dried meat; private teacher's remuneration; withered; variant of 修

surname Xiu

to decorate; to embellish; to repair; to build; to write; to cultivate; to study; to take (a class)

strokes 9
strokes after radical 8
阿修罗 阿修羅 a1 xiu1 luo2
Asura, malevolent spirits in Indian mythology

奥德修斯 奧德修斯 ao4 de2 xiu1 si1

奥迪修斯 奧迪修斯 ao4 di2 xiu1 si1
Odysseus, hero of Homer's Odyssey

保修 保修 bao3 xiu1
to promise to keep sth in good repair; guarantee; warranty

保修期 保修期 bao3 xiu1 qi1
guarantee period; warranty period

必修 必修 bi4 xiu1
a required course

必修课 必修課 bi4 xiu1 ke4
required course; compulsory course

编修 編修 bian1 xiu1
to compile and edit

变修 變修 bian4 xiu1
to become revisionist

不加修饰 不加修飾 bu4 jia1 xiu1 shi4
undecorated; unvarnished; no frills

不修边幅 不修邊幅 bu4 xiu1 bian1 fu2
not care about one's appearance (idiom); slovenly in dress and manner

重新装修 重新裝修 chong2 xin1 zhuang1 xiu1
refurbishment; renovation

重修 重修 chong2 xiu1
to reconstruct; to repair; to revamp; to revise; to retake a failed course

重修旧好 重修舊好 chong2 xiu1 jiu4 hao3
to make friends again; to renew old cordial relations

大修 大修 da4 xiu1

大修道院 大修道院 da4 xiu1 dao4 yuan4
abbey; large monastery or convent

大修道院长 大修道院長 da4 xiu1 dao4 yuan4 zhang3

翻修 翻修 fan1 xiu1
to rebuild (house or road); to overhaul

辅修 輔修 fu3 xiu1
to minor in; minor

复修 復修 fu4 xiu1
to restore (an ancient temple)

后置修饰语 後置修飾語 hou4 zhi4 xiu1 shi4 yu3
postmodifier (grammar)

基因修改 基因修改 ji1 yin1 xiu1 gai3
genetic modification

检修 檢修 jian3 xiu1
to overhaul; to examine and fix (a motor); to service (a vehicle)

蹇修 蹇修 jian3 xiu1
go-between; matchmaker

进修 進修 jin4 xiu1
to undertake advanced studies; to take a refresher course

净心修身 凈心修身 jing4 xin1 xiu1 shen1
to have an untroubled heart and behave morally (idiom)

克劳修斯 克勞修斯 ke4 lao2 xiu1 si1
Rudolf Clausius (1822-1888)

李修贤 李修賢 li3 xiu1 xian2
Danny Lee Sau-Yin (1953-), Hong Kong actor and director

明修栈道,暗渡陈仓 明修棧道,暗渡陳倉 ming2 xiu1 zhan4 dao4 - an4 du4 chen2 cang1
lit. repair the plank road by day while secretly crossing the Wei River 渭河 at Chencang (idiom, refers to a stratagem used by Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦 in 206 BC against Xiang Yu 項羽|项羽 of Chu); fig. to feign one thing while doing another; to cheat under cover of a di

男修道院长 男修道院長 nan2 xiu1 dao4 yuan4 zhang3

内外兼修 內外兼修 nei4 wai4 jian1 xiu1
(of a person) beautiful inside and out

年久失修 年久失修 nian2 jiu3 shi1 xiu1
worn down by years of non-repair

女修道 女修道 nv3 xiu1 dao4

女修道院 女修道院 nv3 xiu1 dao4 yuan4

女修道张 女修道張 nv3 xiu1 dao4 zhang1

欧阳修 歐陽修 ou1 yang2 xiu1
Ouyang Xiu (1007-1072), Northern Song dynasty prose writer and historian

培修 培修 pei2 xiu1
to repair earthworks

汽修 汽修 qi4 xiu1
auto repair

前置修饰语 前置修飾語 qian2 zhi4 xiu1 shi4 yu3
premodifier (grammar)

