surname Niu

ox; cow; bull; (slang) awesome

strokes 4
strokes after radical 0
艾萨克·牛顿 艾薩克·牛頓 ai4 sa4 ke4 - niu2 dun4
Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727), British mathematician and physicist

扒屋牵牛 扒屋牽牛 ba1 wu1 qian1 niu2
to sack the home and lead off the cattle (proverb); to strip of everything

鼻牛儿 鼻牛兒 bi2 niu2 er5
hardened mucus in nostrils

比利牛斯 比利牛斯 bi3 li4 niu2 si1
Pyrenees mountains

比利牛斯山 比利牛斯山 bi3 li4 niu2 si1 shan1
Pyrenees mountains

不加牛奶 不加牛奶 bu4 jia1 niu2 nai3
without milk; black (of tea, coffee etc)

菜牛 菜牛 cai4 niu2
beef cattle (grown for meat)

丑牛 丑牛 chou3 niu2
Year 2, year of the Bull or Ox (e.g. 2009)

吹牛 吹牛 chui1 niu2
to talk big; to shoot off one's mouth; to chat (dialect)

吹牛拍马 吹牛拍馬 chui1 niu2 pai1 ma3
to resort to bragging and flattering

吹牛皮 吹牛皮 chui1 niu2 pi2
to boast; to talk big

纯牛奶 純牛奶 chun2 niu2 nai3
pure milk

带牛佩犊 帶牛佩犢 dai4 niu2 pei4 du2
to abandon armed struggle and return to raising cattle (idiom)

当牛作马 當牛作馬 dang1 niu2 zuo4 ma3
to work like a horse and toil like an ox; fig. to slave for sb

丁骨牛排 丁骨牛排 ding1 gu3 niu2 pai2
T-bone steak

顶牛儿 頂牛兒 ding3 niu2 er5
to push with the forehead; to lock horns; to be at loggerheads

斗牛 斗牛 dou3 niu2
Big Dipper and Altair (astronomy)

斗牛 鬥牛 dou4 niu2

斗牛㹴 鬥牛㹴 dou4 niu2 geng3
variant of 鬥牛梗|斗牛梗

斗牛梗 鬥牛梗 dou4 niu2 geng3
bull terrier

斗牛士 鬥牛士 dou4 niu2 shi4
matador; toreador; bullfighter

斗牛士之歌 鬥牛士之歌 dou4 niu2 shi4 zhi1 ge1
Toreador Song (Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre), famous aria from opera Carmen 卡門|卡门 by Georges Bizet

对牛弹琴 對牛彈琴 dui4 niu2 tan2 qin2
lit. to play the lute to a cow (idiom); fig. offering a treat to an unappreciative audience; to cast pearls before swine; caviar to the general; to preach to deaf ears; to talk over sb's head

多如牛毛 多如牛毛 duo1 ru2 niu2 mao2
as many as the hair of the ox (idiom); great amount of; countless

返券黄牛 返券黃牛 fan3 quan4 huang2 niu2
"shopping coupon scalper", sb who sells unwanted or returned shopping coupons to others for a profit

放牛班 放牛班 fang4 niu2 ban1
class of underachievers; dunces' class (Tw)

菲力牛排 菲力牛排 fei1 li4 niu2 pai2
fillet steak

风马牛不相及 風馬牛不相及 feng1 ma3 niu2 bu4 xiang1 ji2
to be completely unrelated to one another (idiom); irrelevant

犎牛 犎牛 feng1 niu2

疯牛病 瘋牛病 feng1 niu2 bing4
mad cow disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy)

伏牛山 伏牛山 fu2 niu2 shan1
Funiu mountain range in southwest Henan, an eastern extension of Qinling range 秦嶺山脈|秦岭山脉, Shaanxi

割鸡焉用牛刀 割雞焉用牛刀 ge1 ji1 yan1 yong4 niu2 dao1
lit. why use a pole-ax to slaughter a chicken? (idiom); fig. to waste effort on a trifling matter; also written 殺雞焉用牛刀|杀鸡焉用牛刀

公牛 公牛 gong1 niu2

海牛 海牛 hai3 niu2

汗牛充栋 汗牛充棟 han4 niu2 chong1 dong4
lit. enough books to make a pack-ox sweat or to fill a house to the rafters (idiom); fig. many books

红牛 紅牛 hong2 niu2
Red Bull (energy drink)

红牛皮菜 紅牛皮菜 hong2 niu2 pi2 cai4
chard (Beta vulgaris), a foliage beet

呼牛呼马 呼牛呼馬 hu1 niu2 hu1 ma3
to call sth a cow or a horse (idiom); it doesn't matter what you call it; Insult me if you want, I don't care what you call me.

