companion; partner; group; classifier for groups of people; to combine; together

meals (abbr. for 伙食); variant of 夥|伙

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
包伙 包伙 bao1 huo3
see 包飯|包饭

搭伙 搭伙 da1 huo3
to join up with sb; to become partner; to take meals regularly in cafeteria

大伙 大伙 da4 huo3
everybody; everyone; we all

大伙儿 大伙兒 da4 huo3 er5
erhua variant of 大伙

店伙 店伙 dian4 huo3
shop assistant; shop clerk

犯罪团伙 犯罪團伙 fan4 zui4 tuan2 huo3
a criminal gang

好家伙 好家伙 hao3 jia1 huo5
my God!; oh boy!; man!

合伙 合伙 he2 huo3
to act jointly; to form a partnership

合伙人 合伙人 he2 huo3 ren2
partner; associate

合作伙伴 合作伙伴 he2 zuo4 huo3 ban4
cooperative partner

坏家伙 壞家伙 huai4 jia1 huo3
bad guy; scoundrel; dirty bastard

伙伴 伙伴 huo3 ban4
partner; companion; comrade

伙夫 伙夫 huo3 fu1
mess cook (old)

伙计 伙計 huo3 ji5
partner; fellow; mate; waiter; servant; shop assistant

伙食 伙食 huo3 shi2
food; meals

伙食费 伙食費 huo3 shi2 fei4
food expenses; board expenses; meals (cost)

伙同 伙同 huo3 tong2
to collude; in collusion with

伙颐 伙頤 huo3 yi2
variant of 夥頤|夥颐

家伙 家伙 jia1 huo5
household dish, implement or furniture; domestic animal; (coll.) guy; chap; weapon

家伙 傢伙 jia1 huo5
variant of 家伙

结伙 結伙 jie2 huo3
to form a gang

聚伙 聚伙 ju4 huo3
to gather a crowd; a mob

开伙 開伙 kai1 huo3
to start providing food; to open today's service in a canteen

老家伙 老傢伙 lao3 jia1 huo5
variant of 老家伙

老家伙 老家伙 lao3 jia1 huo5
(coll.) old fellow; old codger

贸易伙伴 貿易伙伴 mao4 yi4 huo3 ban4
trading partner

入伙 入伙 ru4 huo3
to join a group; to become a member

散伙 散伙 san4 huo3
to disband; (of a partnership, group etc) to break up

散伙饭 散伙飯 san4 huo3 fan4
farewell dinner party

同伙 同伙 tong2 huo3
colleague; co-conspirator; accomplice

团伙 團伙 tuan2 huo3
(criminal) gang; gang member; accomplice; crony

小伙 小伙 xiao3 huo3
young guy; lad; youngster

小伙儿 小伙兒 xiao3 huo3 er5
erhua variant of 小伙

小伙子 小伙子 xiao3 huo3 zi5
young man; young guy; lad; youngster

性伙伴 性伙伴 xing4 huo3 ban4
sexual partner

战略伙伴 戰略伙伴 zhan4 lve4 huo3 ban4
strategic partner