to hand over; to deliver; to pay (money); to turn over; to make friends; to intersect (lines)

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
八拜之交 八拜之交 ba1 bai4 zhi1 jiao1
sworn brotherhood; intimate friendship

白翅交嘴雀 白翅交嘴雀 bai2 chi4 jiao1 zui3 que4
(bird species of China) white-winged crossbill (Loxia leucoptera)

百感交集 百感交集 bai3 gan3 jiao1 ji2
all sorts of feelings well up in one's heart

邦交 邦交 bang1 jiao1
relations between two countries; diplomatic relations

悲喜交集 悲喜交集 bei1 xi3 jiao1 ji2
mixed feelings of grief and joy

北京产权交易所 北京產權交易所 bei3 jing1 chan3 quan2 jiao1 yi4 suo3
China Beijing Equity Exchange (CBEX)

不等价交换 不等價交換 bu4 deng3 jia4 jiao1 huan4
exchange of unequal values

不可开交 不可開交 bu4 ke3 kai1 jiao1
to be awfully (busy etc)

成交 成交 cheng2 jiao1
to complete a contract; to reach a deal

成交价 成交價 cheng2 jiao1 jia4
sale price; negotiated price; price reached in an auction

程控交换机 程控交換機 cheng2 kong4 jiao1 huan4 ji1
electronic switching system (telecom.); stored program control exchange (SPC)

迟交 遲交 chi2 jiao1
to delay handing over (payment, homework etc)

船上交货 船上交貨 chuan2 shang4 jiao1 huo4
Free On Board (FOB) (transportation)

打交道 打交道 da3 jiao1 dao4
to come into contact with; to have dealings

德国学术交流总署 德國學術交流總署 de2 guo2 xue2 shu4 jiao1 liu2 zong3 shu3
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (Tw)

德意志学术交流中心 德意志學術交流中心 de2 yi4 zhi4 xue2 shu4 jiao1 liu2 zhong1 xin1
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

递交 遞交 di4 jiao1
to present; to give; to hand over; to hand in; to lay before

点交 點交 dian3 jiao1
to hand over one by one

电子数据交换 電子數據交換 dian4 zi3 shu4 ju4 jiao1 huan4
electronic exchange of data

跌交 跌交 die1 jiao1
variant of 跌跤

东交民巷 東交民巷 dong1 jiao1 min2 xiang4
a street to the south of the Forbidden City that was the Legation quarter during the Boxer uprising

断交 斷交 duan4 jiao1
to end a relationship; to break off diplomatic ties

发交 發交 fa1 jiao1
to issue and deliver (to people)

法兰克福证券交易所 法蘭克福證券交易所 fa3 lan2 ke4 fu2 zheng4 quan4 jiao1 yi4 suo3
Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE)

泛泛之交 泛泛之交 fan4 fan4 zhi1 jiao1
nodding acquaintance; slight familiarity

分子杂交 分子雜交 fen1 zi3 za2 jiao1
molecular hybridization

分组交换 分組交換 fen1 zu3 jiao1 huan4
packet switching

复交 復交 fu4 jiao1
to reopen diplomatic relations

肛交 肛交 gang1 jiao1
anal intercourse

港交所 港交所 gang3 jiao1 suo3
Hong Kong Stock Exchange; abbr. for 香港交易所

觥筹交错 觥籌交錯 gong1 chou2 jiao1 cuo4
wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined; to drink and gamble together in a large group (idiom); a big (drinking) party

公共交换电话网路 公共交換電話網路 gong1 gong4 jiao1 huan4 dian4 hua4 wang3 lu4
public switched telephone network; PSTN

公共交通 公共交通 gong1 gong4 jiao1 tong1
public transport; mass transit

公交 公交 gong1 jiao1
public transportation; mass transit; abbr. for 公共交通

公交车 公交車 gong1 jiao1 che1
public transport vehicle; town bus

公交站 公交站 gong1 jiao1 zhan4
public transport station

公平交易 公平交易 gong1 ping2 jiao1 yi4
fair dealing

公用交换电话网 公用交換電話網 gong1 yong4 jiao1 huan4 dian4 hua4 wang3
public switched telephone network; PSTN