呼牛作马 呼牛作馬 hu1 niu2 zuo4 ma3
to call sth a cow or a horse (idiom); it doesn't matter what you call it; Insult me if you want, I don't care what you call me.

黄牛 黃牛 huang2 niu2
ox; cattle; scalper of tickets etc; to fail to show up; to break a promise

黄牛票 黃牛票 huang2 niu2 piao4
scalped tickets

犍牛 犍牛 jian1 niu2

煎牛扒 煎牛扒 jian1 niu2 ba1
beef steak

芥兰牛肉 芥蘭牛肉 jie4 lan2 niu2 rou4
beef with broccoli

金牛 金牛 jin1 niu2
Taurus (star sign); Jinniu district of Chengdu city 成都市, Sichuan

金牛区 金牛區 jin1 niu2 qu1
Jinniu district of Chengdu city 成都市, Sichuan

金牛座 金牛座 jin1 niu2 zuo4
Taurus (constellation and sign of the zodiac)

九牛二虎之力 九牛二虎之力 jiu3 niu2 er4 hu3 zhi1 li4
tremendous strength (idiom)

九牛一毛 九牛一毛 jiu3 niu2 yi1 mao2
lit. one hair from nine oxen (idiom); fig. a drop in the ocean

狂牛病 狂牛病 kuang2 niu2 bing4
mad cow disease; bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE

犪牛 犪牛 kui2 niu2
ancient yak of South East China, also known as 犩

老牛吃嫩草 老牛吃嫩草 lao3 niu2 chi1 nen4 cao3
lit. an old cow eats young grass (idiom); fig. a May-December relationship; a romance where the man is significantly older than the woman

老牛拉破车 老牛拉破車 lao3 niu2 la1 po4 che1
see 老牛破車|老牛破车

老牛破车 老牛破車 lao3 niu2 po4 che1
lit. old ox pulling a shabby cart (idiom); fig. slow and inefficient

老牛舐犊 老牛舐犢 lao3 niu2 shi4 du2
lit. an old ox licking its calf (idiom); fig. (of parents) to dote on one's children

羚牛 羚牛 ling2 niu2
takin (type of goat-antelope)

牤牛 牤牛 mang1 niu2

牦牛 氂牛 mao2 niu2
yak (Bos grunniens)

蒙牛 蒙牛 meng3 niu2
China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited

牡牛 牡牛 mu4 niu2

目无全牛 目無全牛 mu4 wu2 quan2 niu2
to see the ox already cut up into joints (idiom); extremely skilled; able to see through the problem at one glance

奶牛 奶牛 nai3 niu2
milk cow; dairy cow

奶牛场 奶牛場 nai3 niu2 chang3
dairy farm

泥牛入海 泥牛入海 ni2 niu2 ru4 hai3
lit. a clay ox enters the sea (idiom); fig. to disappear with no hope of returning

牛百叶 牛百葉 niu2 bai3 ye4
omasum; beef tripe

牛蒡 牛蒡 niu2 bang4

牛背鹭 牛背鷺 niu2 bei4 lu4
(bird species of China) eastern cattle egret (Bubulcus coromandus)

牛比 牛比 niu2 bi1
variant of 牛屄

牛B 牛B niu2 bi1
variant of 牛屄

牛屄 牛屄 niu2 bi1
awesome; capable (vulgar); arrogant; cocky; bastard (vulgar)

牛逼 牛逼 niu2 bi1
variant of 牛屄

牛鼻子 牛鼻子 niu2 bi2 zi5
key point; crux; (old) Daoist (facetious)

牛鞭 牛鞭 niu2 bian1
pizzle; bull's penis (served as food)

