial arch in honor of a chaste widow

纸牌 紙牌 zhi3 pai2
playing card

主打品牌 主打品牌 zhu3 da3 pin3 pai2
premium brand; flagship product

自有品牌 自有品牌 zi4 you3 pin3 pai2
private brand