狗交媾般 狗交媾般 gou3 jiao1 gou4 ban1

古交 古交 gu3 jiao1
Gujiao county level city in Taiyuan 太原, Shanxi

古交市 古交市 gu3 jiao1 shi4
Gujiao county level city in Taiyuan 太原, Shanxi

股票交易所 股票交易所 gu3 piao4 jiao1 yi4 suo3
stock exchange

故交 故交 gu4 jiao1
former acquaintance; old friend

广交会 廣交會 guang3 jiao1 hui4
China Export Commodities Fair also known as the Canton Fair

轨道交通 軌道交通 gui3 dao4 jiao1 tong1
metro; rapid transit; subway

国际外交 國際外交 guo2 ji4 wai4 jiao1
foreign policy

国家标准中文交换码 國家標準中文交換碼 guo2 jia1 biao1 zhun3 zhong1 wen2 jiao1 huan4 ma3
CNS 11643, Chinese character coding adopted in Taiwan, 1986-1992

海峡交流基金会 海峽交流基金會 hai3 xia2 jiao1 liu2 ji1 jin1 hui4
Taiwan Strait Exchange Foundation (SEF)

颔首之交 頷首之交 han4 shou3 zhi1 jiao1
nodding acquaintance

红交嘴雀 紅交嘴雀 hong2 jiao1 zui3 que4
(bird species of China) red crossbill (Loxia curvirostra)

患难之交 患難之交 huan4 nan4 zhi1 jiao1
a friend in times of tribulations (idiom); a friend in need is a friend indeed

黄白交点 黃白交點 huang2 bai2 jiao1 dian3
ecliptic line; intersection of the ecliptic with the moon's orbit plane

回交 回交 hui2 jiao1
backcrossing (i.e. hybridization with parent)

悔恨交加 悔恨交加 hui3 hen4 jiao1 jia1
to feel remorse and shame (idiom)

混交 混交 hun4 jiao1
mixed (growth of wood)

混交林 混交林 hun4 jiao1 lin2
mixed forest

饥寒交迫 飢寒交迫 ji1 han2 jiao1 po4
beset by hunger and cold (idiom); starving and freezing; in desperate poverty

建交 建交 jian4 jiao1
to establish diplomatic relations

建立正式外交关系 建立正式外交關係 jian4 li4 zheng4 shi4 wai4 jiao1 guan1 xi4
formally establish diplomatic relations

交拜 交拜 jiao1 bai4
to bow to one another; to kneel and kowtow to one another; formal kowtow as part of traditional wedding ceremony

交班 交班 jiao1 ban1
to hand over to the next workshift

交办 交辦 jiao1 ban4
to assign (a task to sb)

交保 交保 jiao1 bao3
to post bail; bail

交保释放 交保釋放 jiao1 bao3 shi4 fang4
to release sb on bail

交杯酒 交杯酒 jiao1 bei1 jiu3
formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony

交臂 交臂 jiao1 bi4
linking arms; arm in arm; very close

交臂失之 交臂失之 jiao1 bi4 shi1 zhi1
to miss sb by a narrow chance; to miss an opportunity

交变 交變 jiao1 bian4
half-period of a wave motion; alternation

交变电流 交變電流 jiao1 bian4 dian4 liu2
alternating current (electricity)

交变流电 交變流電 jiao1 bian4 liu2 dian4
alternating current; same as 交流電|交流电

交兵 交兵 jiao1 bing1
in a state of war

交并 交併 jiao1 bing4
occurring simultaneously

交叉 交叉 jiao1 cha1
to cross; to intersect; to overlap

交叉点 交叉點 jiao1 cha1 dian3
junction; crossroads; intersection point

交叉火力 交叉火力 jiao1 cha1 huo3 li4

交叉口 交叉口 jiao1 cha1 kou3
(road) intersection

交叉耐药性 交叉耐藥性 jiao1 cha1 nai4 yao4 xing4

交叉学科 交叉學科 jiao1 cha1 xue2 ke1
interdisciplinary; interdisciplinary subject (in science)

交叉阴影线 交叉陰影線 jiao1 cha1 yin1 ying3 xian4
hatched lines; cross-hatched graphic pattern

