to serve; to attend upon

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
伏侍 伏侍 fu2 shi5
variant of 服侍

服侍 服侍 fu2 shi5
to attend to; to care for (patients etc); to look after; to wait upon; to serve; also written 伏侍, see also 服事

陪侍 陪侍 pei2 shi4
to wait upon (older people); to accompany; attendant

妾侍 妾侍 qie4 shi4
maids and concubines

十常侍 十常侍 shi2 chang2 shi4
Ten Permanent Functionaries at the end of Han, a byword for corruption

侍从 侍從 shi4 cong2
chamberlain (in imperial China)

侍从官 侍從官 shi4 cong2 guan1

侍奉 侍奉 shi4 feng4
to wait upon; to serve; to attend to sb's needs

侍候 侍候 shi4 hou4
to serve; to wait upon

侍郎 侍郎 shi4 lang2
ancient official title; assistant minister

侍立 侍立 shi4 li4
to stand by in attendance

侍弄 侍弄 shi4 nong4
to look after; to tend (one's crops, garden, livestock, pets etc); to repair

侍女 侍女 shi4 nv3

侍妾 侍妾 shi4 qie4

侍卫 侍衛 shi4 wei4
Imperial bodyguard

侍卫官 侍衛官 shi4 wei4 guan1

侍者 侍者 shi4 zhe3
attendant; waiter

媵侍 媵侍 ying4 shi4
concubine (old)