surname Ren

to assign; to appoint; to take up a post; office; responsibility; to let; to allow; to give free rein to; no matter (how, what etc); classifier for the number of terms served in office, post, or rank

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
班主任 班主任 ban1 zhu3 ren4
teacher in charge of a class

不信任案 不信任案 bu4 xin4 ren4 an4
no-confidence motion

不信任动议 不信任動議 bu4 xin4 ren4 dong4 yi4
motion of no confidence (against the government, in parliamentary debates)

不信任投票 不信任投票 bu4 xin4 ren4 tou2 piao4
vote of no-confidence

常任 常任 chang2 ren4

常任理事国 常任理事國 chang2 ren4 li3 shi4 guo2
permanent member state (of UN Security Council)

充任 充任 chong1 ren4
to fill a post; to act as

出任 出任 chu1 ren4
to take up a post; to start in a new job

词汇判断任务 詞彙判斷任務 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4 ren4 wu4
lexical decision task

辞任 辭任 ci2 ren4
to resign (a position)

担任 擔任 dan1 ren4
to hold a governmental office or post; to assume office of; to take charge of; to serve as

调任 調任 diao4 ren4
to transfer; to move to another post

多任务 多任務 duo1 ren4 wu5

法律责任 法律責任 fa3 lv4 ze2 ren4
legal responsibility; liability

放任 放任 fang4 ren4
to ignore; to let alone; to indulge

放任政策 放任政策 fang4 ren4 zheng4 ce4
laissez-faire policy; non-interference

放任自流 放任自流 fang4 ren4 zi4 liu2
to let sb do whatever they want; to indulge; to give free reins to; to let things slide; to drift aimlessly; laissez-faire

非异人任 非異人任 fei1 yi4 ren2 ren4
to bear one's own responsibilities and not pass them to others (idiom)

妇女主任 婦女主任 fu4 nv3 zhu3 ren4
director of the local committee of the Women's Federation

赴任 赴任 fu4 ren4
to travel to take up a new post

负有责任 負有責任 fu4 you3 ze2 ren4
at fault; blamed for; responsible (for a blunder or crime)

负责任 負責任 fu4 ze2 ren4
to take responsibility; to bear responsibility; to be responsible

副主任 副主任 fu4 zhu3 ren4
deputy director; assistant head

后任 後任 hou4 ren4
successor; (attributive) future

候任 候任 hou4 ren4

继任 繼任 ji4 ren4
succeed sb in a job; successor

继任者 繼任者 ji4 ren4 zhe3

兼任 兼任 jian1 ren4
to hold several jobs at once; concurrent post; working part-time

捷尔任斯克 捷爾任斯克 jie2 er3 ren4 si1 ke4
Dzerzhinsk, Russian city

就任 就任 jiu4 ren4
to take office; to assume a post

可信任 可信任 ke3 xin4 ren4

孔尚任 孔尚任 kong3 shang4 ren4
Kong Shangren (1648-1718), Qing dramatist and poet, author of The Peach Blossom Fan 桃花扇

离任 離任 li2 ren4
to leave office; to leave one's post

力不胜任 力不勝任 li4 bu4 sheng4 ren4
not to be up to the task (idiom); incompetent

历任 歷任 li4 ren4
(of one person) to hold the successive posts of; (of several persons) the successive (presidents etc)

莅任 蒞任 li4 ren4
to attend; to take office; to be present (in administrative capacity)

连带责任 連帶責任 lian2 dai4 ze2 ren4
to bear joint responsibility for sth; joint liability (law)

连任 連任 lian2 ren4
to continue in (a political) office; to serve for another term of office

留任 留任 liu2 ren4
to remain in office; to hold on to one's job

轮任 輪任 lun2 ren4
rotating appointment (e.g. Presidency of EU)

民事责任 民事責任 min2 shi4 ze2 ren4
civil liability (law)

末任 末任 mo4 ren4
(of the holder of an official post which no longer exists) the last (incumbent)

农村家庭联产承包责任制 農村家庭聯產承包責任制 nong2 cun1 jia1 ting2 lian2 chan3 cheng2 bao1 ze2 ren4 zhi4
rural household contract responsibility system, PRC government policy linking rural income to productivity

派任 派任 pai4 ren4
to set apart; to assign sb to a job

聘任 聘任 pin4 ren4
to appoint (to a position); appointed

企业社会责任 企業社會責任 qi3 ye4 she4 hui4 ze2 ren4
corporate social responsibility (CSR)