交叉运球 交叉運球 jiao1 cha1 yun4 qiu2
crossover dribble (basketball)

交差 交差 jiao1 chai1
to report back after completion of one's mission

交缠 交纏 jiao1 chan2
to intertwine; to intermingle

交城 交城 jiao1 cheng2
Jiaocheng county in Lüliang 呂梁|吕梁, Shanxi 山西

交城县 交城縣 jiao1 cheng2 xian4
Jiaocheng county in Lüliang 呂梁|吕梁, Shanxi 山西

交驰 交馳 jiao1 chi2
continuously circling one another; to buzz around

交出 交出 jiao1 chu1
to hand over

交错 交錯 jiao1 cuo4
to crisscross; to intertwine

交大 交大 jiao1 da4
Jiaotong University; University of Communications; abbr. of 交通大學|交通大学

交待 交待 jiao1 dai4
variant of 交代

交代 交代 jiao1 dai4
to hand over; to explain; to make clear; to brief (sb); to account for; to justify oneself; to confess; (coll.) to finish

交底 交底 jiao1 di3
to fill sb in (on the details of sth); to put all one's cards on the table

交点 交點 jiao1 dian3
meeting point; point of intersection

交恶 交惡 jiao1 e4
to become enemies; to become hostile towards

交锋 交鋒 jiao1 feng1
to cross swords; to have a confrontation (with sb)

交付 交付 jiao1 fu4
to hand over; to deliver

交感神经 交感神經 jiao1 gan3 shen2 jing1
sympathetic nervous system

交割 交割 jiao1 ge1
delivery (commerce)

交给 交給 jiao1 gei3
to give; to deliver; to hand over

交媾 交媾 jiao1 gou4
to have sex; to copulate

交骨 交骨 jiao1 gu3
pubic bone

交管 交管 jiao1 guan3
traffic control

交合 交合 jiao1 he2
to join; to meet; to copulate; sexual intercourse

交互 交互 jiao1 hu4
mutual; interactive; each other; alternately; in turn; interaction

交欢 交歡 jiao1 huan1
to have cordial relations with each other; to have sexual intercourse

交还 交還 jiao1 huan2
to return sth; to hand back

交换 交換 jiao1 huan4
to exchange; to swap; to switch (telecom); commutative (math); to commute

交换代数 交換代數 jiao1 huan4 dai4 shu4
(math.) commutative algebra

交换代数学 交換代數學 jiao1 huan4 dai4 shu4 xue2
(math.) commutative algebra

交换端 交換端 jiao1 huan4 duan1
switched port

交换机 交換機 jiao1 huan4 ji1
switch (telecommunications)

交换技术 交換技術 jiao1 huan4 ji4 shu4
switching technology

交换价值 交換價值 jiao1 huan4 jia4 zhi2
exchange value

交换律 交換律 jiao1 huan4 lv4
commutative law xy = yx (math)

交换码 交換碼 jiao1 huan4 ma3
interchange code; computer coding for characters, including Chinese

交换器 交換器 jiao1 huan4 qi4
(telecom or network) switch

交换网路 交換網路 jiao1 huan4 wang3 lu4
switched network

交换虚电路 交換虛電路 jiao1 huan4 xu1 dian4 lu4
Switched Virtual Circuit; SVC

交换以太网络 交換以太網絡 jiao1 huan4 yi3 tai4 wang3 luo4
switched Ethernet

交汇 交彙 jiao1 hui4
variant of 交匯|交汇; to flow together; confluence (of rivers, airflow, roads); (international) cooperation

交汇 交匯 jiao1 hui4
to flow together; confluence (of rivers, airflow, roads); (international) cooperation

交会 交會 jiao1 hui4
to encounter; to rendezvous; to converge; to meet (a payment)

交汇处 交匯處 jiao1 hui4 chu4
confluence (of two rivers); junction (of roads); (transport) interchange

交火 交火 jiao1 huo3
firefight; shooting

交货 交貨 jiao1 huo4
to deliver goods

交货期 交貨期 jiao1 huo4 qi1
delivery time (time between ordering goods and receiving the delivery); date of delivery

交集 交集 jiao1 ji2
intersection (symbol ∩) (set theory)