牛脖子 牛脖子 niu2 bo2 zi5
(coll.) bullheaded; obstinate

牛痘 牛痘 niu2 dou4

牛痘病 牛痘病 niu2 dou4 bing4
cow pox

牛犊 牛犢 niu2 du2

牛顿 牛頓 niu2 dun4
Newton (name); Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727), British mathematician and physicist

牛顿力学 牛頓力學 niu2 dun4 li4 xue2
Newtonian mechanics

牛轭 牛軛 niu2 e4

牛鬼蛇神 牛鬼蛇神 niu2 gui3 she2 shen2
evil monsters; (fig.) bad characters; (political) bad elements

牛海绵状脑病 牛海綿狀腦病 niu2 hai3 mian2 zhuang4 nao3 bing4
bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE; mad cow disease

牛黄 牛黃 niu2 huang2

牛磺酸 牛磺酸 niu2 huang2 suan1

牛脊肉 牛脊肉 niu2 ji3 rou4
sirloin (beef joint)

牛骥同槽 牛驥同槽 niu2 ji4 tong2 cao2
cow and famous steed at the same trough (idiom); fig. the common and the great are treated alike; also written 牛驥同皂|牛骥同皂

牛骥同皂 牛驥同皂 niu2 ji4 tong2 zao4
cow and famous steed at the same trough (idiom); fig. the common and the great are treated alike

牛角 牛角 niu2 jiao3
cow horn

牛角包 牛角包 niu2 jiao3 bao1

牛角挂书 牛角掛書 niu2 jiao3 gua4 shu1
lit. to hang one's books on cow horns (idiom); fig. to be diligent in one's studies

牛角椒 牛角椒 niu2 jiao3 jiao1
Cayenne pepper; red pepper; chili

牛角面包 牛角麵包 niu2 jiao3 mian4 bao1

牛津 牛津 niu2 jin1
Oxford (city in England)

牛筋草 牛筋草 niu2 jin1 cao3
wire grass (Eleusine indica)

牛津大学 牛津大學 niu2 jin1 da4 xue2
University of Oxford

牛津群 牛津群 niu2 jin1 qun2
Oxfordshire (English county)

牛栏 牛欄 niu2 lan2
cattle pen

牛郎 牛郎 niu2 lang2
Cowherd of the folk tale Cowherd and Weaving maid 牛郎織女|牛郎织女; Altair (star)

牛郎 牛郎 niu2 lang2
cowherd boy; (slang) male prostitute

牛郎织女 牛郎織女 niu2 lang2 zhi1 nv3
Cowherd and Weaving maid (characters in folk story); separated lovers; Altair and Vega (stars)

牛脷酥 牛脷酥 niu2 li4 su1
ox tongue pastry, oval Guangdong pastry made of fried dough, resembling an ox tongue

牛柳 牛柳 niu2 liu3

牛马 牛馬 niu2 ma3
oxen and horses; beasts of burden

牛虻 牛虻 niu2 meng2
gadfly (Tabanus bovinus)

牛魔王 牛魔王 niu2 mo2 wang2

牛奶 牛奶 niu2 nai3
cow's milk

牛腩 牛腩 niu2 nan3
brisket (esp. Cantonese); belly beef; spongy meat from cow's underside and neighboring ribs; erroneously translated as sirloin

牛年 牛年 niu2 nian2
Year of the Ox or Bull (e.g. 2009)

牛年马月 牛年馬月 niu2 nian2 ma3 yue4
see 猴年馬月|猴年马月

牛排 牛排 niu2 pai2

牛排餐厅 牛排餐廳 niu2 pai2 can1 ting1
steakhouse; chophouse

牛排馆 牛排館 niu2 pai2 guan3

牛皮 牛皮 niu2 pi2
cowhide; leather; fig. flexible and tough; boasting; big talk

牛皮菜 牛皮菜 niu2 pi2 cai4
chard (Beta vulgaris), a foliage beet

牛脾气 牛脾氣 niu2 pi2 qi5
bullheadedness; stubborn

牛皮色 牛皮色 niu2 pi2 se4
buff (color)

