to provide; to supply

sacrificial offering; to confess

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
逼供 逼供 bi1 gong4
to extort a confession

逼供信 逼供信 bi1 gong4 xin4
to obtain confessions by compulsion; confession under duress

笔供 筆供 bi3 gong4
written evidence, as opposed to oral evidence 口供

串供 串供 chuan4 gong4
to collude to fabricate a story

电源供应器 電源供應器 dian4 yuan2 gong1 ying4 qi4
power supply (of an appliance etc)

翻供 翻供 fan1 gong4
to retract testimony; to withdraw a confession

服务提供商 服務提供商 fu2 wu4 ti2 gong1 shang1
(Internet) service provider

服务提供者 服務提供者 fu2 wu4 ti2 gong1 zhe3
service provider

供不应求 供不應求 gong1 bu4 ying4 qiu2
supply does not meet demand

供大于求 供大於求 gong1 da4 yu2 qiu2
supply exceeds demand

供电 供電 gong1 dian4
to supply electricity

供房 供房 gong1 fang2
to buy a house on a mortgage; house mortgage

供过于求 供過於求 gong1 guo4 yu2 qiu2
supply exceeds demand

供货 供貨 gong1 huo4
to supply goods

供货商 供貨商 gong1 huo4 shang1
supplier; vendor

供给 供給 gong1 ji3
to furnish; to provide; supply (as in supply and demand)

供求 供求 gong1 qiu2
supply and demand (economics)

供燃气 供燃氣 gong1 ran2 qi4
gas supply

供热 供熱 gong1 re4
heat supply

供水 供水 gong1 shui3
to supply water

供体 供體 gong1 ti3
donor (chemistry, physics, medicine)

供献 供獻 gong1 xian4
a contribution

供销 供銷 gong1 xiao1
supply and marketing; distribution; supply and sales

供销商 供銷商 gong1 xiao1 shang1
distribution business; supplier

供需 供需 gong1 xu1
supply and demand

供血 供血 gong1 xue4
to donate blood

供血者 供血者 gong1 xue4 zhe3
blood donor

供养 供養 gong1 yang3
to supply; to provide for one's elders; to support one's parents

供应链 供應鏈 gong1 ying1 lian4
supply chain

供应 供應 gong1 ying4
to supply; to provide; to offer

供应品 供應品 gong1 ying4 pin3

供应商 供應商 gong1 ying4 shang1

供应室 供應室 gong1 ying4 shi4
supply room

供应者 供應者 gong1 ying4 zhe3

供油系统 供油系統 gong1 you2 xi4 tong3
fuel supply system; lubricating system

供称 供稱 gong4 cheng1
to make a confession (law)

供词 供詞 gong4 ci2
confession; statement; Taiwan pr.

供奉 供奉 gong4 feng4
to consecrate; to enshrine and worship; an offering (to one's ancestors); a sacrifice (to a God)

供佛花 供佛花 gong4 fo2 hua1
flower offering

供花 供花 gong4 hua1
flower offering

供品 供品 gong4 pin3

供认 供認 gong4 ren4
to confess; confession

供认不讳 供認不諱 gong4 ren4 bu4 hui4
to make a full confession; to plead guilty

供述 供述 gong4 shu4

供物 供物 gong4 wu4

供养 供養 gong4 yang3
to make offerings (to the Gods)

供职 供職 gong4 zhi2
to hold an office or post

供状 供狀 gong4 zhuang4
written confession

货币供应量 貨幣供應量 huo4 bi4 gong1 ying4 liang4
money supply

仅供 僅供 jin3 gong1
only for

仅供参考 僅供參考 jin3 gong1 can1 kao3
for reference only

可供军用 可供軍用 ke3 gong1 jun1 yong4
having possible military application

口供 口供 kou3 gong4
oral confession (as opposed to 筆供|笔供); statement; deposition

录供 錄供 lu4 gong4
to take down a confession

攀供 攀供 pan1 gong4
to implicate others, without foundation, in confessing one's own crime

骗供 騙供 pian4 gong4
to cheat sb into confessing; to induce a confession

上供 上供 shang4 gong4
to make offerings (to gods or ancestors); to offer gifts to superiors in order to win their favor

水刑逼供 水刑逼供 shui3 xing2 bi1 gong4
water-boarding, interrogation technique used by CIA

套口供 套口供 tao4 kou3 gong4
to trap a suspect into a confession

提供 提供 ti2 gong1
to offer; to supply; to provide; to furnish

提供商 提供商 ti2 gong1 shang1
provider (company)

提供者 提供者 ti2 gong1 zhe3
supplier; provider

物资供应 物資供應 wu4 zi1 gong1 ying4
supply of material

宣誓供词证明 宣誓供詞證明 xuan1 shi4 gong4 ci2 zheng4 ming2
affidavit; deposition (law)

因特网提供商 因特網提供商 yin1 te4 wang3 ti2 gong1 shang1
Internet service provider (ISP)

月供 月供 yue4 gong1
monthly loan repayment; mortgage payment

招供 招供 zhao1 gong4
to confess

总供给 總供給 zong3 gong1 ji3
aggregate supply