交际 交際 jiao1 ji4
communication; social intercourse

交加 交加 jiao1 jia1
to occur at the same time (of two things); to be mingled; to accompany each other

交角 交角 jiao1 jiao3
angle of intersection; angle at which two lines meet

交接 交接 jiao1 jie1
(of two things) to come into contact; to meet; to hand over to; to take over from; to associate with; to have friendly relations with; to have sexual intercourse

交接班 交接班 jiao1 jie1 ban1
to change shift

交结 交結 jiao1 jie2
to associate with; to mix with; to connect

交睫 交睫 jiao1 jie2
to close one's eyes (i.e. sleep)

交界 交界 jiao1 jie4
common boundary; common border

交警 交警 jiao1 jing3
traffic police; abbr. for 交通警察

交九 交九 jiao1 jiu3
the coldest period of the year; three nine day periods after the winter solstice

交卷 交卷 jiao1 juan4
to hand in one's examination script

交口 交口 jiao1 kou3
Jiaokou county in Lüliang 呂梁|吕梁, Shanxi 山西

交口称誉 交口稱譽 jiao1 kou3 cheng1 yu4
voices unanimous in praise (idiom); with an extensive public reputation

交口县 交口縣 jiao1 kou3 xian4
Jiaokou county in Lüliang 呂梁|吕梁, Shanxi 山西

交款单 交款單 jiao1 kuan3 dan1
payment slip

交困 交困 jiao1 kun4
beset with difficulties

交粮本 交糧本 jiao1 liang2 ben3
to hand in one's ration cards; to die

交流 交流 jiao1 liu2
to exchange; exchange; communication; interaction; to have social contact (with sb)

交流电 交流電 jiao1 liu2 dian4
alternating current

交纳 交納 jiao1 na4
to pay (taxes or dues)

交配 交配 jiao1 pei4
mating; copulation (esp. of animals)

交朋友 交朋友 jiao1 peng2 you5
to make friends; (dialect) to start an affair with sb

交迫 交迫 jiao1 po4
to be beleaguered

交契 交契 jiao1 qi4

交钱 交錢 jiao1 qian2
to pay up; to shell out; to hand over the money to cover sth

交浅言深 交淺言深 jiao1 qian3 yan2 shen1
to talk intimately while being comparative strangers (idiom)

交情匪浅 交情匪淺 jiao1 qing2 fei3 qian3
to be very close; to understand each other

交情 交情 jiao1 qing5
friendship; friendly relations

交融 交融 jiao1 rong2
to blend; to mix

交涉 交涉 jiao1 she4
to negotiate; relating to

交手 交手 jiao1 shou3
to fight hand to hand

交谈 交談 jiao1 tan2
to discuss; to converse; chat; discussion

交替 交替 jiao1 ti4
to replace; alternately; in turn

交通 交通 jiao1 tong1
to be connected; traffic; transportation; communications; liaison

交通标志 交通標誌 jiao1 tong1 biao1 zhi4
traffic sign

交通部 交通部 jiao1 tong1 bu4
Ministry of Transport; Transport Department

交通车 交通車 jiao1 tong1 che1
shuttle bus

交通大学 交通大學 jiao1 tong1 da4 xue2
abbr. for 上海交通大學|上海交通大学 Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 西安交通大學|西安交通大学 Xia'an Jiaotong University, 國立交通大學|国立交通大学 National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan) etc

交通堵塞 交通堵塞 jiao1 tong1 du3 se4
road congestion; traffic jam

交通费 交通費 jiao1 tong1 fei4
transport costs

交通工具 交通工具 jiao1 tong1 gong1 ju4
means of transportation; vehicle

交通管理局 交通管理局 jiao1 tong1 guan3 li3 ju2
department of transport

交通建设 交通建設 jiao1 tong1 jian4 she4
transport infrastructure

交通警察 交通警察 jiao1 tong1 jing3 cha2
traffic police; abbr. to 交警

交通警卫 交通警衛 jiao1 tong1 jing3 wei4
road traffic policing

交通卡 交通卡 jiao1 tong1 ka3
public transportation card; prepaid transit card; subway pass

