Bulgaria; Bulgarian; abbr. for 保加利亞|保加利亚

to defend; to protect; to keep; to guarantee; to ensure

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
安保 安保 an1 bao3
to maintain security (abbr.)

白水江自然保护区 白水江自然保護區 bai2 shui3 jiang1 zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1
Baishuijiang Nature Reserve, Gansu

半保留复制 半保留複製 ban4 bao3 liu2 fu4 zhi4
semiconservative replication

保安 保安 bao3 an1
to ensure public security; to ensure safety (for workers engaged in production); public security; security guard

保安部队 保安部隊 bao3 an1 bu4 dui4
security forces

保安局局长 保安局局長 bao3 an1 ju2 ju2 zhang3
Secretary for Security (Hong Kong)

保安人员 保安人員 bao3 an1 ren2 yuan2
security personnel; member of police force

保安团 保安團 bao3 an1 tuan2
peace keeping group

保安自动化 保安自動化 bao3 an1 zi4 dong4 hua4
security automation

保安族 保安族 bao3 an1 zu2
Bao'an, also called Bonan (ethnic group)

保八 保八 bao3 ba1
to maintain an 8% annual growth rate of the GDP (PRC policy)

保本 保本 bao3 ben3
to break even

保镳 保鑣 bao3 biao1
variant of 保鏢|保镖

保镖 保鏢 bao3 biao1

保不定 保不定 bao3 bu4 ding4
more likely than not; quite possible; on the cards

保不齐 保不齊 bao3 bu5 qi2
more likely than not; quite possible; on the cards

保不住 保不住 bao3 bu5 zhu4
cannot maintain (sth); unable to keep; more likely than not; may well

保残守缺 保殘守缺 bao3 can2 shou3 que1
conservative; to preserve the outmoded

保藏 保藏 bao3 cang2
keep in store; preserve

保长 保長 bao3 chang2
(math.) distance-preserving; isometric

保长对应 保長對應 bao3 chang2 dui4 ying4
(math.) distance-preserving correspondence; isometry

保呈 保呈 bao3 cheng2
document guaranteeing the words or actions of a third party (old)

保持 保持 bao3 chi2
to keep; to maintain; to hold; to preserve

保持克制 保持克制 bao3 chi2 ke4 zhi4
to exercise restraint

保持联系 保持聯繫 bao3 chi2 lian2 xi4
to keep in touch; to stay in contact

保持原貌 保持原貌 bao3 chi2 yuan2 mao4
to preserve the original form

保存 保存 bao3 cun2
to conserve; to preserve; to keep; to save (a file etc) (computing)

保单 保單 bao3 dan1
guarantee slip

保德 保德 bao3 de2
Baode county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi

保德县 保德縣 bao3 de2 xian4
Baode county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi

保底 保底 bao3 di3
to break even; to guarantee a minimum (salary etc)

保定 保定 bao3 ding4
Baoding prefecture level city in Hebei

保定地区 保定地區 bao3 ding4 di4 qu1
Baoding county (old name)

保定市 保定市 bao3 ding4 shi4
Baoding prefecture level city in Hebei

保尔 保爾 bao3 er3
Paul (name)

保尔森 保爾森 bao3 er3 sen1
Paulson or Powellson (name); Henry (Hank) Paulson (1946-), US banker, US Treasury Secretary from 2006

保费 保費 bao3 fei4
insurance premium

保固 保固 bao3 gu4
to undertake to rectify any deficiencies in the quality of a building, product or service; warranty; guarantee

保管 保管 bao3 guan3
to hold in safekeeping; to have in one's care; to guarantee; certainly; surely; custodian; curator

保管员 保管員 bao3 guan3 yuan2
custodian; storeroom clerk

保护 保護 bao3 hu4
to protect; to defend; to safeguard; protection

保户 保戶 bao3 hu4
insurance policy holder

保护国 保護國 bao3 hu4 guo2

保护剂 保護劑 bao3 hu4 ji4
protective agent

保护模式 保護模式 bao3 hu4 mo2 shi4
protected mode

保护区 保護區 bao3 hu4 qu1
conservation district

保护人 保護人 bao3 hu4 ren2
guardian; carer; patron

保护伞 保護傘 bao3 hu4 san3
protective umbrella; fig. person affording protection (esp. corrupt)

