a stand for food at sacrifice

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
刀俎 刀俎 dao1 zu3
sacrificial knife and altar

人为刀俎,我为鱼肉 人為刀俎,我為魚肉 ren2 wei2 dao1 zu3 - wo3 wei2 yu2 rou4
lit. to be the meat on sb's chopping block (idiom); fig. to be at sb's mercy

越俎代庖 越俎代庖 yue4 zu3 dai4 pao2
lit. to go beyond the sacrificial altar and take over the kitchen (idiom); fig. to exceed one's place and meddle in other people's affairs; to take matters into one's own hands

折冲樽俎 折衝樽俎 zhe2 chong1 zun1 zu3
lit. to stop the enemy at the banquet table; fig. to get the better of an enemy during diplomatic functions