交通枢纽 交通樞紐 jiao1 tong1 shu1 niu3
traffic hub

交通协管员 交通協管員 jiao1 tong1 xie2 guan3 yuan2
traffic warden

交通意外 交通意外 jiao1 tong1 yi4 wai4
traffic accident; car crash

交通银行 交通銀行 jiao1 tong1 yin2 hang2
Bank of Communications

交通拥挤 交通擁擠 jiao1 tong1 yong1 ji3
traffic congestion

交通运输部 交通運輸部 jiao1 tong1 yun4 shu1 bu4
PRC Ministry of Transport (MOT)

交通肇事罪 交通肇事罪 jiao1 tong1 zhao4 shi4 zui4
culpable driving causing serious damage or injury

交通阻塞 交通阻塞 jiao1 tong1 zu3 se4
traffic jam

交头接耳 交頭接耳 jiao1 tou2 jie1 er3
to whisper to one another's ear

交托 交托 jiao1 tuo1
to entrust

交往 交往 jiao1 wang3
to associate (with); to have contact (with); to hang out (with); to date; (interpersonal) relationship; association; contact

交尾 交尾 jiao1 wei3
to copulate (of animals); to mate

交响 交響 jiao1 xiang3
symphony, symphonic

交响金属 交響金屬 jiao1 xiang3 jin1 shu3
symphonic metal (pop music); heavy metal with symphonic pretensions

交响曲 交響曲 jiao1 xiang3 qu3

交响乐 交響樂 jiao1 xiang3 yue4

交响乐队 交響樂隊 jiao1 xiang3 yue4 dui4
symphony orchestra

交响乐团 交響樂團 jiao1 xiang3 yue4 tuan2
symphony orchestra

交卸 交卸 jiao1 xie4
to hand over to a successor; to relinquish one's office

交谊 交誼 jiao1 yi4
association; communion; friendship

交易 交易 jiao1 yi4
(business) transaction; business deal

交易额 交易額 jiao1 yi4 e2
sum or volume of business transactions; turnover

交易会 交易會 jiao1 yi4 hui4
trade fair

交易日 交易日 jiao1 yi4 ri4
working day (in banking, share trading)

交易市场 交易市場 jiao1 yi4 shi4 chang3
exchange; trading floor

交易所 交易所 jiao1 yi4 suo3
exchange; stock exchange

交谊舞 交誼舞 jiao1 yi4 wu3
social dance; ballroom dancing

交易员 交易員 jiao1 yi4 yuan2
dealer; trader

交易者 交易者 jiao1 yi4 zhe3

交游 交遊 jiao1 you2
to have friendly relationships; circle of friends

交友 交友 jiao1 you3
to make friends

交与 交與 jiao1 yu3
to hand over

交运 交運 jiao1 yun4
to meet with luck; to hand over for transportation; to check (one's baggage at an airport etc)

交战 交戰 jiao1 zhan4
to fight; to wage war

交帐 交帳 jiao1 zhang4
to settle accounts

交织 交織 jiao1 zhi1
to interweave

交趾 交趾 jiao1 zhi3
former southernmost province of the Chinese Empire, now northern Vietnam

缴交 繳交 jiao3 jiao1
to hand in; to hand over

结交 結交 jie2 jiao1
to make friends with

金兰之交 金蘭之交 jin1 lan2 zhi1 jiao1
intimate friendship (idiom)

近亲交配 近親交配 jin4 qin1 jiao1 pei4

进行交易 進行交易 jin4 xing2 jiao1 yi4
to carry out a transaction

进行性交 進行性交 jin4 xing2 xing4 jiao1
to have sex; to have sexual intercourse

旧交 舊交 jiu4 jiao1
old friend; former acquaintance

绝交 絕交 jue2 jiao1
to break off relations; to break with sb

军火交易 軍火交易 jun1 huo3 jiao1 yi4
arms deal

君子之交 君子之交 jun1 zi3 zhi1 jiao1
friendship between gentlemen, insipid as water (idiom, from Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子)

君子之交淡如水 君子之交淡如水 jun1 zi3 zhi1 jiao1 dan4 ru2 shui3
a gentleman's friendship, insipid as water (idiom, from Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子)

