to live; to dwell; to stay; to reside; to stop; (suffix indicating firmness, steadiness, or coming to a halt)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
按捺不住 按捺不住 an4 na4 bu5 zhu4
to be unable to hold back

白住 白住 bai2 zhu4
to live (somewhere) for free

绊住 絆住 ban4 zhu4
to entangle; to hinder; to impede movement

绑住 綁住 bang3 zhu4
to fasten; to bind

包住 包住 bao1 zhu4
to envelop; to wrap; to enclose

保不住 保不住 bao3 bu5 zhu4
cannot maintain (sth); unable to keep; more likely than not; may well

保住 保住 bao3 zhu4
to preserve; to save

不住 不住 bu4 zhu4
repeatedly; continuously; constantly; unable to (resist, conceal etc)

常住 常住 chang2 zhu4
long-term resident; permanent residence; eternalism (permanence of soul, Sanskrit śāśvata-vāda)

常住论 常住論 chang2 zhu4 lun4
eternalism (permanence of soul, Sanskrit śāśvata-vāda)

扯住 扯住 che3 zhu4
to grasp firmly

沉不住气 沉不住氣 chen2 bu4 zhu4 qi4
to lose one's cool; to get impatient; unable to remain calm

沉得住气 沉得住氣 chen2 de5 zhu4 qi4
to stay calm; to keep one's composure

沉住气 沉住氣 chen2 zhu4 qi4
to keep cool; to stay calm

吃不住 吃不住 chi1 bu5 zhu4
to be unable to bear or support

吃得住 吃得住 chi1 de5 zhu4
to be able to bear; to be able to support

戳不住 戳不住 chuo1 bu5 zhu4
not up to it; cannot stand the test

戳得住 戳得住 chuo1 de5 zhu4
up to it; can stand the test

打住 打住 da3 zhu4
to stop; to halt

呆住 呆住 dai1 zhu4
to be dumbfounded; to be astonished

挡住 擋住 dang3 zhu4
to obstruct

抵住 抵住 di3 zhu4
to resist; to press against; to brace

盯住 盯住 ding1 zhu4
to watch sb closely; to breathe down sb's neck; to mark (sports)

顶住 頂住 ding3 zhu4
to withstand; to stand up to

堵住 堵住 du3 zhu4
to block up

对不住 對不住 dui4 bu5 zhu4
to let sb down; to be unfair; I'm sorry; pardon me (formal)

钩住 鉤住 gou1 zhu4
to hook onto; to hitch onto; to catch onto

挂住 掛住 gua4 zhu4
to get caught (entangled); to catch (on sth)

环住 環住 huan2 zhu4
to embrace

记不住 記不住 ji4 bu5 zhu4
can't remember

记住 記住 ji4 zhu5
to remember; to bear in mind; to learn by heart

架不住 架不住 jia4 bu5 zhu4
(coll.) unable to withstand; cannot bear; can't stand it; no match for

监视居住 監視居住 jian1 shi4 ju1 zhu4
residential surveillance, a form of noncustodial house arrest

僵住 僵住 jiang1 zhu4
motionless; unable to move

僵住症 僵住症 jiang1 zhu4 zheng4

接住 接住 jie1 zhu4
to catch (sth thrown etc); to receive (sth given); to accept

借住 借住 jie4 zhu4
to lodge

禁不住 禁不住 jin1 bu5 zhu4
can't help it; can't bear it

经不住 經不住 jing1 bu5 zhu4
to be unable to bear

揪住 揪住 jiu1 zhu4
to grab

居住 居住 ju1 zhu4
to reside; to dwell; to live in a place; resident in

居住地 居住地 ju1 zhu4 di4
current address; place of residence

居住于 居住於 ju1 zhu4 yu2
to inhabit

居住者 居住者 ju1 zhu4 zhe3

居住证 居住證 ju1 zhu4 zheng4
residence permit

卡住 卡住 ka3 zhu4
to jam; to choke; to clutch; also pr.

靠不住 靠不住 kao4 bu5 zhu4

靠得住 靠得住 kao4 de5 zhu4
reliable; trustworthy

扣住 扣住 kou4 zhu4
to detain; to hold back by force; to buckle; to hook

拦住 攔住 lan2 zhu4
to stop; to bar the way

留住 留住 liu2 zhu4
to ask sb to stay; to keep sb for the night; to await (classical)

搂住 摟住 lou3 zhu4
to hold in one's arms; to embrace

没人住 沒人住 mei2 ren2 zhu4

迷住 迷住 mi2 zhu5
to fascinate; to strongly attract; to obsess; to infatuate; to captivate; to enchant

难住 難住 nan2 zhu4
to baffle; to stump

黏住 黏住 nian2 zhu4

栖住 棲住 qi1 zhu4
to dwell; to live

钳住 鉗住 qian2 zhu4
to clamp down; to suppress

忍不住 忍不住 ren3 bu5 zhu4
cannot help; unable to bear

忍得住 忍得住 ren3 de5 zhu4
to refrain; to be able to endure it

入住 入住 ru4 zhu4
to check in (at a hotel etc)