保护色 保護色 bao3 hu4 se4
protective coloration; camouflage

保护神 保護神 bao3 hu4 shen2
patron saint; guardian angel

保护性 保護性 bao3 hu4 xing4

保护者 保護者 bao3 hu4 zhe3

保护主义 保護主義 bao3 hu4 zhu3 yi4

保环主义 保環主義 bao3 huan2 zhu3 yi4

保皇党 保皇黨 bao3 huang2 dang3

保惠师 保惠師 bao3 hui4 shi1

保加利亚 保加利亞 bao3 jia1 li4 ya4

保家卫国 保家衛國 bao3 jia1 wei4 guo2
guard home, defend the country (idiom); national defense

保甲制度 保甲制度 bao3 jia3 zhi4 du4
the Bao-Jia system (an administrative system organized on basis of households)

保驾 保駕 bao3 jia4
escort the Emperor (also used jocularly)

保健 保健 bao3 jian4
health protection; health care; to maintain in good health

保健操 保健操 bao3 jian4 cao1
health exercises

保角 保角 bao3 jiao3
(math.) angle-preserving; conformal

保角对应 保角對應 bao3 jiao3 dui4 ying4
(math.) distance-preserving correspondence; conformal map

保洁 保潔 bao3 jie2

保洁箱 保潔箱 bao3 jie2 xiang1

保靖 保靖 bao3 jing4
Baojing county in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 湘西土家族苗族自治州

保靖县 保靖縣 bao3 jing4 xian4
Baojing county in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 湘西土家族苗族自治州

保康 保康 bao3 kang1
Baokang county in Xiangfan 襄樊, Hubei

保康县 保康縣 bao3 kang1 xian4
Baokang county in Xiangfan 襄樊, Hubei

保利科技有限公司 保利科技有限公司 bao3 li4 ke1 ji4 you3 xian4 gong1 si1
Poly Technologies (defense manufacturing company)

保力龙 保力龍 bao3 li4 long2

保丽龙 保麗龍 bao3 li4 long2

保龄球 保齡球 bao3 ling2 qiu2
ten-pin bowling (loanword); bowling ball

保留 保留 bao3 liu2
to retain; to continue to have; to preserve; to maintain; to reserve; reservations; to hold back (approval or acceptance)

保留剧目 保留劇目 bao3 liu2 ju4 mu4
repertory; stock (in theater)

保留区 保留區 bao3 liu2 qu1
reservation (for an ethnic minority)

保罗 保羅 bao3 luo2

保媒 保媒 bao3 mei2
to act as go-between (between prospective marriage partners etc)

保密 保密 bao3 mi4
to keep sth confidential; to maintain secrecy

保密性 保密性 bao3 mi4 xing4

保苗 保苗 bao3 miao2
to protect young plants, ensuring that enough survive to produce a good crop

保命 保命 bao3 ming4
to save one's life; to survive

保母 保母 bao3 mu3
variant of 保姆

保姆 保姆 bao3 mu3
nanny; housekeeper

保暖 保暖 bao3 nuan3
to stay warm; to protect against the cold

保全 保全 bao3 quan2
to save from damage; to preserve; to maintain; to keep in good repair; (Tw) security guard

保全员 保全員 bao3 quan2 yuan2
(Tw) security guard

保人 保人 bao3 ren2
guarantor; person paying bail

保山 保山 bao3 shan1
Baoshan prefecture level city in Yunnan

保山地区 保山地區 bao3 shan1 di4 qu1
Baoshan prefecture in Yunnan

保山市 保山市 bao3 shan1 shi4
Baoshan prefecture level city in Yunnan

保墒 保墒 bao3 shang1
preservation of soil moisture

保湿 保濕 bao3 shi1
to moisturize; moisturizing

保时捷 保時捷 bao3 shi2 jie2
Porsche (car company)

保释 保釋 bao3 shi4
to release on bail; to bail

保守 保守 bao3 shou3
conservative; to guard; to keep

保守党 保守黨 bao3 shou3 dang3
conservative political parties

保守派 保守派 bao3 shou3 pai4
conservative faction

保守主义 保守主義 bao3 shou3 zhu3 yi4

保税 保稅 bao3 shui4
bonded (goods, factory etc)

保税区 保稅區 bao3 shui4 qu1
duty-free district; tariff-free zone; bonded area

保送 保送 bao3 song4
to recommend (for admission to school)

保特瓶 保特瓶 bao3 te4 ping2
variant of 寶特瓶|宝特瓶

保亭 保亭 bao3 ting2
Baoting Li and Miao autonomous county, Hainan

保亭黎族苗族自治县 保亭黎族苗族自治縣 bao3 ting2 li2 zu2 miao2 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Baoting Li and Miao autonomous county, Hainan