前任 前任 qian2 ren4
predecessor; ex-; former; ex (spouse etc)

任安 任安 ren4 an1
Ren An (-c. 90 BC), Han Dynasty general, also called Ren Shaoqing 任少卿

任便 任便 ren4 bian4
as you see fit; to do as one likes

任城 任城 ren4 cheng2
Rencheng district of Jining city 濟寧市|济宁市, Shandong

任城区 任城區 ren4 cheng2 qu1
Rencheng district of Jining city 濟寧市|济宁市, Shandong

任从 任從 ren4 cong2
at one's discretion

任达华 任達華 ren4 da2 hua2
Simon Yam Tat-Wah (1955-), Hong Kong actor and film producer

任诞 任誕 ren4 dan4
dissipated; unruly

任何 任何 ren4 he2
any; whatever; whichever; whatsoever

任教 任教 ren4 jiao4
to teach; to coach; to work as teacher

任咎 任咎 ren4 jiu4
to take the blame

任课 任課 ren4 ke4
to give classes; to work as teacher

任劳任怨 任勞任怨 ren4 lao2 ren4 yuan4
to undertake a task despite criticism (idiom); to bear the burden of office willingly

任令 任令 ren4 ling4
to allow (sth to happen)

任免 任免 ren4 mian3
to appoint and dismiss

任命 任命 ren4 ming4
to appoint and nominate; (job) appointment

任内 任內 ren4 nei4
period in office

任凭 任憑 ren4 ping2
no matter what; despite; to allow (sb to act arbitrarily)

任凭风浪起,稳坐钓鱼台 任憑風浪起,穩坐釣魚臺 ren4 ping2 feng1 lang4 qi3 - wen3 zuo4 diao4 yu2 tai2
lit. sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite wind and storm (idiom); to stay calm during tense situation; a cool head in a crisis

任期 任期 ren4 qi1
term of office

任其自然 任其自然 ren4 qi2 zi4 ran2
to let things take their course (idiom); to leave it to nature; laissez-faire

任气 任氣 ren4 qi4
to act on impulse

任情 任情 ren4 qing2
to let oneself go; to do as much as one pleases

任丘市 任丘市 ren4 qiu1 shi4
Renqiu county level city in Cangzhou 滄州|沧州, Hebei

任人 任人 ren4 ren2
to appoint (sb to a post)

任人唯亲 任人唯親 ren4 ren2 wei2 qin1
to appoint people by favoritism (idiom); nepotism; corrupt appointment

任人唯贤 任人唯賢 ren4 ren2 wei2 xian2
to appoint people according to their merits (idiom); appointment on the basis of ability and integrity

任人宰割 任人宰割 ren4 ren2 zai3 ge1
to get trampled on (idiom); to be taken advantage of

任事 任事 ren4 shi4
appointment to an important post

任随 任隨 ren4 sui2
to allow (sb to have his head); to let things happen

任所 任所 ren4 suo3
one's office; place where one holds a post

任天堂 任天堂 ren4 tian1 tang2

任听 任聽 ren4 ting1
to allow (sb to act arbitrarily); to let sb have his head

任务栏 任務欄 ren4 wu4 lan2

任务 任務 ren4 wu5
mission; assignment; task; duty; role

任侠 任俠 ren4 xia2
chivalrous; helping the weak for the sake of justice

任贤使能 任賢使能 ren4 xian2 shi3 neng2
to appoint the virtuous and use the able (idiom); appointment on the basis of ability and integrity

任县 任縣 ren4 xian4
Ren county in Xingtai 邢台, Hebei

任性 任性 ren4 xing4
willful; headstrong; unruly

任选 任選 ren4 xuan3
to choose arbitrarily; to take whichever one fancies

任一个 任一個 ren4 yi1 ge5
any one of (a list of possibilities)

任意 任意 ren4 yi4
arbitrary; at will; at random

任意球 任意球 ren4 yi4 qiu2
free kick

任用 任用 ren4 yong4
to appoint; to assign

任由 任由 ren4 you2
to let (sb do sth); to allow

任职 任職 ren4 zhi2
to hold an office or post

任职期间 任職期間 ren4 zhi2 qi1 jian1
term of office; while holding a post

任重 任重 ren4 zhong4
a load; a heavy burden

任重道远 任重道遠 ren4 zhong4 dao4 yuan3
a heavy load and a long road; fig. to bear heavy responsibilities through a long struggle (cf Confucian Analects, 8.7)