刹不住 剎不住 sha1 bu5 zhu4
unable to brake (stop)

煞住 煞住 sha1 zhu4
to brake; to stop; to forbid

刹住 剎住 sha1 zhu4
to stop; to come to a halt

食衣住行 食衣住行 shi2 yi1 zhu4 xing2
see 衣食住行

守住 守住 shou3 zhu5
to hold on to; to defend; to keep; to guard

拴住 拴住 shuan1 zhu4
to tether; to tie up; (fig.) to restrict; to keep a hold on

停住 停住 ting2 zhu4
to stop; to halt; to cease

挺住 挺住 ting3 zhu4
to stand firm; to stand one's ground (in the face of adversity or pain)

拖住 拖住 tuo1 zhu4
to hold up; to hinder; to stall

外国人居住证明 外國人居住證明 wai4 guo2 ren2 ju1 zhu4 zheng4 ming2
foreigner's certificate of residence

围住 圍住 wei2 zhu4
to surround; to gird

问住 問住 wen4 zhu4
to stump sb with a question

握住 握住 wo4 zhu4
to grip; to hold

捂住 摀住 wu3 zhu4
to cover; to bury one's face

捂住脸 摀住臉 wu3 zhu4 lian3
to cover the face; to bury one's face in one's hands

吸住 吸住 xi1 zhu4
to draw (towards); to be drawn to; to be sucked in

压住 壓住 ya1 zhu4
to press down; to crush down; to restrain (anger); to keep down (voice)

咽住 嚥住 yan4 zhu4
to suppress (a sob, harsh words etc)

噎住 噎住 ye1 zhu4
to choke (on); to choke off (in speech)

衣食住行 衣食住行 yi1 shi2 zhu4 xing2
clothing, food, housing and transport (idiom); people's basic needs

原住民 原住民 yuan2 zhu4 min2
indigenous peoples; aborigine

原住民族 原住民族 yuan2 zhu4 min2 zu2
original inhabitant; indigenous people

暂住证 暫住證 zan4 zhu4 zheng4
temporary residence permit

扎住 扎住 zha1 zhu4
to stop; Taiwan pr.

站不住脚 站不住腳 zhan4 bu5 zhu4 jiao3
ill-founded; groundless

站住 站住 zhan4 zhu4
to stand

遮住 遮住 zhe1 zhu4
to cover (up); to block; to obstruct; to shade

镇得住 鎮得住 zhen4 de5 zhu4
to manage to suppress; to keep under control

镇住 鎮住 zhen4 zhu4
to dominate; to control; to subdue; to crush

纸包不住火 紙包不住火 zhi3 bao1 bu4 zhu4 huo3
lit. paper can't wrap fire; fig. the truth will out

住持 住持 zhu4 chi2
to administer a monastery Buddhist or Daoist; abbot; head monk

住处 住處 zhu4 chu4
residence; dwelling; dwelling place

住地 住地 zhu4 di4
living area; residential area

住读 住讀 zhu4 du2
to attend boarding school

住房 住房 zhu4 fang2

住房和城乡建设部 住房和城鄉建設部 zhu4 fang2 he2 cheng2 xiang1 jian4 she4 bu4
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC (MOHURD); abbr. to 住建部

住户 住戶 zhu4 hu4
inhabitant; householder

住家 住家 zhu4 jia1
residence; household; to reside

住建部 住建部 zhu4 jian4 bu4
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC (MOHURD); abbr. for 住房和城鄉建設部|住房和城乡建设部

住居 住居 zhu4 ju1
to live; to reside

住客 住客 zhu4 ke4
hotel guest; tenant

住口 住口 zhu4 kou3
shut up; shut your mouth; stop talking

住区 住區 zhu4 qu1
living area

住舍 住舍 zhu4 she4
house; residence

住手 住手 zhu4 shou3
to desist; to stop; to stay one's hand

住宿 住宿 zhu4 su4
to stay at; lodging; accommodation

住所 住所 zhu4 suo3
habitation; dwelling place; residence

住校 住校 zhu4 xiao4
to board at school

住友 住友 zhu4 you3
Sumitomo, Japanese company

住院 住院 zhu4 yuan4
to be in hospital; to be hospitalized

住院部 住院部 zhu4 yuan4 bu4
inpatient department

住院治疗 住院治療 zhu4 yuan4 zhi4 liao2
to receive hospital treatment; to be hospitalized

住宅 住宅 zhu4 zhai2
residence; tenement

住宅楼 住宅樓 zhu4 zhai2 lou2
residential building

住宅泡沫 住宅泡沫 zhu4 zhai2 pao4 mo4
housing bubble

住宅区 住宅區 zhu4 zhai2 qu1
residential area; housing development

住址 住址 zhu4 zhi3

住嘴 住嘴 zhu4 zui3
to hold one's tongue; Shut up!

抓住 抓住 zhua1 zhu4
to grab; to capture

捉住 捉住 zhuo1 zhu4
to catch; to grapple with; to hold onto