保亭县 保亭縣 bao3 ting2 xian4
Baoting Li and Miao autonomous county, Hainan

保外就医 保外就醫 bao3 wai4 jiu4 yi1
to release for medical treatment (of a prisoner)

保卫 保衛 bao3 wei4
to defend; to safeguard

保卫祖国 保衛祖國 bao3 wei4 zu3 guo2
to defend one's country

保温 保溫 bao3 wen1
to keep hot; heat preservation; Thermos (bottle)

保鲜膜 保鮮膜 bao3 xian1 mo2
plastic wrap; preservative film; cling film

保鲜期 保鮮期 bao3 xian1 qi1
shelf life; freshness date

保鲜纸 保鮮紙 bao3 xian1 zhi3
plastic wrap; cling wrap; cling film

保险 保險 bao3 xian3
insurance; to insure; safe; secure; be sure; be bound to

保险单 保險單 bao3 xian3 dan1
insurance policy (document)

保险费 保險費 bao3 xian3 fei4
insurance fee

保险杠 保險槓 bao3 xian3 gang4
car bumper

保险柜 保險櫃 bao3 xian3 gui4
a safe; strongbox

保险盒 保險盒 bao3 xian3 he2
fuse box

保险解开系统 保險解開系統 bao3 xian3 jie3 kai1 xi4 tong3
arming system

保险丝 保險絲 bao3 xian3 si1
fuse wire; (electrical) fuse

保险套 保險套 bao3 xian3 tao4

保险箱 保險箱 bao3 xian3 xiang1
safe deposit box; a safe

保修 保修 bao3 xiu1
to promise to keep sth in good repair; guarantee; warranty

保修期 保修期 bao3 xiu1 qi1
guarantee period; warranty period

保研 保研 bao3 yan2
to recommend sb for postgraduate studies; to admit for postgraduate studies without taking the entrance exam

保养 保養 bao3 yang3
to take good care of (or conserve) one's health; to keep in good repair; to maintain; maintenance

保有 保有 bao3 you3
to keep; to retain

保祐 保祐 bao3 you4
to bless and protect; blessing; also written 保佑

保佑 保佑 bao3 you4
to bless and protect; blessing

保语 保語 bao3 yu3
Bulgarian language

保育 保育 bao3 yu4
childcare; conservation (of the environment etc)

保育箱 保育箱 bao3 yu4 xiang1
incubator (for newborns)

保育院 保育院 bao3 yu4 yuan4
orphanage; nursery

保长 保長 bao3 zhang3
head of a bao in the Bao-Jia system 保甲制度

保障 保障 bao3 zhang4
to ensure; to guarantee; to safeguard

保障监督 保障監督 bao3 zhang4 jian1 du1

保真度 保真度 bao3 zhen1 du4

保证 保證 bao3 zheng4
guarantee; to guarantee; to ensure; to safeguard; to pledge

保证金 保證金 bao3 zheng4 jin1
earnest money; cash deposit; bail; margin (in derivative trading)

保证破坏战略 保證破壞戰略 bao3 zheng4 po4 huai4 zhan4 lve4
assured destruction strategy

保证人 保證人 bao3 zheng4 ren2
guarantor; bailor

保质期 保質期 bao3 zhi4 qi1
date of use (on foodstuffs); best before date

保重 保重 bao3 zhong4
to take care of oneself

保住 保住 bao3 zhu4
to preserve; to save

保准 保準 bao3 zhun3
variant of 保准

保准 保准 bao3 zhun3
to guarantee; reliable; for sure

被保人 被保人 bei4 bao3 ren2
insured person; insurance policyholder

不列颠保卫战 不列顛保衛戰 bu4 lie4 dian1 bao3 wei4 zhan4
see 不列顛戰役|不列颠战役)

财务再保险 財務再保險 cai2 wu4 zai4 bao3 xian3
financial reinsurance; fin re

打保票 打保票 da3 bao3 piao4
to vouch for; to guarantee

大久保 大久保 da4 jiu3 bao3
Japanese surname and place name Oukubo

大久保利通 大久保利通 da4 jiu3 bao3 li4 tong1
Oukubo Toshimichi (1830-1878), Japanese politician

担保 擔保 dan1 bao3
to guarantee; to vouch for

德保 德保 de2 bao3
Debao county in Baise 百色, Guangxi

德保县 德保縣 de2 bao3 xian4
Debao county in Baise 百色, Guangxi

低保 低保 di1 bao3
subsistence allowance; welfare (abbr. for 城市居民最低生活保障)