开交 開交 kai1 jiao1
(used with negative) to conclude; (impossible) to end; (can't) finish

空中交通管制 空中交通管制 kong1 zhong1 jiao1 tong1 guan3 zhi4
air traffic control

空中交通管制员 空中交通管制員 kong1 zhong1 jiao1 tong1 guan3 zhi4 yuan2
air traffic controller

控辩交易 控辯交易 kong4 bian4 jiao1 yi4
plea bargaining; plea agreement

口交 口交 kou3 jiao1
oral sex

快餐交友 快餐交友 kuai4 can1 jiao1 you3
speed dating

拉交情 拉交情 la1 jiao1 qing5
to try to form friendly ties with sb for one's own benefit; to suck up to sb

兰交 蘭交 lan2 jiao1
close friendship; a meeting of minds

滥交 濫交 lan4 jiao1
to fall into bad company; to make acquaintances indiscriminately

劳务交换 勞務交換 lao2 wu4 jiao1 huan4
labor exchanges

老实巴交 老實巴交 lao3 shi5 ba1 jiao1
(coll.) docile; well-behaved; biddable

离子交换 離子交換 li2 zi3 jiao1 huan4
ion exchange

立交 立交 li4 jiao1
abbr. for 立體交叉|立体交叉 overpass

立交桥 立交橋 li4 jiao1 qiao2
overpass; flyover

立体交叉 立體交叉 li4 ti3 jiao1 cha1
three-dimensional road junction (i.e. involving flyover bridges or underpass tunnels); overpass

伦敦国际金融期货交易所 倫敦國際金融期貨交易所 lun2 dun1 guo2 ji4 jin1 rong2 qi1 huo4 jiao1 yi4 suo3
London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE)

伦敦证券交易所 倫敦證券交易所 lun2 dun1 zheng4 quan4 jiao1 yi4 suo3
London Stock Exchange (LSE)

落落寡交 落落寡交 luo4 luo4 gua3 jiao1
aloof and as a result friendless (idiom)

履舄交错 履舄交錯 lv3 xi4 jiao1 cuo4
lit. shoes and slippers muddled together (idiom); fig. many guests come and go; a lively party

美国交会 美國交會 mei3 guo2 jiao1 hui4
abbr. for 美國證券交易委員會|美国证券交易委员会, US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

美国证券交易委员会 美國證券交易委員會 mei3 guo2 zheng4 quan4 jiao1 yi4 wei3 yuan2 hui4
US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

美国资讯交换标准码 美國資訊交換標準碼 mei3 guo2 zi1 xun4 jiao1 huan4 biao1 zhun3 ma3
ASCII, American Standard Code for Information Interchange

面交 面交 mian4 jiao1
to deliver personally; to hand over face-to-face

莫逆之交 莫逆之交 mo4 ni4 zhi1 jiao1
intimate friendship; bosom buddies

目不交睫 目不交睫 mu4 bu4 jiao1 jie2
lit. the eyelashes do not come together (idiom); fig. to not sleep a wink

内幕交易 內幕交易 nei4 mu4 jiao1 yi4
insider trading; insider dealing

内线交易 內線交易 nei4 xian4 jiao1 yi4
insider trading (illegal share-dealing)

纽约证券交易所 紐約證券交易所 niu3 yue1 zheng4 quan4 jiao1 yi4 suo3
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

贫病交加 貧病交加 pin2 bing4 jiao1 jia1
poverty compounded by ill health (idiom)

贫病交迫 貧病交迫 pin2 bing4 jiao1 po4
beset by poverty and illness (idiom)

平交道 平交道 ping2 jiao1 dao4
level crossing

轻型轨道交通 輕型軌道交通 qing1 xing2 gui3 dao4 jiao1 tong1
light rail; transit system (underground, at street level or elevated); streetcar; metro; abbr. to 輕軌|轻轨

权力交接 權力交接 quan2 li4 jiao1 jie1
transfer of power; to hand over power

群交 群交 qun2 jiao1
group sex

乳交 乳交 ru3 jiao1
mammary intercourse

上海交通大学 上海交通大學 shang4 hai3 jiao1 tong1 da4 xue2
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

