excellent; superior

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
被优化掉 被優化掉 bei4 you1 hua4 diao4
lit. to be optimized away; to be fired; to be the victim of downsizing

创优 創優 chuang4 you1
to strive for excellence

词优效应 詞優效應 ci2 you1 xiao4 ying4
word superiority effect

从优 從優 cong2 you1
preferential treatment; most favored terms

葛优 葛優 ge3 you1
Ge You (1957-), Chinese actor

葛优躺 葛優躺 ge3 you1 tang3
see 北京癱|北京瘫

绩优股 績優股 ji4 you1 gu3
gilt-edged stock; blue chip stock

兼优 兼優 jian1 you1
an all-rounder; good at everything

名优 名優 ming2 you1
excellent quality; outstanding (product); abbr. for 名牌優質|名牌优质; (old) famous actor or actress

女士优先 女士優先 nv3 shi4 you1 xian1
Ladies first!

女优 女優 nv3 you1

帕累托最优 帕累托最優 pa4 lei4 tuo1 zui4 you1
Pareto efficiency (economics); Pareto optimality

品学兼优 品學兼優 pin3 xue2 jian1 you1
excelling both in morals and studies (idiom); top marks for studies and for behavior (at school); a paragon of virtue and learning

全优 全優 quan2 you1
overall excellence

声优 聲優 sheng1 you1
seiyū; voice actor, especially in Japanese anime or video games (directly from the Japanese 声優 seiyū)

学而优则仕 學而優則仕 xue2 er2 you1 ze2 shi4
one who is successful in one's studies, can become an official (idiom)

养尊处优 養尊處優 yang3 zun1 chu3 you1
to live like a prince (idiom)

优步 優步 you1 bu4
Uber, app-based taxi company founded in 2009

优待 優待 you1 dai4
preferential treatment; to give preferential treatment

优待票 優待票 you1 dai4 piao4
reduced-price ticket (e.g. for students)

优待券 優待券 you1 dai4 quan4
discount coupon; complimentary ticket

优等 優等 you1 deng3
first-rate; of the highest order; high-class; excellent; superior

优点 優點 you1 dian3
merit; benefit; strong point; advantage

优格 優格 you1 ge2
yogurt (loanword)

优厚 優厚 you1 hou4
generous, liberal (pay, compensation)

优化 優化 you1 hua4
optimization; to optimize; to make superior

优惠 優惠 you1 hui4
preferential; favorable; deal; offer; discount

优惠贷款 優惠貸款 you1 hui4 dai4 kuan3
loan on favorable terms; concessionary loan; soft loan

优惠券 優惠券 you1 hui4 quan4

优角 優角 you1 jiao3
reflex angle

优酷 優酷 you1 ku4
Youku (website)

优良 優良 you1 liang2
fine; good; first-rate

优劣 優劣 you1 lie4
good and bad; merits and drawbacks

优伶 優伶 you1 ling2
(old) performing artist; actor; actress

优酪乳 優酪乳 you1 luo4 ru3
yogurt (loanword) (Tw)

优美 優美 you1 mei3
graceful; fine; elegant

优孟 優孟 you1 meng4
You Meng, famous court jester during the reign of King Zhuang of Chu 楚莊王|楚庄王, known for his intelligence and sharp tongue

优尼科 優尼科 you1 ni2 ke1
Unocal (US oil company)

优诺牌 優諾牌 you1 nuo4 pai2
Uno (card game)

优盘 優盤 you1 pan2
USB flash drive; see also 閃存盤|闪存盘

优柔 優柔 you1 rou2
gentle; carefree; indecisive; weak

优柔寡断 優柔寡斷 you1 rou2 gua3 duan4
indecisive; irresolute

优生 優生 you1 sheng1
eugenics; outstanding student

优生学 優生學 you1 sheng1 xue2

优胜 優勝 you1 sheng4
winning; superior

优胜劣败 優勝劣敗 you1 sheng4 lie4 bai4
see 優勝劣汰|优胜劣汰

优胜劣汰 優勝劣汰 you1 sheng4 lie4 tai4
survival of the fittest (idiom)

优势 優勢 you1 shi4
superiority; dominance; advantage

优渥 優渥 you1 wo4
handsome (pay etc); generous; liberal

优先 優先 you1 xian1
to have priority; to take precedence

优先承购权 優先承購權 you1 xian1 cheng2 gou4 quan2
prior purchase right; right of first refusal (ROFR); preemptive right to purchase

优先股 優先股 you1 xian1 gu3
preferred stock

优先认股权 優先認股權 you1 xian1 ren4 gu3 quan2
preemptive right (in share issue)

优秀 優秀 you1 xiu4
outstanding; excellent

优选 優選 you1 xuan3
to optimize; preferred

优雅 優雅 you1 ya3
grace; graceful

优衣库 優衣庫 you1 yi1 ku4
Uniqlo, Japanese clothing brand

优异 優異 you1 yi4
exceptional; outstandingly good

优异奖 優異獎 you1 yi4 jiang3
excellence award; merit award

优游 優遊 you1 you2
carefree; leisurely

优游自得 優遊自得 you1 you2 zi4 de2
free and at leisure (idiom); unfettered

优于 優於 you1 yu2
to surpass

优裕 優裕 you1 yu4
plenty; abundance

优越 優越 you1 yue4
superior; superiority

优哉游哉 優哉遊哉 you1 zai1 you2 zai1
see 悠哉悠哉

优质 優質 you1 zhi4
excellent quality

占优 占優 zhan4 you1
to dominate; dominant

占优势 佔優勢 zhan4 you1 shi4
to predominate; to occupy a dominant position

资优班 資優班 zi1 you1 ban1
class composed of gifted students (Tw)

资优生 資優生 zi1 you1 sheng1
brilliant student

最优 最優 zui4 you1
optimal; optimum

最优化 最優化 zui4 you1 hua4
optimization (math.)