strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
聪明伶俐 聰明伶俐 cong1 ming5 ling2 li4
clever and quick-witted

干净俐落 乾淨俐落 gan1 jing4 li4 luo4
clean and efficient; neat and tidy

巩俐 鞏俐 gong3 li4
Gong Li (1965-), PRC female film star

口齿伶俐 口齒伶俐 kou3 chi3 ling2 li4
eloquent and fluent speaker (idiom); grandiloquence; the gift of the gab

俐落 俐落 li4 luo5
variant of 利落

伶俐 伶俐 ling2 li4
clever; witty; intelligent

伶牙俐齿 伶牙俐齒 ling2 ya2 li4 chi3
clever and eloquent (idiom); fluent; having the gift of the gab

麻俐 麻俐 ma2 li5
swift; agile; efficient; quick-witted (colloquial); also written 麻利

玛俐欧 瑪俐歐 ma3 li4 ou1
Mario (Nintendo video game character); also transcribed variously as 馬里奧|马里奥, 馬力歐|马力欧 etc