surname Yang

to face upward; to look up; to admire; to rely on

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
俯仰 俯仰 fu3 yang3
lowering and raising of the head; (fig.) small move; pitch (position angle)

俯仰无愧 俯仰無愧 fu3 yang3 wu2 kui4
to have a clear conscience

俯仰之间 俯仰之間 fu3 yang3 zhi1 jian1
in a flash

改变信仰者 改變信仰者 gai3 bian4 xin4 yang3 zhe3
a convert

景仰 景仰 jing3 yang3
to admire; to revere; to look up to

敬仰 敬仰 jing4 yang3
to revere; highly esteemed

久仰 久仰 jiu3 yang3
honorific: I've long looked forward to meeting you.; It's an honor to meet you at last.

久仰大名 久仰大名 jiu3 yang3 da4 ming2
I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time (idiom)

前俯后仰 前俯後仰 qian2 fu3 hou4 yang3
to rock one's body backward and forward; to be convulsed (with laughter etc)

前仰后合 前仰後合 qian2 yang3 hou4 he2
to sway to and fro; to rock back and forth

钦仰 欽仰 qin1 yang3
to admire and respect

人仰马翻 人仰馬翻 ren2 yang3 ma3 fan1
to suffer a crushing defeat (idiom); in a pitiful state; in a complete mess; to roll (with laughter)

四仰八叉 四仰八叉 si4 yang3 ba1 cha1
sprawled out on one's back (idiom)

笑不可仰 笑不可仰 xiao4 bu4 ke3 yang3
to double up with laughter (idiom)

信仰 信仰 xin4 yang3
to believe in (a religion); firm belief; conviction

信仰者 信仰者 xin4 yang3 zhe3

仰光 仰光 yang3 guang1
Yangon (Rangoon), main city of south Myanmar (Burma), the national capital until November 2005, when the capital moved to Naypyidaw 内比都 or Pyinmana 彬馬那 彬马那

仰光大金塔 仰光大金塔 yang3 guang1 da4 jin1 ta3
Great Pagoda of Yangon (Rangoon)

仰赖 仰賴 yang3 lai4
to rely on

仰慕 仰慕 yang3 mu4
to admire

仰人鼻息 仰人鼻息 yang3 ren2 bi2 xi1
to rely on others for the air one breathes (idiom); to depend on sb's whim for one's living

仰韶 仰韶 yang3 shao2
Yangshao culture (archaeological period with red and black pottery)

仰韶文化 仰韶文化 yang3 shao2 wen2 hua4
Yangshao neolithic culture from the central Yellow river basin, with red and black pottery

仰躺 仰躺 yang3 tang3
to lie on one's back

仰天 仰天 yang3 tian1
to face upwards; to look up to the sky

仰头 仰頭 yang3 tou2
to raise one's head

仰望 仰望 yang3 wang4
to look up at; to look up to sb hopefully

仰卧 仰臥 yang3 wo4
to lie supine

仰卧起坐 仰臥起坐 yang3 wo4 qi3 zuo4
sit-up (physical exercise)

仰屋 仰屋 yang3 wu1
to lie looking at the ceiling (in despair)

仰屋兴叹 仰屋興嘆 yang3 wu1 xing1 tan4
to stare at the ceiling in despair; to find no way out; nothing you can do about it; at the end of one's wits

仰屋著书 仰屋著書 yang3 wu1 zhu4 shu1
lit. to stare at the ceiling while writing a book (idiom); to put one's whole body and soul into a book

仰泳 仰泳 yang3 yong3

仰仗 仰仗 yang3 zhang4
to rely on; to depend on

与世俯仰 與世俯仰 yu3 shi4 fu3 yang3
to swim with the tide (idiom)

瞻仰 瞻仰 zhan1 yang3
to revere; to admire

众人敬仰 眾人敬仰 zhong4 ren2 jing4 yang3
universally admired; highly esteemed by everyone

钻坚仰高 鑽堅仰高 zuan1 jian1 yang3 gao1
lit. looking up to it, it gets higher; boring into it, it gets harder (idiom) (from Analects); fig. to delve deeply into one's studies; meticulous and diligent study