ache; pain; sorrow; deeply; thoroughly

strokes 12
strokes after radical 7
哀痛 哀痛 ai1 tong4
to grieve; to mourn; deep sorrow; grief

抱头痛哭 抱頭痛哭 bao4 tou2 tong4 ku1
to weep disconsolately; to cry on each other's shoulder

悲痛 悲痛 bei1 tong4
grieved; sorrowful

病痛 病痛 bing4 tong4
slight illness; indisposition; ailment

不关痛痒 不關痛癢 bu4 guan1 tong4 yang3
unimportant; of no consequence

不痛不痒 不痛不癢 bu4 tong4 bu4 yang3
lit. doesn't hurt, doesn't tickle (idiom); sth is wrong, but not quite sure what; fig. not getting to any matter of substance; scratching the surface; superficial; perfunctory

不知痛痒 不知痛癢 bu4 zhi1 tong4 yang3
numb; unfeeling; indifferent; inconsequential

惨痛 慘痛 can3 tong4
bitter; painful; deeply distressed

长痛不如短痛 長痛不如短痛 chang2 tong4 bu4 ru2 duan3 tong4
better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony

沉痛 沉痛 chen2 tong4
grief; remorse; deep in sorrow; bitter (anguish); profound (condolences)

抽痛 抽痛 chou1 tong4
to throb with pain; throbbing pain; twang; pang

创巨痛深 創巨痛深 chuang1 ju4 tong4 shen1
untold pain and suffering (idiom); deeply scarred for life

创痛 創痛 chuang1 tong4
pain from a wound

刺痛 刺痛 ci4 tong4
stab of pain; sting; fig. stimulus to action; a prick

胆石绞痛 膽石絞痛 dan3 shi2 jiao3 tong4
gallstone colic

刀刺性痛 刀刺性痛 dao1 ci4 xing4 tong4
lancing pain

肚痛 肚痛 du4 tong4

肚子痛 肚子痛 du4 zi5 tong4
stomachache; bellyache

耳痛 耳痛 er3 tong4

发痛 發痛 fa1 tong4
to ache; to be sore; to feel painful

腹部绞痛 腹部絞痛 fu4 bu4 jiao3 tong4
abdominal cramping

腹痛 腹痛 fu4 tong4
bellyache; stomach pain

骨痛热症 骨痛熱症 gu3 tong4 re4 zheng4
Dengue fever; breakbone fever

活血止痛 活血止痛 huo2 xue4 zhi3 tong4
to invigorate blood circulation and alleviate pain (idiom)

绞痛 絞痛 jiao3 tong4
sharp pain; cramp; griping pain; colic; angina, cf 心絞痛|心绞痛

解痛 解痛 jie3 tong4
to relieve pain; analgesic

经痛 經痛 jing1 tong4
menstrual pain; dysmenorrhea

剧痛 劇痛 ju4 tong4
acute pain; sharp pain; twinge; stab; pang

苦痛 苦痛 ku3 tong4
pain; suffering

慢性疼痛 慢性疼痛 man4 xing4 teng2 tong4
chronic pain

偏头痛 偏頭痛 pian1 tou2 tong4

强忍悲痛 強忍悲痛 qiang2 ren3 bei1 tong4
to try hard to suppress one's grief (idiom)

切痛 切痛 qie1 tong4
sharp pain

切肤之痛 切膚之痛 qie4 fu1 zhi1 tong4
keenly felt pain; bitter anguish

忍痛 忍痛 ren3 tong4
to suffer; fig. reluctantly

忍痛割爱 忍痛割愛 ren3 tong4 ge1 ai4
to resign oneself to part with what one treasures

茹痛 茹痛 ru2 tong4
to endure (suffering or sorrow)

闪痛 閃痛 shan3 tong4
stabbing pain; intermittent flash of pain

伤痛 傷痛 shang1 tong4
pain (from wound); sorrow

深恶痛绝 深惡痛絕 shen1 wu4 tong4 jue2
to detest bitterly (idiom); implacable hatred; to abhor; anathema

神经痛 神經痛 shen2 jing1 tong4
neuralgia (medicine)

双氯灭痛 雙氯滅痛 shuang1 lv4 mie4 tong4
diclofenac pain-killer; also called 扶他林

思之心痛 思之心痛 si1 zhi1 xin1 tong4
a thought that causes heartache (idiom)

酸痛 酸痛 suan1 tong4
to ache

疼痛 疼痛 teng2 tong4
pain; ache; sore

痛砭 痛砭 tong4 bian1
to strongly criticize

痛砭时弊 痛砭時弊 tong4 bian1 shi2 bi4
to strongly criticize the evils of the day

痛不欲生 痛不欲生 tong4 bu4 yu4 sheng1
to be so in pain as to not want to live; to be so grieved as to wish one were dead