低保真 低保真 di1 bao3 zhen1
low fidelity; lo-fi

地保 地保 di4 bao3

电子环保亭 電子環保亭 dian4 zi3 huan2 bao3 ting2
"electrical junk center", site for re-processing of old electrical and electronic equipment

盖世太保 蓋世太保 gai4 shi4 tai4 bao3

高保真 高保真 gao1 bao3 zhen1
high fidelity; hi-fi

宫保鸡丁 宮保雞丁 gong1 bao3 ji1 ding1
Kung Pao Chicken; spicy diced chicken

管保 管保 guan3 bao3
to guarantee; assuredly

国保 國保 guo2 bao3
abbr. for 國內安全保衛局|国内安全保卫局; abbr. for 國民年金保險|国民年金保险; abbr. for 全國重點文物保護單位|全国重点文物保护单位

国家环保总局 國家環保總局 guo2 jia1 huan2 bao3 zong3 ju2
(PRC) State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA), former incarnation (until 2008) of 環境保護部|环境保护部

国家一级保护 國家一級保護 guo2 jia1 yi1 ji2 bao3 hu4
Grade One State protected (species)

国民年金保险 國民年金保險 guo2 min2 nian2 jin1 bao3 xian3
(Tw) old age pension; citizens' annuity

国内安全保卫局 國內安全保衛局 guo2 nei4 an1 quan2 bao3 wei4 ju2
Domestic Security Protection Bureau, the department of the Ministry of Public Security responsible for dealing with dissidents, activists etc

海德保 海德保 hai3 de2 bao3
Heidelberg (Germany)

旱涝保收 旱澇保收 han4 lao4 bao3 shou1
to provide a stable crop, regardless of drought or flood; to bring a stable income

环保 環保 huan2 bao3
environmental protection; environmentally friendly; abbr. for 環境保護|环境保护

环保部 環保部 huan2 bao3 bu4
Ministry of Environmental Protection

环保斗士 環保鬥士 huan2 bao3 dou4 shi4
an environmental activist; a fighter for environmental protection

环保局 環保局 huan2 bao3 ju2
environment protection office; PRC National bureau of environmental protection

环保科学 環保科學 huan2 bao3 ke1 xue2
environmental science

环保筷 環保筷 huan2 bao3 kuai4
reusable chopsticks (Tw)

环保厅 環保廳 huan2 bao3 ting1
(provincial) department of environmental protection

环保型 環保型 huan2 bao3 xing2
environmental; environmentally friendly

环保主义 環保主義 huan2 bao3 zhu3 yi4

环保主义者 環保主義者 huan2 bao3 zhu3 yi4 zhe3

环境保护 環境保護 huan2 jing4 bao3 hu4
environmental protection

环境保护部 環境保護部 huan2 jing4 bao3 hu4 bu4
(PRC) Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)

积石山保安族东乡族撒拉族自治县 積石山保安族東鄉族撒拉族自治縣 ji1 shi2 shan1 bao3 an1 zu2 dong1 xiang1 zu2 sa1 la1 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Jishishan Bonan, Dongxiang and Salar autonomous county in Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture 臨夏回族自治州|临夏回族自治州, Gansu

健保 健保 jian4 bao3
medical or health insurance

健康保险 健康保險 jian4 kang1 bao3 xian3
health insurance

交保 交保 jiao1 bao3
to post bail; bail

交保释放 交保釋放 jiao1 bao3 shi4 fang4
to release sb on bail

酒保 酒保 jiu3 bao3
barman; bartender

久保 久保 jiu3 bao3
Kubo (Japanese surname)

具保 具保 ju4 bao3
to find guarantor; to find surety

康保 康保 kang1 bao3
Kangbao county in Zhangjiakou 張家口|张家口, Hebei

康保县 康保縣 kang1 bao3 xian4
Kangbao county in Zhangjiakou 張家口|张家口, Hebei

拉鲁湿地国家自然保护区 拉魯濕地國家自然保護區 la1 lu3 shi1 di4 guo2 jia1 zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1
Lhalu Wetland National Nature Reserve in Lhasa

劳动保险 勞動保險 lao2 dong4 bao3 xian3
labor insurance

力保 力保 li4 bao3
to seek to protect; to ensure; to maintain; to guard

联保 聯保 lian2 bao3
joint guarantee (finance, law)