抢修 搶修 qiang3 xiu1
to repair in a rush; rush repairs

师父领进门,修行在个人 師父領進門,修行在個人 shi1 fu5 ling3 jin4 men2 - xiu1 xing2 zai4 ge4 ren2
the master leads you to the door, the rest is up to you; you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink

失修 失修 shi1 xiu1

束修 束修 shu4 xiu1
see 束脩

岁修 歲修 sui4 xiu1
start of the year

托钵修会 托缽修會 tuo1 bo1 xiu1 hui4
mendicant religious order in Catholicism; Franciscan order

维修 維修 wei2 xiu1
maintenance (of equipment); to protect and maintain

下修 下修 xia4 xiu1
to revise downward

新修 新修 xin1 xiu1
revise; revised

新修本草 新修本草 xin1 xiu1 ben3 cao3
Tang dynasty compendium of herbal medicine

修编 修編 xiu1 bian1
to revise

修补 修補 xiu1 bu3
to mend

修补匠 修補匠 xiu1 bu3 jiang4

修长 修長 xiu1 chang2
slender; lanky; tall and thin

修车 修車 xiu1 che1
to repair a bike (car etc)

修成正果 修成正果 xiu1 cheng2 zheng4 guo3
to achieve Buddhahood through one's efforts and insight; to obtain a positive outcome after sustained efforts; to come to fruition

修辞 修辭 xiu1 ci2

修辞格 修辭格 xiu1 ci2 ge2
figure of speech

修辞学 修辭學 xiu1 ci2 xue2

修道 修道 xiu1 dao4
to practice Daoism

修道会 修道會 xiu1 dao4 hui4
order (of monks)

修道院 修道院 xiu1 dao4 yuan4
monastery; convent

修订 修訂 xiu1 ding4
to revise

修订版 修訂版 xiu1 ding4 ban3
revised edition; revised version

修订本 修訂本 xiu1 ding4 ben3
revised edition (of a book)

修订历史 修訂歷史 xiu1 ding4 li4 shi3
revision history (of a document, web page etc)

修法 修法 xiu1 fa3
to amend a law

修复 修復 xiu1 fu4
to restore; to renovate; restoration; (computing) to fix (a bug)

修改 修改 xiu1 gai3
to amend; to alter; to modify

修改稿 修改稿 xiu1 gai3 gao3
revised draft; new version (of a document)

修规 修規 xiu1 gui1
construction plan

修好 修好 xiu1 hao3
to repair (sth broken); to restore (sth damaged); to establish friendly relations with; (literary) to do meritorious deeds

修会 修會 xiu1 hui4
religious order

修剪 修剪 xiu1 jian3
to prune; to trim

修建 修建 xiu1 jian4
to build; to construct

修脚 修腳 xiu1 jiao3

修脚师 修腳師 xiu1 jiao3 shi1

修理 修理 xiu1 li3
to repair; to fix; to prune; to trim; (coll.) to sort sb out; to fix sb

修理厂 修理廠 xiu1 li3 chang3
repair shop

修练 修練 xiu1 lian4
to practice (an activity); to perform

修炼 修煉 xiu1 lian4
(of Taoists) to practice austerities; to practice asceticism

修炼成仙 修煉成仙 xiu1 lian4 cheng2 xian1
lit. to practice austerities to become a Daoist immortal; practice makes perfect

修路 修路 xiu1 lu4
to repair a road

修罗 修羅 xiu1 luo2
Asura, malevolent spirits in Indian mythology

修面 修面 xiu1 mian4
to have a shave; to enhance the appearance of the face

修睦 修睦 xiu1 mu4
to cultivate friendship with neighbors

修女 修女 xiu1 nv3
nun or sister (of the Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox churches)

修齐 修齊 xiu1 qi2
to touch up; to make even

修葺 修葺 xiu1 qi4
to repair; to renovate

修缮 修繕 xiu1 shan4
to renovate; to repair (a building)

