to give birth; to reproduce; to produce; product; resource; estate; property

strokes 11
strokes after radical 6
半脱产 半脫產 ban4 tuo1 chan3
partly released from productive labor; partly released from one's regular work

包产 包產 bao1 chan3
to make a production contract

包产到户 包產到戶 bao1 chan3 dao4 hu4
fixing of farm output quotas for each household

包产到户制 包產到戶制 bao1 chan3 dao4 hu4 zhi4
system of quotas for farm output per household

北京产权交易所 北京產權交易所 bei3 jing1 chan3 quan2 jiao1 yi4 suo3
China Beijing Equity Exchange (CBEX)

变产 變產 bian4 chan3
to sell one's estate

薄产 薄產 bo2 chan3
meager estate; small means

不动产 不動產 bu4 dong4 chan3
real estate; immovable property; immovables

不事生产 不事生產 bu4 shi4 sheng1 chan3
not to do anything productive; to idle away one's time

财产 財產 cai2 chan3
property; assets; estate

财产公证 財產公證 cai2 chan3 gong1 zheng4
property notarization

财产价值 財產價值 cai2 chan3 jia4 zhi2
property value

财产权 財產權 cai2 chan3 quan2
property rights

产程 產程 chan3 cheng2
the process of childbirth

产道 產道 chan3 dao4
birth canal (in obstetrics)

产地 產地 chan3 di4
the source (of a product); place of origin; manufacturing location

产地证 產地證 chan3 di4 zheng4
certificate of origin (CO or CoO) (commerce)

产儿 產兒 chan3 er2
newborn baby; fig. brand-new object

产房 產房 chan3 fang2
delivery room (in hospital); labor ward

产妇 產婦 chan3 fu4
woman recuperating after childbirth; woman in childbirth

产后 產後 chan3 hou4

产假 產假 chan3 jia4
maternity leave

产检 產檢 chan3 jian3
abbr. for 產前檢查|产前检查

产经新闻 產經新聞 chan3 jing1 xin1 wen2
Business News; Sankei Shimbun (Tokyo daily)

产科 產科 chan3 ke1
maternity department; maternity ward; obstetrics

产粮 產糧 chan3 liang2
to grow crops; food growing

产粮大省 產糧大省 chan3 liang2 da4 sheng3
major agricultural province

产粮区 產糧區 chan3 liang2 qu1
food growing area

产量 產量 chan3 liang4

产量多 產量多 chan3 liang4 duo1

产卵 產卵 chan3 luan3
to lay eggs

产能 產能 chan3 neng2
production capacity

产品 產品 chan3 pin3
goods; merchandise; product

产品结构 產品結構 chan3 pin3 jie2 gou4
product mix

产品经理 產品經理 chan3 pin3 jing1 li3
product manager

产婆 產婆 chan3 po2

产期 產期 chan3 qi1
time of birth; period of labor; lying-in

产前 產前 chan3 qian2
prenatal; antenatal

产钳 產鉗 chan3 qian2
obstetric forceps

产前检查 產前檢查 chan3 qian2 jian3 cha2
prenatal examination; antenatal examination

产区 產區 chan3 qu1
place of production; manufacturing location

产权 產權 chan3 quan2
property right

产褥期 產褥期 chan3 ru4 qi1
postnatal period; puerperium (period of six weeks after childbirth)

产褥热 產褥熱 chan3 ru4 re4
postnatal fever; puerperal fever

产生 產生 chan3 sheng1
to arise; to come into being; to come about; to give rise to; to bring into being; to bring about; to produce; to engender; to generate; to appear; appearance; emergence; generation; production; yield

产物 產物 chan3 wu4
product; result (of)

产下 產下 chan3 xia4
to bear (give birth)

产销 產銷 chan3 xiao1
production and marketing

产业 產業 chan3 ye4
industry; estate; property; industrial

产业工人 產業工人 chan3 ye4 gong1 ren2
industrial worker

产业化 產業化 chan3 ye4 hua4
to industrialize; industrialization

产业集群 產業集群 chan3 ye4 ji2 qun2
industrial cluster

产业链 產業鏈 chan3 ye4 lian4
supply chain

产油国 產油國 chan3 you2 guo2
oil-producing countries

产院 產院 chan3 yuan4
maternity hospital

产值 產值 chan3 zhi2
value of output; output value

产制 產製 chan3 zhi4
production; manufacture

产仔 產仔 chan3 zi3
to give birth (animals); to bear a litter

超产 超產 chao1 chan3
to exceed a production goal

出产 出產 chu1 chan3
to produce (by natural growth, or by manufacture, mining etc); to yield; to turn out; produce; products