临时保姆 臨時保姆 lin2 shi2 bao3 mu3
temporary caregiver; babysitter

罗保铭 羅保銘 luo2 bao3 ming2
Luo Baoming (1952-), sixth governor of Hainan

履约保证金 履約保證金 lv3 yue1 bao3 zheng4 jin1
performance bond (international trade)

贸易保护主义 貿易保護主義 mao4 yi4 bao3 hu4 zhu3 yi4
trade protectionism

密码保护 密碼保護 mi4 ma3 bao3 hu4
password protection

明哲保身 明哲保身 ming2 zhe2 bao3 shen1
a wise man looks after his own hide (idiom); to put one's own safety before matters of principle

难保 難保 nan2 bao3
hard to say; can't guarantee; difficult to protect; difficult to preserve

泥菩萨过江,自身难保 泥菩薩過江,自身難保 ni2 pu2 sa4 guo4 jiang1 - zi4 shen1 nan2 bao3
like a clay Bodhisattva fording a river, can't guarantee his own safety; unable to save oneself, let alone others

品保 品保 pin3 bao3
quality assurance (QA)

屏保 屏保 ping2 bao3
screensaver; abbr. for 屏幕保護程序|屏幕保护程序

屏幕保护程序 屏幕保護程序 ping2 mu4 bao3 hu4 cheng2 xu4

铺保 鋪保 pu4 bao3
shop's guarantee

弃保潜逃 棄保潛逃 qi4 bao3 qian2 tao2
to jump bail

取保候审 取保候審 qu3 bao3 hou4 shen3
release from custody, subject to provision of a surety, pending investigation (PRC)

取保释放 取保釋放 qu3 bao3 shi4 fang4
to be released on bail (law)

全国重点文物保护单位 全國重點文物保護單位 quan2 guo2 zhong4 dian3 wen2 wu4 bao3 hu4 dan1 wei4
Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level

全民健保 全民健保 quan2 min2 jian4 bao3
National Health Insurance (Tw); abbr. for 全民健康保險|全民健康保险

全民健康保险 全民健康保險 quan2 min2 jian4 kang1 bao3 xian3
National Health Insurance (Tw)

确保 確保 que4 bao3
to ensure; to guarantee

人保 人保 ren2 bao3
personal guarantee; to sign as guarantor

人寿保险 人壽保險 ren2 shou4 bao3 xian3
life insurance

善自保重 善自保重 shan4 zi4 bao3 zhong4
take good care of yourself!

舍车保帅 捨車保帥 she3 ju1 bao3 shuai4
rook sacrifice to save the king (in Chinese chess); fig. to protect a senior figure by blaming an underling; to pass the buck

社保 社保 she4 bao3
social insurance; abbr. for 社會保險|社会保险

社会保险 社會保險 she4 hui4 bao3 xian3
social security; abbr. to 社保

社会保障 社會保障 she4 hui4 bao3 zhang4
social security

圣保罗 聖保羅 sheng4 bao3 luo2
St Paul; São Paulo, city in Brazil

受保人 受保人 shou4 bao3 ren2
the insured person; the person covered by an insurance policy

寿保险公司 壽保險公司 shou4 bao3 xian3 gong1 si1
life insurance company

受法律保护权 受法律保護權 shou4 fa3 lv4 bao3 hu4 quan2
right to protection by law (law)

水土保持 水土保持 shui3 tu3 bao3 chi2
soil conservation

太保 太保 tai4 bao3
Taibao or Taipao city in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县, west Taiwan

太保 太保 tai4 bao3
a very high official in ancient China; juvenile delinquents

太保市 太保市 tai4 bao3 shi4
Taibao or Taipao city in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县, west Taiwan

太子太保 太子太保 tai4 zi3 tai4 bao3
tutor to the crown prince (in imperial China)

讨保 討保 tao3 bao3
to ask for bail money

套期保值 套期保值 tao4 qi1 bao3 zhi2
to hedge (one's bets); to defend against risk

投保 投保 tou2 bao3
to take out insurance; to insure

投保方 投保方 tou2 bao3 fang1
policyholder (insurance)

投保人 投保人 tou2 bao3 ren2
policy holder; insured person

退保 退保 tui4 bao3
to lapse (or terminate) an insurance

卧龙大熊猫保护区 臥龍大熊貓保護區 wo4 long2 da4 xiong2 mao1 bao3 hu4 qu1
Wolong giant panda nature reserve in Wenchuan county, northwest Sichuan

卧龙自然保护区 臥龍自然保護區 wo4 long2 zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1
Wolong nature reserve in Wenchuan county, northwest Sichuan, home of the giant panda 大熊貓|大熊猫