修身 修身 xiu1 shen1
to cultivate one's moral character; (fashion) slim-fit; body-hugging

修饰 修飾 xiu1 shi4
to decorate; to adorn; to dress up; to polish (a written piece); to qualify or modify (grammar)

修士 修士 xiu1 shi4
member of religious order; frater

修饰话 修飾話 xiu1 shi4 hua4
modifier (grammar)

修饰语 修飾語 xiu1 shi4 yu3
(grammar) modifier; qualifier; adjunct

修手 修手 xiu1 shou3

修水 修水 xiu1 shui3
Xiushui county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi

修水利 修水利 xiu1 shui3 li4
water conservancy; irrigation works

修水县 修水縣 xiu1 shui3 xian4
Xiushui county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi

修图 修圖 xiu1 tu2
to retouch images; image retouching

修文 修文 xiu1 wen2
Xiuwen county in Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳, Guizhou

修文县 修文縣 xiu1 wen2 xian4
Xiuwen county in Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳, Guizhou

修武 修武 xiu1 wu3
Xiuwu county in Jiaozuo 焦作, Henan

修武县 修武縣 xiu1 wu3 xian4
Xiuwu county in Jiaozuo 焦作, Henan

修习 修習 xiu1 xi2
to study; to practice

修禊 修禊 xiu1 xi4
to hold a semi-annual ceremony of purification

修鞋匠 修鞋匠 xiu1 xie2 jiang4
a cobbler

修心养性 修心養性 xiu1 xin1 yang3 xing4
to cultivate the heart and nurture the character (idiom); to improve oneself by meditation

修行 修行 xiu1 xing2
religious practice (Buddhism)

修行人 修行人 xiu1 xing2 ren2
person pursuing religious practice (Buddhism)

修养 修養 xiu1 yang3
accomplishment; training; self-cultivation

修业 修業 xiu1 ye4
to study at school

修音 修音 xiu1 yin1
voicing (adjustment of timbre, loudness etc of organ or other musical instrument)

修院 修院 xiu1 yuan4
seminary (Christian college)

修造 修造 xiu1 zao4
to build; to repair

修造厂 修造廠 xiu1 zao4 chang3
repair workshop (for machinery, vehicles etc)

修整 修整 xiu1 zheng3
to spruce up; to renovate; to tend (a garden); to groom (one's hair); to finish (a rough surface); to trim (a lawn); to touch up (a photo)

修正 修正 xiu1 zheng4
to revise; to amend

修正案 修正案 xiu1 zheng4 an4
amendment; revised draft

修正液 修正液 xiu1 zheng4 ye4
correction fluid

修正主义 修正主義 xiu1 zheng4 zhu3 yi4

修指甲 修指甲 xiu1 zhi3 jia5

修筑 修築 xiu1 zhu4
to build

修撰 修撰 xiu1 zhuan4
to compile; to compose

修阻 修阻 xiu1 zu3
(literary) long and arduous (road)

选修 選修 xuan3 xiu1
optional course (in school); to take an optional course

选修课 選修課 xuan3 xiu1 ke4
optional course (in school)

郇山隐修会 郇山隱修會 xun2 shan1 yin3 xiu1 hui4
Priory of Zion (fictional masonic order)

研修员 研修員 yan2 xiu1 yuan2
research worker; researcher

隐修 隱修 yin3 xiu1

隐修士 隱修士 yin3 xiu1 shi4
monk (Christian)

隐修院 隱修院 yin3 xiu1 yuan4
monastery (Christian); abbey

永修 永修 yong3 xiu1
Yongxiu county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi

永修县 永修縣 yong3 xiu1 xian4
Yongxiu county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi

整修 整修 zheng3 xiu1
to repair; to refurbish; to renovate; to refit; to mend; to rebuild

主修 主修 zhu3 xiu1
to major in

装修 裝修 zhuang1 xiu1
to decorate; interior decoration; to fit up; to renovate

自修 自修 zi4 xiu1
to study on one's own; self-study

纂修 纂修 zuan3 xiu1
to compile; to edit; compilation