出口产品 出口產品 chu1 kou3 chan3 pin3
export product

催产 催產 cui1 chan3
to induce labor; to expedite childbirth

大量生产 大量生產 da4 liang4 sheng1 chan3
to manufacture in bulk; mass production

待产 待產 dai4 chan3
(of an expectant mother) to be in labor

单词产生器模型 單詞產生器模型 dan1 ci2 chan3 sheng1 qi4 mo2 xing2
logogen model

低产 低產 di1 chan3
low yield

地产 地產 di4 chan3

地产大亨 地產大亨 di4 chan3 da4 heng1
Monopoly (game); known as 大富翁 in PRC

第二产业 第二產業 di4 er4 chan3 ye4
secondary industry

第三产业 第三產業 di4 san1 chan3 ye4
tertiary sector of industry

第一产业 第一產業 di4 yi1 chan3 ye4
primary sector of industry

动产 動產 dong4 chan3
movable property; personal property

多产 多產 duo1 chan3
prolific; fertile; high yield

二产妇 二產婦 er4 chan3 fu4
lady who has given birth twice

房产 房產 fang2 chan3
real estate; the property market (e.g. houses)

房产证 房產證 fang2 chan3 zheng4
title deeds; certificate of property ownership

房产中介 房產中介 fang2 chan3 zhong1 jie4
real estate agent

房地产 房地產 fang2 di4 chan3
real estate

非农产品 非農產品 fei1 nong2 chan3 pin3
nonagricultural products

非物质文化遗产 非物質文化遺產 fei1 wu4 zhi4 wen2 hua4 yi2 chan3
(UNESCO) Intangible Cultural Heritage

丰产 豐產 feng1 chan3
high yield; bumper crop

妇产科 婦產科 fu4 chan3 ke1
department of gynecology and obstetrics; birth clinic

副产品 副產品 fu4 chan3 pin3

副产物 副產物 fu4 chan3 wu4
byproduct material

高产 高產 gao1 chan3
high yielding

公共财产 公共財產 gong1 gong4 cai2 chan3
public property

共产 共產 gong4 chan3

共产党 共產黨 gong4 chan3 dang3
Communist Party

共产党宣言 共產黨宣言 gong4 chan3 dang3 xuan1 yan2
Manifesto of the Communist Party; "Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei" by Marx and Engels (1848)

共产党员 共產黨員 gong4 chan3 dang3 yuan2
Communist Party member

共产国际 共產國際 gong4 chan3 guo2 ji4
Communist International or Comintern (1919-1943), also known as the Third International 第三國際|第三国际

共产主义 共產主義 gong4 chan3 zhu3 yi4

共产主义青年团 共產主義青年團 gong4 chan3 zhu3 yi4 qing1 nian2 tuan2
the Communist Youth League

估产 估產 gu1 chan3
to assess; to estimate (value of property, yield of harvest etc)

固定资产 固定資產 gu4 ding4 zi1 chan3
fixed assets

国产 國產 guo2 chan3
made in one's own country; made in China

国产化 國產化 guo2 chan3 hua4
to localize (production); localization

国际共产主义运动 國際共產主義運動 guo2 ji4 gong4 chan3 zhu3 yi4 yun4 dong4
Comintern; the international communist movement

国民生产总值 國民生產總值 guo2 min2 sheng1 chan3 zong3 zhi2
gross national product (GNP)

国内生产总值 國內生產總值 guo2 nei4 sheng1 chan3 zong3 zhi2
gross domestic product (GDP)

国务院国有资产监督管理委员会 國務院國有資產監督管理委員會 guo2 wu4 yuan4 guo2 you3 zi1 chan3 jian1 du1 guan3 li3 wei3 yuan2 hui4
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of State Council (SASAC); abbr. to 國資委|国资委

国有资产监督管理委员会 國有資產監督管理委員會 guo2 you3 zi1 chan3 jian1 du1 guan3 li3 wei3 yuan2 hui4
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission SASAC

海产 海產 hai3 chan3
marine; produced in sea

婚前财产公证 婚前財產公證 hun1 qian2 cai2 chan3 gong1 zheng4
prenuptial agreement; dowry contract