荣任 榮任 rong2 ren4
to be appointed or elevated to a post

上任 上任 shang4 ren4
to take office; previous (incumbent); predecessor

升任 升任 sheng1 ren4
to be promoted to

胜任 勝任 sheng4 ren4
qualified; competent (professionally); to be up to a task

胜任能力 勝任能力 sheng4 ren4 neng2 li4

时任 時任 shi2 ren4
then (as in "the then chairman")

首任 首任 shou3 ren4
first person to be appointed to a post

受任 受任 shou4 ren4
appointment (to a job); to be appointed (to high office); to accept an appointment; entrusted with responsibilities; same as 授任

授任 授任 shou4 ren4
appointment (to a job); to be appointed (to high office); to accept an appointment; entrusted with responsibilities; same as 授任

宋任穷 宋任窮 song4 ren4 qiong2
Song Renqiong (1909-2005), general of the People's Liberation Army

逃避责任 逃避責任 tao2 bi4 ze2 ren4
to evade responsibility; to shirk

特别任务连 特別任務連 te4 bie2 ren4 wu5 lian2
Special Duties Unit, Hong Kong special police

特任 特任 te4 ren4
special appointment

提任 提任 ti2 ren4
to promote and appoint

听任 聽任 ting1 ren4
to let (sth happen); to allow (sb to do sth); to submit to; to yield

听之任之 聽之任之 ting1 zhi1 ren4 zhi1
to take a laissez-faire attitude

退任 退任 tui4 ren4
to retire; to leave one's position

为己任 為己任 wei2 ji3 ren4
to make it one's business; to take upon oneself to

委任 委任 wei3 ren4
to appoint

委任书 委任書 wei3 ren4 shu1
letter of appointment

委任统治 委任統治 wei3 ren4 tong3 zhi4
mandate (territory administration)

无任 無任 wu2 ren4
extremely (pleased, grateful etc)

吴任臣 吳任臣 wu2 ren4 chen2
Wu Renchen (1628-1689), Qing dynasty polymath and historian, author of History of Ten States of South China 十國春秋|十国春秋

无任感激 無任感激 wu2 ren4 gan3 ji1
deeply obliged

系主任 系主任 xi4 zhu3 ren4
chairman of department; dean

下任 下任 xia4 ren4
next office holder; next to serve

现任 現任 xian4 ren4
to occupy a post currently; incumbent

卸任 卸任 xie4 ren4
to leave office

新官上任三把火 新官上任三把火 xin1 guan1 shang4 ren4 san1 ba3 huo3
the new boss cracks the whip three times; a new broom sweeps clean; fig. vigorous new policies

新任 新任 xin1 ren4
newly-appointed; newly elected; new (in a political office)

信任 信任 xin4 ren4
to trust; to have confidence in

有责任 有責任 you3 ze2 ren4
liable; responsible

责任 責任 ze2 ren4
responsibility; blame; duty

责任感 責任感 ze2 ren4 gan3
sense of responsibility

责任人 責任人 ze2 ren4 ren2
responsible person; coordinator

责任事故 責任事故 ze2 ren4 shi4 gu4
accident occurring due to negligence

责任心 責任心 ze2 ren4 xin1
sense of responsibility

责任制 責任制 ze2 ren4 zhi4
system of job responsibility

赵元任 趙元任 zhao4 yuan2 ren4
Yuen Ren Chao (1892-1982), Chinese-American linguist

知人善任 知人善任 zhi1 ren2 shan4 ren4
expert at appointing people according to their abilities (idiom); to put the right people in the right places

中航技进出口有限责任公司 中航技進出口有限責任公司 zhong1 hang2 ji4 jin4 chu1 kou3 you3 xian4 ze2 ren4 gong1 si1
China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC)

重任 重任 zhong4 ren4
heavy responsibility

主任 主任 zhu3 ren4
director; head

专任 專任 zhuan1 ren4
full time; to appoint sb to a specific task

自由放任 自由放任 zi4 you2 fang4 ren4

总统任期 總統任期 zong3 tong3 ren4 qi1
presidency; term of office

走马到任 走馬到任 zou3 ma3 dao4 ren4
to ride to take up an official appointment (idiom); to take on a job with alacrity; to undertake a task

走马赴任 走馬赴任 zou3 ma3 fu4 ren4
to ride to take up an official appointment (idiom); to take on a job with alacrity; to undertake a task

走马上任 走馬上任 zou3 ma3 shang4 ren4
to ride to take up an official appointment (idiom); to take on a job with alacrity; to undertake a task