无保留 無保留 wu2 bao3 liu2
without reservation; not holding anything back; unconditional

相保 相保 xiang1 bao3
to guard each other

相互保证毁灭 相互保證毀滅 xiang1 hu4 bao3 zheng4 hui3 mie4
Mutual Assured Destruction

消费者保护 消費者保護 xiao1 fei4 zhe3 bao3 hu4
consumer protection (law)

续保 續保 xu4 bao3
renewal of insurance

亚氏保加 亞氏保加 ya4 shi4 bao3 jia1
see 阿斯佩爾格爾|阿斯佩尔格尔

养老保险 養老保險 yang3 lao3 bao3 xian3
old-age insurance

医保 醫保 yi1 bao3
medical insurance; abbr. for 醫療保險|医疗保险

一类保护动物 一類保護動物 yi1 lei4 bao3 hu4 dong4 wu4
class A protected animal

医疗保健 醫療保健 yi1 liao2 bao3 jian4
health care

医疗保险 醫療保險 yi1 liao2 bao3 xian3
medical insurance

伊通自然保护区 伊通自然保護區 yi1 tong1 zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1
Yitong nature reserve in Yitong Manchurian autonomous county 伊通滿族自治縣|伊通满族自治县, Siping, Jilin

怡保 怡保 yi2 bao3
Ipoh city in Malaysia, capital of Sultanate of Perak on Malayan peninsula

怡保市 怡保市 yi2 bao3 shi4
Ipoh city in Malaysia, capital of Sultanate of Perak on Malayan peninsula

已作出保 已作出保 yi3 zuo4 chu1 bao3
to do sth under oath (idiom)

银保 銀保 yin2 bao3
bank insurance; bancassurance

萤幕保护装置 螢幕保護裝置 ying2 mu4 bao3 hu4 zhuang1 zhi4
see 屏幕保護程序|屏幕保护程序

友邦保险公司 友邦保險公司 you3 bang1 bao3 xian3 gong1 si1
American International Group (AIG), insurance company

鱼生火,肉生痰,青菜豆腐保平安 魚生火,肉生痰,青菜豆腐保平安 yu2 sheng1 huo3 - rou4 sheng1 tan2 - qing1 cai4 dou4 fu5 bao3 ping2 an1
fish brings heat, meat brings phlegm, vegetables and tofu keep you healthy

约翰保罗 約翰保羅 yue1 han4 bao3 luo2
John Paul (name); Pope John Paul II, Karol Józef Wojtyła (1920-2005), Pope 1978-2005

再保险 再保險 zai4 bao3 xian3
reinsurance (contractual device spreading risk between insurers)

再保证 再保證 zai4 bao3 zheng4
to reassure

债务担保证券 債務擔保證券 zhai4 wu4 dan1 bao3 zheng4 quan4
collateralized debt obligation (CDO), type of bond

朝不保夕 朝不保夕 zhao1 bu4 bao3 xi1
at dawn, not sure of lasting to evening (idiom); precarious state; imminent crisis; living from hand to mouth

治保 治保 zhi4 bao3
law enforcement and protection of the public (as provided in the PRC by local security committees 治保會|治保会)

质量保障 質量保障 zhi4 liang4 bao3 zhang4
quality assurance (QA)

中国保险监督管理委员会 中國保險監督管理委員會 zhong1 guo2 bao3 xian3 jian1 du1 guan3 li3 wei3 yuan2 hui4
China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC)

中国国家环保局 中國國家環保局 zhong1 guo2 guo2 jia1 huan2 bao3 ju2
PRC State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA)

中国国家环境保护总局 中國國家環境保護總局 zhong1 guo2 guo2 jia1 huan2 jing4 bao3 hu4 zong3 ju2
PRC State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA)

中保 中保 zhong4 bao3

准保 準保 zhun3 bao3
certainly; for sure

资产担保证券 資產擔保證券 zi1 chan3 dan1 bao3 zheng4 quan4
asset-backed security; ABS

自保 自保 zi4 bao3
to defend oneself; self-defense; self-preservation

自然保护区 自然保護區 zi4 ran2 bao3 hu4 qu1
nature reserve

自身难保 自身難保 zi4 shen1 nan2 bao3
powerless to defend oneself (idiom); helpless

佐世保 佐世保 zuo3 shi4 bao3
Sasebo, city and naval port in Nagasaki prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan

作保 作保 zuo4 bao3
to act as surety for sb; to be sb's guarantor; to stand bail for sb