clever; (old) actor; actress

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
聪明伶俐 聰明伶俐 cong1 ming5 ling2 li4
clever and quick-witted

孤苦伶仃 孤苦伶仃 gu1 ku3 ling2 ding1
solitary and impoverished (idiom)

机伶 機伶 ji1 ling5
variant of 機靈|机灵

口齿伶俐 口齒伶俐 kou3 chi3 ling2 li4
eloquent and fluent speaker (idiom); grandiloquence; the gift of the gab

伶盗龙 伶盜龍 ling2 dao4 long2
velociraptor (dinosaur)

伶仃 伶仃 ling2 ding1
alone and helpless; also written 零丁

伶俐 伶俐 ling2 li4
clever; witty; intelligent

伶悧 伶悧 ling2 li4
variant of 伶俐, clever; witty; intelligent

伶俜 伶俜 ling2 ping1
lonely; solitary

伶人 伶人 ling2 ren2
actor; actress

伶牙俐齿 伶牙俐齒 ling2 ya2 li4 chi3
clever and eloquent (idiom); fluent; having the gift of the gab

伶鼬 伶鼬 ling2 you4
weasel; Mustela nivalis (zoology)

名伶 名伶 ming2 ling2
famous actor or actress (Chinese opera)

瘦骨伶仃 瘦骨伶仃 shou4 gu3 ling2 ding1
emaciated; scrawny

优伶 優伶 you1 ling2
(old) performing artist; actor; actress