today; modern; present; current; this; now

strokes 4
strokes after radical 2
博古通今 博古通今 bo2 gu3 tong1 jin1
conversant with things past and present; erudite and informed

大长今 大長今 da4 chang2 jin1
Dae Chang Kum, a Korean Drama (GM)

当今 當今 dang1 jin1
current; present; now; nowadays

而今 而今 er2 jin1
now; at the present (time)

亘古通今 亙古通今 gen4 gu3 tong1 jin1
from ancient times up to now; throughout history

古今 古今 gu3 jin1
then and now; ancient and modern

古今小说 古今小說 gu3 jin1 xiao3 shuo1
Stories Old and New by Feng Menglong 馮夢龍|冯梦龙, collection of late Ming baihua 白話|白话 tales published in 1620

古今中外 古今中外 gu3 jin1 zhong1 wai4
at all times and in all places (idiom)

古往今来 古往今來 gu3 wang3 jin1 lai2
since ancient times; since times immemorial

贵古贱今 貴古賤今 gui4 gu3 jian4 jin1
to revere the past and despise the present (idiom)

厚古薄今 厚古薄今 hou4 gu3 bo2 jin1
to revere the past and neglect the present (idiom)

稽古振今 稽古振今 ji1 gu3 zhen4 jin1
studying the old to promote the new (idiom)

既有今日何必当初 既有今日何必當初 ji4 you3 jin1 ri4 he2 bi4 dang1 chu1
see 早知今日何必當初|早知今日何必当初

将今论古 將今論古 jiang1 jin1 lun4 gu3
to observe the present to study the past

借古讽今 借古諷今 jie4 gu3 feng3 jin1
to use the past to disparage the present (idiom)

借古喻今 借古喻今 jie4 gu3 yu4 jin1
to borrow the past as a model for the present

今晨 今晨 jin1 chen2
this morning

今次 今次 jin1 ci4
this; the present (meeting etc); this time; this once

今村 今村 jin1 cun1
Imamura (Japanese name)

今儿 今兒 jin1 er5
(coll.) today

今儿个 今兒個 jin1 er5 ge5
(coll.) today

今非昔比 今非昔比 jin1 fei1 xi1 bi3
things are very different now (idiom); times have changed

今古文 今古文 jin1 gu3 wen2
Former Han dynasty study or rewriting of classical texts such as the Confucian six classics 六經|六经

今后 今後 jin1 hou4
hereafter; henceforth; in the future; from now on

今井 今井 jin1 jing3
Imai (Japanese surname)

今年 今年 jin1 nian2
this year

今人 今人 jin1 ren2
modern people

今日 今日 jin1 ri4

今日事今日毕 今日事今日畢 jin1 ri4 shi4 jin1 ri4 bi4
never put off until tomorrow what you can do today (idiom)

今生 今生 jin1 sheng1
this life

今时今日 今時今日 jin1 shi2 jin1 ri4
this day and age (dialect)

今世 今世 jin1 shi4
this life; this age

今岁 今歲 jin1 sui4
(literary) this year

今天 今天 jin1 tian1
today; at the present; now

今晚 今晚 jin1 wan3

今文经 今文經 jin1 wen2 jing1
Former Han dynasty school of Confucian scholars

今文经学 今文經學 jin1 wen2 jing1 xue2
Former Han dynasty school of Confucian scholars

今昔 今昔 jin1 xi1
past and present; yesterday and today

今夜 今夜 jin1 ye4
tonight; this evening

今译 今譯 jin1 yi4
modern language version; modern translation; contemporary translation

今音 今音 jin1 yin1
modern (i.e. not ancient) pronunciation of a Chinese character

今朝 今朝 jin1 zhao1
at the present; now

今朝有酒今朝醉 今朝有酒今朝醉 jin1 zhao1 you3 jiu3 jin1 zhao1 zui4
to live in the moment (idiom); to live every day as if it were one's last; to enjoy while one can

距今 距今 ju4 jin1
before the present; (a long period) ago

刘贵今 劉貴今 liu2 gui4 jin1
Liu Guijin (1945-), PRC diplomat, special representative to Africa from 2007, Chinese specialist on Sudan and the Darfur issue

目今 目今 mu4 jin1
nowadays; at present; as things stand

迄今 迄今 qi4 jin1
so far; to date; until now

迄今为止 迄今為止 qi4 jin1 wei2 zhi3
so far; up to now; still (not)

茹古涵今 茹古涵今 ru2 gu3 han2 jin1
to take in (old and new experiences and sorrows)

如今 如今 ru2 jin1
nowadays; now

时至今日 時至今日 shi2 zhi4 jin1 ri4
(idiom) up to the present; even now; now (in contrast with the past); at this late hour

事到今日 事到今日 shi4 dao4 jin1 ri4
under the circumstances; the matter having come to that point

事到如今 事到如今 shi4 dao4 ru2 jin1
as matters stand; things having reached this stage

谈古论今 談古論今 tan2 gu3 lun4 jin1
to talk of the past and discuss the present (idiom); to chat freely; to discuss everything

现今 現今 xian4 jin1
now; nowadays; modern

也有今天 也有今天 ye3 you3 jin1 tian1
(coll.) to get one's just deserts; to serve sb right; to get one's share of (good or bad things); every dog has its day

贻范古今 貽範古今 yi2 fan4 gu3 jin1
to leave an example for all generations

早知今日何必当初 早知今日何必當初 zao3 zhi1 jin1 ri4 he2 bi4 dang1 chu1
if I (you, she, he...) had known it would come to this, I (you, she, he...) would not have acted thus (idiom); to regret vainly one's past behavior

震古烁今 震古爍今 zhen4 gu3 shuo4 jin1
shaking the old and illuminating the new (idiom); surpassing the ancients and dazzling contemporaries; glorious and world-shattering

至今 至今 zhi4 jin1
so far; to this day; until now