to open (one's eyes) wide; to stare at; to glare at

strokes 17
strokes after radical 12
瞪羚 瞪羚 deng4 ling2

瞪目凝视 瞪目凝視 deng4 mu4 ning2 shi4
in a catatonic state; shocked and stunned (idiom)

瞪鞋摇滚 瞪鞋搖滾 deng4 xie2 yao2 gun3
shoegaze (music genre)

瞪眼 瞪眼 deng4 yan3
to open one's eyes wide; to stare; to glare (at sb); to scowl

干瞪眼 乾瞪眼 gan1 deng4 yan3
to watch helplessly

迷瞪 迷瞪 mi2 deng4
puzzled; bewildered; infatuated

目瞪口呆 目瞪口呆 mu4 deng4 kou3 dai1
dumbstruck (idiom); stupefied; stunned

直瞪瞪 直瞪瞪 zhi2 deng4 deng4
to stare blankly

直眉瞪眼 直眉瞪眼 zhi2 mei2 deng4 yan3
to stare angrily or vacantly