家产 家產 jia1 chan3
family property

减产 減產 jian3 chan3
to lose output; a drop in crop yield; reduction in production

金融衍生产品 金融衍生產品 jin1 rong2 yan3 sheng1 chan3 pin3
financial derivative

竞争产品 競爭產品 jing4 zheng1 chan3 pin3
competitive product; competitor's product

绝产 絕產 jue2 chan3
crop failure; property left with no-one to inherit; sterilization

科学技术是第一生产力 科學技術是第一生產力 ke1 xue2 ji4 shu4 shi4 di4 yi1 sheng1 chan3 li4
Science and technology is the number one productive force (from 1978 speech by Deng Xiaoping 鄧小平|邓小平 introducing the Four Modernizations 四個現代化|四个现代化).

矿产 礦產 kuang4 chan3

矿产资源 礦產資源 kuang4 chan3 zi1 yuan2
mineral resources

亏产 虧產 kui1 chan3
a shortfall in production

扩大再生产 擴大再生產 kuo4 da4 zai4 sheng1 chan3
to expand production; to reproduce on an extended scale

历史遗产 歷史遺產 li4 shi3 yi2 chan3
heritage; historical legacy

联产 聯產 lian2 chan3
co-production; cooperative production

联产到户 聯產到戶 lian2 chan3 dao4 hu4
household responsibility system, introduced in the early 1980s, under which each rural household could freely decide what to produce and how to sell, as long as it fulfilled its quota of products to the state

联产到劳 聯產到勞 lian2 chan3 dao4 lao2
to pay sb according to their productivity

联产到组 聯產到組 lian2 chan3 dao4 zu3
to pay remuneration according to output (idiom)

量产 量產 liang4 chan3
to mass-produce

裂变产物 裂變產物 lie4 bian4 chan3 wu4
fission products

临产 臨產 lin2 chan3
to face childbirth; about to give birth; refers esp. to the onset of regular contractions

流产 流產 liu2 chan3
to have a miscarriage; miscarriage; to fail; to fall through

流动资产 流動資產 liu2 dong4 zi1 chan3
current asset

流氓无产者 流氓無產者 liu2 mang2 wu2 chan3 zhe3
lumpenproletariat (in Marxist theory)

名产 名產 ming2 chan3
staple; name-brand product

难产 難產 nan2 chan3
difficult birth; (fig.) difficult to achieve

逆产 逆產 ni4 chan3
traitor's property; breech delivery

年产 年產 nian2 chan3
annual production

农产 農產 nong2 chan3
agriculture products; farm produce

农产品 農產品 nong2 chan3 pin3
agricultural produce

农村家庭联产承包责任制 農村家庭聯產承包責任制 nong2 cun1 jia1 ting2 lian2 chan3 cheng2 bao1 ze2 ren4 zhi4
rural household contract responsibility system, PRC government policy linking rural income to productivity

农林水产省 農林水產省 nong2 lin2 shui3 chan3 sheng3
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan)

农业生产合作社 農業生產合作社 nong2 ye4 sheng1 chan3 he2 zuo4 she4
agricultural producers' cooperative

陪产 陪產 pei2 chan3
to be present during childbirth

批量生产 批量生產 pi1 liang4 sheng1 chan3
to mass produce

破产 破產 po4 chan3
to go bankrupt; to become impoverished; bankruptcy

破产者 破產者 po4 chan3 zhe3
bankrupt person

剖腹产 剖腹產 pou1 fu4 chan3
Cesarean section

剖腹产手术 剖腹產手術 pou1 fu4 chan3 shou3 shu4
Cesarean section operation

剖宫产 剖宮產 pou1 gong1 chan3
Cesarean section

剖宫产手术 剖宮產手術 pou1 gong1 chan3 shou3 shu4
Cesarean section operation

倾家荡产 傾家蕩產 qing1 jia1 dang4 chan3
to lose a family fortune (idiom)

轻质石油产品 輕質石油產品 qing1 zhi4 shi2 you2 chan3 pin3
light petroleum product (i.e. gasoline and diesel oil)

全世界无产者联合起来 全世界無產者聯合起來 quan2 shi4 jie4 wu2 chan3 zhe3 lian2 he2 qi3 lai5
Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch!; Workers of the world, unite!

