good-looking; charming; (of goods) in great demand; (coll.) to season (food)

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
打情骂俏 打情罵俏 da3 qing2 ma4 qiao4
to tease a woman by pretending to be displeased with her; to flirt with a member of the opposite sex; to banter flirtatiously

花俏 花俏 hua1 qiao4
fancy; gaudy

紧俏 緊俏 jin3 qiao4
(merchandise) in high demand

俊俏 俊俏 jun4 qiao4
attractive and intelligent; charming; elegant

老来俏 老來俏 lao3 lai2 qiao4
old person who dresses up as teenager; mutton dressed as lamb

俏货 俏貨 qiao4 huo4
goods that sell well

俏丽 俏麗 qiao4 li4
handsome; pretty

俏美 俏美 qiao4 mei3
charming; pretty

俏皮 俏皮 qiao4 pi5
smart; charming; attractive; witty; facetious; ironic

俏皮话 俏皮話 qiao4 pi5 hua4
witticism; wisecrack; sarcastic remark; double entendre

讨俏 討俏 tao3 qiao4
deliberately provocative; saucy

走俏 走俏 zou3 qiao4
(a product) sells well; to be in demand