上海证券交易所 上海證券交易所 shang4 hai3 zheng4 quan4 jiao1 yi4 suo3
Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)

上海证券交易所综合股价指 上海證券交易所綜合股價指 shang4 hai3 zheng4 quan4 jiao1 yi4 suo3 zong1 he2 gu3 jia4 zhi3
Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Composite Index

上交 上交 shang4 jiao1
to hand over to; to give to higher authority; to seek connections in high places

社交 社交 she4 jiao1
interaction; social contact

社交才能 社交才能 she4 jiao1 cai2 neng2
social accomplishment

社交恐惧症 社交恐懼症 she4 jiao1 kong3 ju4 zheng4
social phobia; social anxiety

社交舞 社交舞 she4 jiao1 wu3
social dancing

社交语言 社交語言 she4 jiao1 yu3 yan2
lingua franca

身心交病 身心交病 shen1 xin1 jiao1 bing4
worn out in body and soul (idiom)

身心交瘁 身心交瘁 shen1 xin1 jiao1 cui4
worn out in body and soul (idiom)

深圳交易所 深圳交易所 shen1 zhen4 jiao1 yi4 suo3
Shenzhen Stock Exchange SZSE

深圳证券交易所 深圳證券交易所 shen1 zhen4 zheng4 quan4 jiao1 yi4 suo3
Shenzhen Stock Exchange, abbr. to 深交所

神交 神交 shen2 jiao1
soul brothers; friends in spirit who have never met; to commune with

失之交臂 失之交臂 shi1 zhi1 jiao1 bi4
to miss narrowly; to let a great opportunity slip

世代交替 世代交替 shi4 dai4 jiao1 ti4
alternation of generations

世交 世交 shi4 jiao1
(long time) friend of the family

手交 手交 shou3 jiao1
handjob; manual stimulation

摔交 摔交 shuai1 jiao1
variant of 摔跤

水陆交通 水陸交通 shui3 lu4 jiao1 tong1
water and land transport

私交 私交 si1 jiao1
personal friendship

思想交流 思想交流 si1 xiang3 jiao1 liu2
exchange of ideas

送交 送交 song4 jiao1
to hand over; to deliver

套交情 套交情 tao4 jiao1 qing5
to try to gain sb's friendship

提交 提交 ti2 jiao1
to submit (a report etc); to refer (a problem) to sb

涕泪交流 涕淚交流 ti4 lei4 jiao1 liu2
tears and mucus flowing profusely (idiom); weeping tragically

通用汉字标准交换码 通用漢字標準交換碼 tong1 yong4 han4 zi4 biao1 zhun3 jiao1 huan4 ma3
UCS, Chinese character coding adopted in PRC 1986; abbr. to 通用碼|通用码

外交 外交 wai4 jiao1
diplomacy; diplomatic; foreign affairs

外交庇护 外交庇護 wai4 jiao1 bi4 hu4
diplomatic asylum

外交部 外交部 wai4 jiao1 bu4
Ministry of Foreign Affairs; foreign office; Dept. of State

外交部长 外交部長 wai4 jiao1 bu4 zhang3
minister of foreign affairs

外交大臣 外交大臣 wai4 jiao1 da4 chen2
Foreign Secretary; (UK) Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

外交风波 外交風波 wai4 jiao1 feng1 bo1
diplomatic crisis

外交官 外交官 wai4 jiao1 guan1

外交关系 外交關係 wai4 jiao1 guan1 xi4
foreign relations; diplomatic relations

外交关系理事会 外交關係理事會 wai4 jiao1 guan1 xi4 li3 shi4 hui4
Council on Foreign Relations (US policy think tank)

外交豁免权 外交豁免權 wai4 jiao1 huo4 mian3 quan2
diplomatic immunity

外交家 外交家 wai4 jiao1 jia1

外交事务 外交事務 wai4 jiao1 shi4 wu4
foreign affairs

外交手腕 外交手腕 wai4 jiao1 shou3 wan4

外交特权 外交特權 wai4 jiao1 te4 quan2
diplomatic immunity

外交学院 外交學院 wai4 jiao1 xue2 yuan4
China Foreign Affairs University

外交政策 外交政策 wai4 jiao1 zheng4 ce4
foreign policy

忘年交 忘年交 wang4 nian2 jiao1
friends despite the difference in age

文化交流 文化交流 wen2 hua4 jiao1 liu2
cultural exchange

物物交换 物物交換 wu4 wu4 jiao1 huan4

西安交通大学 西安交通大學 xi1 an1 jiao1 tong1 da4 xue2
Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU)

