to wait on

to watch; to wait; to examine; to spy

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
伺候 伺候 ci4 hou4
to serve; to wait upon

观衅伺隙 觀釁伺隙 guan1 xin4 si4 xi4
lit. to look for holes, and observe gaps (idiom); to search out one's opponent's weak points; to look for the Achilles heel

窥伺 窺伺 kui1 si4
to spy upon; to lie in wait for (an opportunity)

伺服 伺服 si4 fu2
servo (small electric motor); computer server

伺服器 伺服器 si4 fu2 qi4
server (computer) (Tw)

伺机 伺機 si4 ji1
to wait for an opportunity; to watch for one's chance

伺隙 伺隙 si4 xi4
to wait for the opportunity