拳头产品 拳頭產品 quan2 tou5 chan3 pin3
competitive product; superior goods; with real punch

人工流产 人工流產 ren2 gong1 liu2 chan3

日产 日產 ri4 chan3
Nissan, Japanese car make; also transliterated 尼桑

生产 生產 sheng1 chan3
to produce; to manufacture; to give birth to a child

生产成本 生產成本 sheng1 chan3 cheng2 ben3
production costs

生产单位 生產單位 sheng1 chan3 dan1 wei4
production unit

生产队 生產隊 sheng1 chan3 dui4
production team

生产反应堆 生產反應堆 sheng1 chan3 fan3 ying4 dui1
production reactor

生产关系 生產關係 sheng1 chan3 guan1 xi4
relations between levels of production; socio-economic relations

生产劳动 生產勞動 sheng1 chan3 lao2 dong4
productive labor

生产力 生產力 sheng1 chan3 li4
production capability; productive force; productivity

生产率 生產率 sheng1 chan3 lv4
productivity; efficiency of production

生产能力 生產能力 sheng1 chan3 neng2 li4
manufacturing ability; production capacity

生产企业 生產企業 sheng1 chan3 qi3 ye4

生产设施 生產設施 sheng1 chan3 she4 shi1
production facility

生产线 生產線 sheng1 chan3 xian4
assembly line; production line

生产要素 生產要素 sheng1 chan3 yao4 su4
factors of production

生产者 生產者 sheng1 chan3 zhe3
producer (of goods, commodities or farm produce etc); manufacturer; (biology) autotroph

生产资料 生產資料 sheng1 chan3 zi1 liao4
means of production

生产自救 生產自救 sheng1 chan3 zi4 jiu4
self-help (idiom)

生产总值 生產總值 sheng1 chan3 zong3 zhi2
gross domestic production (GDP); total output value

盛产 盛產 sheng4 chan3
to produce in abundance; to be rich in

世界文化遗产 世界文化遺產 shi4 jie4 wen2 hua4 yi2 chan3
(UNESCO) World Cultural Heritage

世界文化遗产地 世界文化遺產地 shi4 jie4 wen2 hua4 yi2 chan3 di4
World Heritage site

世界知识产权组织 世界知識產權組織 shi4 jie4 zhi1 shi2 chan3 quan2 zu3 zhi1
World Intellectual Property Organization

水产 水產 shui3 chan3
aquatic; produced in sea, rivers or lakes

水产养殖 水產養殖 shui3 chan3 yang3 zhi2

水产业 水產業 shui3 chan3 ye4

水产展 水產展 shui3 chan3 zhan3
seafood show (trade fair)

顺产 順產 shun4 chan3
to give birth without complications; easy childbirth; safe delivery; natural birth (without surgical operation)

死产 死產 si3 chan3

特产 特產 te4 chan3
special local product; (regional) specialty

田产 田產 tian2 chan3
estate; lands

停产 停產 ting2 chan3
to stop production

同类产品 同類產品 tong2 lei4 chan3 pin3
similar product

投产 投產 tou2 chan3
to put into production; to put into operation

土产 土產 tu3 chan3
produced locally; local product (with distinctive native features)

土特产 土特產 tu3 te4 chan3
local specialty

臀产式分娩 臀產式分娩 tun2 chan3 shi4 fen1 mian3
breech delivery (medicine)

脱产 脫產 tuo1 chan3
to transfer (from production to other duties); to take leave (for study or other job); to dispose of property; to transfer assets (to avoid liability)

围产 圍產 wei2 chan3

文创产业 文創產業 wen2 chuang4 chan3 ye4
creative industries (design, music, publishing etc); abbr. for 文化創意產業|文化创意产业

文化遗产 文化遺產 wen2 hua4 yi2 chan3
cultural heritage

无产阶级 無產階級 wu2 chan3 jie1 ji2

无产者 無產者 wu2 chan3 zhe3
proletariat; non-propertied person

物产 物產 wu4 chan3
products; produce; natural resources

夕阳产业 夕陽產業 xi1 yang2 chan3 ye4
sunset industry; declining industry

小产 小產 xiao3 chan3
to miscarry; a miscarriage; an abortion

小资产阶级 小資產階級 xiao3 zi1 chan3 jie1 ji2
petty bourgeois

新产品 新產品 xin1 chan3 pin3
new product

新产品推介会 新產品推介會 xin1 chan3 pin3 tui1 jie4 hui4
product launch event

新兴产业 新興產業 xin1 xing1 chan3 ye4
emerging industry

信贷衍生产品 信貸衍生產品 xin4 dai4 yan3 sheng1 chan3 pin3
credit derivative (in finance)