痛斥 痛斥 tong4 chi4
to criticize harshly; to denounce; to attack viciously

痛楚 痛楚 tong4 chu3
pain; anguish; suffering

痛处 痛處 tong4 chu4
sore spot; place that hurts

痛打 痛打 tong4 da3
to beat sb soundly

痛定思痛 痛定思痛 tong4 ding4 si1 tong4
to think of the pain when the pain is gone (idiom); to ponder about a painful experience

痛风 痛風 tong4 feng1

痛改前非 痛改前非 tong4 gai3 qian2 fei1
completely correcting one's former misdeeds (idiom); to repent past mistakes and turn over a new leaf; a reformed character

痛感 痛感 tong4 gan3

痛恨 痛恨 tong4 hen4
to detest; to loathe; to abhor

痛击 痛擊 tong4 ji1
to deliver a punishing attack; to deal a heavy blow

痛经 痛經 tong4 jing1
menstrual pain; dysmenorrhea

痛哭 痛哭 tong4 ku1
to cry bitterly

痛哭流涕 痛哭流涕 tong4 ku1 liu2 ti4
weeping bitter tears

痛苦 痛苦 tong4 ku3
pain; suffering; painful

痛快 痛快 tong4 kuai4
delighted; to one's heart's content; straightforward; also pr.

痛快淋漓 痛快淋漓 tong4 kuai4 lin2 li2
joyous; hearty; spirited; incisive

痛骂 痛罵 tong4 ma4
to bawl out; to reprimand severely

痛批 痛批 tong4 pi1
to severely criticize

痛失 痛失 tong4 shi1
to suffer the painful loss of (a loved one etc); to miss out on (an opportunity); to fail to gain (victory etc)

痛痛快快 痛痛快快 tong4 tong5 kuai4 kuai4
immediately; without a moment's hesitation; with alacrity; firing from the hip

痛惜 痛惜 tong4 xi1
to lament

痛心 痛心 tong4 xin1
grieved; pained

痛心疾首 痛心疾首 tong4 xin1 ji2 shou3
bitter and hateful (idiom); to grieve and lament (over sth)

痛性痉挛 痛性痙攣 tong4 xing4 jing4 luan2
(muscle) cramp

痛痒 痛癢 tong4 yang3
pain and itch; sufferings; importance; consequence

痛饮 痛飲 tong4 yin3
to drink one's fill

头痛 頭痛 tou2 tong4
to have a headache

头痛医头 頭痛醫頭 tou2 tong4 yi1 tou2
to treat the symptoms; reactive (rather than proactive)

头痛医头,脚痛医脚 頭痛醫頭,腳痛醫腳 tou2 tong4 yi1 tou2 - jiao3 tong4 yi1 jiao3
to treat the symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem (proverb); reactive (rather than proactive)

头痛欲裂 頭痛欲裂 tou2 tong4 yu4 lie4
to have a splitting headache (idiom)

万分痛苦 萬分痛苦 wan4 fen1 tong4 ku3

胃痛 胃痛 wei4 tong4

纤维肌痛 纖維肌痛 xian1 wei2 ji1 tong4

心绞痛 心絞痛 xin1 jiao3 tong4

心痛 心痛 xin1 tong4
to feel distressed about sth; heartache; cardiac pain

牙痛 牙痛 ya2 tong4

隐痛 隱痛 yin3 tong4
hidden anguish; secret suffering; (medicine) dull pain

隐隐作痛 隱隱作痛 yin3 yin3 zuo4 tong4
to ache dully

迎头痛击 迎頭痛擊 ying2 tou2 tong4 ji1
to deliver a frontal assault; to meet head-on (idiom)

镇痛 鎮痛 zhen4 tong4
analgesic; pain killer

阵痛 陣痛 zhen4 tong4
labor pains

镇痛剂 鎮痛劑 zhen4 tong4 ji4
painkiller; analgesic; anodyne

镇痛药 鎮痛藥 zhen4 tong4 yao4

止痛 止痛 zhi3 tong4
to relieve pain; to stop pain; analgesic

止痛法 止痛法 zhi3 tong4 fa3
method of relieving pain

止痛剂 止痛劑 zhi3 tong4 ji4
an analgesic; pain killer

止痛片 止痛片 zhi3 tong4 pian4

止痛药 止痛藥 zhi3 tong4 yao4
pain-killer; analgesic; anodyne

灼痛 灼痛 zhuo2 tong4
burn (i.e. wound); burning pain

坐骨神经痛 坐骨神經痛 zuo4 gu3 shen2 jing1 tong4

作痛 作痛 zuo4 tong4
to ache