false; fake; forged; bogus; Taiwan pr.

variant of 偽|伪

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
假冒伪劣 假冒偽劣 jia3 mao4 wei3 lie4
cheap quality counterfeit (goods); low-quality commodities

伪币 偽幣 wei3 bi4
counterfeit currency

伪钞 偽鈔 wei3 chao1
counterfeit currency

伪朝 偽朝 wei3 chao2
bogus dynasty; pretender

伪代码 偽代碼 wei3 dai4 ma3

伪顶 偽頂 wei3 ding3
false roof

伪基百科 偽基百科 wei3 ji1 bai3 ke1
Uncyclopedia (satirical website parodying Wikipedia)

伪迹 偽迹 wei3 ji4
artifact (artificial feature)

伪经 偽經 wei3 jing1
forged scriptures; bogus classic; pseudepigrapha; apocrypha

伪军 偽軍 wei3 jun1
puppet army

伪君子 偽君子 wei3 jun1 zi3

伪科学 偽科學 wei3 ke1 xue2

伪劣 偽劣 wei3 lie4
inferior; false

伪善 偽善 wei3 shan4

伪善者 偽善者 wei3 shan4 zhe3

伪饰 偽飾 wei3 shi4
faked decoration

伪书 偽書 wei3 shu1
forged book; book of dubious authenticity; misattributed book; Apocrypha

伪托 偽托 wei3 tuo1
faking a modern object as an ancient one

伪造 偽造 wei3 zao4
to forge; to fake; to counterfeit

伪造品 偽造品 wei3 zao4 pin3
counterfeit object; forgery; fake

伪造者 偽造者 wei3 zao4 zhe3

伪证 偽證 wei3 zheng4

伪装 偽裝 wei3 zhuang1
to pretend to be (asleep etc); to disguise oneself as; pretense; disguise; (military) to camouflage; camouflage

虚伪 虛偽 xu1 wei3
false; hypocritical; artificial; sham

虚伪类真 虛偽類真 xu1 wei3 lei4 zhen1
false but apparently real

真伪 真偽 zhen1 wei3
true or bogus; authenticity

真伪莫辨 真偽莫辨 zhen1 wei3 mo4 bian4
can't judge true or false (idiom); unable to distinguish the genuine from the fake; not to know whether to believe (what one reads in the news)