to serve as an official; an official; the two chess pieces in Chinese chess guarding the "general" or "king" 將|将

strokes 5
strokes after radical 3
爱马仕 愛馬仕 ai4 ma3 shi4
Hermès (brand)

安达仕 安達仕 an1 da2 shi4
Andaz (hotel brand)

出仕 出仕 chu1 shi4
to take up an official post

仕宦 仕宦 shi4 huan4
(literary) to serve as an official

仕女 仕女 shi4 nv3
court lady; palace maid; traditional painting of beautiful women

仕途 仕途 shi4 tu2
official career (formal)

学而优则仕 學而優則仕 xue2 er2 you1 ze2 shi4
one who is successful in one's studies, can become an official (idiom)

致仕 致仕 zhi4 shi4
to retire from a government post (old)