牛皮癣 牛皮癬 niu2 pi2 xuan3

牛皮纸 牛皮紙 niu2 pi2 zhi3
kraft paper

牛气 牛氣 niu2 qi5
(coll.) haughty; overbearing; (economics) bullish

牛桥 牛橋 niu2 qiao2
Oxbridge; Cambridge and Oxford

牛肉 牛肉 niu2 rou4

牛肉干 牛肉乾 niu2 rou4 gan1
dried beef; jerky; charqui

牛肉面 牛肉麵 niu2 rou4 mian4
beef noodle soup

牛肉丸 牛肉丸 niu2 rou4 wan2
beef meatballs

牛山濯濯 牛山濯濯 niu2 shan1 zhuo2 zhuo2
treeless hills (idiom)

牛舌 牛舌 niu2 she2
ox tongue

牛市 牛市 niu2 shi4
bull market (i.e. period of rising share prices)

牛溲马勃 牛溲馬勃 niu2 sou1 ma3 bo2
cow's piss, horse's ulcer (idiom); worthless nonsense; insignificant

牛头 牛頭 niu2 tou2
Ox-Head, one of the two guardians of the underworld in Chinese mythology

牛头 牛頭 niu2 tou2
ox head; ox-head shaped wine vessel

牛头伯劳 牛頭伯勞 niu2 tou2 bo2 lao2
(bird species of China) bull-headed shrike (Lanius bucephalus)

牛头不对马嘴 牛頭不對馬嘴 niu2 tou2 bu4 dui4 ma3 zui3
see 驢唇不對馬嘴|驴唇不对马嘴

牛头㹴 牛頭㹴 niu2 tou2 geng3
variant of 牛頭梗|牛头梗

牛头梗 牛頭梗 niu2 tou2 geng3
bull terrier

牛头犬 牛頭犬 niu2 tou2 quan3

牛蛙 牛蛙 niu2 wa1

牛膝 牛膝 niu2 xi1
Achyranthes bidentata (root used in Chinese medicine)

牛膝草 牛膝草 niu2 xi1 cao3
hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)

牛心 牛心 niu2 xin1
mulishness; obstinacy

牛性 牛性 niu2 xing4
mulishness; obstinacy

牛性子 牛性子 niu2 xing4 zi5
see 牛性

牛羊 牛羊 niu2 yang2
cattle and sheep; livestock

牛衣对泣 牛衣對泣 niu2 yi1 dui4 qi4
couple living in destitute misery (idiom)

牛饮 牛飲 niu2 yin3

牛油 牛油 niu2 you2

牛油果 牛油果 niu2 you2 guo3
avocado (Persea americana)

牛油戟 牛油戟 niu2 you2 ji3
cup cake

牛仔 牛仔 niu2 zai3

牛仔布 牛仔布 niu2 zai3 bu4

牛仔裤 牛仔褲 niu2 zai3 ku4

牛樟 牛樟 niu2 zhang1
Cinnamomum kanehirae; small-leaf camphor; stout camphor (indigenous to Taiwan)

牛只 牛隻 niu2 zhi1
cow; cattle

牛至 牛至 niu2 zhi4
oregano (Origanum vulgare); marjoram

皮弗娄牛 皮弗婁牛 pi2 fu2 lou2 niu2
beefalo (cross between domestic cattle and bison)

犏牛 犏牛 pian1 niu2
offspring of a bull and a female yak

气冲牛斗 氣衝牛斗 qi4 chong1 niu2 dou3
extremely angry; infuriated

气喘如牛 氣喘如牛 qi4 chuan3 ru2 niu2
to breathe heavily like an ox (idiom); to huff and puff

牵牛 牽牛 qian1 niu2
Altair (star); Cowherd of the folk tale Cowherd and Weaving maid 牛郎織女|牛郎织女

牵牛 牽牛 qian1 niu2
morning glory (Pharbitis nil)

牵牛花 牽牛花 qian1 niu2 hua1
white-edged morning glory

牵牛属 牽牛屬 qian1 niu2 shu3
Pharbitis, genus of herbaceous plants including Morning glory 牽牛|牵牛 (Pharbitis nil)

