old variant of 侃

upright and honest; cheerful; to chat idly; to boast; to talk smoothly

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
侃大山 侃大山 kan3 da4 shan1
to chatter idly; to gossip; to boast or brag

侃价 侃價 kan3 jia4
to bargain; to haggle with a peddlar

侃侃 侃侃 kan3 kan3
to possess assurance and composure

侃侃而谈 侃侃而談 kan3 kan3 er2 tan2
to speak frankly with assurance

侃星 侃星 kan3 xing1
chatterbox; boaster

侃爷 侃爺 kan3 ye2
big talker

调侃 調侃 tiao2 kan3
to ridicule; to tease; to mock; idle talk; chitchat

闲侃 閑侃 xian2 kan3
to chat idly