frugal; thrifty; needy

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
不俭则匮 不儉則匱 bu4 jian3 ze2 kui4
wastage makes one destitute (idiom)

丰俭由人 豐儉由人 feng1 jian3 you2 ren2
fancy or simple according to sb's budget (idiom)

俭薄 儉薄 jian3 bo2
to lack the necessities of life

俭腹 儉腹 jian3 fu4
lit. empty belly; hollow; vacuous; devoid of content

俭朴 儉朴 jian3 pu3
plain and unadorned; thrifty and simple

俭省 儉省 jian3 sheng3
thrifty; sparing; economical

俭素 儉素 jian3 su4
thrifty and plain

俭学 儉學 jian3 xue2
to deny oneself comforts in order to save money for one's education

俭以防匮 儉以防匱 jian3 yi3 fang2 kui4
frugality in order to prevent destitution (idiom)

俭以养廉 儉以養廉 jian3 yi3 yang3 lian2
frugality makes honesty (idiom)

俭用 儉用 jian3 yong4
to skimp; to be frugal

俭约 儉約 jian3 yue1
sparing; economical

俭则不缺 儉則不缺 jian3 ze2 bu4 que1
frugality prevents destitution (idiom)

节俭 節儉 jie2 jian3
frugal; economical

戒奢崇俭 戒奢崇儉 jie4 she1 chong2 jian3
to refrain from high standard of living (idiom)

克俭 克儉 ke4 jian3
thrift; economy

克勤克俭 克勤克儉 ke4 qin2 ke4 jian3
to be industrious and frugal (idiom)

悭俭 慳儉 qian1 jian3
to be frugal

勤工俭学 勤工儉學 qin2 gong1 jian3 xue2
to work part time while studying; work-study program

勤俭 勤儉 qin2 jian3
hardworking and frugal

勤俭办企业 勤儉辦企業 qin2 jian3 ban4 qi3 ye4
to run an enterprise diligently and thriftily

勤俭办社 勤儉辦社 qin2 jian3 ban4 she4
to run an organization diligently and thriftily

勤俭办学 勤儉辦學 qin2 jian3 ban4 xue2
to run a school diligently and thriftily

勤俭持家 勤儉持家 qin2 jian3 chi2 jia1
hardworking and thrifty in running one's household

勤俭建国 勤儉建國 qin2 jian3 jian4 guo2
to build up the country through thrift and hard work (idiom)

勤俭节约 勤儉節約 qin2 jian3 jie2 yue1
diligent and thrifty (idiom)

勤俭耐劳 勤儉耐勞 qin2 jian3 nai4 lao2
diligent and able to endure hardship (idiom)

勤俭朴实 勤儉樸實 qin2 jian3 pu3 shi2
hardworking, thrifty, plain, and honest (idiom)

勤俭朴素 勤儉樸素 qin2 jian3 pu3 su4
hardworking, thrifty, plain, and simple (idiom)

勤俭起家 勤儉起家 qin2 jian3 qi3 jia1
to rise up by thrift and hard work (idiom)

勤俭为服务之本 勤儉為服務之本 qin2 jian3 wei2 fu2 wu4 zhi1 ben3
hardwork and thriftiness are the foundations of service (idiom)

勤俭务实 勤儉務實 qin2 jian3 wu4 shi2
hardworking, thrifty and pragmatic

奢入俭难 奢入儉難 she1 ru4 jian3 nan2
it is hard to become frugal after becoming accustomed to luxury (idiom)

奢易俭难 奢易儉難 she1 yi4 jian3 nan2
easy to become accustomed to luxury, hard to become accustomed to frugality (idiom)

省吃俭用 省吃儉用 sheng3 chi1 jian3 yong4
to live frugally; to economize on food and clothing; to scrimp and save

省俭 省儉 sheng3 jian3
frugal; economic; to scrimp and save

温良恭俭让 溫良恭儉讓 wen1 liang2 gong1 jian3 rang4
kindhearted and moderate (idiom); temperate and gentle

知悭识俭 知慳識儉 zhi1 qian1 shi2 jian3
to know how to be economical (idiom)

治丧从俭 治喪從儉 zhi4 sang4 cong2 jian3
to be frugal in attending to funeral rites (idiom)

自奉俭约 自奉儉約 zi4 feng4 jian3 yue1
to live frugally (idiom)

自奉甚俭 自奉甚儉 zi4 feng4 shen4 jian3
to allow oneself few comforts or pleasures (idiom)