to combine; to amalgamate

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
并发 併發 bing4 fa1
to be complicated by; to erupt simultaneously

并发症 併發症 bing4 fa1 zheng4
complications (undesired side-effect of medical procedure)

并购 併購 bing4 gou4
merger and acquisition (M and A); acquisition; to take over

并集 併集 bing4 ji2
union (symbol ∪) (set theory)

并卷机 併捲機 bing4 juan3 ji1
ribbon lap machine

并入 併入 bing4 ru4
to merge into; to incorporate in

并纱 併紗 bing4 sha1
doubling (combining two or more lengths of yarn into a single thread)

并吞 併吞 bing4 tun1
to swallow up; to annex; to merge

并系群 併系群 bing4 xi4 qun2
paraphyletic group; also written 並系群|并系群

撤并 撤併 che4 bing4
to consolidate; to merge

归并 歸併 gui1 bing4
to put together; to add; to merge

合并 合併 he2 bing4
to merge; to annex

合并症 合併症 he2 bing4 zheng4
complication (medicine)

兼并 兼併 jian1 bing4
to annex; to take over; to acquire

交并 交併 jiao1 bing4
occurring simultaneously

连三并四 連三併四 lian2 san1 bing4 si4
one after the other; in succession (idiom)

吞并 吞併 tun1 bing4
to annex

一并 一併 yi1 bing4
to lump together; to treat along with all the others

中西合并 中西合併 zhong1 xi1 he2 bing4
Chinese-Western fusion