西南交通大学 西南交通大學 xi1 nan2 jiao1 tong1 da4 xue2
Southwest Jiaotong University

香港交易所 香港交易所 xiang1 gang3 jiao1 yi4 suo3
Hong Kong Stock Exchange

相交 相交 xiang1 jiao1
to cross over (e.g. traffic); to intersect; to make friends

相交数 相交數 xiang1 jiao1 shu4
intersection number (math.)

斜交 斜交 xie2 jiao1
bevel; oblique

心力交瘁 心力交瘁 xin1 li4 jiao1 cui4
to be both mentally and physically exhausted (idiom)

性交 性交 xing4 jiao1
sexual intercourse

性交高潮 性交高潮 xing4 jiao1 gao1 chao2

性交易 性交易 xing4 jiao1 yi4
prostitution; commercial sex; the sex trade

一面之交 一面之交 yi1 mian4 zhi1 jiao1
to have met once; casual acquaintance

一手交钱,一手交货 一手交錢,一手交貨 yi1 shou3 jiao1 qian2 - yi1 shou3 jiao1 huo4
lit. one hand exchanges the cash, the other the goods (idiom); fig. to pay for what you want in cash; simple and direct transaction

移交 移交 yi2 jiao1
to transfer; to hand over

援交 援交 yuan2 jiao1
abbr. for 援助交際|援助交际

援交妹 援交妹 yuan2 jiao1 mei4
prostitute (slang); see also 援助交際|援助交际

援交小姐 援交小姐 yuan2 jiao1 xiao3 jie5
girl who engages in enjo-kōsai; see also 援助交際|援助交际

圆珠形离子交换剂 圓珠形離子交換劑 yuan2 zhu1 xing2 li2 zi3 jiao1 huan4 ji4
bead-type ion exchanger

援助交际 援助交際 yuan2 zhu4 jiao1 ji4
Enjo-kōsai or "compensated dating", a practice which originated in Japan where older men give money or luxury gifts to women for their companionship and sexual favors

运交 運交 yun4 jiao1
to consign; to send (goods to customers); shipping; delivery

杂交 雜交 za2 jiao1
to hybridize; to crossbreed; promiscuity

杂交派对 雜交派對 za2 jiao1 pai4 dui4
sex party; orgy

杂交植物 雜交植物 za2 jiao1 zhi2 wu4
hybrid plant

正交 正交 zheng4 jiao1

证交会 證交會 zheng4 jiao1 hui4
US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

正交群 正交群 zheng4 jiao1 qun2
orthogonal group (math.)

证交所 證交所 zheng4 jiao1 suo3
stock exchange

证券交易所 證券交易所 zheng4 quan4 jiao1 yi4 suo3
stock exchange

知交 知交 zhi1 jiao1
intimate friend

指交 指交 zhi3 jiao1
fingering (sexual act)

至交 至交 zhi4 jiao1
best friend

中国交通建设 中國交通建設 zhong1 guo2 jiao1 tong1 jian4 she4
China Communications Construction Company

中国交通运输协会 中國交通運輸協會 zhong1 guo2 jiao1 tong1 yun4 shu1 xie2 hui4
China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA)

中文标准交换码 中文標準交換碼 zhong1 wen2 biao1 zhun3 jiao1 huan4 ma3
CSIC, Chinese standard interchange code used from 1992

竹马之交 竹馬之交 zhu2 ma3 zhi1 jiao1
childhood friend (idiom)

转交 轉交 zhuan3 jiao1
to pass on to sb; to carry and give to sb else

总角之交 總角之交 zong3 jiao3 zhi1 jiao1
childhood friend (idiom)

纵横交错 縱橫交錯 zong4 heng2 jiao1 cuo4
criss-crossed (idiom)

作交易 作交易 zuo4 jiao1 yi4
to deal; to transact