牵牛星 牽牛星 qian1 niu2 xing1
Altair (star); Cowherd of the folk tale Cowherd and Weaving maid 牛郎織女|牛郎织女

青椒牛柳 青椒牛柳 qing1 jiao1 niu2 liu3
beef with green peppers

人造牛油 人造牛油 ren2 zao4 niu2 you2

乳牛 乳牛 ru3 niu2
dairy cattle

三对三斗牛 三對三鬥牛 san1 dui4 san1 dou4 niu2
three-on-three basketball game

杀鸡焉用牛刀 殺雞焉用牛刀 sha1 ji1 yan1 yong4 niu2 dao1
don't use a sledgehammer on a nut; aquila non capit muscam

沙朗牛排 沙朗牛排 sha1 lang3 niu2 pai2
sirloin steak

杀牛宰羊 殺牛宰羊 sha1 niu2 zai3 yang2
slaughter the cattle and butcher the sheep; to prepare a big feast (idiom)

麝牛 麝牛 she4 niu2
musk ox

水牛 水牛 shui3 niu2
water buffalo

水牛儿 水牛兒 shui3 niu2 er5
(dialect) snail

天牛 天牛 tian1 niu2
Longhorn beetle

铁板牛柳 鐵板牛柳 tie3 ban3 niu2 liu3
fillet beef teppanyaki (fast grilled on hot iron plate)

铁板牛肉 鐵板牛肉 tie3 ban3 niu2 rou4
beef grilled on a hot iron plate

土牛 土牛 tu3 niu2
clay ox; mound of earth on a dike (ready for emergency repairs)

土牛木马 土牛木馬 tu3 niu2 mu4 ma3
clay ox, wooden horse (idiom); shape without substance; worthless object

翁牛特 翁牛特 weng1 niu2 te4
Ongniud banner or Ongnuud khoshuu in Chifeng 赤峰, Inner Mongolia

翁牛特旗 翁牛特旗 weng1 niu2 te4 qi2
Ongniud banner or Ongnuud khoshuu in Chifeng 赤峰, Inner Mongolia

蜗牛 蝸牛 wo1 niu2
snail; Taiwan pr.

蜗行牛步 蝸行牛步 wo1 xing2 niu2 bu4
lit. to crawl like a snail and plod along like an old ox (idiom); fig. to move at a snail's pace; to make slow progress

无壳蜗牛 無殼蝸牛 wu2 ke2 wo1 niu2
fig. people who cannot afford to buy their own house

吴牛见月 吳牛見月 wu2 niu2 jian4 yue4
cow from Wu is terrified by the moon, mistaking it for the sun

犀牛 犀牛 xi1 niu2

小牛 小牛 xiao3 niu2

小牛肉 小牛肉 xiao3 niu2 rou4

小牝牛 小牝牛 xiao3 pin4 niu2

血牛 血牛 xue4 niu2
sb who sells one's blood for a living

鞅牛 鞅牛 yang3 niu2
cattle harnessed for plowing

要加牛奶 要加牛奶 yao4 jia1 niu2 nai3
with milk; white (of tea, coffee etc)

野牛 野牛 ye3 niu2

一对一斗牛 一對一鬥牛 yi1 dui4 yi1 dou4 niu2
one-on-one basketball game

真牛 真牛 zhen1 niu2
(slang) really cool, awesome

植物牛油 植物牛油 zhi2 wu4 niu2 you2

紫金牛 紫金牛 zi3 jin1 niu2
Japanese ardisia (Ardisia japonica)

牸牛 牸牛 zi4 niu2

钻牛角 鑽牛角 zuan1 niu2 jiao3
lit. honing a bull's horn; fig. to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem; to bash one's head against a brick wall; a wild goose chase; a blind alley; to split hairs; same as idiom 鑽牛角尖|钻牛角尖

钻牛角尖 鑽牛角尖 zuan1 niu2 jiao3 jian1
lit. to penetrate into a bull's horn (idiom); fig. to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem; to bash one's head against a brick wall; a wild goose chase; a blind alley; to split hairs

做牛做马 做牛做馬 zuo4 niu2 zuo4 ma3
lit. to work like an ox, to work like a horse; fig. to work extremely hard