surname Fu

to pay; to hand over to; classifier for pairs or sets of things

strokes 5
strokes after radical 3
拨付 撥付 bo1 fu4
appropriate sum of money

偿付 償付 chang2 fu4
to pay back

承付 承付 cheng2 fu4
to promise to pay

凑付 湊付 cou4 fu5
to put together hastily; to make do with

点击付费广告 點擊付費廣告 dian3 ji1 fu4 fei4 guang3 gao4
pay-per-click advertising

垫付 墊付 dian4 fu4
to advance funds to sb for later repayment

对方付费电话 對方付費電話 dui4 fang1 fu4 fei4 dian4 hua4
collect call

对方付款电话 對方付款電話 dui4 fang1 fu4 kuan3 dian4 hua4
collect call

兑付 兌付 dui4 fu4
to cash (a check)

对付 對付 dui4 fu5
to handle; to deal with; to cope; to get by with

分付 分付 fen1 fu4
variant of 吩咐

分期付款 分期付款 fen1 qi1 fu4 kuan3
to pay in installments; payment in installments

付出 付出 fu4 chu1
to pay; to invest (energy or time in a friendship etc)

付方 付方 fu4 fang1
credit side (of a balance sheet), as opposed to 收方

付费 付費 fu4 fei4
to pay; to cover the costs

付给 付給 fu4 gei3
to deliver; to pay

付款 付款 fu4 kuan3
to pay a sum of money; payment

付款方式 付款方式 fu4 kuan3 fang1 shi4
terms of payment; payment method

付款条件 付款條件 fu4 kuan3 tiao2 jian4
terms of payment

付讫 付訖 fu4 qi4

付钱 付錢 fu4 qian2
to pay money

付清 付清 fu4 qing1
to pay in full; to pay all of a bill; to pay off

付托 付托 fu4 tuo1
to entrust to

付现 付現 fu4 xian4
to pay in cash

付印 付印 fu4 yin4
to go to press; to submit for printing

付账 付賬 fu4 zhang4
to settle an account

付之丙丁 付之丙丁 fu4 zhi1 bing3 ding1
to burn down (idiom)

付之东流 付之東流 fu4 zhi1 dong1 liu2
to commit to the waters (idiom); to lose sth irrevocably

付之度外 付之度外 fu4 zhi1 du4 wai4
to think nothing of doing sth (idiom); to do sth without considering the risks; to leave out of consideration

付之行动 付之行動 fu4 zhi1 xing2 dong4
to put into action; to transform into acts

付之一炬 付之一炬 fu4 zhi1 yi1 ju4
to put to the torch (idiom); to commit to the flames; to burn sth down deliberately

付之一叹 付之一嘆 fu4 zhi1 yi1 tan4
to dismiss with a sigh (idiom); a hopeless case

付之一叹 付之一歎 fu4 zhi1 yi1 tan4
to dismiss with a sigh (idiom); a hopeless case

付之一笑 付之一笑 fu4 zhi1 yi1 xiao4
to dismiss sth with a laugh (idiom); to laugh it off

付诸 付諸 fu4 zhu1
to apply to; to put into (practice etc); to put to (a test, a vote etc)

付诸东流 付諸東流 fu4 zhu1 dong1 liu2
wasted effort

付诸实施 付諸實施 fu4 zhu1 shi2 shi1
to put into practice; to carry out (idiom)

付梓 付梓 fu4 zi3
to send (a manuscript) to the press

后付 後付 hou4 fu4
payment made afterwards; postpaid

缓期付款 緩期付款 huan3 qi1 fu4 kuan3
to defer payment

货到付款 貨到付款 huo4 dao4 fu4 kuan3
cash on delivery (COD)

即付 即付 ji2 fu4
to pay on demand

即付即打 即付即打 ji2 fu4 ji2 da3
pay as you go

见票即付 見票即付 jian4 piao4 ji2 fu4
payable at sight; payable to bearer

交付 交付 jiao1 fu4
to hand over; to deliver

缴付 繳付 jiao3 fu4
to pay; to hand over (tax payment etc)

拒付 拒付 ju4 fu4
to refuse to accept a payment; to refuse to pay; to stop (a check or payment)

可支付性 可支付性 ke3 zhi1 fu4 xing4

难以应付 難以應付 nan2 yi3 ying4 fu4
hard to deal with; hard to handle

赔付 賠付 pei2 fu4
to pay out; to compensate; (insurance) payment

穷于应付 窮於應付 qiong2 yu2 ying4 fu4
to struggle to cope (with a situation); to be at one's wits' end

实付 實付 shi2 fu4
actually paid; net (payment)

首付 首付 shou3 fu4
down payment

首付款 首付款 shou3 fu4 kuan3
down payment

提示付款 提示付款 ti2 shi4 fu4 kuan3
to present (a bill of exchange etc) for payment

托付 托付 tuo1 fu4
to entrust

延期付款 延期付款 yan2 qi1 fu4 kuan3
to defer payment; to pay back over long term

一次总付 一次總付 yi1 ci4 zong3 fu4
lump-sum (finance)

议付 議付 yi4 fu4
negotiation (finance)

应付帐款 應付帳款 ying1 fu4 zhang4 kuan3
accounts payable

应付 應付 ying4 fu5
to deal with; to cope

应付裕如 應付裕如 ying4 fu5 yu4 ru2
handling any occasion smoothly (idiom); equal to any situation

应付自如 應付自如 ying4 fu5 zi4 ru2
to handle matters with ease (idiom); to hold one's own

预付 預付 yu4 fu4
to pay in advance; prepaid

支付 支付 zhi1 fu4
to pay (money)

支付宝 支付寶 zhi1 fu4 bao3
Alipay, online payment platform

支付不起 支付不起 zhi1 fu4 bu4 qi3
to be unable to pay; unaffordable

支付得起 支付得起 zhi1 fu4 de2 qi3
to be able to pay; affordable

转移支付 轉移支付 zhuan3 yi2 zhi1 fu4
transfer payment (payment from government or private sector for which no good or service is required in return)

自动付款机 自動付款機 zi4 dong4 fu4 kuan3 ji1
cash dispenser; auto-teller; ATM