性产业 性產業 xing4 chan3 ye4
the sex industry

性服务产业 性服務產業 xing4 fu2 wu4 chan3 ye4
sex service industry

畜产品 畜產品 xu4 chan3 pin3
domesticated animal products

宣布破产 宣布破產 xuan1 bu4 po4 chan3
to declare bankruptcy

衍生产品 衍生產品 yan3 sheng1 chan3 pin3
derivative product; derivative (in finance)

遗产 遺產 yi2 chan3
heritage; legacy; inheritance; bequest

遗产税 遺產稅 yi2 chan3 shui4
inheritance tax; estate tax

引产 引產 yin3 chan3
to induce labor (childbirth)

有产者 有產者 you3 chan3 zhe3
property owner; the wealthy

语言产生 語言產生 yu3 yan2 chan3 sheng1
production of speech

原产 原產 yuan2 chan3
original production; native to (of species)

原产地 原產地 yuan2 chan3 di4
original source; place of origin; provenance

原产国 原產國 yuan2 chan3 guo2
country of origin

孕产 孕產 yun4 chan3
pregnancy and childbirth; obstetrics and gynecology

再生产 再生產 zai4 sheng1 chan3
producing a copy; to reproduce

早产 早產 zao3 chan3
premature birth; premature labor

增产 增產 zeng1 chan3
to increase production

朝阳产业 朝陽產業 zhao1 yang2 chan3 ye4
sunrise industry

知识产权 知識產權 zhi1 shi5 chan3 quan2
intellectual property rights (law)

支柱产业 支柱產業 zhi1 zhu4 chan3 ye4
mainstay industry

智慧产权 智慧產權 zhi4 hui4 chan3 quan2
intellectual property

中产 中產 zhong1 chan3
middle class; bourgeois

中产阶级 中產階級 zhong1 chan3 jie1 ji2
middle class

终产物 終產物 zhong1 chan3 wu4
end product

中国产 中國產 zhong1 guo2 chan3
made in China; home-grown (talent)

中国共产党 中國共產黨 zhong1 guo2 gong4 chan3 dang3
Communist Party of China

中国共产党中央委员会 中國共產黨中央委員會 zhong1 guo2 gong4 chan3 dang3 zhong1 yang1 wei3 yuan2 hui4
Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, abbr. to 中共中央

中国共产党中央委员会宣传部 中國共產黨中央委員會宣傳部 zhong1 guo2 gong4 chan3 dang3 zhong1 yang1 wei3 yuan2 hui4 xuan1 chuan2 bu4
Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China

中国共产主义青年团 中國共產主義青年團 zhong1 guo2 gong4 chan3 zhu3 yi4 qing1 nian2 tuan2
Communist Youth League of China; China Youth League

重水生产 重水生產 zhong4 shui3 sheng1 chan3
heavy water production

助产 助產 zhu4 chan3
to help a mother give birth

助产士 助產士 zhu4 chan3 shi4

转产 轉產 zhuan3 chan3
to change production; to move over to new products

资产 資產 zi1 chan3
property; assets

资产剥离 資產剝離 zi1 chan3 bo1 li2
asset stripping

资产担保证券 資產擔保證券 zi1 chan3 dan1 bao3 zheng4 quan4
asset-backed security; ABS

资产负债表 資產負債表 zi1 chan3 fu4 zhai4 biao3
balance sheet

资产价值 資產價值 zi1 chan3 jia4 zhi2
value of assets

资产阶级 資產階級 zi1 chan3 jie1 ji2
the capitalist class; the bourgeoisie

资产阶级革命 資產階級革命 zi1 chan3 jie1 ji2 ge2 ming4
bourgeois revolution (in Marx-Leninist theory, a prelude to the proletarian revolution)

资产阶级右派 資產階級右派 zi1 chan3 jie1 ji2 you4 pai4
bourgeois rightist faction (esp. during anti-rightist movement of 1957-58)

资产组合 資產組合 zi1 chan3 zu3 he2
asset portfolio

子产 子產 zi3 chan3
Zi Chan (?-522 BC), statesman and philosopher during the Spring and Autumn period

总产量 總產量 zong3 chan3 liang4
total output

总产值 總產值 zong3 chan3 zhi2
gross product; total output