extravagant; wasteful; exaggerating

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
侈糜 侈糜 chi3 mi2
variant of 侈靡

侈靡 侈靡 chi3 mi2
wasteful; extravagant

侈谈 侈談 chi3 tan2
to prate

莫不逾侈 莫不逾侈 mo4 bu4 yu2 chi3
there is no-one who is not extravagant

穷奢极侈 窮奢極侈 qiong2 she1 ji2 chi3
extravagant in the extreme (idiom)

奢侈 奢侈 she1 chi3
luxurious; extravagant

奢侈品 奢侈品 she1 chi3 pin3
luxury good