strokes 20
strokes after radical 16
庖牺氏 庖犧氏 pao2 xi1 shi4
another name for 伏羲, consort of 女媧|女娲

牺牲 犧牲 xi1 sheng1
to sacrifice one's life; to sacrifice (sth valued); beast slaughtered as a sacrifice

牺牲打 犧牲打 xi1 sheng1 da3
sacrifice hit (in sport, e.g. baseball)

牺牲品 犧牲品 xi1 sheng1 pin3
sacrificial victim; sb who is expendable; item sold at a loss

牺牲者 犧牲者 xi1 sheng1 zhe3
sb who sacrifices himself; sacrificial victim; sb who is expendable

英勇牺牲 英勇犧牲 ying1 yong3 xi1 sheng1
to heroically sacrifice one's life